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4e05f6ba No.3739693

I know none of you really care about your… lives? But I'm going into an experimental government rehabilitation thing mid month. I tend to go quiet when I'm sober. Apparently they're going to try to use low dosages of LSD to get me into a brain space, and then talk me out of it.

Apparently now that I have a degree in essentially hacking, and I'm a psychotic alcoholic, that I'm high enough of a threat to do that thing.


They're also going to do employment rehab on me, so I might end up anywhere.

I gave my mom a right of attorney to stop me from stopping.

4e05f6ba No.3739694

also yeah, the gov never did stop their lsd experiments… fun fact. Its public, so look it up if you're interested.

4e05f6ba No.3739695

well I don't have a degree pesay, but I dropped out and went ahead and got certs in COMPTIA+, GIAC, Penetration Tester, and CCNP Security Tester and Windows Tech. That's enough to get the government concerned about someone like me.

4e05f6ba No.3739697

a 100% disabled radio/sat vet with a ham radio license is horrifying.

37134f27 No.3739698

lsd doesnt work, you need to opt for a lobotomy

4e05f6ba No.3739699

I'd be ok for that, there are way too many thoughts in my brain.

Lobotomized people and the low functioning autistic seem to be the happiest.

37134f27 No.3739700

Jokes aside I don't think you will make it out of this one, the government loves to mind experiment with its public unannounced, the horrors they will do to you are going to be very new-gen compared to the standard flouride shit everyone already knows about.

4e05f6ba No.3739701

File: 1715343000130.jpg (69.89 KB, 854x480, rbj-d96ec5570aca98c81a063f….jpg)

I really do just want to forget everything, and be an idiot like the rest of you.

Well not lulz, we're all stupidly smart in our own ways.

I just want to be a normal dumbass. Not be possibly gay, and left alone.

37134f27 No.3739702

you know you have options, i would suggest locking up your house because you are probably going to get raided by shadow people as your 'recover' from your alcoholism. and by shadow people i mean interdimensional operatives that will physically manifest themselves in your house. yup yup

4e05f6ba No.3739703

my shadow person is a figment of my own imagination. Its not a demon or anything. Horrifying as it may be.

the gov is pretty open about this one, they don't soak you in LSD, they just give you a little bit and talk you through it. Its far less worse than being in your mid 30's talking to a 17 year old intern about your "life problems" then getting another 17 year old intern doing the same thing 3 months later.

"wash rinse, repeat"

talk psychology is trash.

4e05f6ba No.3739704

especially when you have the same education she had.

37134f27 No.3739706

File: 1715343816568.jpg (8.59 KB, 190x265, pictureofmetryingtocare.jpg)

haha good one, i just woke up and can tell you have been all alone with your frets of your terrible family no one asked about and intrusive thoughts. sounds like you are a prime candidate for rehab alright, and with that fact you should probably have a drink

4e05f6ba No.3739713

File: 1715345444435.png (489.75 KB, 755x566, evil.png)

I haven't had a relationship in a decade, like friend or otherwise. Even my brother basically told me I'm a sack of shit and it waiting for me to die to get my estate.

Laughs on him, I changed my will to give everything to some rando family down the street.

He's going to have fun arguing with lawers after that one.

4e05f6ba No.3739714

Lol, they don't even speak English, so much fun.

My ghost will be entertained.

37134f27 No.3739718

i know what i know if the government knows that then they are living like the year 3000

37134f27 No.3739719

File: 1715351567270.jpg (33.31 KB, 602x339, main-qimg-9f58fc6cb1052711….jpg)

yeah youre right, i dont know their calling card, but i figure its not exactly sunshine rainbows either.

37134f27 No.3739720

File: 1715351738438.jpg (212.03 KB, 1920x1080, 01_Banner_Fiddlesticks_Con….jpg)

walking up in the rehab center hey guys i think its working i can see daylight again?

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