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Your game ideas, share your ideas of a game you would like to see someone made or ones you are working on your self

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I my self would like to see a classic zelda oot style game with furrys as and a nice story , unfortunitly i do not have skills , time or money to try and make one my self, especially coming up both with interesting story and coding unique game mechanics is super hard for me i guess i just lact the neccesery imagination for auch stuff

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My friend has been working on a CAH clone. I made a custom deck for it. There are also regular stock decks and numerous expansion packs. But there is an alpha version if anyone wants to try it out. If anyone shows interest we may put more effort into it.
My custom deck is "CHA0S FROM THE SKY". You can add whatever expansions you want, there are numerous ones to add and remove at your leisure.


Also, no user data is logged. Have fun and let me know if you run into any problems, as this is still alpha.

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I'm sticking with fanart characters; world building is time consuming species, nations and conflicts.

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I get ya, spend around 15 years on a project that in the end im unable to finish, and the story now boils down that there was a big bad guy opressing everyone so they united and kick his ass just so he can return later on, i cant call it a masterpiece…

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Alt War Furz "Working Title" similar to Super Smash Brothers

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