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061e5f2a No.3740116

Now that Windows is purposefully opening security holes so it can put ads in your start menu and popups on the desktop, which Linux flavor will you be switching to?

If you are running windows, you are the product. They are selling a record of everything you do online.

a9c068a7 No.3740118

You think they won't ban open source, like the EU keeps wanting to do?

Microsoft lobby, google lobby, etc. Want ads everywhere.

07ad8c89 No.3740131

Arch, because I am a programmer socks faggot and a masochist.

6473549c No.3740166


Just go full Neo-luddit and problem solved.
Im semi there. Only an old win 8 machine , TOR browser 100% of the time and use nothing that needs any sort of user or password login.

Sure, there is stuff I will have to do without but life goes on and the planet keeps turning oddly enough

4579dff8 No.3740464

Wow, Windows is just going fully off the deep end.
They are introducing new features in Windows 11 that include lovely tracking software to let them see a desktop screenshot of whatever you are doing every 3 seconds. They are calling it co-pilot. They say that it will allow you to go back and see how you did things or what went wrong so that you can more easily fix things but in truth they just want to know everything you are doing down to every tiny detail.

8f2a1faf No.3740468

File: 1716409343191.png (278.84 KB, 1898x1573, Microsoft Copilot.png)



1. install Microsoft Windows 11 Pro as a local account (link above)

2. Never sign to an Microsoft account.

3. inside Windows 11 Pro, click APPS/installed apps & click Microsoft Copilot.

4. Click where it says " background permissions" "let this app run in the background" & click never.

I mostly use my PC for gaming, so I'm kinda stuck with using Microsoft, I hope this somewhat helps.

061e5f2a No.3740487

Yeah, that's not going to be an option for long. Microsoft has already closed down every loophole that lets you not log in to Microsoft account except one and I'm sure they are working on that one too. They are going full fascist because of the new Qualcomm chipsets coming out. The Snapdragon chipsets designed to work with arm architecture.

They want people to abandon their old technology and buy a new pc. Having to develop and support old technology cost them too much money. They want to force adoption of the new technology as fast as possible, even if that means using BitLocker or some other means to brick your computer.

4332ac05 No.3747778

File: 1721678727660.jpg (627.29 KB, 1280x1280, CrowdStrike-update-Newark-….jpg)

So hows that window operating system working out for you? LOL!

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