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47fd08d5 No.3740308

Why are 80s kids so delusional about their low-budget, badly-drawn, written-in-a-hurry toy commercials?

1168a7af No.3740311

Because they're autistic man children

Still better than bronies

cc211639 No.3740323

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Because it helps corporations generated billions of dollars you are the product; people were heavy consomers at those days.

cc211639 No.3740324

It's possible that 80s kids have fond memories of these low-budget toy commercials because they were a nostalgic part of their childhood. These commercials may have seemed exciting and engaging to them at the time, even though they may not hold up to modern standards. Additionally, nostalgia can often lead people to overlook flaws and remember things more fondly than they actually were. Overall, it's important to remember that everyone's experiences and perspectives are different, and what may seem delusional to some may hold sentimental value for others.

167e85f8 No.3740493

You always remember things from your past much better than they actually were. Your first car was amazing, your first girlfriend was an angel sent it to Earth, and your favorite childhood cartoons were cinematic masterpieces because the longer something stays in your memory the more you forget the bad parts and latch on to the good parts.

167e85f8 No.3740495

Even the worst 80s cartoon was probably better than Teen Titans Go and the slew of low quality cartoons which followed in that same style like ThunderCats Roar.

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