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I have a friend who is my cousin and sort of like a bro to me that needs help so I am asking is there a way for anyone to know how to or just tell if there is even a way to like automatically code a whole github page using anything I can just download to do that?
Inb4 I killed washingmachineroom Thread woops too late.
But for real can you like give me the ai shit to do this.

80872d54 No.3740563

zero responses, so pathetico, much disrespect

1f0f9979 No.3740570

Tell him he has no business coding if he can't search for how to compile software from github. Git gud

088beb70 No.3740581

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80872d54 No.3740590

These are links to basic codes, note the thread title is about SMART CODE. Of course it would be something like these base links, but then automatically code everything. These posts aren't answering the question, but are 10x more helpful than >>3740570.

As for >>3740570
So far I have looked too but I can tell its all trash. I don't really expect much from you at this point, but at least >>3740581
tried to do something.

0ad08a03 No.3740596

I didn't appreciate your attitude here >>3740563 therefore I am not answering your question.

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