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Whare are the pros and cons of using pencil to paper and a scanner?
My opinions; it is messy and it leaves a lot of earaser and pencil shavings and you have to use a large scanner to scan the image for quality and size for camera you have to take a photo of the art but poorer quality but the good news it feels more natural.

Whare are the pros and cons of using a wacom digital drawing on krita program?
Wacom tablet and krita digital art don't make a mess but the downside is power outage or a program error crash and you lose all your time and effort.

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File: 1716790972404-0.jpg (74.64 KB, 640x561, 3-Tasten-Maus_Microsoft.jpg)

Experience who is drawing with a computer mouse; it feels uncomfertable and it can wear your left clicker causing it to double click it is advisable to avoud drawing with a cumputer mouse.

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may need one of these too for traditional drawings.

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File: 1717274257035.png (835.78 KB, 750x1000, hint.png)

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File: 1718338504709.png (508.88 KB, 1595x1218, Screenshot from 2024-06-13….png)

Faffed around in Krita.
Also this marks the first thing I've drawn since January.
I've turned my back on windows for good this time.

1cfe24af No.3742772

>but the downside is power outage or a program error crash and you lose all your time and effort.


c34c75e8 No.3742774

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oh hey, that APC is a newer version of what I have. I have 5 of them, a hospital was throwing them all out, and I knew a guard at the time, so I snagged them. Apparently it costs more for the hospital to just replace the batteries, than just replacing the entire unit.

56eff758 No.3742840

That's true for everybody, not just hospitals. There's no user-replaceable batteries so you have to mail it to the service center on your own dime and pay them to replace the battery, which is marked up like 10x what a bog standard VRLA battery would cost.

56eff758 No.3742843

Also, while they're replacing the battery, you're out of a UPS, which kinda defeats the point of a UPS in a mission critical setting. In order to bridge the gap, you need to have a spare unit, which means owning two, which means there's no point in repairing the original.

The savings from fixing old units should cover the extra cost of owning more units than you actually need, and the shipping and handling, which isn't happening.

a45e7fd8 No.3742851

File: 1718384634734.jpg (158.44 KB, 1500x1500, hp_t750_front-1500x1500.jpg)

I have some UPSes that are 25 years old and still working just fine with new batteries.

Buy used from eBay or Facebook marketplace at cheapest price. Try to get them for free with busted batteries.

Then buy new batteries (realistically you need to anyway) and you're good to go.

And if you want actually good batteries, replace the 12V gel/VRLA batteries with high quality golf cart batteries (designed to take many charges and discharges).

This is my main one, was a hand-me-down and went through three sets of batteries in 15 years but it's still working damn well and always saved my butt when power cut out. Also disconnects automatically when the current's getting fucky.

1cfe24af No.3742858

>which means owning two, which means there's no point in repairing the original

No, it's called "redundancy".

Your data should also be stored in multiple, using the 3-2-1 rule.

3 copies (at least, to detect which is corrupted using the other 2)
2 media (different brands)
1 out of the place (in case of fire)

3af0a796 No.3742860

Um, my dood, I have personally replaced all my own batteries. Not entirely sure what world you are living in.

7a1fd545 No.3742924

File: 1718460589253.jpg (91.24 KB, 640x655, The Robbed Ring cover.jpg)

331e96bb No.3742976

You might, but you're supposed to be a qualified technician to do that with units that have "no user serviceable parts inside".

The UPS is the redundancy, for your power. If you wanted double redundant UPS then that's also a thing. The point is to keep the device running without interruption - having a disconnected spare UPS isn't doing that for you - it's just costing you money and expiring sitting on a shelf somewhere.

Instead of owning two units for the want of one, the hospital simply orders new ones just before the scheduled replacement, and then swaps them out and sends the old units for scrap. APC could take the old units back and refurbish them, but they aren't interested in that. The process of making a new one is automated - refurbishing the old unit is done by hand, which costs more.

a45e7fd8 No.3743010

File: 1718494306555.jpg (118.84 KB, 800x800, GP5-12.jpg)

>>"no user serviceable parts inside".
Louis Rossmann would like to have a word with you.

That's pure anti-consumer bullshit. You don't need to be a trained technician to swap a freaking VRLA battery.

Red goes to red. Black goes to black.
Even a color-blind retard can do it.

And when we're talking hospitals, they are using patient safety as a way to essentially extort money out of (the often public) hospital system. That's YOUR money being wasted as we speak, going into someone's yacht or mansion. And you are supporting that.

a45e7fd8 No.3743014

File: 1718494586967.jpg (42.52 KB, 676x400, Warranty-Void-if-Removed-S….jpg)

Oh and these are illegal.

4f7520fa No.3743016

File: 1718494703125.jpg (2.96 MB, 4080x3060, 20240615_193604.jpg)

Have fun bitches

3af0a796 No.3743018

yeah obvious hospital tag, obvious replacement batteries. fun theme song


a45e7fd8 No.3743020

Oh and shit like this gets people hurt.

Cause if a hospital can't afford the fucking $1000 technician fee to fix a motor on a hospital bed that probably costs $100, they scrap the bed and have -1 bed capacity.

There are some devices where having a technician do the repair makes sense. And there are some where it doesn't.

Red is +. Black is –. If it's got 2 batteries you use the U bridge from + to the other battery's –. What's there to get confused about?

a45e7fd8 No.3743023

Oh and that doesn't mean "let the janitor do the repair", that means using your own in-house technician over having to call the fucking manufacturer to send one from who knows where at a markup.

3af0a796 No.3743025

File: 1718495602861.jpg (24.2 KB, 500x586, 7ebedba146066aed8a0ab56b3d….jpg)

Its less than a challenge to me, plug and play.

I consider it more of a challenge to look up how to do it, than actually doing it. I like to just get the good know how though.

3af0a796 No.3743027

its better to just not leave even stupid things to chance

a45e7fd8 No.3743029

File: 1718495946608.jpg (115.51 KB, 925x1000, IN07444-40.jpg)

You can use a multimeter for a sanity check I guess.

And if you open up the UPS, the controller board should have the connections labeled too.

a45e7fd8 No.3743030

Plus the worst thing that can happen is you get the magic blue smoke and need to spend extra $25 on a UPS on ebay.

c34c75e8 No.3743033

File: 1718497841622-0.jpg (85.69 KB, 780x438, img-5812.jpg)

File: 1718497841623-1.jpg (90.86 KB, 596x700, bIdRP.jpg)

b6a932ed No.3743280

>using your own in-house technician

You don't have one. It costs a million per year to keep them and their workshop and tools, and you're not saving enough money repairing failing equipment to justify the cost.

Consider that the purchase of new equipment and services is tax-deductible as a business expense. In other words, a new UPS really costs you nothing, while hiring a person to maintain the old one costs something.

b6a932ed No.3743281

>You don't need to be a trained technician to swap a freaking VRLA battery.

Indeed, but that's not the only thing they do with a UPS that's due service. You need to make sure the BMS is still working as intended.

Cool story: when I was a kid, we were suffering from lots of brown-outs, so my dad brought in a discarded UPS from work. We plugged it in and come the next thunderstorm, the power went out. The UPS beeped for 2 minutes and then died. Dad opened it up and saw the batteries were way past date, so he replaced them with identical models. As soon as he did so, the inverter board sprang to life, shot 240 Volts through his hand, then proceeded to go up in smoke. That was the end of that UPS unit.

b6a932ed No.3743283

>That's pure anti-consumer bullshit.

It's anti-consumer bullshit until people start doing dumb shit with the stuff you're selling them, and then suing you over it because you didn't tell them not to.

Ordinary people really don't have the technical qualifications to ensure that a device that's supposed to be generating mains power out of a battery is still operating to spec. Making it idiot-safe would bump the price up 2-5x so you can kiss goodbye to your market share.

b6a932ed No.3743287

Also, don't forget that if you repair your stuff, you're liable that it works. If it kills people, it's on YOUR ass.

So if the hospital hires a technician to repair stuff, they are liable if the things he fixes then kill or injure people, so they have to insure themselves against such, which costs money. They also can't hire just any Joe Schmoe for the job, because they need the qualifications and the certificates to work on that stuff, to please the insurance providers. That means the guy isn't going to be happy working for peanuts.

But, if they get the replacement unit from another company, and have the other company's personnel install and service it, the other company will take on the liability and the hospital can pass on any claims to them. That makes the service more expensive, but again: tax deductible.

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