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This is the only politics thread. Any others created will be deleted. Political discussion is allowed in existing threads, just don't be a spammy bitch about it.

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riglier the niglier

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PSA: This board is a "federal" honeypot; cho0b, cripple and co./"management" are treasonous (antifa) commie traitors, pedos and backstabbers.
Everything here is designed to either spy on you or to corrupt and destroy you. This is a place of death. It's 96% bots, jidf-type scum and already-dead NPCs.
Participating here (and similar places/things) means participating with death. There is no life here - everything is run according to a script of death.
Those who are responsible for the state of this place know they'll receive their judgement when the time comes, and that the evidence will be against them. All they care about is inflicting the death that they know faces them, against those who still have a chance at life.

Wean yourself off the things you know will hurt or destroy you, if you still want any chance at life.

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Shut up (((Business Dog)))

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File: 1718244140399-1.png (64.64 KB, 352x639, Helldivers21.png)

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New Thread,
Remember everything 3B posts
is a Lie.

c99954e5 No.3742565

File: 1718244997128.jpg (1.59 MB, 1216x1856, c8951addd584bec3a9709da812….jpg)

Smile when ya say that,

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File: 1718246628803.png (3.4 MB, 1616x2000, blueshade.png)

mod's own artwork that they got terminally butthurt over

e2636124 No.3742573

Lol and remember only Nazis post the truth lolololol

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File: 1718250224881.jpg (62.41 KB, 500x616, 9ddYIvpcKYHd-oNWg8Ooh6KdVj….jpg)

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File: 1718250439236.png (918.53 KB, 492x657, louis wain.png)

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Left-wing Deflection.

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File: 1718269545568-2.jpg (150.8 KB, 500x972, 7l9lpn.jpg)

File: 1718269545568-3.png (265.22 KB, 1843x1430, democrat-shooters.png)

File: 1718269545568-4.jpeg (48.76 KB, 602x507, main-qimg-86d37354ac4dc38….jpeg)

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File: 1718277123561-3.png (1.28 MB, 1887x1890, 460d9481fcd7be521265eb96b5….png)

No one has ever cared. It's the government and media kikes working together trying to make it look like they haven't been weaponizing the legal system against Trump, which seems to be working on you since you seem to think you're the more moral party here?

They've prosecuted the worst sleezebag with the smallest of his actual crimes in an attempt to make it look like it's fair when they prosecute the rightful president with 30 instances of a single non-crime.

>We've defined all terrorism as right wing, therefore it's the right wing that's the problem.

Did you know that islamic terrorism is 'right wing'? Did you know that concerned parents not wanting teachers talking to sex and voicing their concerns at school board meetings is also 'right wing terrorism'?

e2636124 No.3742596

Lol terrorists mad

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File: 1718278936310-0.png (446.46 KB, 1325x961, Enslaved_america.png)

File: 1718278936310-1.png (876.73 KB, 1294x789, corruption.png)



"Declare AIPAC as a foreign agent."

"United States of Israel"

"Welcome to the United States of Israel…what was happening in Germany before WWII has been going on for awhile in the USA."

"That's why they always blame Russia, China and the boogeyman called Islam "

"What a shame, america freed itself from Britian, only to enslave itself to Britian's creation, Israel".

219afe31 No.3742598

Yeah, we already know that from your actions,
are you bragging about being that way or something?

e2636124 No.3742599

No silly the terrorists are you

e2636124 No.3742600

File: 1718281072701.jpeg (74.19 KB, 1024x660, 53yc11uve86d1.jpeg)

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File: 1718281117449.jpeg (56.02 KB, 731x548, wmzuwmtqz76d1.jpeg)

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File: 1718282001532-0.png (1.93 MB, 1080x1080, x765345.png)



I see this guy in congress talking about Truth, accountability, fixing the debt.


Because congress DOESN'T GIVE A FUCK about fixing real problems, fixing the debt, being responsible to average americans.

If these old grandfathers and grandmothers aren't getting bought out they DON'T GIVE A FUCK about even showing up.

Our Congress is an utter failure, and all guilty of treason.

e2636124 No.3742603

Another bold both sides take from Dk

Very brave

e2636124 No.3742604

File: 1718282808768.jpeg (80.31 KB, 845x765, e4impssw996d1.jpeg)

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File: 1718283302428.jpeg (73.51 KB, 639x767, 5seis5e41a6d1.jpeg)

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File: 1718283333034-1.jpg (641.54 KB, 1422x1600, 5e67d698ceee3dcdc78d1a6e46….jpg)

93936245 No.3742607

Hey, you remember when they were saying global cooling was gonna kill us all?

e2636124 No.3742608


e2636124 No.3742609

File: 1718283428814.jpeg (48.41 KB, 1024x583, p7m62gqitb6d1.jpeg)

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File: 1718284502046.jpeg (76.35 KB, 768x768, egjtj69wy76d1.jpeg)

d69f281b No.3742611

File: 1718285268629.jpg (249.5 KB, 1177x1280, 1540847576.rufciu_hafunico….jpg)

Just a reminder that Joe Biden won the election by suddenly getting more mailed in votes at the last moment than there are voters in the country.

f4baf602 No.3742612

File: 1718285612899-0.jpg (119.58 KB, 850x1133, 78655.jpg)


The most damning thing about Trump is his shameless selling out America to all his donators and Israel.

He still says he's "America first", after saying he'd silence Pro-Palestine college protestors. Aka, he'd silence Americans for a foreign government.

2024 isn't the 99% vs the 1%

Its Blackrock vs Blackstone, Rich vs rich.

Old Boomer vs Old boomer

And both probably would have died years ago, if they didn't probably have healthcare thats better than what the average american has.

e2636124 No.3742613

This is parroting "The big lie" which is just sore fuckin losers whinging about how they didn't really lose

e2636124 No.3742614

If you weren't so fucking retarded

e2636124 No.3742615

File: 1718286106136.png (140.22 KB, 755x570, x3035jt7e46d1.png)

50f1f182 No.3742616

File: 1718286266520.png (2.62 MB, 2197x1677, 1687744984.notfiercedeityl….png)

ugh, trump made all the dictators bow down to him. The efforts were mostly just social, but Biden undid all of that when he spread his asshole wide for all the dicks in the world to fuck.

Also fun starting wars just to back out and say you won a war and got the troops back. Pretty convenient having a cold war in literally the worst place to fight a war to distract from everything.

Also there is a new avian flu straight out of the chinese factories spreading, get forward to looking for covid 12.0.

Because idiots still can' see smoke screens. No matter how obvious they are.

e2636124 No.3742617

Lol you are flagrantly stupid

e2636124 No.3742618

File: 1718286364452.png (88.03 KB, 1024x584, ple3ih1k586d1.png)

7ac3ea7b No.3742619

File: 1718286504944.png (460.87 KB, 1200x1200, 1715602444.errokioslem_pal….png)

Its funny how often I get told how stupid I am, by people who I consider idiots.

f4baf602 No.3742620

File: 1718286556598-0.png (1.34 MB, 1313x948, 87644.png)


Remember, the tax pay payed in inflation. So the Ukraine people could DIE. The petro dollar died, so Ukraine people could DIE.

We are all in danger of dying to nukes.

So Blackrock might get to rebuild and rob the resources from Ukraine.

And Lindsay Gram lets the truth slip.

e2636124 No.3742621

Nobody but right wing putin lovers think their nukes are filled with anything but straw

e2636124 No.3742622

File: 1718286952806.jpeg (42.01 KB, 1024x629, r2zsdv6ao16d1.jpeg)

846fe790 No.3742623

Don't listen to polls, they're basically establishment brain worms. Especially since those polls do not actually show where the stats came from.

8270fadc No.3742624

Hell even when they do show the stats, is after 9000+ pages of random words and then "we found 3 people in a nursing home and asked them questions"

f4baf602 No.3742625

File: 1718287332923-0.png (3.46 MB, 1871x1323, 7876565.png)


Polls don't mean shit, because the electoral college decides who's president.

If Apaic wants Trump to win in 2024 over biden, odds are he'll win.

8270fadc No.3742626

File: 1718287370027.jpeg (69.5 KB, 1024x629, 1718286952806.jpeg)

seriously look at this shit.


e2636124 No.3742627

Your takes are like if an orange cat learned to type

e2636124 No.3742628

That's the joke. Fucking imbecile

8270fadc No.3742629

File: 1718287530092.png (1.05 MB, 1024x1024, teeturtle_free-shrugs_1542….png)

yeah, because when you get the joke, you're the dumb one, not all the people who don't see it.

f4baf602 No.3742630

File: 1718287555984-0.jpg (121.94 KB, 850x1177, 554223.jpg)


Your delusional, if you think america is a free country.

Its so free right now that every president choice is "I'm absolutely onboard with bombs for genociding gaza"

You probably can't spit anywhere in the whitehouse without hitting a pro-war neocon.

e2636124 No.3742631

I don't think the country that incarcerates more per capita than any other country is free dk. I just think you're an easily manipulated squirrel off your adhd medication

e2636124 No.3742632

File: 1718287718155.webm (61.18 KB, 750x562, vmxhcvv85c6d1.webm)

8270fadc No.3742634

File: 1718287838594.jpg (8.21 KB, 298x169, images (2).jpg)

pretty much, when you grow up in low class america you basically get told "look to your left, now look to your right, all three of you are going to prison"

I got out of the cycle using the military, fuck you card.

f4baf602 No.3742635

File: 1718287867030-0.jpg (118.77 KB, 850x1319, sylveon7767.jpg)

Whats so funny is everyone is always like "They'll take our guns!"

When america is behind arming many countries, many coups, many military actions, bases all over the world.

America runs off weapons sales and wars.

I'm starting to think the idea that america bans guns, is as fantasy as the mafia banning its members from having weapons in gang wars.

America can't and doesn't even want to stop the mass illegal immigration, some of which probably have guns. And there people who can 3d print guns.

f4baf602 No.3742636

File: 1718288196465-0.jpg (121.83 KB, 850x1062, 65434.jpg)


I fully support the american flag upside down idea. Because america has turned upside down on everything its supposed to stand for.

acdc14c2 No.3742637

Steam tells others they're idiots and then proceeds to take the bait on a blatantly fake poll. Just a typical day on lulz.

8270fadc No.3742638

File: 1718288597886.jpg (68.7 KB, 850x620, 69eb03eef93fb322e0e679d21b….jpg)

I disagree, there are flag laws. You can be legally arrest for flying an upside down flag. You have to really piss off the police, but they can and will get you if you're dick enough.

I've been arrested for having a flag t-shirt, you can't wear a flag legally as a clothing garment. Its entirely up to the police if they want to arrest you and throw in jail for a few weeks over it. They probably wont trie you for treason with death penalty over it, but they totally could.

acdc14c2 No.3742639

You're a fail troll.

8270fadc No.3742640

ok sure, I "Took the bait" on a poll I said was flagrant. Democrat logic, do not see, do not tell, and smoke to forget, if someone sees you see a thing, suck their dick and hope they don't report you.

846fe790 No.3742641

File: 1718288817397.jpg (8.41 KB, 197x256, images (3).jpg)

look up the laws bruh.

acdc14c2 No.3742642

look up my asshole lol

8270fadc No.3742643

File: 1718289176290.gif (1.91 MB, 923x1200, 1705891902.rickywulff_1000….gif)

its so gaped that I don't even have to get off my chair to hear the wind blow through its massive expanse.

How many wind chimes did you lose up there?

93936245 No.3742644

File: 1718289975808.jpg (125.42 KB, 915x1280, cdcd372c6a3ff8977b1e074332….jpg)

White people colonize desolate wastelands and build roads and railways.

Nigs colonize White civilization and make them desolate wastelands.

Colonization was a good thing and the subhuman races lived in far better conditions under British rule.

e2636124 No.3742645

Racists aren't only wrong, they get less pussy

e2636124 No.3742646

File: 1718290228518.png (169.11 KB, 936x654, kxgbeg6qhb6d1.png)

f4baf602 No.3742647

File: 1718290765541.jpg (82.45 KB, 850x989, gay7766.jpg)


The racist IDF is getting plenty of pussy from the palestine prisoners its raping.

f4baf602 No.3742648

File: 1718291500876.jpg (1.75 MB, 2000x2000, No_Love_no_lube.jpg)

The western women probably see all this mass immigration in the west from young, fighting age men, with big dicks from latin america and africa, and get so wet from the idea of fucking them

"Yes, Yes, pedro, show me your government welfare card, free housing, free tax payer funded healthcare, god yes I'm so wet for you and your monster brown cock."

Fuck these white soyboys pedro, I'm only wet for you. And how your above the law, you bad, bad, boy.

e2636124 No.3742650

You're an incel with no bitches

f4baf602 No.3742651

File: 1718292123007.jpg (122.22 KB, 850x850, You_are_error.jpg)

You know lulz, theres this guy that grew up in section 8 housing. And he likes to talk about how section 8 is full of a lot of inbreeding.

He says that all the women fuck the drug dealers, for obvious reasons.

Then the kids grow up not knowing who their daddy is. And since section 8 is such a sweet deal that no one wants to get out of it, they fuck other people in it.

Who unknown to them can be their half siblings.

I always thought that was funny story, about how women are whores. And how welfare can make things worse.

Because now the inbred kids grow up, inbreed again. And create more and more even more fucked up people, who are even worse of genetically then their parents.

5363f074 No.3742652

File: 1718292284060.png (3.01 MB, 1024x1536, cb5bf140c464b633c2cc13e901….png)

This is obviously not true. Neither Biden or Trump got more votes than there are voters in America. Most of the voters in America didn't vote for anyone in that election. If you're going to lie at least make it a lie that is remotely plausible.

e2636124 No.3742653

2000 mules is also the big lie

5363f074 No.3742654

File: 1718292781103.png (3.09 MB, 1024x1536, 348ecd3585496c89f645b457a4….png)

Well that's obviously not true and you are stupid for believing it. Why would poor people want to breed with other poor people? They would obviously go after people with more money so they would stop being poor.

You are probably thinking of trailer parks in the deep South. Those inbred poor people are different because their whole state is full of poor people. In places like Virginia or the Carolinas there are no rich people to try to hook up with. There's only the poor and the destitute thanks to republican policies.

e2636124 No.3742655

Trump lost

Fair and square

Whinging pussies should kill themselves when Biden wins again in November

5363f074 No.3742656

Did you ever wonder why Fox News never said that Biden was going to legalize pedophilia? With all of their crazy conspiracy theories and outright lies it's clear they have no moral compass, so why haven't they used that lie?

It's because they know Trump's base would love to be able to f*** their kids legally and more of them might vote for Biden if they thought they could get away with it.

c99954e5 No.3742657

File: 1718294001443.jpg (29.15 KB, 600x600, st,large,507x507-pad,600x6….jpg)

c99954e5 No.3742658

File: 1718294024283.jpeg (95.87 KB, 1200x1200, MR-oladinocom-0706241025-….jpeg)

e2636124 No.3742659

Reflecting back on Donald Trump's rally speech in Las Vegas last weekend, former Naval College professor and current political analyst Tom Nichols wrote that there needs to be a serious discussion about the former president's mental faculties following his "bizarre digression" about electrocuting sharks.

In his column for The Atlantic, Nichols got right to the point by noting that the former president has managed to convince "millions of people—and the American media—to treat his lapses into fantasies and gibberish as a normal, meaningful form of oratory."

Case in point, Trump telling the crowd in Las Vegas as they stood in the sweltering heat, "So I said, ‘So there’s a shark 10 yards away from the boat, 10 yards or here. Do I get electrocuted? If the boat is sinking, water goes over the battery, the boat is sinking. Do I stay on top of the boat and get electrocuted? Or do I jump over by the shark and not get electrocuted? Because I will tell you, he didn’t know the answer. He said, ‘You know, nobody’s ever asked me that question.’ I said, ‘I think it’s a good question. I think there’s a lot of electric current coming through that water.’ But you know what I’d do if there was a shark or you get electrocuted? I’ll take electrocution every single time. I’m not getting near the shark.”

As Nichols dryly noted, that is not normal political discourse.

5363f074 No.3742663

File: 1718296751297.jpeg (107.34 KB, 832x1216, GOpQ94BWIAAS_fd.jpeg)

In other news, Republicans in the house requested the audio tapes of Joe biden's interview regarding the classified materials.

The department of Justice responded that in order to get those recordings the House Republicans would need to have some legislative issue that having the recordings is related to. They needed to have an excuse, a reason to justify turning over the recordings.

Rather than doing even the smallest part of their job, Republicans instead threw a tantrum and are holding the head of the department of Justice in contempt of court.

It just goes to show that the house Republican party is nothing but old, white, rich people doing performative anger for their dumb ass base of moron voters.

If you want the government to stop wasting our tax dollars you need to vote out those clown Republicans. They are the biggest waste in government.

PS: Happy pride month!

a3d0cb28 No.3742665

File: 1718299087565.webm (7.91 MB, 720x1280, Chiropractor helps giraff….webm)

Genocide fatigue? Let Weasel News Network distract you from the horrors of the world.

83fb012c No.3742666

Nobody cares about brown child skeletons

c99954e5 No.3742668

File: 1718301872797.jpeg (9.66 KB, 229x220, images (11).jpeg)

Things like this probably do.
They probably eat good, many times a day, and blacks and browns don't care if their children get turned into vulture shit, they just don't care, nor about each other, nor about the country they live in.
So tell me again how they are supposed to enrich the USA by coming here?

f4baf602 No.3742670

File: 1718302037426.png (3.9 MB, 1747x1849, Maga_Ruckus.png)


You had a brown president with brown children just a couple years ago.

What you think, you getting into white heaven with Ronald Reagan if you keep talking like that?

Shit, no amount of bleach can ever burn away all the black from your soul. Your soul could be confused for any black tar baby.

If you was in song of the south, they'd have your ass picking cotton with the rest of em. Being white isn't only skin deep, it goes down to the soul, and you are black, so very black.

If the lights weren't on right now, I'd lose track of you.

9b9355d5 No.3742675

WHY do you think people commonly say, when blacks commit a crime, (which is most of the time), "One of Obama's sons".

9b9355d5 No.3742676

File: 1718304108921-0.jpeg (118.33 KB, 929x1214, be6259f1-aca3-425b-88ea-6….jpeg)

File: 1718304108921-1.jpg (330.15 KB, 1845x3276, f4d1edde-b584-4543-b67c-1c….jpg)

File: 1718304108921-2.jpg (98.19 KB, 660x881, ghows-PA-200809549-17d49d7….jpg)

File: 1718304108921-3.jpg (37.04 KB, 640x480, sddefault (2).jpg)

File: 1718304108921-4.jpg (196.43 KB, 1920x1278, GettyImages-1053868374.jpg)

And why do you feel the need to post a cartoon? The real thing is easy to find.

f4baf602 No.3742677

File: 1718304374818.png (782.16 KB, 720x984, 8097.png)

You know what, come to think of it. If men can be women legally without cutting off their dicks or taking hormones. Why can't a white guy be black, if their soul is black?

The Good old Church of Satan could be a black organization trying to get preparations and wellfare, for its black soul'd members.

I'm only white in body, not in soul, bigot. Give me money, give me freedom from the law, let me steal, legal petty theft.

f4baf602 No.3742678

File: 1718304691662.jpg (60.42 KB, 600x549, gay756555.jpg)


Being pro-Trump is the way to be if your black, Them dems invited all them immigrants in to our cities and give them our wellfare checks!

They eat better than we do, they live better than we do, they pushing us outta the ghetto!


f4baf602 No.3742680

Its a sad state of the world. We call Jewish americans protesting genocide anti-semites.

While we arm the Azov Brigade.

And if germany goes to ukraine, it may be fighting with and on the side of the Nazi Azov Brigade

Against Russia.

Its WW2 all over again.

Germany has learned nothing.

7204fe34 No.3742681

These posts almost seems like the admins are baiting the assholes here to post flames and trolling for their amusement. Its akin to putting a steak in front of a pack of mentally defective retarded dogs and wait to see which one of them tries to fuck it.

e2636124 No.3742682

While admitting that it sounds "funny" in retrospect, he then added, "until we remember that this man wants to return to a position where he would hold America’s secrets, be responsible for the execution of our laws, and preside as the commander in chief of the most powerful military in the world."

Pointing out that idea should "terrify" any voter, he took the press to task for making it a story for a day or two and then moving on because the former president is in obvious decline and is therefore "unfit" to be president.

"Nor was the Vegas monologue the first time: Trump for years has fallen off one verbal cliff after another, with barely a ripple in the national consciousness. I am not a psychiatrist, and I am not diagnosing Trump with anything. I am, however, a man who has lived on this Earth for more than 60 years, and I know someone who has serious emotional problems when I see them played out in front of me, over and over," he wrote before adding, "The 45th president is a disturbed person."

Adding, "Donald Trump is unstable," he continued, "Some of these problems were evident when he first ran, and we now know from revelations by many of his former staff that his problems processing information and staying tethered to reality are not part of some hammy act."

e2636124 No.3742683

File: 1718315775015.jpeg (55.28 KB, 592x767, 6m41u8sgoc6d1.jpeg)

The guy who financed Suicide Squad was Trump's last Treasury Secretary. So this guy may be a step up.

f4baf602 No.3742684

File: 1718315902530-0.png (762.64 KB, 1318x952, Sellout.png)

File: 1718315902530-1.png (1.34 MB, 1317x955, the_target.png)

The Fucking zionists that own america are at it, AGAIN


Maga and Trump ruined hillary's life, but she can forget all that for zionist cum

Gotta love living in the enslaved states of america, the second colony of Israel.

e2636124 No.3742685

Wow amazing

f4baf602 No.3742686

File: 1718316634492-0.png (849.94 KB, 1347x954, sellout3.png)

It looks like she might get roasted for this one.


597bd1ae No.3742687

>Also there is a new avian flu straight out of the chinese factories spreading, get forward to looking for covid 12.0.
Yay, home office, here I come!

597bd1ae No.3742688

Wow, 87% for Trump!

31f9bca0 No.3742689

File: 1718316998882.jpg (766.33 KB, 2737x4000, 1005570.jpg)

Go back to sleep darling…

f4baf602 No.3742690

File: 1718317104356-0.png (189.87 KB, 1764x963, Retard_boomers.png)

I wouldn't be surprised if hillary voted Trump in 2024. If the zionists demand it.

Meanwhile Trump is being a boomer retard and pushing bitcoin.


Can we get 60-80yo people out of congress already? Fuck sake.

31f9bca0 No.3742691

File: 1718317211752.jpg (685.56 KB, 3328x4864, Danica_Beckons.jpg)

You're too worked up, go back to bed sweetie.

e2636124 No.3742692


f4baf602 No.3742693

File: 1718317951487-0.jpg (167.43 KB, 850x850, Insanity.jpg)

Also I wanna build a new computer this year. So fuck Trump if him promoting bitcoin brings back insane video card prices.

e2636124 No.3742694


f4baf602 No.3742695

File: 1718319438896-0.png (335.28 KB, 518x287, nfts.png)

File: 1718319438896-1.png (185.38 KB, 1240x303, 99865.png)


We don't know what Trump can do.

He can't be Apaic, but he can sure fuck other things up, and scam maga people.

8270fadc No.3742700

Not worth it, unless you're rocking a stone.

Both my lappy and my desktop are going on 3-4 years now, and they can still rock any game on high to ultra settings. That semi-conductor nonsense really sucked a lot of time away from progress.

TBH, I don't even know how much further computers can progress where gaming is involved. I can play a VR game thats stupidly lifelike. The human mind can only process so many frame rates and so much resolution, and we are reaching the limit.

e2636124 No.3742705

File: 1718321591143.jpeg (303.98 KB, 1080x1462, gu2ls7aiid6d1.jpeg)

More need to at this point. If the country is hell bent on committing suicide by putting Trump back in power there's absolutely no sense in going out with a whimper because of a desire to maintain decorum and unity. Fuck that. Go low, then go lower.

9b9355d5 No.3742710

File: 1718322450526.jpeg (40.3 KB, 640x1000, A1cIUZSM8ML._CLa_2140,200….jpeg)

Oh, it's more than that, MUCH more than that.
You still don't see WHY we are putting Trump back in power, do you.
It's because of what YOU have done.
The president is essentially the TOP COP in the USA…. the FBI, CIA, and everything on down from that work for HIM.
Thanks again for re-electing Donald J. Trump, stupid lefty, we appreciate it.

e2636124 No.3742711

Lol you sound dramatic and guys look

Turns out you lost last time fair and square

Now you have gone qanon conspiracy crazy

Have honor

Kill yourself when Biden wins again in November

f4baf602 No.3742714

File: 1718323349610-0.jpg (112.74 KB, 828x1792, dress432.jpg)


I wanna fukken play the upcoming monster hunter and stuff with my boyfriend. And this old Ryzen G with no video card ain't cutting it for that.

And much as i'd like to get a pc right now, all the new ryzen stuff is coming out soon. So I gotta wait and see.

9b9355d5 No.3742715

File: 1718324642256.jpg (46.13 KB, 547x680, Fw2aThbXgAEBbhj.jpg)


e2636124 No.3742716

Not as many to elect him thankfully

Will you continue to live in Biden's America?

Will you kill yourself when Biden wins again in November?

8270fadc No.3742717

File: 1718326425987.png (91.05 KB, 250x206, Rambley-look.png)

give me 800 to a grand and I'll build you something that can stand a test of time. I don't need to actually make it, if you think you have the skillz and I can just give you an item list.

My method is not to go bleeding edge, I go the best of the best of yesterday's stuff. Why spend an extra 5 grand if you're only going to see a 2% yield?

9b9355d5 No.3742718

File: 1718326576076.jpeg (177.43 KB, 1486x991, download (2).jpeg)

You believe the fake MSM propaganda polls. 😂😆😂😆
There are far more this time around. FAR more.
And thanks again, we couldn't have done it without you.

8270fadc No.3742719

File: 1718326725779.png (419.36 KB, 1690x736, 1690239272.v1sage_big_ramb….png)

Also one of the main reasons I did not enjoy being around the "hackers" in college.

I judge specs by potential usage, not unlimited daddy money.

e2636124 No.3742731

Why Trump was the most racist president in the last 50 years:

1. Trump questioned whether Judge Curiel could be impartial because of Judge Curiel's Mexican heritage. This lead to Paul Ryan, the Republican Speaker of the House at the time, calling Trump's remarks about Judge Curiel as "textbook definition of a racist comment":

Claiming a person can't do their job because of their race is sort of like the textbook definition of a racist comment

1. During a meeting with Congressmen, Trump wondered why immigrants to the US couldn't come from countries like Norway instead of "shithole" African countries, and other "shithole" countries like El Salvador and Haiti

2. The Central Park Five, who were all African American, were cleared of their charges. But despite being cleared of their charges, Trump continued to insist they were guilty.

3. For the longest time, Trump continued to ask for Obama's birth certificate, questioning whether Obama was American and insinuating that Obama was born in Kenya, presumably because Obama is black. It is well known that Obama was born in Hawaii. Obama eventually released his birth certificate in 2011 to put an end to this conspiracy theory by Trump. Despite Obama releasing his birth certificate, Trump would deliberately continue with this conspiracy theory against Obama for another 5 years until the 2016 election when the media put enough pressure on Trump to admit Obama was born in the USA.

4. "In 1973, Richard Nixon’s Department of Justice sued the Trump family business for refusing to rent or negotiate rentals 'because of race and color'."

5. Trump defended the Neo-Nazis at the Charlottesville by claiming there were "very fine people on both sides." And this came after footage of the Neo-Nazis in Charlottesville chanting Nazi slogans such as "blood and soil" while holding Tiki torches the night before the protest.

6. And of course, Trump's tweets asking a group of 4 Congresswomen to go back to their "country" even though 3 of them were born in the USA. Trump likely made the tweet because all 4 Congresswomen were not Caucasian.

There are many more instances of Trump's racism:




9b9355d5 No.3742733

>> ID: e2636124
Love your new ID, 3B.
Remember, everything 3B posts on here is always a lie.
He has a long history on here going back to 2008.
We know him very well.

8270fadc No.3742737

File: 1718329055745.jpg (10.44 KB, 168x300, images.jpg)

3B is dead dude, I said it before, the name was a reference to his level of cancer.

Dead, gone, find someone else to point your misguided rage at.

73121cf7 No.3742738

File: 1718329282203.jpg (144.46 KB, 2048x1373, FFry-6bVUAI7oyT-1.jpg)


When even Steam knows better…

8270fadc No.3742739

File: 1718329285433.jpg (77.35 KB, 1228x650, _1_rambley_raccoon_by_fefe….jpg)

I find myself to be a very punch worthy character, or preferably, you can just hate on Swift.

I hear he likes the sound of little boys coming from his basement refrigerator. It keeps the screams fresh. Hes gross.

6d84d276 No.3742740

I live in Wisconsin, and here the Tavern League holds a lot of sway with our state government.

A guy here is on his fucking SEVENTH DUI now, and I've seen guys with even more, one guy here in Wisconsin is on his TENTH.

And every week, I see some drunk asshole has killed people with his car while driving drunk.

Obviously, Prohibition doesn't work, but there has to be better help for alcoholics and druggies.

f4baf602 No.3742741

Calling trump racist doesn't mean much when biden is racist too.

e2636124 No.3742744

Things you post don't mean much because of your constant both sides crap

41071d8c No.3742748

SteamThePathologicalLiar wrote:
> 3B is dead dude
It must be true then.

5363f074 No.3742750

File: 1718332628105.jpg (76.57 KB, 1000x718, bafkreiff46xm6jir3fetzojxd….jpg)

3B will live on forever in the heads of the people who he brutalized with truth.

8270fadc No.3742751

File: 1718332685415.jpg (74.46 KB, 794x1006, hazbin_hotel__alastor_the_….jpg)

don't believe me, just google 3B. Its cancer brah. There is no point in me lying about it. Its just facts at this point, dead is dead.

8270fadc No.3742752

File: 1718332847276.png (687.51 KB, 512x768, 9415bcf7-3dc3-45d1-9837-27….png)

yeah ok, let the legend live. Its beside the point now. Just ignore me.

f4baf602 No.3742758

File: 1718336357635.jpg (94.06 KB, 850x1040, 98785655.jpg)


Because its a fucking Uniparty that sucks Apaic zionist cum.

Did you not see me just post Hillary Trump/maga hating Clinton endorsing a maga backed guy because Apaic wants the other guy to lose?

5363f074 No.3742761

File: 1718337527272.jpg (458.58 KB, 3508x2480, 61d444b66669e4c7ab3e5766f0….jpg)

If you honestly think both parties are the same then you must live a very sheltered, privileged life. If either party being in charge results in the same outcome for you, you are very, very lucky. For the rest of us, Republicans being in charge means the devastation of our freedoms and financial ruin. Republican policies are always terrible for the people who suffer under them.

f4baf602 No.3742764

File: 1718338619268.jpg (113.72 KB, 850x1216, 7987.jpg)


The two parties are like your left and right hands. They are nearly identical in every way that matters.

And both hands serve the same master.

They pretend to care about shit, they don't really care about to make people think they are different. Do you really think the barren, dried up 60+ year old care about abortion rights?

Do you think they care about the ability to carry a gun, when as people in government, they'd always be able to have a gun.

5363f074 No.3742765

>They are nearly identical in every way that matters.

the right-wing wants to ban all that trans porn you love posting, so that's one distinct difference.


48befc87 No.3742766

File: 1718339123255.jpg (393.96 KB, 1024x1016, J9IiPDnkL9oppZpW.jpg)

f4baf602 No.3742767

File: 1718339626379.jpg (126.51 KB, 850x1311, 7876544.jpg)


I don't know if you know this, but the right has been threatening to ban things since before we were born.

The beetles, rock n roll, Elvis's demonic gyrating hips, mortal kombat blood and fatalities, porn, the list goes on.

Even the attempt to ban porn in states, has been a total failure because not all websites are hosted in said states.

f4baf602 No.3742770

File: 1718342073830.jpg (109.23 KB, 850x911, 7765655.jpg)

Guy in Mexico was saying to me a week or two ago, in american you don't have a left party. You have two right parties.

Because a real workers party would represent the workers. But both parties represent the rich. They listen to the rich, they help out the rich, if they retire from congress they go work at the companies that bribed them.

Both parties are the party of the 1%. Both parties are eliminating the middle class. And both parties are making life worse for the poor.

The republicans want less wellfare for the poor. The democrats want less police and law enforcement, turning poor areas in to crime cease pools.

e2636124 No.3742775

More both sides crap from dk

a8d6f0ac No.3742776

The list of malfeasance by Trump and his administration is astounding. Like it’s too much to keep track of. Mind boggling even.

You can tell a lot about a presidents leadership by two key markers: Leaks, and turnover.

The Trump administration saw a near constant amount of leaks from his own people to the press during the entire presidency. His own people literally screaming from mountain tops about his failures of leadership.

The turnover was wild. It wasn’t just Trump firing people because they wouldn’t breach ethics or do what he wanted, though we saw a lot of that. The sheer amount of appointees that literally quit because they couldn’t in good conscience support his administration was staggering.

It was not a competent executive branch.

5363f074 No.3742777

Both parties aren't trying to criminalize trans people for existing.
Both parties aren't trying to outlaw contraception.
Both parties aren't trying to legalize child marriage.
Both parties aren't trying to run a traitor who sent protestors to hang the VP when he disobeyed an order.
Both parties aren't harboring known pedophiles.
Both parties aren't trying to deregulate oil companies and let the planet burn because they don't believe in science.
Both parties aren't trying to turn America into a Christian theocracy instead of a Republic.

That's ONLY the Republicans.
They are not both the same.

9b9355d5 No.3742778

Just a daily reminder,
That everything 3B says
Is either misinformation or a lie.
Do the research yourselves.

9b9355d5 No.3742779

File: 1718362650676.jpg (66.56 KB, 500x536, 8sf39n.jpg)

9b9355d5 No.3742780

File: 1718362678944.jpeg (9.4 KB, 169x298, images (12).jpeg)

e2636124 No.3742782

Not enough of you tho so you might just

Kill yourself when Biden wins again in November

e2636124 No.3742783

File: 1718364020790.png (43.33 KB, 420x914, 5ybgkv2ukh6d1.png)

9b9355d5 No.3742784

Just another reminder that everything 3B says on here is either misinformation or a lie.
Do your own research on whatever it is he claims,
He hates that.

9b9355d5 No.3742787

That wouldn't matter anyway, even if it were true. The people voting (popular vote) aren't what determines who gets elected president, it's the Electoral College, where the STATES vote, that determine who gets to be president. Do you know nothing?
It was set up that way early on in the founding of this country, so that cesspool concentrations of blue cities would not always win based on numbers alone, and ramrod your flawed will over the rest of the population who do not like your crazy unworkable policies and ideas.

11602b0c No.3742788

File: 1718367879124.png (561.99 KB, 512x832, faf6ef564bb6892d2fb654e57a….png)

Biden has announced that he has a 40 dollar minimum national wage, and loan bail outs if you vote for him instead of orange man.

d69f281b No.3742789

This is why I just spend all my money instead of saving. Even if I found some stupid 50% APR CD, it would never keep up with inflation. The dollar I spend today is only going to be worth a nickel tomorrow.

d69f281b No.3742790

Really at this point, why even go to school or do something silly like get a master's in a STEM field. You're going to be making less than a quarter than a middle school drop out starting at Mcdonalds.

IMO schools are outdated now. There is just no point in graduating or putting any effort into anything. You can have a dozen doctorates, but it doesn't matter when the 12 year old delivering a newspaper (is that still a thing?) is making more than you.

Its pretty pathetic when you can work a formerly respectable job, like the military, postal worker, ect, and still not be making 10% as much as a girl who got pregnant in high school, has 0 job experience, and all the welfare.

5363f074 No.3742792

File: 1718370195880.jpg (42.74 KB, 567x719, GFR7SBLawAA1FPh.jpg)

You clearly have no idea how little "welfare" pays. Why don't you try living on $1,200 dollars a month for a year then get back to us on how easy it is.

d69f281b No.3742794

File: 1718370521071.jpg (441.04 KB, 3000x3000, E4FmHvSX0AAdAft.jpg)

Doubly stupid, is when you have cashiers at mcdonalds making more than doctors, and they still have to bring in their own lunches because they can't afford to eat at their own restaurant.

Hell even my brother who built and programmed industrial robots had to move back in with my parents because he couldn't afford a studio apartment. All his other options were either full without capacity because of illegal migrants, or only accepting HUD applicants. He doesn't even own a vehical.

Lol, I offered him a job at my stupid half real single employee company, and an entire floor of my house… but he was like "im not going to be your Tails again" apparently I'm an enormous soul sucking douche canoe, and I can't change because I just don't see it.

Hes also has a pink fox fursona, so I already lost any respect I had for him.

d69f281b No.3742795

File: 1718371217227.jpg (87.88 KB, 600x300, mammal_raccoon-wisconsin_m….jpg)

You don't know how welfare works, or how to take advantage of a system apparently.

I was extremely impoverished in my late teens, and early 20's, and grew up in a relatively low class family. I know how to make a dollar stretch really far,

I only live in relative luxury now because I learned how to do all the things by necessity… and how to pull all the strings by watching my depraved extended family.

You don't get a raccoon fursona by not having to dumpster dive for a few years.

20cc04ca No.3742796

> how little "welfare" pays.
You have deliberately left out what other giveaways "a girl who got pregnant in high school" gets from tax payers, such as food stamps (or what ever fucked up name they call it this month). Also, some states require welfare queens to attempt to get a job, at least part time. Federal giveaways also include "Earned Income Credits".

d69f281b No.3742797

File: 1718372313271.jpg (46.9 KB, 834x1026, 1_MRgIozj1WLBlrssLlE1ZNw.jpg)

I should reiterate, when I say welfare I'm referring to all the government systems you can get money from. Not just the "welfare" program itself.

Like I get 100% military disability, which I fucking earned, I'm literally missing organs. Thats about 3800 a month, and social security disability, because why not, thats an extra 980 and a program called PIP (percentage of income program) lets me get away with only paying 10 dollars for gas and electricity, still pay full price for water though.

That's actually really impressive for a single white man to pull off. It took years of maticulous planning, various levels of conniving, and a really detailed collection of medical history.

d69f281b No.3742800

Honestly, I never would have gotten half way if it wasn't for all the military men in my family constantly saying "KEEP ALL THE RECORDS, IF ITS NOT ON PAPER IT DID NOT HAPPEN"

Fun fact, if its on paper, it can be interpreted in fun and favorable ways. Exaggerations can be made when the medical information is vauge.

d70fc3db No.3742802

File: 1718372942084.png (160.21 KB, 358x353, Sh6.png)


"Both parties aren't trying to outlaw contraception. "

d70fc3db No.3742805

File: 1718373188168.png (1.39 MB, 1327x959, petro_dollar_death.png)

The important issue, is that both parties have failed america again. And Blinken is an absolute FAILURE as a diplomat.


They lost america the petro dollar. Which is how we can do money printer go brr with little consequences.

e2636124 No.3742806

e2636124 No.3742807

File: 1718373234257.jpeg (266.41 KB, 1179x1474, 0uwbgbmu0j6d1.jpeg)

68dd9e46 No.3742808

I lol at your nope

68dd9e46 No.3742809

Abortion is not contraception.

d70fc3db No.3742810

File: 1718373348489.png (176.28 KB, 771x775, American_failure.png)

e2636124 No.3742811

DK you're fucking retarded

31f9bca0 No.3742813

File: 1718373520826.jpg (212.96 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Why Saudi Arabia’s $2 Trillion Line City is Failing

e2636124 No.3742818

The chefs have learned to always double everything Trump orders because of how often he hears bad news about his criminal investigations, indictments, and civil lawsuits, and then throws his plates against the wall in a fury smearing ketchup everywhere.
Trump loves eating mini-cupcakes, baby carrots, and burger sliders because his hands look bigger holding them.
Trump tells his waiters every single meal, “Don’t worry, I’m going to treat you right on the tip,” and stiffs them.
Trump forbids anyone from praying before meals or blessing the food, and, even when someone tries to pray, Trump will just start eating his fried chicken while moaning to himself, and then interrupt the prayer to explain to the table how a lot of people don’t know this but it’s actually healthy to cut out red meat a couple times a week and eat an entire fried chicken instead.
Trump sneaks into the kitchen and sprinkles ground up weight-loss pills onto the food of any female staffers, diplomats, or world leaders he thinks “would look hotter if they lost 15 pounds.”
Trump eats pizzas made with ketchup for the sauce once a week
When Republican members of Congress come to Mar-a-Lago asking for his endorsement, he makes them eat lasagna until they throw up on their children’s heads to earn it.
Trump once told a group of Black Congressional Republicans that he can’t be racist because chocolate ice cream is his favorite flavor.
Trump invites Don Jr. and Eric to dinners he hosts with his business partners, but makes them sit at a separate “kids table.”
Every time Ivanka walks by while he’s eating, Trump takes out his dentures, grabs the most phallic-shaped food on his plate, and then simulates the teeth giving a blowjob to the phallic-shaped food to try to amuse the people he’s dining with.
Trump forbids his chefs to ever serve him any form of sausage because of how often people compare sausage to his fingers.
Trump often comments to dinner guests that global warming can’t be real because ice cream still exists.
Trump leaves lipstick stains on all the straws he uses.
Trump goes through a 20-oz ketchup bottle every week.
Trump changes into stretchy pants before every meal because he says buttons are “rigged against him.”
Every night Trump eats three servings of the dinner’s dessert, and tells the table “I’m never like this, I can’t believe how bad I’m being tonight.”

e2636124 No.3742819

File: 1718376655455.jpeg (98.98 KB, 1200x675, GQB-3k7XcAAoQzJ.jpeg)

9b9355d5 No.3742821

File: 1718376984704.jpeg (8.86 KB, 168x300, images (15).jpeg)

See what I've been telling you,
About 3B just making up shit as it pleases him.
Always fact-check anything he posts,
You'd be surprised how little is even halfway true.

e2636124 No.3742822

You believe lies who gives a fuck what you think is true? You think anyone who disagree with with you is 3B who died of cancer lololol

He ain't coming back

e2636124 No.3742823

Trump once told a group of Black Congressional Republicans that he can’t be racist because chocolate ice cream is his favorite flavor.

9b9355d5 No.3742824

File: 1718377125446.jpeg (9.72 KB, 168x300, images (16).jpeg)

31f9bca0 No.3742825

File: 1718377146193.jpg (103.71 KB, 828x850, a7xojasiam5d1.jpg)


Egypt is actually deliberately trying to make everything car-centric because people flooding into the streets between major government buildings have effectively allowed protestors to shut down the government on multiple occasions. So now you have their head asshole in charge trying to build a giant city out in the middle of the desert to prevent that from happening again.

9b9355d5 No.3742826

File: 1718377223874.jpeg (12.58 KB, 168x300, images (13).jpeg)

>> ID: e2636124
Nope, it's just you, and ONLY you.
Hi, 3B.

9b9355d5 No.3742828

File: 1718377424760.jpeg (12.08 KB, 169x298, images (17).jpeg)

See how 3B just makes up shit.

d70fc3db No.3742829

File: 1718377433901.jpg (35.53 KB, 720x480, The_car_life.jpg)


Making everything car centric is a great way to turn your population into fat asses, like america.

9b9355d5 No.3742832

File: 1718377970186.png (904.9 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240614-111014.png)

More guns,
Less abuse of power by Biden,
What's not to like?

9b9355d5 No.3742835

File: 1718378844341.png (278.2 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240614-111928.png)

e2636124 No.3742836

You both choose terrible news

e2636124 No.3742837

Trump leaves lipstick stains on all the straws he uses.

5363f074 No.3742846

>you have cashiers at mcdonalds making more than doctors

Take your meds. You are thinking crazy things again. You don't want to try and cut off your scars, again.

5363f074 No.3742852

Yes, they had to protect a woman's right to use abortion because a REPUBLICAN CONSERVATIVE GROUP tried to sue the company and make them stop providing the medication based on their rights to religious freedom.

Face it DK, your party is the party of religious lunatics. You are the American ISIS and until you are willing to jettison those religious crazies you will never hold power again. It wouldn't matter if Trump sent everyone a personal gold bar, no one wants to be ruled by a party of insane people who believe in all powerful sky-spirits.

5363f074 No.3742853

File: 1718385335525.jpg (10.67 KB, 300x168, 43t43td.jpg)

So your stance is that all poor people should could live like a king if they spent 8 years in the military then LOST SOME ORGANS AND GOT SCARRED OVER MOST OF THEIR BODY MAKING THEM A HIDEOUS FREAK, and doing any less is just them being lazy and undeserving of help?

5363f074 No.3742854

How many days do you think it will be before some Republican lunatic shoots up a school or a public event with one of these and they get banned again? I bet it won't be more than 3 months.

Buy yours now so you to can go on the watch list!

83fb012c No.3742855

5363f074 No.3742856

File: 1718386176504.gif (249.81 KB, 640x360, what-the-fuck-is-wrong-wit….gif)

Conservatives: Think of the children! We have to protect the children!

Also conservatives: Biden passed a law to protect children from sexual abuse? Screw the children! Overturn the law! It's a threat to democracy if we can't rape kids!

5363f074 No.3742857

File: 1718387066921.jpg (3.61 MB, 3310x2295, All-in-the-family.jpg)

Trump reminds me of that old TV show "All in the Family" where the lead character was a white, conservative, man named Archie Bunker.

For decades conservatives pointed to how popular that show was and claimed it was because everyone agreed with the far-right opinions of Archie but the crowd was always laughing at him, not with him.

It's funny looking back at that TV show. It was intended to be a parody of conservatism but they are still bitching about the same stuff they did back then today. Listen to the lyrics of the theme song.


Trump fans are the same way Archie fans were back then. People on his side think he is popular because people agree with him but people are tuning in to watch because he's a train wreck and people love watching the clown set himself on fire.

83fb012c No.3742859

File: 1718387410122.jpg (253.93 KB, 2000x1176, bafkreib5rn2so2kzig4ddp4ek….jpg)

31f9bca0 No.3742861

File: 1718395932741.png (504.43 KB, 926x835, joke.png)

83fb012c No.3742862

File: 1718399157602.jpg (268.36 KB, 2000x1176, bafkreif6kqyhwmkd2jodcmnvi….jpg)

31f9bca0 No.3742863

File: 1718400173252.png (129.67 KB, 398x425, hab.png)

Who orginally wrote this?

I HATE TYPING !!! WELCOME TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA…. Please remember only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you…. JESUS CHRIST and the AMERICAN SOLDiER. One died for your soul, the other for your freedom. If you agree copy ! When a hypersonic cruise missle goes up their anal opening then they will know whats fake and whats not.

d69f281b No.3742865

File: 1718401851865.png (523.93 KB, 1000x553, N6OLDDAVSVD3HDRG63H27N3JZU….png)

to be fair, hyper sonic ICBM's going up people's butts is usually the job of confused Airmen, not soldiers or Jesus. Doubly confused airmen when the missile actually hits, triply confused when it hits but also vanished. We accidently a lot of missiles from just what I saw.

d69f281b No.3742866

File: 1718402110313.jpg (882.19 KB, 2480x3508, dg6ok0j-64b47165-af47-4470….jpg)

are super sonic missiles even a thing? I have no idea, my caring about guns ends when they're going really fast and not pointed at me.

e2636124 No.3742868

File: 1718404179047.jpeg (32.26 KB, 513x476, GQDq261WwAA9vPA.jpeg)

e2636124 No.3742871

File: 1718405355365.jpeg (257.02 KB, 648x1876, qnl7rpln0j6d1.jpeg)

A "mass shooting" with a bolt action rifle?! I guess he also shouted "This is MAGA country" 🙄"

I don't know how a MAGAT of all things could get that one wrong… Carrying a Gewehr 43 in one hand and an M1 Garand on his shoulder? BOTH rifles are semi-auto, same as an AR-15, you stupid motherfucker… Besides, those weren't the only weapons he had on him, the feds busted him in possession of several, including an unregistered SBR.

And no, he didn't shout "This is MAGA country", in fact it'd been much worse. The news article reported that he planned to shout "KKK all the way!". His reason? To make absolutely sure that the motive was clear as day, and to avoid anyone mistaking the shooting for a gang-related incident.

96f6c0ca No.3742872

Niggers are racist and incredibly stupid, true.

9b9355d5 No.3742873


9b9355d5 No.3742876

File: 1718408910316.png (859.41 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240614-194332.png)

Bet you lefty teenagers and lefties with kids are gonna love that!!
Why not, it's what you voted for!
Now the Democrats will have enough cannon fodder to keep their endless $$$ wars going.
Enjoy, it's what you voted for.
But please fell free to protest,
We could use another Kent State.

31f9bca0 No.3742877

File: 1718409350438.jpg (12.17 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

Judge orders Alex Jones to liquidate assets for Sandy Hook families

9b9355d5 No.3742879

File: 1718410157934.png (684.62 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240614-195506.png)

Top article. The cop Tased that kid just for running onto the field and doing a backflip!
And he had the audacity to do it right in front of a cop, so the cop lit his ass up!
Made him glow like Rudolph and then hauled his arse off to jail.
Maybe the cop thought he was being attacked because the kid was doing backflips?
So this made me wonder, has anyone ever been Tased or arrested just for walking around in a fursuit, or doing a backflip in a fursuit, or anything like that? Wouldn't they have a lawsuit if that happened? Fursuit = Lawsuit?
Would a Taser even WORK on someone if they were wearing a fursuit? Does anyone know??

9f06df5a No.3742880

> Maybe the cop thought he was being attacked because the kid was doing backflips?
Not necessary. Presumably, the cop was trying to detain or arrest the asshole. By refusing to comply with police orders and behaving irrationally, the loser was doing the same thing as a naked nutcase who flees down the street away from police. Zap, zap, zap!

5363f074 No.3742885

It's funny to me that even though no one ever said anything about his political leanings all the Republicans are defending him. Even they assume he is one of them.

16daaf99 No.3742886

>…3B who died of cancer lololol
ROTFLMAO, Believing anything Steam-the-liar says.

36635858 No.3742888

File: 1718422649699.jpeg (580.11 KB, 1170x1881, i2cwbiyt9j6d1.jpeg)

e2636124 No.3742897

File: 1718432027688.jpeg (68.17 KB, 576x768, 8jqnzlms7o6d1.jpeg)

8fb019bd No.3742905

File: 1718443228714.png (981.71 KB, 1218x807, Screenshot 2024-06-15 at 0….png)

9b9355d5 No.3742906

Didn't take 3B long to shit this thread up.
I swear the man has severe mental problems,
you can tell by what he posts.

8fb019bd No.3742908

File: 1718443617780.png (1.12 MB, 1218x802, Screenshot 2024-06-15 at 0….png)

bea84295 No.3742912

lol niggеrs.

5597c7e6 No.3742915

File: 1718450251584.png (4.07 MB, 2432x1664, IMG_5564.png)

Who would be the best running mate for Trump, it needs to be someone more conservative and radical than Trump otherwise they will kill trump.

e2636124 No.3742922

File: 1718460013210.jpg (25.3 KB, 436x767, 8VICsvg3muN8B3_xYDnYbDkG6r….jpg)

e2636124 No.3742923

File: 1718460368930.jpeg (184.59 KB, 1200x800, jzw6vvx3xp6d1.jpeg)

9b9355d5 No.3742928

File: 1718464273035.png (562.91 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240615-110417.png)

A life-long Leftist and Democrat, "Real Time" host Bill Maher continued offering his dire warning to Democrats on the issue of immigration, insisting they'll be "f—ed" in November following this week's European election results.

Voters in traditionally majority left-leaning Europe, particularly in Germany and France roundly rejected far-left policies in the European Union Parliament elections, where immigration was top of mind as the crisis has unfolded in recent years.

"Voters again for the European Parliament said we do not like this much immigration," Maher said.

The HBO star then quoted The Atlantic's David Frum, who warned "If liberals insist that enforcing borders is a job only fascists will do, then voters will hire fascists to do what liberals won't."

"Voters keep saying over and over again we are not comfortable with this level of immigration. I understand why. It doesn't make you a racist to say that," Maher said.

e2636124 No.3742933

Nobody cares about Bill Maher

e2636124 No.3742934

File: 1718465449996.jpeg (273.74 KB, 1170x720, 8gq9mii6mg6d1.jpeg)

4b36b1b7 No.3742935

File: 1718465642658.png (62.61 KB, 545x500, ua.1287534293233.png)

Fuck politics.

Thread #46 where people whine about whether we should vote for the senile geezer or the sleazy geezer.

Get a hobby.

e2636124 No.3742936

Yes both sides you are so fuckin smart

e2636124 No.3742937

File: 1718466296302.jpeg (56.93 KB, 575x767, scv2ha647q6d1.jpeg)

9b9355d5 No.3742938

File: 1718466315807.png (418.3 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240615-112552.png)

Thanks, that's EXACTLY what we'll do, 3B. Don't you think it's ADORABLE how leftist policies always blow up in their face or come back to bite them in the ass? It's like watching one of the best comedy movies out there, because their policies are stupid and unworkable.

Like for instance, how they thought it was a "good idea" to let millions of illegals in to get more votes, or prosecuting Trump on Bullshit, or cheating Biden into the oval office? Even most Democrats don't like that shit going on and it's going to COST them ten times as many votes as they thought they would gain.

Notice today's date on this picture.

9b9355d5 No.3742940

That's a liberal Democrat woman, I've seen her before.
If all of you on here want to prove 3B is a serial liar, simply do a reverse image search on that picture.
It will show you who she is, and also that
what she is wearing is blank, 3B or someone put those words on there using Photoshop or something, hell, if you just simply enlarge the picture you can easily see they are just typed on over her blouse.

b9b7ea62 No.3742942

Niggers are racist and imbecilic, true.

e2636124 No.3742943

1) I'm not 3B.

2) You're fucking crazy.

3) Kill yourself when Biden wins again in November.

e2636124 No.3742944

File: 1718467565615.jpeg (86.54 KB, 846x767, n5d0tkxc7r6d1.jpeg)

696c247d No.3742947

File: 1718468321567.jpg (264.66 KB, 1300x974, Tony_JewBbins.jpg)

Why are you still here. Despite how broken and traumatised you are from life in a world run by satan and his children, why do you keep returning to your abusers?

Serious question. What's the attraction? You're involving yourself in complete bullshit. Both sides are owned by the same deranged lunatics, you surely know that by now.

Are you receiving comfort in pretending that posting anything on a board that's 98% fake, will change anything?

Are you simply trying to pass the time, while death inches closer, because you now know (or believe you know) that you can't escape it even if you tried?

Are you truly that broken now?

WTF, guys.

e2636124 No.3742950

(((Business Dog)))

5632b7e7 No.3742951

I'm here for the despair tourism.


Thanks FBI. Very cool.

9b9355d5 No.3742953

File: 1718469184663.png (553.3 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240615-112503.png)

>>Nobody cares about Bill Maher

What? His HBO show 'REAL TIME' is in its 22nd season, and tens of millions watch him regularly. I think they would disagree with you.
Although Bill Maher is a lifelong liberal, leftist, and Democrat, the reason you don't like him is because he is one of the few with a functional brain that can foresee the future consequences of actions being taken.
He's not against you, he's trying to WARN you that you and the Democrat party are heading for a major disaster by your actions.
If Bill Maher says the TITANIC is heading your way because of what you are doing, you had better damn well listen!

696c247d No.3742954

Did they post their personal CP collection here again?

5632b7e7 No.3742960

Haha this nigga really believes in TV ratings.

I bet you believe Steven Crowder gets a million views a day on Rumble too?

96dda879 No.3742962

He believes the big lie.

4241c014 No.3742963

File: 1718470827887.png (1013.84 KB, 1332x962, x7766.png)

This guy really hates Capitalism


96dda879 No.3742966

Who cares

96dda879 No.3742967

File: 1718471226617.jpeg (53.58 KB, 788x640, id2dkm75tg6d1.jpeg)

It's a good thing that "Global Climate Change" has been banned in Florida by decree of DeSantis and the Repubs

e2fedf91 No.3742973

Show us how long your nose is.

96dda879 No.3742974

File: 1718472920840.jpeg (106.23 KB, 822x767, scusswdrkr6d1.jpeg)

8fb019bd No.3742981

File: 1718473754118.png (417.35 KB, 682x384, Screenshot 2024-06-15 at 1….png)

e2636124 No.3742984

File: 1718474814191.jpeg (355.32 KB, 1239x1236, 9gnt943x5d6d1.jpeg)


5632b7e7 No.3742985

Which one?

e2636124 No.3742987

File: 1718475094122.png (342.29 KB, 745x468, w9ad51f6ch6d1.png)

e2fedf91 No.3742990

Florida has ALWAYS had flooding problems, literally every year, lightning capital of the USA . Literally no change detected you fucking moron.

96dda879 No.3742991

Oh we got a fucking climatologist

c0598cd3 No.3742993

One does not have to be a climatologist to understand, if it happened last year and it’s happening this year, then nothing has changed.

c600161a No.3742994

lol people are going to keep saying there's no change detected to their last breath as they sink into the ocean

131bfcd2 No.3742995

What time of year? Hurricane season? It's not hurricane season yet.
June, too soon.
July, stand by.
August, come it must.
September, remember.
October, all over.
At least, that's how long hurricane season used to last. It's since been extended through October ever since hurricane Sandy.

c0598cd3 No.3742996

File: 1718480834711.jpeg (76.76 KB, 416x900, IMG_5235.jpeg)


Hurricanes happen out of season all the fucking time. But this year it can only be climate change.
Flooding this year can only be climate change
Drought this year can only be climate change
Heat wave this year can only be climate change
Deep freeze this year can only be climate change

Anyone who still believes this nonsense is a moron of unparalleled magnitude

e8a26156 No.3742997

I didn't know this planet had to conform to a human calendar.

5632b7e7 No.3742999

They've been threatening me with rising sea levels my whole life. Yet I can still go down to the shore near where my great grandparents cabin used to be and swim out to the same rock sticking out of the ocean that my mom sat on for a black and white photo as a child 60+ years ago.

The rising sea level theory has been totally and completely debunked. It was never true. The scientists who predicted it were wrong. They were always wrong. The laws of physics didn't change. The 'science' didn't change. The Earth isn't expanding.

You sound like those heavens gate guys who were left behind to maintain the website still claiming the world actually ended in the 90s

c0598cd3 No.3743000

File: 1718486087395.jpeg (372.16 KB, 1200x1537, IMG_5566.jpeg)

Indeed. The rising sea levels was already debunked by cherry picking data points. Choosing city’s that are heavy and/or at the mouth of a river delta are places that are sinking. It’s not that sea levels are rising. Some places rise and some places fall.

e2636124 No.3743002

Oil companies love this hog think

e2636124 No.3743003

File: 1718487675350.jpeg (50.72 KB, 1024x448, 7e42xug5yq6d1.jpeg)

5632b7e7 No.3743004

Are you educated enough to do hypotheticals? If you are I'd love to engage with you on this.

What would it take you change your mind on masks? What information would you need to hear, and who would you need to hear it from?

fad41917 No.3743005

America burned itself down for a i am racist and not very bright that had been convicted of 700 felonies back in 2020. But THIS TIME I'm supposed to take moral offense to it?


c0598cd3 No.3743006

I would need to see laboratory testing that shows surgical masks you buy at Walmart can stop viruses
I need to see that the microplastics you breathe in from those plastic(yes the surgical masks are plastic) masks are less harmful than the bacterial pneumonia you will eventually get wearing those masks all the time. (More people died from bacterial infection than from Spanish flu)

Fauci admits masks don’t work

9b9355d5 No.3743007

File: 1718492729641.jpg (82.39 KB, 500x666, 3riho6.jpg)

5632b7e7 No.3743009

File: 1718493875688.jpg (154.55 KB, 800x800, EPIR.jpg)

e2636124 No.3743011

Lol highest stock market, lowest unemployment, but sure some fake news site owned by a billionaire Nazi is telling me the"real" truth

e2636124 No.3743012

Trump has more felonies than Floyd

5632b7e7 No.3743021

Let me know you don't understand economics without telling me you don't understand economics.

Have you been missing where the labor department has been revising the jobs numbers down every month for months on end? Or when they were copy pasting the numbers month to month for a while claiming the EXACT same number of jobs were created per month down to the one?

Do you even bother to read any financial journals or papers? Do you listen to the FOMC meetings? How about reading the statements and reports they put out?

This information isn't hidden. It's not hard to find. The only excuse for not knowing is not wanting to know.(Or being below an OECD 3 reading level)>>3743011

5946a777 No.3743026

Are you stupid? Stock market is literally an indicator of the wealthiest 0.2%. Average middle class people suffer the most when the wall street fat cats get fatter. (Poor already have nothing)

Wall Street is THE REASON wages don’t grow naturally. Publicly traded companies are legally required by the SEC(securities and exchange commission) to “increase shareholder value” this means they are legally required to screw employees out of fair pay, pay increases, and benefits.

9b9355d5 No.3743035

If this is true,
Then why don't you become a shareholder and quit bitching.

d69f281b No.3743037

shh, stop existing.

04316a34 No.3743038

I’m not the kind of person who wants to live well off the forced squalor of others.

Never have I been more convinced of the devil and his minions than when I look at Wall Street. And once you are convinced of the devil you will know God exsists, and his wrath will be great indeed.

5632b7e7 No.3743040

I could explain it but it would take a very long time. Finance is really interesting and it really pays to read widely on the subject. You'll be shocked the places you end up.

Long story short the markets aren't designed for you to be able to extract value from them by putting money it. It's a speculative debt market. If you're on the capital side and not the debt side of that equation you're losing.

I think… Try watching some Ray Dalio videos. His stuff on debt cycles should start you on the right path to get a good understanding of this.

6d84d276 No.3743057

File: 1718514392666.jpg (96.79 KB, 793x1067, 1alt_u18chan.jpg)



In the Bible itself, Jesus says to group of men, that some of those in that room with him will not be dead when he returns.

Guess what.

It's been 2,000 fucking years, everyone in that room is dead.
Jesus never came back, and he never will.

"God's wrath" is just an excuse to explain away natural disasters.
And we humans are very good at causing UNnatural disasters.

Like Donald Trump.

9b9355d5 No.3743059

A Bible scholar you are not, dipshit.
Jesus was telling them they would have eternal life with him in Heaven. The physical body is nothing.
Guess what, not only are those men still alive, they will still be alive in 2,000 more years.
Unlike you.

31f9bca0 No.3743062

File: 1718522689806-0.png (227.28 KB, 1500x1500, 1716636609.bigmoon206_for_….png)

File: 1718522689806-1.jpg (83.79 KB, 740x378, healthcare expensive.jpg)

>It's been 2,000 fucking years, everyone in that room is dead. Jesus never came back, and he never will.

6d84d276 No.3743068


Yeah, "Take my word for it. They are there."

Never any actual evidence.

And your Bible keeps getting debunked by archaeologists.

I still never get any explanation for why there are two stories of the Creation, or two different stories for how Judas died.

Your Bible, your belief, your religion, your hell, you go to it.

6d84d276 No.3743069

And the verse in question:

Matthew 34:

34 Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.

9b9355d5 No.3743070

>>your hell, you go to it.
Oh no, that's for you..
Belief in (that) is not required.
Now, wasn't that easy?
ha ha ha ha

3610a203 No.3743071


>And your Bible keeps getting debunked by archaeologists.

Show me once , just one

9b9355d5 No.3743072

File: 1718538566884.jpg (54.27 KB, 360x468, devil-satan-demon-evil-luc….jpg)

I think you're a little confused about who you think you're talking to.

e2636124 No.3743074

Republicans are Terrorists who hate America. They have tried before to destroy the Country & they will try again. I can't figure out why Anti-America Terrorists in the Middle East are being hit with drone strikes eradicating the threat but Anti-America Republican Terrorists aren't being eliminated. No foreign enemies have come close to Overthrowing the Government but the Terrorist Republican Party tried in multiple ways to Overthrow the Government & none of these Terrorist Traitors have been destroyed. The leader of the Terrorist Republicans should get the Bin Laden treatment. Then there should be a de-Nazification style campaign where the most ardent adherents are destroyed & the redeemable individuals are worked back into society.

e2636124 No.3743075

File: 1718541810770.jpeg (92.23 KB, 517x499, 0y5oadw0it6d1.jpeg)

84a0445a No.3743076

Democrats are Terrorists who hate America. They have tried before to destroy the Country & they will try again. I can't figure out why Anti-America Terrorists in the Middle East are being hit with drone strikes eradicating the threat but Anti-America Democrat Terrorists aren't being eliminated. No foreign enemies have come close to Overthrowing the Government but the Terrorist Democrat Party tried in multiple ways to Overthrow the Government & none of these Terrorist Traitors have been destroyed. The leader of the Terrorist Democrats should get the Bin Laden treatment. Then there should be a de-communism style campaign where the most ardent adherents are destroyed & the redeemable individuals are worked back into society.

e2636124 No.3743077

Ooooooooo hogs can find replace

e2636124 No.3743078

File: 1718545333161.jpeg (67.47 KB, 1024x576, 002yxqdjqm3d1.jpeg)

e2636124 No.3743080

File: 1718545975801.jpeg (63.21 KB, 625x767, amrets4ips6d1.jpeg)

e181a64d No.3743082

File: 1718548018027-0.jpg (102.54 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (45).jpg)

File: 1718548018027-1.jpg (344.56 KB, 1080x972, Screenshot_20240616-221458….jpg)

File: 1718548018027-2.jpg (424.57 KB, 1080x884, 20231230_153245.jpg)

File: 1718548018027-3.jpg (527.76 KB, 768x1024, 20240606_222513.jpg)

File: 1718548018027-4.jpg (33.79 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (15).jpg)

Remember, when both side decided to mostly agree on something, then you know something is definitely wrong. In this case they have their own agenda of serving their master.



e2636124 No.3743083

Kill yourself Nazi trash

e2636124 No.3743084

File: 1718552360100.jpeg (48.59 KB, 783x468, xz7bkiuk1y6d1.jpeg)

1885ae2c No.3743085

File: 1718553216870-0.png (786.16 KB, 1775x969, 99088.png)

File: 1718553216870-1.png (12.94 KB, 829x129, 889776.png)

File: 1718553216870-2.png (65.53 KB, 1148x751, oh_noes_not_the_angry_dumb….png)

Looks like they want the draft age to go up by 2 years.

9b9355d5 No.3743086

Are you trying to be funny 3B.
You're the one person above all on here who knows proxies and VPN's inside out and how that doesn't even matter because of them.

9b9355d5 No.3743087

File: 1718553850033.jpeg (11.47 KB, 172x294, images (19).jpeg)

1885ae2c No.3743088

File: 1718553866107-0.png (40.48 KB, 1000x264, 98665.png)

File: 1718553866107-1.png (8.39 KB, 825x96, Cant_draft_dodge_now.png)

File: 1718553866107-2.png (39.37 KB, 844x205, 786765.png)


Thats funny that the FUCKING BOOMERS wanna make draft dodging impossible. When so many of the fuckers draft dodged.

e2636124 No.3743089

Bone spurs also draft dodged

e2636124 No.3743090

You think banning porn and having to use a VPN like a Chinese dissidant is freedom eh hog?

1885ae2c No.3743091

File: 1718554875379-0.png (2.87 MB, 2086x1767, gay76756555.png)

If this bill does pass the senate. It'll make what the guy I know has been saying seem more true.

He thinks trump is being turned into a public hero on purpose, so that when he wins young white men and people will feel patriotic. So they are more willing to die in wars vs Russia/China/Iran.

He believes the LGBT and everything will be toned down. Cause it and causing me too and everything, was about dividing people after occupy wallstreet went after the 1%. So that the 99% fights itself.

e2636124 No.3743092

Donald J. Trump is an adjudicated sexual predator, an accused rapist, and a 34-time convicted felon.

Trump is facing an additional 54 criminal indictments in 3 cases that have been delayed from trial by his high-priced legal team filing frivolous motions.  Trump’s legal team is financed by campaign donations from the oil industry hoping to repeal EPA protections and by his rabid base of MAGA cult members.

The majority of Trump’s senior governmental positions such as Vice President, Cabinet and Advisors from his 2016-2020 Presidential term have refused to endorse Trump for another term and/or have declared that Donald J Trump is unfit to serve as President of the United States.  

More abuses https://www.cnn.com/2021/01/24/politics/trump-worst-abuses-of-power/index.html and grifting continues https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qB9GdOYk0Ls                                              including this bizarre degrading cash grab  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJi641_7W10

Donald Trump has already asked national security advisers why the United States can’t use nuclear weapons.  He is irrational with a quick temper.  Imagine his tweets replaced with nuclear missiles.

Donald Trump is a threat to national security. He is Putin’s puppet.  He praises Putin and Kim Jong-un. 

Donald Trump doesn’t respect military saying “Americans Who Died in War Are Losers and Suckers”

Trump fosters racism and embraces white supremacists like felons Bannon, Roger Stone and David Duke. 

On 9/11, the darkest day in recent American history, after thousands of men, women and children died in the largest terrorist attack in the world, Trump picked up the phone to call a television station to point out that he now owned the tallest building in Manhattan.

7b3ca5a9 No.3743093

File: 1718555245182-0.jpg (196.26 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (47).jpg)

File: 1718555245182-1.jpg (77.05 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (48).jpg)

File: 1718555245182-2.jpg (96.74 KB, 319x417, 20240606_220930.jpg)

File: 1718555245182-3.jpg (20.81 KB, 160x174, 20221228_095153.jpg)

File: 1718555245182-4.jpeg (27.4 KB, 474x474, th (22).jpeg)

Sure thing white Aryan fake Jew. You first. LOL
Just like Polish Bibi. Nazi can eat my shit btw.

Why do you think I post that pic of edgelord Nazi proud boys holding the Zion Jew flag making fun of them. Use your brain more dipstick. LOL


e2636124 No.3743094

Yes, end your own life nazi shitbag

e2636124 No.3743095

File: 1718555297741.jpeg (581.35 KB, 1079x1404, 8o73bwreft6d1.jpeg)

7b3ca5a9 No.3743097

File: 1718555665252-0.jpg (484.09 KB, 1080x1488, Screenshot_20240617-003046….jpg)

File: 1718555665252-1.jpeg (44.47 KB, 720x720, P10XpCcw1QTFelX6.jpeg)

But imagine sending the US people tax money to a foreign country agent, only for them to send only partial of that US people tax money back as a "present" to lobbying the politicians.

1885ae2c No.3743098

File: 1718555947276-0.jpg (234.63 KB, 2109x2160, gay78877565.jpg)

Its a shame to me people are so blindly loyal to Trump. When he's in the backpocket of the corrupt lobbies like Apaic and Blackstone.

Who wanted weapons sold to ukraine before the ukraine war started? Trump

Who attacked Syria to steal their oil? Trump

Who set up the need for oct 7th to happen? Trump

Who started the stim checks which were very inflationary? Trump

Who jokes about bombing russia, china, nuking the middle east? Trump

Who did nothing to fight corruption like hillary, and put corruption in his Washington cabinet such as mike pompeo? Trump

Trump who wasn't anti-sanction at all, he put tons more in place, such as on Iran. And ruined obama's work normalizing relations with cuba

Who tried to coup and destroy venezuela? Trump (Which he denies)

Who keeps tricking republicans into buying his dumb shit like nfts and gold sneakers? Trump

9b9355d5 No.3743099

File: 1718556341594.png (519.59 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240616-124354.png)

9b9355d5 No.3743100

File: 1718556552255-0.jpg (112.77 KB, 597x442, 2vcvyy.jpg)

1885ae2c No.3743101

File: 1718557021683-0.jpg (57.71 KB, 1200x623, Gay_hugs3.jpg)

I think its true, the elections are rigged. But they are rigged by the lobbies picking who gets to run. Because anyone not in the pocket of lobbies gets no coverage by the owned mainstream media.

And if your a dem, the DNC with destroy you, if the lobbies don't want you to win. Like bernie, like anyone this year that went against Biden.

Hell Apaics trying to destroy jamaal bowman right now, since he turned pro-peace.

And if your independent, they make it so much harder to get onto state ballots. Because no one thats not the uniparty Dem/Republican is ever supposed to win.

And if someone makes it all the way to the End, the Final Rigging tool is the electoral college, Which can say "Fuck the popular vote, I'm voting how lobbies tell me."

Ain't it kinda obvious its rigged when its between two 80yo boomers.

Ain't it kinda obvious its rigged when republican candidate debates we just had, were about who could suck Israel off the most?

e2636124 No.3743102

Nah, elections are not rigged.

Republicans are crybaby losers.

8fb019bd No.3743103

File: 1718557951659.png (900.54 KB, 1345x721, Screenshot 2024-06-16 at 1….png)

"The Gays For Gaza People Are Idiots" - Douglas Murray

1885ae2c No.3743104

File: 1718558138212-0.png (92.86 KB, 899x758, gay88775.png)

If the Swamp didn't want Trump to win, why would they give him 24/7 news coverage so he's never not in the minds of the american public?

Why would they show off his Mug shot image despite everyone saying its a bad idea?

Why do they cover his court cases?

Its non-stop free publicity.

If it keeps happening, after a point, its probably not stupidity, its intentional.

And him being in the pocket of Apaic and blackstone, means he is on the side of the lobbies.

Have they not made it at this point that theres nothing to prevent Trump running for president in 2024? Isn't every important case now after the election?

Can't the NY GOV just be like yeah, you won, lets pardon you now

Its real hard to believe an almost 80yo billionaire has a squeaky clean record. Other than stuff people can point at and go "This is all political, no one but him gets in trouble for that. Or She's making it up."

8fb019bd No.3743105

File: 1718558481473.png (1.06 MB, 1218x738, Screenshot 2024-06-16 at 1….png)

Islamist Has MELTDOWN Over ‘Queers For Palestine

a3d0cb28 No.3743106

Gays have a much greater chance at the good life in Israeli society as opposed to Palestinian society (if there was a Palestinian society left). No contesting that. The gays supporting the human rights of Palestinians are acting out of mercy and compassion, not delusion. Murdering the children of your enemy never makes you the good guy, no matter how homophobic your enemy.

1885ae2c No.3743107

File: 1718559736976-0.png (555.37 KB, 1495x973, Falling_out.png)

I strongly think trump lost in 2020 because he ruffled too many Apaic feathers.


Idk what he did, but he sure got bitter as fuck with benjamin netanyahu.

Maybe Apaic got all it thought it could out of trump. Maybe Trump said no to a couple things. Maybe trump's ego got him shitting on israel or ben. Who knows.

1885ae2c No.3743108

File: 1718560582348-0.jpg (289.34 KB, 1935x1935, 7865544.jpg)

Almost feel bad for Trump, in regards to Israel

He gave you your capital moved to Jerusalem where you wanted

He killed the iran guy for you

He started normalization for you with the rest of the middle east, despite Palestine.

He fucked Syria for you

And heaven knows what else. That obama and people before him wouldn't do.

And Apaic still fucked him in the back. By siding with Biden.

Grants Biden Has given Israel nearly everything it wanted, except war with Iran.

6d84d276 No.3743111


After leaving Egypt, (under Moses,) the entire race of ancient Hebrews is siad to have wandered the Sinai desert for 40 years.
There isn't any evidence at all of them doing that, nothing.
Also, there is no evidence at all of a mass dying among Egyptians, like is said in the Bible.
And there is no record at all of them executing a guy named "Jesus." (Real ancient Hebrew name would have been Yeshua.)
The Bible is a bunch of stories strung together into one book dictated by the early Christians, to consolidate power after Rome fell.

Try this web site, it also shows the bullshit from the Koran and the book of Mormons.


a3d0cb28 No.3743112

This is probably impossible for a Trump supporter to understand. Those types tend to view all social interactions as transactional, like a deal, because that's how Trump thinks. "What do I get out of it?" Gays get nothing out of it. Therein lies the Trumpist's confusion. "So why do it? Those people would kill you if given the chance!" It's called altruism. Give it a try sometime. Feels good man.

1885ae2c No.3743113

File: 1718564001705.jpg (234.96 KB, 937x1300, Cross Busted_1.jpg)


none of those middle east people started killing us until as far as I know until we started supporting Israel. Bin Laden's letters was talking about it.

And they tried to remove them from the internet, because young people were sympathizing with bin Laden

I wouldn't be surprised if the war in the middle east under Bush senior wasn't them jacking up oil prices because israel.

6d84d276 No.3743114


People in the ME hating each other goes back thousands of years.
In the Biblical book of Numbers, Moses had his goons slaughter the men, boys, and non-virgins of a rival tribe. The virgins were taken as sex slaves.
We call that nowadays "ethnic cleansing" or "final solution."

Several years ago, a Doonesbury comic had an Arab translator talking to a US soldier, saying someone he saw was from a family that killed someone in his family.
In the 14th century.

The US soldier says to the guy "What is wrong with you people!"

9bcea7e3 No.3743123

It's all orchestrated by Biden, who's a senile old man who doesn't know his own name most of the time, while also being the unbelievably cunning mastermind behind a vast conspiracy against good, conservative values

9bcea7e3 No.3743126

I’ll tell you when it clicked for me seeing some guy talking about how scary it is that some of the trans women look like “real” women ( HIS QUOTE NOT MINE) and I realized it falls back to their latent homophobia they’re freaked out that they may find a trans woman attractive and what does that make them it makes me laugh that they’re so insecure on their masculinity

1885ae2c No.3743127

File: 1718567137515.png (244.61 KB, 942x959, no_shit.png)


Oh noes, what? The USA Government might be behind the huge AI Bubble?

Say its not sooooooo

Its not like everyone I've heard from on AI, says its not profitable.

Yet somehow mysteriously every big company wants to put it in, windows, amd, adobe photoshop, the list goes on.

And making sure China doesn't get the ability to have AI is ultra important.

But doesn't AI in china already spy on everyone like a dystopian nightmare? Don't tell me thats all a lie.. and thats why our government really wants to make for us. And it was all projecting your desires on china.

1885ae2c No.3743128

File: 1718568151284.png (664.94 KB, 1269x704, 6764.png)

I mean the government's behind bitcoin

8fb019bd No.3743136

File: 1718577713862.png (1.54 MB, 1317x741, Screenshot 2024-06-16 at 1….png)


AI candidates are running for office
"In the United Kingdom, a new upstart political candidate going by the name “Steve” is calling for a four day work week and economic incentives for commuters to switch to electric cars. But Steve isn’t quite like other candidates in the race. “He” isn’t even human. Steve is actually an AI-powered chatbot that Brighton Pavillion voters can speak with over an online voice chat. The human creators behind Steve, and several other AI candidates jostling for political office, are betting large language models like those powered by OpenAI and Google may be somehow better equipped to accurately and authentically represent the views of voters than their morally fallible flesh and bones competitors."

54c99462 No.3743138

File: 1718580183678-0.jpeg (32.81 KB, 474x266, th (25).jpeg)

File: 1718580183678-1.jpg (329.6 KB, 1080x1659, Screenshot_20240617-071315….jpg)

File: 1718580183678-2.jpg (885.35 KB, 1080x2199, Screenshot_20240617-071931….jpg)

File: 1718580183678-3.jpeg (40.46 KB, 474x430, th (26).jpeg)


Practically as equivalent living in GOP state as gheyy.
That "pride" support is just nothing more than a campaign ruse like any company during pride month. I'm sure for them it's pretty much "Better for gay to die as servicemen rather than dying on the street."

04316a34 No.3743140

They were wandering forty years, are you expecting them to have build a pyramid every year while wandering?
Hmmm yeas they was clearly a tent post buried here in the sand 4000 years ago!

And yes there are records, Roman and Jewish, the Jews even brag about it in their own separate religious text,


e2636124 No.3743141

File: 1718585836777.jpeg (215.3 KB, 1284x1347, lj0cmh9nhw6d1.jpeg)

9b9355d5 No.3743142

3B, why do you hate humanity and want as many as possible dead?
Are you that broken?

9b9355d5 No.3743143

File: 1718586963481.jpg (57.81 KB, 385x500, 51OZRwqwvrL.jpg)

e2636124 No.3743144

You're mental, clinging to your old nemesis and the good old days.

9b9355d5 No.3743145

File: 1718587006277.jpg (25.72 KB, 298x447, 9780295750699.jpg)

e2636124 No.3743146

File: 1718587030290.jpeg (38.66 KB, 656x381, w6mmvc33xy6d1.jpeg)

9b9355d5 No.3743147

If it weren't you,
You wouldn't even care.

Hi, 3B.

e2636124 No.3743148

Ok crazy

9b9355d5 No.3743149

File: 1718587090296.gif (950.59 KB, 243x280, giphy.gif)


8fb019bd No.3743150

File: 1718587102213.png (706.01 KB, 1218x800, Screenshot 2024-06-16 at 2….png)

e2636124 No.3743151

File: 1718587105058.jpeg (32.43 KB, 450x243, qex1o5w32y6d1.jpeg)

e2636124 No.3743152

File: 1718587132540.jpeg (88.33 KB, 768x768, zwd8cffil07d1.jpeg)

04316a34 No.3743153

These AI efforts need more work

9b9355d5 No.3743159

File: 1718590279086.jpeg (10.41 KB, 168x300, images (21).jpeg)

9b9355d5 No.3743160

File: 1718590665918.webm (2.08 MB, 864x1168, e830ec2de6f20b8855a507636….webm)

This is me, every time I think about Trump winning in a landslide in November, as we know he will.
So what's under there, a bear dick? A man dick? A hybrid dick? A Jew dick? Or…. something else??

6d84d276 No.3743162


On both counts, you're full of shit.
No trace whatsoever of the ancient Hebrews wandering Sinai, and no credible evidence of "Jesus."

In fact there is no evidence the ancient Hebrews even were slaves, EVER.
This was just another one of those stories they used, like the 'You want a ride to school? When I was your age I walked to school ten miles, through ten feet of snow, uphill both ways!" In reality they lived 2 or 3 blocks from their school.

This is why "christian" fundamentalists hate archaeology so much.

They show evidence religious texts are bullshit.

But clergy are laughing at you all the way to the bank.


e2636124 No.3743164

Gullible and white

9b9355d5 No.3743165

File: 1718594617980-0.png (407.2 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240616-183420.png)

File: 1718594617980-1.png (339.69 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240616-183441.png)

File: 1718594617980-2.png (249.01 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240616-183452.png)

File: 1718594617980-3.png (532.39 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240616-183529.png)

File: 1718594617980-4.png (474.19 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240616-183542.png)

6d84d276 No.3743168


Gateway Pundit, (which is now bankrupt,) and wrote by the dumbest guy on the Internet.


f2c37d63 No.3743170

I dun went to High School. That's one of them Ad Hominins I heard 'bout.

a52c5927 No.3743171

What you'll learn as you read more on the topic is that the 'historical' date of the Egyptian exile is almost entirely based on the Egyptian kings list having a name similar to one of the pharos in the bible.

While it's true there is no evidence of the people of the book living there at that time, there is evidence of them living there a few thousand years earlier. Basically, we hadn't dug deep enough yet when those theories were formed.

Remember that archeologists thought Troy was fictional, right up until they found it.

f54af9a4 No.3743172


"As soon as its branches become tender and sprout leaves, you know that summer is near. So also, when you see all these things, you will know that He is near, right at the door. "

The generation that sees the signs will not pass away. People say it's the return of Israel after WW2.
That would mean things are gonna happen very soon or even started.

5363f074 No.3743173

Oh, there was a historic person who the legend of Jesus was based on. He really was a religious leader back in the day and he really was murdered because he spoke out against the powerful. He didn't do miracles or any of that nonsense but Roman records are very clear that the man did exist.

Republicans would have HATED him. He wanted socialized medicine, to redistribute money from the wealthy to the poor, and every other far left policy you can think of including open boarders. He was more radical than Bernie Sanders and that's why they killed him.

4c693ee9 No.3743174

you are a cyborg mindslave without the perks of actual cybernetics. you cuck

9b9355d5 No.3743175

Most all Christian Republicans are very devoted to Jesus.
Where do you get this made-up bullshit, from what dark corner of your mind??
Perhaps a lobotomy would make you happy?

9b9355d5 No.3743178

File: 1718609927013.png (539.96 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240616-183606.png)

Ipt was originally published in THE DAILY MAIL, Gumby, GP is just reprinting the story.
Read page two above, it tells you that.
The Daily Mail is that left-wing British news pumper, does that make it all true and all better now?
That makes it true and ok for you now?
Oh, here's page six.

54c99462 No.3743179

File: 1718611402636-0.jpeg (56.16 KB, 474x632, th (27).jpeg)

File: 1718611402636-1.jpg (196.77 KB, 993x1200, GMhWuSmW8AAoZHc.jpg)

File: 1718611402636-2.jpg (49.21 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (42).jpg)

File: 1718611402636-3.jpg (44.56 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (38).jpg)

File: 1718611402636-4.jpg (38.6 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (45) (1).jpg)

>>Republicans are very devoted to Jesus.
Too bad most of their representatives in the house are more of pro-Zion Judas. Majority of them prefer to protect their master by banning the bible with that HR-6090 bill. Just look when they decided to ban the so called "lewd books" back then. The bible practically being one of them. Should have seen that as the BIG red flag. LOL


Luckily that HR-6090 vote has a name list.


e2636124 No.3743180


e2636124 No.3743181

File: 1718613026441.png (1.1 MB, 1080x2071, htlbx10pk07d1.png)

38c98bb4 No.3743186

>>ID: e2636124

We love the way you're wasting your life here, 3B.
Keep it up.

38c98bb4 No.3743187

File: 1718617996447-0.jpg (517.35 KB, 1024x852, 8saf4u.jpg)

File: 1718617996447-1.jpg (241.85 KB, 640x789, imageaas.jpg)

File: 1718617996447-2.jpg (173.66 KB, 640x649, images.jpg)

e2636124 No.3743188

File: 1718618098827.jpeg (285.58 KB, 1080x995, qufr4n3ze17d1.jpeg)

38c98bb4 No.3743189

File: 1718618122198.jpg (142.86 KB, 1080x890, 1717151503553.jpg)

38c98bb4 No.3743190

File: 1718618223571.jpg (474.72 KB, 1024x1079, 8set23.jpg)

Evil, just pure evil.

e2636124 No.3743191

• Trump floated the idea of executing Joint Chiefs Chairman Milley (9-22-2023)

• Trump put 3 Mar-a-Lago guests in charge of the VA who then tried to monetize veterans' medical records

• accused 3,000 military families of election fraud for voting after being deployed

• Blamed Gold Star families for giving him covid (he tested positive days earlier)

• removed POW/MIA flag from White House

• says Americans who died in war are "losers" and "suckers"

• “Why should I go to that cemetery? It’s filled with losers” he said about a U.S. military cemetery

• called McCain “a fucking loser” when asked to lower flags to half staff

• called Pres. George H.W. Bush a loser for being shot down during WWII

• “That guy is smart. Why did he join the military?” Trump said of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

• asked his staff to not include wounded veterans because amputees make him uncomfortable

• “I don’t get it. What was in it for them?” Trump said to Gen. John Kelly about dead vets, while visiting Kelly’s son’s grave at Arlington

• Trump knew since Mar 2020 that Russia paid bounties to kill American troops. On July 29 Trump defended Russia arming the Taliban against the US saying the US once did the same thing

• May '20 ended National Guard deployments one day before they could claim benefits

• Trump admin seized 5mil masks intended for VA hospitals. Kushner distributes these masks to private entities for a fee, who then sells the masks to the government

• Trump fired the captain of the USS Theodore Roosevelt after he warned superiors that COVID19 was spreading among his crew

• After Iran's strike, 109 US troops suffered brain injuries. Trump dismissed these as "headaches". Trump then denied Purple Hearts in an effort to keep the story up

• On 7/20/2017 in room 2E924 of the Pentagon, Trump told a room full of Generals, "You’re a bunch of dopes and babies"

• Said 26,000 military sexual assaults were to be 'expected' bc America lets women serve

• Invited the Taliban to Camp David on the anniversary of 9/11

• Claimed that his military budget made up for his lack of military experience

e2636124 No.3743192

• Said if a Humvee was hit by an IED, soldiers "go for a little ride upward & they come down."

• Pardoned multiple war criminals which betrayed the men of the 1st Platoon who helped convict him for violating long standing military values, discipline, and command (May&Nov 2019)

• mocked Lt. Col. Vindman for his rank and uniform. He threatened said purple heart officer resulting in the Army providing him protection. The Admin sent opposition research to the Pentagon to derail his promotion

• Trump’s Chief of Staff worked in secret to deny health coverage to Vietnam Vets who suffered from Agent Orange

• There is a facility in Tijuana for US veterans that Trump deported

• Russia took control of the main U.S. military facility in Syria abandoned on Trump’s orders. Russia now owns the airstrip we built

• 0/7/19, Trump abruptly withdrew from Syria after a phone call with Turkey's president (Erdogan). Turkey subsequently bombed US Special Forces

• sent thousands of American troops to defend the oil assets of the country that perpetrated 9/11

• Sept 2019, he made an Air Force cargo crew stop in Scotland (where there's no U.S. base) to refuel at a commercial airport (where it costs more), so they could stay overnight at a Trump property (which isn't close to the airport). Trump’s golf courses are losing money so he's forcing the military to pay for 5-star nights there.

• Sept 2019, Pentagon pulled funds for military schools, military housing funds, and daycare to pay for Trump's border wall

• Vet graves will be "dug up" for the border wall, after Trump instructed aides to seize private property. Trump told officials he would pardon them if they illegally seizing property

• Children of deployed US troops no longer guaranteed citizenship (August 28, 2019)

• 8/2/19 Trump requisitioned military retirement funds for the border wall

• 7/31/19 Trump ordered the Navy rescind medals to prosecutors who prosecuted war criminals

• denied a U.S. Marine of 6 years entry into the United States for his citizenship interview (Reported 7/17/19)

• made the U.S. Navy Blue Angels violate ethics rules by having them fly at his July 4th political campaign event (July 4, 2019)

• demanded US military chiefs stand next to him at 4th of July parade (reported July 2, 2019)

• In June 2019, Trump sent troops to the border to paint the fence for a better "aesthetic appearance"

93936245 No.3743195

File: 1718621462239.png (2.4 MB, 3000x2000, 88363a54d4ad4b8de3cf65f589….png)

Funny how even the most pro-America politicians still ravenously suck kike cock. Honestly, if there's one thing that will turn me away from them, it's all the zionism. I'm starting to get really fed up.

93936245 No.3743196

The bible thing sounds like jewish propaganda and not a direct action by the republicans, however. Yup, that's the huffpost. You think they're going to accurately report on any republican action? lol

e2636124 No.3743197

File: 1718621851948.jpeg (103.28 KB, 641x822, GQKAK8PWgAAPrCU.jpeg)

e2636124 No.3743198

File: 1718622102145.webm (4.53 MB, 480x854, mnlms2u0w27d1.webm)

44099b62 No.3743199

Hebrews were slaves. The only thing in question is whether slaves were used to build the pyramid. (Probably not)

c2dab981 No.3743200

N­­­­­­i­­­g­g­­e­­­r­­­s are racist and stupid, so true.

e2636124 No.3743202

File: 1718624058105.jpeg (382.22 KB, 1280x867, c8m61smrj27d1.jpeg)

e2636124 No.3743203

c2dab981 No.3743205


9b9355d5 No.3743206

File: 1718624565978.png (1.58 MB, 936x1176, 55d20d6ce4d820a814cbaeb421….png)

And another 3B list of things Trump never said or did.
He cannot prove a single one of these.
(His "proof" will be linking to some far-left source that claimed such things actually happened).

54c99462 No.3743207

File: 1718624807286-0.jpg (167.68 KB, 850x1190, 6615471686ae9a3d17f30a0e1f….jpg)

File: 1718624807286-1.gif (4.67 MB, 817x996, 43083f7c6ed3776ac2b9ee970f….gif)

File: 1718624807286-2.jpg (265.37 KB, 850x1861, 38a80c54431e14a394d2b605cb….jpg)

File: 1718624807286-3.jpg (65.92 KB, 850x1185, ec49e79fc53ff6dfc5a9a5d6d5….jpg)

File: 1718624807286-4.jpg (156.83 KB, 850x1090, d555cea46b42d95b43e0c380da….jpg)

e2636124 No.3743208

Cry more

e2636124 No.3743209

Must be a Chinese bamboo website

c2dab981 No.3743210

File: 1718625024771.jpg (85.95 KB, 1280x809, nigger for trump.jpg)

N­­­­­­i­­­g­g­­e­­­r­­­s for Trump!

54c99462 No.3743211

File: 1718625352107.jpg (20.81 KB, 160x174, 20221228_095153.jpg)

Imagine getting that shirt and edit out the 'B' with a marker so it spelled as "LACKS FOR TRUMP" instead.

e2636124 No.3743212

And Trump raped a 13 year old girl with Epstein, threatened her and her family and paid her off. There are court filings easily reviewed. Prove me wrong.


It's all there…

Convicted Felon Donald Trump raped 13-year-old Katie Johnson in 1994.

(and Ivanka was the same age that year)

Johnson's video testimony [working archive link is here https://youtu.be/gnib-OORRRo?si=_ifq8qq6j24Wmrmr

Trump Epstein Rape Lawsuit & Sworn Affidavit https://www.politico.com/f/?id=00000158-26b6-dda3-afd8-b6fe46f40000

Johnson v. Trump & Epstein pdf


The case was… 'mysteriously' dropped because she was getting death threats. How convenient.

Trump Teen Rape Allegation Resurfaces, Ronan Farrow Claims National Enquirer Tried to Protect Him in New Book https://www.newsweek.com/trump-teen-rape-allegation-national-enquirer-ronan-farrow-jane-doe-1465652

A Woman Claimed She Recruited a 13-Year-Old Girl for Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein to Rape https://web.archive.org/web/20220331023500/https://www.deepsouthvoice.com/index.php/2019/07/07/a-woman-claimed-she-recruited-a-13-year-old-girl-for-donald-trump-and-jeffrey-epstein-to-rape

Snopes article on the Johnson case https://www.snopes.com/news/2016/06/23/donald-trump-rape-lawsuit/

New information emerges in "Maria" Trump story https://www.justice-integrity.org/1456-new-information-emerges-in-maria-story

Donald Trump has been making disturbing comments about young girls for years decades https://www.vox.com/identities/2016/10/18/13282192/trump-young-girls-10-year-old-teens-sexual-comments

Donald Trump sexual misconduct allegations on Wikipedia https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donald_Trump_sexual_misconduct_allegations


Are you gonna be a sore loser again this November, y’all get the trophy for being the biggest sore losers and victims…ever.

c2dab981 No.3743213


9b9355d5 No.3743214

File: 1718625930576.jpeg (6.83 KB, 168x300, images (22).jpeg)

It's all fake shit though, no matter how much you WISH it weren't, 3B. But even if it weren't…..
You can't win.
You've lost, BIGLY.
I just filed a complaint with the court accusing you of molesting a 13 year old, who says you did it.
See how easy that is?
I hope you know the left opened Pandora's Box.

c2dab981 No.3743215

File: 1718626030423.jpg (23.26 KB, 450x303, nigger-joes-tar-soap-1.jpg)

3B, will you kill yourself when Trump wins?

6d84d276 No.3743216


Donald Trump

Let's see, multiple business ventures, All failed.

Raped at least several women.

Cheated on THREE wives.

Ogled underage girls in their dressing rooms.

Bragged about sexually assaulting women.

Cheated a number of contractors, and perjured himself in bankruptcy courts.

Put his relatives into cushy government jobs.

Currently is giving incoherent speeches. (I mean, batteries and sharks?)

Late-night comedians send out a couple guys to his rallies, looking for kooks.
They have no trouple at all finding them.
Even die-hard flat-earthers.

e2636124 No.3743217

Don't vote for the rapist.

9b9355d5 No.3743220

File: 1718627508661.png (212.18 KB, 374x582, amlo-biden (1).png)

Oh don't worry, we don't intend to.
We're voting for Trump.

e2636124 No.3743221

Trump really raped tho not right wing Photoshop

e2636124 No.3743222

c034026d No.3743225

Only a nigger is stupid enough to believe what some rando wrote in Wikipedia.

c034026d No.3743226

More libtard lies.

e2636124 No.3743227

Feels bad that you wanna vote for a rapist huhh

e2636124 No.3743228

You can't handle the truth

c034026d No.3743229


e2636124 No.3743230

e2636124 No.3743232

Getting uncomfortable about the rapist you want to vote for? Hug your 3Blanket and suck your thumb

e2636124 No.3743233

Don't vote for him

Trump raped a 13 year old girl with Epstein, threatened her and her family and paid her off. There are court filings easily reviewed. Prove me wrong.


It's all there…

c034026d No.3743234

c034026d No.3743235

Yet more nigger lies.

6d84d276 No.3743236


More bullshit from the white trash inbreds.

c034026d No.3743237

Niggers are racist and stupid true.

e2636124 No.3743238

File: 1718629466010.jpeg (40.22 KB, 656x381, w6mmvc33xy6d1.jpeg)

e2636124 No.3743239

White are racist and stupid true

6d84d276 No.3743240


Thanks for proving what a piece of white trash you are.

c034026d No.3743241

File: 1718629637230.jpg (98.77 KB, 1119x673, all democrats.jpg)

Classic libtard misdirection: Attempt to brand the opposition with what democrats are actually guilty of.

c034026d No.3743242

6d84d276 No.3743243

e2636124 No.3743244

Mspaint time eh

MAGATs getting triggered by the rapist they want to vote for

c034026d No.3743245

You can't stand the truth

c034026d No.3743246

Nope. It is real.

6d84d276 No.3743247



c034026d No.3743248

When the ugly truth is unavoidable the libtard resorts to infantile insults

c034026d No.3743249

96% of convicted pedophiles were registered democrat.

6d84d276 No.3743250


Speak for yourself, asshole.

c034026d No.3743251

File: 1718630439436.png (87.5 KB, 500x505, delusional-psychological-p….png)

c034026d No.3743253

Niggers are racist and dumb, very true.

54561367 No.3743254

File: 1718633352026.jpg (700.74 KB, 1280x1280, 119708768_p0.jpg)

Just a reminder, you can vote for a CRIMINAL CONVTED FELON, or Biden. I prefer a pedophile over an actual convict any day.

e2636124 No.3743256

White are racist and dumb, extra true!

e2636124 No.3743257

MAGATs are delusional and dangerous

e2636124 No.3743258

Don't vote for him

Trump raped a 13 year old girl with Epstein, threatened her and her family and paid her off. There are court filings easily reviewed. Prove me wrong.


It's all there!

93936245 No.3743259

File: 1718634117876.png (1.78 MB, 1699x1200, a31b7ead62e0ed773e241a545f….png)

I still only see kike controlled sources I don't care to click on, but let me guess. It's either a socialist school board trying to be smart asses or mormons being retarded, in response to a republican law trying to get rid of sexual material?

Also, what's up with faggots acting like the book is just state wide banned when it gets removed from a children's school library? This just reeks of subversive hyperbole.

815e24c0 No.3743260

File: 1718634186756.png (311.62 KB, 512x512, 24b5821d-0f65-4947-95e7-90….png)

Fuck MAGA, vote NAMBLA.

9b9355d5 No.3743261

NAMBLA? Is that a pro-gun organization like the NRA or something?
Like in NAM (Viet Nam)
And BLA (Short for BLAM BLAM BLAM??)

e2636124 No.3743263

File: 1718635595335.jpeg (254.45 KB, 1110x838, cybrj3ria47d1.jpeg)

Republicans are gonna kill your kids

d69f281b No.3743264

File: 1718635720198.jpg (468.13 KB, 2121x1414, women-laughing-together-on….jpg)

implying any of you have kids.

e2636124 No.3743265

File: 1718636078595.jpeg (80.65 KB, 1024x682, tqid0ar2h06d1.jpeg)

I don’t know much about Biden as a president but goddamn I feel sorry for him on a human level. Wife and baby daughter dying in a car crash, one son dying from brain cancer, the other going to jail. The most unfortunate family since the Kennedys

4c693ee9 No.3743266

what a mentally disabled country.

9b9355d5 No.3743268

Trump BANNED bump stocks when he was president tho.
Did you forget that?

13a10034 No.3743269

Why are jews so evil? Is it just in their genes?

93936245 No.3743271

File: 1718641662977.jpg (266.15 KB, 1889x2222, 8de62235f06e92d3db270da117….jpg)

No. They are predisposed to schizophrenia, but it's not JUST that. They are taught that they are the only people in the world who matter, that non jews exist solely for their benefit, that the goyim deserve the same consideration you would give a farm animal.

We are chattel to them. Nothing more.

5543f929 No.3743273

File: 1718644466416.jpeg (60.92 KB, 474x760, th (22).jpeg)

Every apple tree has bad apple sometimes. Some apple maybe look weird but still ok. Some good looking apple may have a rotten core. Just make sure you don't mix the bad ones with the same one or the entire batch is going to get rotten along with it.

Doesn't matter if it's LEFT or RIGHT, ethnicity or faith. If you being too extremist that you willing to take someone else out over a different opinion that doesn't threaten your life, then it's likely you're the one at fault here. Example, FAR LEFT EXTREME that were once called "open minded liberals" being too extreme to conserve their ideology that they end up shunning the open minded liberal criticism, even from their own kind.

My advise, be moderate. Not just in the food and such, but also in faith and ideology. Because the last thing you want is to end up worshipping some politicians like it is some kind of cult.

68f27147 No.3743274

File: 1718645618116.png (646.85 KB, 1069x963, 909887.png)

Geez Rich billionaire politician sellout wants to remove income tax huh?


For fuck sake are we going to see the day when the rich pay no taxes at all on anything? While the average person struggles to afford food.

68f27147 No.3743275

File: 1718646536750.jpg (231.7 KB, 937x1300, Cross Busted_2.jpg)


Cuz you can almost bet whats going to happen is the rich with lobby money are going to get exemptions on paying the higher Tariffs.

And the poor/middle class won't have said money, so they can compete even less with the mega rich companies.

And irs more doubling down by Orange man on "China man bad", "Iran man bad", "Russian man bad", "Venezuela man" bad, etc with this part

"while also suggesting using tariffs as leverage during negotiations with bad actors"

83fb012c No.3743276

Whites really are like "i am racist and not very bright"

695e4a61 No.3743277

MAGATs be like "i am racist and not very bright and I'm voting Trump"

68f27147 No.3743278

File: 1718649143813.png (769.93 KB, 683x1024, 90454.png)

So I think what trump man is trying to say is

"I'mma abolish federal income tax and all you poor fucks that produce goods and physical services, well who cares, you fight over the import fees, or lobby if you got the cash, not to pay them"

But The real deal here, is the companies that don't produce physical products. The hedge funds, the finance, wallstreet, etc

All you guys, I'm getting rid of your Income Taxes.

Talk about Draining the swamp… Talk about supporting the little guy.. Talk about calling other crooked.

And it won't benefit the poor either. Because they already get out of paying income tax. Yet this will drive up the prices of physical goods due to import fees.

e2636124 No.3743282

File: 1718651245071.jpeg (40.85 KB, 626x383, i1mivlfgv47d1.jpeg)

77 times!

e2636124 No.3743284

File: 1718651338031.webm (100.75 KB, 360x244, v3syt2w9g57d1.webm)

93936245 No.3743285

File: 1718652037447.jpg (252.8 KB, 1889x2222, 8043ae4475f844a96361048b94….jpg)

Do you not have an income too? Of all the things to attack, this is not it.

68f27147 No.3743286


How is making the rich pay no income tax not something to attack?

93936245 No.3743295

Because you don't have to pay it either.

68f27147 No.3743298


The poor pay no income tax, while the middle class/Rich do.

Removing income tax, while shifting the burden onto imports. WHICH the poor will buy, is shifting the tax burden more onto the poor.

68f27147 No.3743299

File: 1718654386293.jpg (241.15 KB, 937x1300, Cross Busted_3.jpg)

And you know what the poor are going to have to do, if they see their walmart shopping costs go up lot?

They're going to have to raise hell, until wellfare goes up.

And when wellfare goes up, its time to fire up more "Money Printer go Brrr!" Which means yay, more inflation.

c5df9a6b No.3743300

>shifting the burden onto imports. WHICH the poor will buy, is shifting the tax burden more onto the poor.

Imports themselves are a tax on the poor. Imports aren't cheap - they come at the cost of inflation, which eats up the purchasing power of the poor just as anyone else.

In the ideal world, imports would be balanced with exports, but when the imports are coming from China which is only interested in the money and causing western economies to go into trade deficit and debt, this isn't happening. The imports are funded by bleeding money out of the economy and they're directly removing jobs that would give money to the poor, so raising import costs is an important tool of PROTECTIONISM to make local work profitable against overseas sweat-shop labor.

68f27147 No.3743304


Look at your government and tell me you don't think this is about making the 1% richer. When Trump is backed by Blackstone.

And the lobbies won't get the 1% trade tariff exemptions.

That our government really wants to be more competitive and self reliant after pushing Globalism since at least Bill Clinton.

That they've had a come to Jesus moment after seeing the jews attacked and went "We gotta stop fucking over america, us psychopaths, narcasists, amoral neocons, 60-90yo boomers have learned to change."

We've been causing the people to fight themselves since occupy Wallstreet to protect the 1%, but now its gotta change.

And I, Felon, Donald Trump, who sucks the dick of israel, and wants gaza genocided so my step son can build hotels all over the gaza strip, as I stand here with my ass cheeks open to any rich donors for my campaign, am ready to do the right thing.

c5df9a6b No.3743308

>Look at your government and tell me you don't think this is about making the 1% richer.

This is bigger than Trump or the 1%

China is effectively playing on the only weakness of capitalist economies: the natural drive towards lowest cost to increase profit. If someone is willing to do the job BELOW cost, they will naturally win the market even though it's ultimately unsustainable.

But, if you have a billion plus people as de-facto slave labor and 10 billion square kilometers of natural resources to exploit, you can simply serve your enemies all the goods they want until their economies crumble to pieces and become subservient.

As long as all the factories are in China, the US will do nothing if China attacks Vietnam or Taiwan, or India…

68f27147 No.3743312

File: 1718657144961.jpg (251.75 KB, 937x1300, Cross Busted_4.jpg)


China is not our enemy, Russia is not our enemy, Iran is not our enemy.

Our own retarded elites are our enemy.

They are incompetent, authoritarian, fascist, disloyal, retards, lying, pieces of shit, grifters, that will support actual Nazi in ukraine, multilate american children, have islands to fuck kids, and bomb other countries children into dust.

They said green energy is important to save the planet. They wanted to tax us into poverty for carbon taxes (Canada is the current testing ground for that)

And china responded, with cheap solar panels, electric cars, and such to save the world.

But suddenly "We need to 100% tariff those!"

Save the world is what matters most to us, my ass.

c5df9a6b No.3743314

Back in the day, western countries funded coups and set up puppet governments in the so-called "banana republics" to have access to cheap resources and labor in other countries under corrupt regimes that were in western corporate pockets, fully under control.

But imagine a banana republic that you don't control, yet you rely on. It's like a drug dealer who gives you the first hit for free, then gives you good prices, and then gives you credit when you run out of money, and finally when you can't pay back…

Arguing against import tariffs on the point of keeping the poor and the working classes sedated with cheap imports is like admitting to a drug habit, because you've let the situation become so bad that you have to spend all your available cash on the dealer just to stay functional.

9b9355d5 No.3743316

File: 1718657286806.png (378.42 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240617-152934.png)

Why are democrat leftist women always so hideous looking, even after they have plastic surgery?

9b9355d5 No.3743318

File: 1718657355979.png (243.45 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240617-152805.png)

c5df9a6b No.3743320

>And china responded, with cheap solar panels, electric cars, and such to save the world.

China responded by stealing western tech that was subsidized by Germany and the US to develop their own markets. They sell previous generation copied tech to undercut the market in the west with lower quality but cheaper items. Chinese manufacturing is retarding development in the field by drawing funding away from R&D efforts, by pushing all the money into expansion and disregarding environmental issues like silicon tetrachloride dumping or releases of ozone-layer destroying solvents from the same factories that produce these solar panels. They're selling you fake environmentalism.

68f27147 No.3743322

File: 1718657664595.jpg (234.29 KB, 937x1300, Cross Busted_5.jpg)


America still funds coups. They recently got caught in the congo, Some believe Argentina is the country being sold out to the west, Ukraine is about stealing its resources (Plus proxy war), georgia is about fucking them to be another proxy, philippines is another proxy, argentina might be a proxy for war with Brics member Brazil one day. Trump allegedly tried to coup Venezuela.

We might try to coup mexico if it keeps trying to buddy up to china. Because china loves mexico. And if we ban china imports, well china can ship stuff to mexico, maxico assembles it and slaps on a made in mexico sticker, then sells it to america

Hell during the republican debates, some were floating going into mexico to go to war with the "cartels", totally not, to replace the government with a puppet.

Trying to keep track of who the west is trying to coup/color revolution could be a full time job.

c5df9a6b No.3743324

Plus, the reason why solar panels are so cheap in China is because coal power is cheap in China.

Guess how you refine silicon dioxide into silicon in the cheapest way? By reducing it with coke - a pure form of carbon that comes from baking coal at high temperatures.

Guess how you turn pure silicon into solar panels? You take natural gas and convert it into silane gas by removing the carbon atom, which is emitted out as CO2. Then you put it in an oven that is hot enough to break down the silane gas and deposit the silicon as metal - and this oven is yet again powered by… guess what? Natural gas.

The entire process of making solar panels, as well as batteries and magnets and whatever else you want, in China, is entirely powered by extremely cheap fossil fuels because they have NO CARBON TAXES OR QUOTAS OR ANYTHING regarding limiting emissions. They simply don't give a shit, and none of the western countries give a shit because it's cheap.

c5df9a6b No.3743325

>America still funds coups.
That's besides the point.

You're hooked on China, and they've got your ass. Too bad you don't have any lube for the reaming you're about to get if you don't do anything about it.

68f27147 No.3743326

File: 1718658306603.jpg (223.21 KB, 937x1300, Cross Busted_6.jpg)


Its not china's problem if the west is stupid. They went to war with russia, one of the cheapest sources of energy from oil. As well as a cheap supplyer of fertilizer and wheat.

And shocker, the west became uncompeditive due to higher energy costs (And america made it worse by blowing up the pipeline to germany)

And also shocker, the eu has bad farmer protests because they made it so much harder to make ends meet as a farmer.

China also didn't tell the west to not use coal, or nuclear.

93936245 No.3743327

File: 1718658485455.jpg (246.93 KB, 1889x2222, b736c90d6233e22d764594d918….jpg)

You're going to have to explain to me what imports have to do with inflation. If anything, it should make money more scarce as it leaves the country, and goods cheaper as they enter the country. That's the opposite effect as inflation.

I'm sure it drives down lower class wages as manufacturing jobs are shipped overseas, which is definitely a problem, especially when we're importing hoards of low skill workers by the hundred thousand, but that's not inflation.

We really need a zero state solution for the palestine-isreal conflict.

I've never understood it when Christians hold reverence for the people who killed their savior. How could a Christian possibly think the killer of their savior was in any way god's chosen. It has to just be a meme or jewish media trick, right? Christians like that don't actually exist?

68f27147 No.3743329

File: 1718658663628.jpg (140.58 KB, 986x1300, 906544.jpg)


I'd rather buy china's shit anyway. Its computers only spy on me for china. Who can't do anything to me.

Their cars only record what I say for china, not for american insurance companies to raise my rates.

China isn't the one censoring my porn, passing carbon taxes on me, selling my country out to Israel, putting 80 year olds who shit thier pants during D-day in control of the nukes.

China also isn't poking russia hoping it doesn't nuke the world and end humanity.

China is a fucking saint, next to what current day america is.

68f27147 No.3743332

File: 1718659598589.png (1.33 MB, 1516x968, Nazi.png)

America, AMERICA

We support and arm NAZIs


We support Genocide

America, America

We put the whole world in danger of nuclear death


93936245 No.3743333

China's already a communist country that does these things and worse to its own people. They have total control over all of the possessions of their citizens already.

America is a hellhole because if its slide towards becoming like China.

c5df9a6b No.3743334

>Its not china's problem if the west is stupid.

Precisely. Now, are you gonna be stupid or what? Are you got argue for or against import tariffs?

>You're going to have to explain to me what imports have to do with inflation.

Because the social cost of the workers who used to produce the goods and the consumable value haven't gone anywhere - in fact they've only increased with the growing population - so you're paying for both: the imports and the people who are doing anything but creating value. That means each dollar in trade within the economy accounts for less and less added value: prices and taxes have to go up to pay for the overhead - and that is inflation.

Meanwhile, the government has to keep creating new debt to pay for the trade deficit and avoid causing a deflation spiral in the local market. They will essentially print money to the value of the imports to keep the system stable, which de-values the money internationally and eventually all imports become more expensive. However, China keeps collecting huge reserves of dollars to keep them off the market, which keeps the value of the dollar up artificially and permits continued money printing.

The amount of dollar reserves and dollar valued debt China has collected can be released on the market at will and cause a crash in the value of the dollar, which is like an economic nuclear bomb in a trade war - and you're just giving it to them.

c5df9a6b No.3743335

>China also isn't poking russia hoping it doesn't nuke the world and end humanity.

China doesn't mind that the west is attacking Russia and poking the nuclear bear. On the contrary. Because Russia is so desperate for cash and technology that they aren't getting from the west, they're selling gas and oil to China at very low prices to have access to the eastern market.

The longer the conflict lasts, and the worse it gets, the more China stands to profit off of Russia.

68f27147 No.3743336

File: 1718660844237.jpg (242.34 KB, 937x1300, Cross Busted_7.jpg)


China cares about its citizens. The west sees its citizens as a wallet.

Go watching videos of people living in china, or vacationing in it. There tons of them.

Though avoid the propaganda youtubes that the west probably funds. But they are easiy enough to see through, they talk about china, like Steven Colbert talks about trump.

If you watch the propaganda channels they'll have you think china drinks sewer water, has trains held together with duck tape, god wants the ccp thrown from power , everyone eats cats, everyone sues each other, the social credit system is real, and whatever bs they do these days.

c5df9a6b No.3743339

>China cares about its citizens.


c5df9a6b No.3743340



If you discredit every contrary opinion by default, then you're nothing but a delusional crank. Why should anyone listen to you?

68f27147 No.3743342

File: 1718661580891.jpg (236.89 KB, 1280x2235, Shino_Summer_1.jpg)


Because you can go on youtube and actually watch people from america living in or vacation in china? Or from western countries going to china.

Rather than believe you incredibly honest government and its owned media that told you Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. And that Israel is our greatest ally. That russia blew up its own pipeline, etc.

c5df9a6b No.3743343

China loves its people so much that it poisons them with formaldehyde smog:


Why? Because in efforts of reducing cost of imported petroleum, China turned to converting coal into methanol using the good old Fischer-Tropps method from Nazi Germany. Blending methanol into fuel then produces formaldehyde emissions, which reacts chemically in the atmosphere to create deadly smog.

Hooray rational communist planning.

c5df9a6b No.3743345

>Because you can go on youtube and actually watch people from america living in or vacation in china?

Have you ever heard of a concept called a Potemkin Village?

You can go to North Korea and have a beautiful vacation. That says nothing about the condition of the state.

68f27147 No.3743346

File: 1718661939402.jpg (206.97 KB, 1280x2235, Shino_Summer_1b.jpg)


Go on youtube and put in "walking around Beijing" and search for this year.

c5df9a6b No.3743347

>Go on youtube and put in "walking around Beijing" and search for this year.

It's not smoggy all the time.

>Rather than believe you incredibly honest government and its owned media that told you Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

Literally not my government. I'm really fortunate that it isn't.

93936245 No.3743348

They don't let the dissatisfied people out of the slums or use public transit.

68f27147 No.3743349

File: 1718662257413.jpg (263.03 KB, 1280x1806, Shino_Summer_2.jpg)


There countless videos at this point. Theres also places that can have livestreams such as https://www.twitch.tv/search?term=china

You going to tell me every video is only showing the best parts?

68f27147 No.3743351

File: 1718662424306.png (1.53 MB, 1332x959, 97665.png)


I don't really care, anymore. though. Believe whatever you wanna believe.

c5df9a6b No.3743352

File: 1718662629625.png (145.96 KB, 503x363, beijing_air_quality.png)

>You going to tell me every video is only showing the best parts?

More or less.

c5df9a6b No.3743353

>I don't really care, anymore. though. Believe whatever you wanna believe.

It's pretty much documented reality that Beijing has terrible air quality and even the Chinese government doesn't disagree with the fact. It's only you that tries to play more Muslim that Muhammad here.

c5df9a6b No.3743354

But that's okay. Every new convert to a cause or an ideology goes through a phase where they're more extreme than what the dogma demands.

That's part of the "rush" of it, DK. You get to roleplay an awakened hero, kinda like 3B who does it every day.

e2636124 No.3743356

Well if you could kill yourself when Biden wins again in November that would be great

e2636124 No.3743357

Turns out this one is actually 3B calling everyone else 3B and is a jew

ef18762e No.3743360

File: 1718665593052.png (81.3 KB, 360x252, truth-of-america.png)

The wealthy don't pay income tax because they don't have normal incomes, If they work at all the majority they pay themselves is in stock which is taxed entirely differently. (Almost nothing)

You pay more for every dollar you earn through hard work than they do for every dollar they earn by doing nothing.

The trick to what Trump is proposing is that your income tax pays for the programs you enjoy like having roads and bridges that don't collapse. If there isn't enough funding for them they can privatize it and only the rich will be able to afford nice things.

ef18762e No.3743361

DK is super-mad that Ukraine is kicking Putin's diaper wearing ass.

e2636124 No.3743364

I think George Clooney put it best when discussing the hypocrisy of the right on celebrities voicing an opinion and trying to paint them as the out of touch elite:

”Here’s the thing: I grew up in Kentucky. I sold insurance door-to-door. I sold ladies’ shoes. I worked at an all-night liquor store. I would buy suits that were too big and too long and cut the bottom of the pants off to make ties so I’d have a tie to go on job interviews. I grew up understanding what it was like to not have health insurance for eight years. So this idea that I’m somehow the “Hollywood elite” and this guy who takes a shit in a gold toilet is somehow the man of the people is laughable. People in Hollywood, for the most part, are people from the Midwest who moved to Hollywood to have a career. So this idea of “coastal elites” living in a bubble is ridiculous. Who lives in a bigger bubble? He lives in a gold tower and has twelve people in his company. He doesn’t run a corporation of hundreds of thousands of people he employs and takes care of. He ran a company of twelve people! When you direct a film you have seven different unions all wanting different things, you have to find consensus with all of them, and you have to get them moving in the same direction. He’s never had to do any of that kind of stuff. I just look at it and I laugh when I see him say “Hollywood elite.” Hollywood elite? I don’t have a star on Hollywood Boulevard, Donald Trump has a star on Hollywood Boulevard! Fuck you!”

68f27147 No.3743365


I'm surprised George Clooney isn't long dead. This is the first time I've heard his name in so many years, despite him being a 1960s baby boomer.

e2636124 No.3743379

Genuinely, why does any republican tolerate him in any capacity? Like I get it for when he ran against Hilary. He was this crazy hail Mary attempt at beating her, but after that? Like given that politicians should be all about looking even the slightest bit competent, I don't understand why any of them would risk being associated with him in any way. I mean, how does sucking up to this toddler look good in any way? They complain about Bidens age, but ignore that Trump is right there alongside him. They call democrats criminals, but he's a sleezebag criminal. They always try to pull the god-fearing Christian card, but Trump is the farthest thing from that. Also, yeah, I get that he's popular with their base, but still, him being popular doesn't matter if you're killing whatever shred of credibility you may have had.

9b9355d5 No.3743382

Is there anything you actually DO understand?

5363f074 No.3743391

File: 1718678572590.png (831.73 KB, 740x740, Abigail (once upon a fores….png)

To understand why Republicans embrace Trump you need to understand what the goal of the Republican party is.

They laid it out very clearly in a 900 page document commonly referred to as "Agenda 2025". The long and the short of it is that they want to use the existing governmental structures to take power away from the states, the congress, and the SCOTUS to put it all in the hands of a Republican president who will effectively be a dictator.

You have to realize that Regan was the last Republican to actually run with the goal of winning the popular vote. The Republican party is the party of minority rule. They have gerrymandered and manipulated the system over the decades to make it so that they can have majority control of government without ever winning the popular vote.

The Republican party's goal, according to their own plan, is to go back to the original constitution where only white, land owning, men are allowed to vote.

They embrace unpopular people like Trump and unpopular ideas like abortion bans because they believe that they can keep control of America as long as they keep an iron grip on the tiny minority of conservatives.

That's why you will see Republicans freaking the hell out at any suggestion of removing the electoral college. They need the Electoral College to make sure their tiny minority of voters has enough sway to keep them in power.

e2636124 No.3743393

File: 1718679319734.png (390.26 KB, 471x427, aellam11267d1.png)

1e667857 No.3743395

File: 1718690520408.jpg (333.42 KB, 1024x801, 8silea.jpg)

8d0df1be No.3743396

well no your choice is between a senile old man and a senile old convicted felon.

1e667857 No.3743397

File: 1718691015093.jpg (203.21 KB, 1024x800, 8srvar.jpg)

62cab992 No.3743398

The president IS a dictator. That's the whole purpose of the office. Otherwise why even have a president in the first place? It's a permanent dictator position so that in times of need the senate doesn't have to go trough the trouble of appointing a dictator. That's caused other problems since, but the intention was certainly cleary at the time.

You're failing to understand the idea behind the three coequal governments of the united states and why it wasn't founded as a totalitarian state instead. The things you complain about are the intentional designs of the founding fathers.

You have a poor read of history if you think that liberal democracy is the solution to every problem. You guys love Lincoln, the fascist dictator, this shouldn't be that hard to understand.

You're stuck in 9th grade civics. As an adult you were supposed to have read more broadly on the subject at this point in your life. The founding fathers would be terribly disappointed that you hadn't even bothered to learn Latin yet.

p.s. Infanticide bans are wildly popular and always have been. You live in a bubble.

ae1236ca No.3743402

Pushing false information (lies)
It has already been ruled by the courts. States cannot impose restrictions on federal elections

93936245 No.3743404

File: 1718709736320.jpg (271.64 KB, 1889x2222, bb972f28eeff258d3435e02a77….jpg)

My tax goes towards importing my replacements, my own oppression, Israel, the Ukraine, and China. Fuck you. My tax dollars are actively being used against me. The less money the government has, the better.

92d29b39 No.3743405

"Lincoln was a fascist dictator!" said the traitor who sold out his black brother to slavery and fought the government for refusing to cave to injustice. Everything else you said was bullshit too. Stay mad.

92d29b39 No.3743407

The sheer absurdity in thinking the dude fighting AGAINST prison camps (plantations) was the fascist! LOL! Peak delusion.

1e667857 No.3743408

In reference to:
>>ID: e2636124

Three guesses as to who is posting this horseshit, tho I'm sure you only need one.

e2636124 No.3743422

Lol white Nazis butthurt rn

93936245 No.3743423

File: 1718716408039.png (1.11 MB, 884x1100, 0bfb18944ef8af44a6826444c1….png)

>The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

What part of this do commies not understand?

e2636124 No.3743424

More projection and make believe to equate Trump who fucked a 13 year old on Epsteins island equivalent

e2636124 No.3743425

MAGATs understand nothing they are in a cult

62cab992 No.3743426

File: 1718716503972.jpg (101.38 KB, 735x612, Lincoln_Memorial_(Lincoln_….jpg)

Oh yeah… Lincoln definitely wasn't a fascist… Ya fucking mong.

Have you ever even seen his memorial? Did they build this as an insult to him? To mock him? To show future generations that he was a bad evil man?


93936245 No.3743427

File: 1718718853207.png (1.53 MB, 3000x3000, df333bf91e0375de51799fa7b4….png)

He won, though. If Hitler won WWII you bet your ass we'd have Hitler statues everywhere.

225a83c4 No.3743429

What part of, "Slavery is unconstitutional," do you not understand, numbnuts?

There's nothing wrong with that monument. You talking about the bundle of sticks his hands are resting on? Oh, you didn't realize fasces symbolism predates fascism the political ideology? Try cracking a history book, moron.

e2636124 No.3743430

Same thing if Trump is won but turns out he didn't

62cab992 No.3743435

Fascism existed long before people started calling it that. Darwin didn't invent evolution, it was already there. He simply described what he found. Same idea.

Before the enlightenment fascism would have just been called Monarchy. Fascism is secular monarchy, which is why it's doomed to fail.

>Slavery is unconstitutional

Slavery is explicitly allowed by the constitution, numbnuts. Why don't you know this?

Section 1.
Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

93936245 No.3743436

File: 1718724013199.png (2.13 MB, 2160x2160, f756f1a108a1feb95721d83dc7….png)

Right, and that amendment was added after the civil war.

3adb921b No.3743437

File: 1718724525482.png (61.82 KB, 273x200, _57c8a1a431a592af806925e57….png)

>the war to abolish slavery resulted in a constitutional amendment that abolished slavery

ab18179f No.3743440

File: 1718725981196.jpeg (393.65 KB, 1287x1334, IMG_5129.jpeg)


Roe v wade was a lie
Baby killing ‘progressives’ will defend this evil.

83fb012c No.3743441

Yeah! Let's vote Rapist 2024

93936245 No.3743442

File: 1718726746205.png (2.18 MB, 1376x2480, 99a7b17629b0cae57a572bdacc….png)

So we agree that the federal government was being tyrannical and overstepping its bounds by attempting to control states without the approval of the constitution, and that the south was the morally correct party in the civil war?

8d7cce22 No.3743444

slavery = tyranny
confederates = traitors
union = liberators

68f27147 No.3743445

File: 1718728974581-0.png (505.21 KB, 1007x967, lying_america.png)

File: 1718728974581-1.png (1.02 MB, 1358x945, Honest_america_at_it_again.png)

83fb012c No.3743446

Based and true

93936245 No.3743447

File: 1718731101882.jpg (374.43 KB, 1280x914, 2cf9a7c18886776ddd6a00d63a….jpg)

The confederates were fighting to uphold the constitution against tyrannical federal overreach. If the feds didn't want to be tyrannical about it they could have held a constitutional convention to add that amendment. But they didn't. They started a war instead.

83fb012c No.3743448

And we'll fuckin do it again

83fb012c No.3743449

Tyranny is having human slaves nazi incel white

93936245 No.3743450

File: 1718732395009.jpg (378.42 KB, 1600x1200, f151b4db7615d1e7984d4b6f12….jpg)

I thought you guys heckin' loved democracy, don't you? Now you want terrorism?


83fb012c No.3743451

Shut up magat

83fb012c No.3743452

Keep posting the gay porn before it's banned by your peoples

9b9355d5 No.3743454

File: 1718732779602-0.png (2.43 MB, 1024x1536, 27265b90435346bee96ae395b5….png)

File: 1718732779602-1.png (2.4 MB, 1024x1536, cc6065e9a4002d0834d7cb6453….png)

A behind-the-scenes look at a movie set, where a group of wolves in casual nude with sheath and balls, mingle amidst a studio setting resembling a tribal village. The air is thick with tension as one wolf, its fur matted with fake flesh and blood, lies 'dead' on the ground. In the background, another wolf's rear end rises into frame, its butthole releasing a stream of semen onto the floor amidst the destruction of a nearby neighborhood set piece.

83fb012c No.3743456

You're an insane person who was anally sexually abused by 3B,but I am not the one who anally victimized you.

I hope you are having a good day and kill yourself when Biden wins again in November

e2fedf91 No.3743457

But, I don’t want to vote Biden
I would rather vote felon

83fb012c No.3743458

Voting rapist this year?

e2fedf91 No.3743460

File: 1718733602311.jpeg (112.66 KB, 868x572, IMG_3982.jpeg)

Stormy Daniel’s admitted there was no relationship of any kind with Trump

As for the liar in New York, Trump was acquitted of the sex assault (was bullshit charges and claims)
Trump WAS sued for SLANDER by the false rape accuser when he said he wouldn’t touch her(so denying rape allegations by calling her ugly)

9b9355d5 No.3743461

File: 1718733659492.jpg (39.1 KB, 600x415, 27BIDEN2-articleLarge-v3.jpg)

He said he wasn't voting for Biden, can't you read?

9b9355d5 No.3743462

File: 1718734185744.png (497.03 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240618-135258.png)

Originally reported by CNN.

93936245 No.3743463

File: 1718734394436.png (1.07 MB, 1110x1280, 455af040812c167c4f57afb619….png)

I'm posting straight wholesome and pure cuntboy's thank you very much!

e2636124 No.3743465

You're very stupid and racist

e2636124 No.3743466

File: 1718735729052.png (53.87 KB, 918x568, dzxkq7ugib7d1.png)

3610a203 No.3743467

That was a predictable outcome. It was a means of raising funds or donations because of his lawsuit.

The same thing happens with Facebook(the first time) an overpriced IPO basically swindles investors out of their money as the stock drops to a value the market determines(the IPO price is set by experts)

4c693ee9 No.3743477

oppressed by elites

2fc9be76 No.3743482

>>3743440 there's 8 billon humans already. How many more do you honestly think the planet can take?

04316a34 No.3743483

With vertical farming and nuclear power…. As many as we want/no limit.

466d306b No.3743485


without Sci-fi make-believe about 5 billion less than now

a3d0cb28 No.3743486

Inb4 the Earth is a wriggling ball of only humans.

5363f074 No.3743487

File: 1718747013720.jpg (89.78 KB, 512x768, a0398fabc5df6a30c902460b8b….jpg)

Fox News jumped to wild speculation about something CNN wrote. It's still wild speculation.

5363f074 No.3743488

When Stormy Daniels said that she had no relationship with Trump it was because Trump lawyers had claimed they were in a relationship and the sex they had was because of that relationship. She was denying they had any kind of relationship because she had only met him a few times and one of those times he blackmailed her into sex

9b9355d5 No.3743495

File: 1718749888117-0.jpg (74.62 KB, 667x1000, 71O4XmKBkCL._AC_UF1000,100….jpg)

File: 1718749888117-1.jpg (39.15 KB, 782x1000, 412y0xoFzuL._AC_UF1000,100….jpg)

Several Eastern European countries are now offering genetic editing using a much more advanced version of CRISPR, the extraordinary gene editing and genetic cut-and-replace tool, to remove negro genes from your DNA if any are there.
Great great grandpa was a little frisky a few hundred years ago, and you didn't even know about it until you had your DNA tested? No problem, they can now get them out.
The laboratories have said so far the response has been "extraordinary" with people wanting black genes removed from their DNA. Some have said they feel their uncontrolled anger issues are due to these genes being there, while others said they just felt "dirtied" by them and wanted them gone. One woman who had a DNA test even started throwing up when she found out they were there, but expressed extreme relief when she found out they could now be removed, and no longer passed on to her children and beyond.
Remember folks, it's not racist… it's SCIENCE.
So much for 3B's statement, "Once the black genes are in there, they are there forever."
Forever wasn't so long now, was it 3B.

e2636124 No.3743496

Lol racists are so fucking stupid and don't know shit, this post is an example of their stupidity

e2636124 No.3743497

File: 1718751450681.jpeg (182.67 KB, 1170x1244, faisv57amc7d1.jpeg)

e2636124 No.3743498

File: 1718752146037.jpeg (83.59 KB, 707x767, 3doe7g4ecd7d1.jpeg)

9b9355d5 No.3743499

File: 1718753445507.jpeg (17.05 KB, 400x400, $_1.jpeg)

Feel free to protest,
We could use another Kent State.

9b9355d5 No.3743500

My God you're fucking stupid.

9b9355d5 No.3743501

File: 1718753634446.jpg (116.55 KB, 1066x1279, 965fd403a392545c896103b2da….jpg)

Would you fuck a kangaroo,
Even if she looked really creepy?

6f1f38b5 No.3743503

File: 1718754043678.jpg (71.09 KB, 537x754, Capture.JPG)

Don't let cringe and gay 'scientific racism' spoil racism for you.

Those people aren't even real racists. They're just retards. Probably some kind of civnat or lolbert.

31f9bca0 No.3743504

e2636124 No.3743505


e2636124 No.3743506

File: 1718754830180.jpeg (68.7 KB, 771x767, 6s376i5h1e7d1.jpeg)

Same way the NRA handles their conventions…total hypocrites. Guns belong in schools but not around GQP’ers huh?!?

9b9355d5 No.3743507

>> civnat or lolbert.
Is that like Big Bird, or Bert and Ernie?
Trying to communicate on your level

9b9355d5 No.3743508

Too bad there are no Gay or Trans genes, or they could cut those out too.
Unfortunately, that's just learned behavior.

e2636124 No.3743509

File: 1718755604085.jpeg (53.37 KB, 750x500, qks321n3sc7d1.jpeg)

I get better and more accurate news from late night comedians than from news orgs now.

I knew comedians were important but god damn.

e2636124 No.3743510

File: 1718755917056.jpeg (103.39 KB, 870x682, GQUU01pacAAH8xA.jpeg)

Trump Wall: FAILED
Trump Water: FAILED
Trump Media: FAILED
Trump Vodka: FAILED
Trump Steaks: FAILED
Trump Airlines: FAILED
Trump Casinos: FAILED
Trump Marriages: FAILED
Trump University: FAILED
Trump Presidency: FAILED
Trump Organization: FAILED

4c693ee9 No.3743511

lets dig a hole 2024

4c693ee9 No.3743512

no one should fuk that woman

9b9355d5 No.3743513

File: 1718756754355.jpg (58.76 KB, 500x562, 83fskw.jpg)

Trump won the Presidency,
Three times in a row.

We would be interested in knowing what business ventures you have been successful in 3B.

Waiting ……

7a3257ea No.3743514

Those are times that are 100% alive.
Water and steaks are literally served in his hotels. They are his own brand so he isn’t wasting money on needless third party food. He saves money AND ensures highest quality. That’s why he’s worth 4 billion.

e2636124 No.3743515

Fantasy life lol who ended Afghanistan?

e2636124 No.3743516

File: 1718758028398.jpeg (53.87 KB, 391x767, yb2qbccrhc7d1.jpeg)

4c693ee9 No.3743517

aruging for this as a staple means to survive is a sign of oppression

9b9355d5 No.3743518

File: 1718758206153.jpg (161.47 KB, 750x1000, flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x10….jpg)

e2636124 No.3743519

That's ok. Isn't it rigged tho? Why even vote?

e2636124 No.3743520

File: 1718758345466.jpeg (61.53 KB, 525x767, 6h0w8k815e7d1.jpeg)

White Conservatives who still celebrate Confederate holidays.

7a3257ea No.3743521

Trump did. The withdrawal was planed during Trump. Biden however pushed the withdrawal forward 6 months making it the catastrophic embarrassment it was.


9b9355d5 No.3743522

File: 1718758582236-0.jpg (105.24 KB, 500x701, 5xyv86.jpg)

File: 1718758582236-1.jpg (107.47 KB, 750x1000, bg,f8f8f8-flat,750x,075,f-….jpg)

File: 1718758582236-2.jpg (69.76 KB, 500x516, 8mh258.jpg)

File: 1718758582236-3.png (552.73 KB, 843x858, E_BKD_-WYAQPR85.png)

File: 1718758582236-4.jpg (457.38 KB, 1080x1262, b0e.jpg)

So, you're saying the way to end a war, is to just give the country to the invading enemy?
This is nothing to be proud of.

7a3257ea No.3743523

File: 1718758911911.jpeg (84.82 KB, 520x579, IMG_4722.jpeg)

20 years 20 trillion and we replace the Taliban with a stronger Taliban.
Maybe if we all stop and think real hard for a second we can figure out why our solders are suicidal at the sight of everything they sacrificed being flipped on it head.

7a3257ea No.3743524

File: 1718759402516.jpeg (105.72 KB, 1440x1124, IMG_5576.jpeg)

212280a0 No.3743526

File: 1718761550902.png (1.29 MB, 1158x968, hk6vlol8df7d1.png)

"Well, Fox Host, you see, I don't actually have any values, nor do I have a spine, or even any dignity." - JD Vance

212280a0 No.3743527

File: 1718761828726.jpeg (76.4 KB, 720x1032, xj5fwvet167d1.jpeg)

I'm a normal, 32 year old white male and VERY straight. A lot of you just don't get it. President Trump is the only man I would ever kiss. Let me tell you, it would be the most slobbering French kiss ever. It would be amazing. And guess what? All of my friends agree, we talk about this often.

Oh and I always knew Trump was into Kids, this confirms it.

9b9355d5 No.3743530

So in other words,.
You're just another brainless, worthless troll.
Got it.

212280a0 No.3743531

File: 1718763206407.jpeg (104.43 KB, 1151x1233, zrypfwou4k6d1.jpeg)

Nazi trash

cbfa348c No.3743532

File: 1718763237760.png (311.1 KB, 976x1452, 904253223.png)


Trump wanted to arm Ukraine before Biden was president

Trump attacked Syria
Trump is angry Biden doesn't do even more for Israel, meaning unlike biden he might have gone to war with Iran after it struck Israel.

Trump has said that if russia attacked Ukraine if it was a Trump presidency, he would have bombed russia

Trump's Saudi/Israel normalization deal set up a need for Oct 7th to happen.

Trump killed a Top Iran person WHILE on a peace mission.

Trump was flaming hostilities with china,

In my opinion, Trump set up a number of conflicts in motion in his first term, that only went off under biden. But, they would have gone off under trump, had he had a second term.

212280a0 No.3743533

File: 1718763325324.jpeg (113.56 KB, 1024x683, 8tl93ym8qm6d1.jpeg)

212280a0 No.3743534

File: 1718763486478.jpeg (71.81 KB, 602x767, b2wrv8f5wd7d1.jpeg)

Reminded of a quote from an Atun-shei video. "The south will rise again. Individually, in industrial sized man lifts, their cavalry consisting of 500 lb burger receptacles deftly maneuvering their rascal scooters that they stole from Wal-Mart."

cbfa348c No.3743535

File: 1718763724627.png (374.93 KB, 1325x971, 7864433.png)

e2636124 No.3743536

File: 1718766282091-0.png (303.33 KB, 1080x2340, nhgelaamvc7d1.png)

File: 1718766282091-1.jpg (157.85 KB, 1080x1390, 2aedmxfmvc7d1.jpg)

At this point, I can't even say it's not right.

There is nobody in America who can claim ignorance on the n-word. Not a single person. It was, and still is, a word meant to attack, victimize, and dehumanize black people. It was and is a weapon of violence.

It is not hard to imagine the Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD) embedded in the Black American psyche, especially when there has been a very noticeable surge in it since 2016 and MAGAism.

I cannot say that in the moment, this man didn't honestly fear for his life and was only defending himself.

e2636124 No.3743537

File: 1718767386886.webm (1.95 MB, 480x854, etmrmgos3e7d1.webm)

6f1f38b5 No.3743539

Black fragility.

9b9355d5 No.3743540

File: 1718775925704-0.jpeg (53.8 KB, 640x960, 50c4c9b01246e.jpeg)

File: 1718775925704-1.jpg (83.45 KB, 750x1000, raf,750x1000,075,t,101010_….jpg)

They call each other that.
All the time.
As long as they do,
We don't even want to hear any so-called 'arguments' you have.

4c693ee9 No.3743541

living piece of shit amateur fearmonger

e2636124 No.3743542

Who Steve Brannon?

9c209166 No.3743544

File: 1718802432760.png (1.12 MB, 2048x2048, Fiona_8544.png)


Ain't the south already rose, since it was the democrats. And who's the one usually in power? The democrats.

d8284ac5 No.3743545

Sticks and stones, nig­ger. Sticks and stones. Had you learned that lesson in grade school like the rest of us, you wouldn't have fucked up the rest of your life over nig­ger pride. Now the skinhead in the adjacent cell will ask you every morning, "Why you walkin funny, nig­ger? Another rough night? Hahaha!" knowing your bigger nig­ger cellmate raped you again.

e2636124 No.3743546

Butthurt racist

e2636124 No.3743547

File: 1718803723403.jpeg (50.35 KB, 500x512, pqel85k3bj6d1.jpeg)

e2636124 No.3743548

File: 1718803792686.png (543.47 KB, 500x654, 8d5q8j9roi7d1.png)

9c209166 No.3743549

File: 1718804074274.png (156.72 KB, 1814x971, Go_fuck_yourself_romney.png)

Who in the past could have known that the very religious democrats of the civil war, would dump jesus, and promote degeneracy a few generations later.

The dems even destroying statues of dem heros.

d522013f No.3743550

The opinions of the people calling themselves Democrats or Republicans in the past do not matter. The parties more-or-less flipped, and only morons think the racist opinions of past Democrats are in any way relevant to the current party. Please shut the fuck up.

e2636124 No.3743551

File: 1718805146254.jpeg (628.75 KB, 1439x1451, 8n0v5c5jhf7d1.jpeg)

9c209166 No.3743553

File: 1718807062837.png (74.85 KB, 859x671, 097.png)

Maybe you don't need Military Aid, if your trying to start a war with other countries, huh?

d69f281b No.3743554

File: 1718807071670.png (2.34 MB, 3643x3102, 087stair.png)

I like sitting in the dark, it takes a while to get your eyes adjusted, so you are the only one that can see anything. It makes it hard to be stalked, and also easier to stalk.

d69f281b No.3743556

really, nothing is quite as refreshing as chilling out on a dark fresh waterway, in the cool water, the air just warm and humid enough to make you just enjoy the freshness. Moon out, crickets chirping, fireflies doing what they do, and just enjoying the embrace of lonesomeness.

Darkness is very underappreciated.

d69f281b No.3743557

the firefly thing especially shows the beauty of the night. During the day, they are just gross bugs, but at night they are natural beauty.

e2636124 No.3743559

Fireflies by owl city plays

e2636124 No.3743560

File: 1718808821688.jpeg (30.53 KB, 530x641, tufazt53nd7d1.jpeg)

d69f281b No.3743561

File: 1718809404333.png (2.75 MB, 1904x1545, 1632877116.trigaroo_yepppp….png)

worst song ever written.

e2636124 No.3743562

"… everything the GOP does is in bad faith."

Moreso now than ever, but they have always been sketchy.

With No Warning, House Republicans Vote to Gut Independent Ethics Office | 2017

House Republicans move to defang ethics office | 2023

Note that early in the Congressional session when Republicans take control for two years, one of the first orders of business is always to shut down or muzzle the independent ethics office.

Senate Republicans Block Supreme Court Ethics Measure | 2024

WTH ?!? Does anyone see a pattern here? This would be a major scandal EVEN IF their party was not putting forward a presidential candidate guilty of fraud, they also need to protect their crooks in the Supreme Court! It must be exhausting.

9b9355d5 No.3743563

File: 1718811213893.jpg (52.51 KB, 640x480, sddefault (3).jpg)

Sometimes old Joe's dementia lets him speak the truth.
They just say it's due to his dementia, he doesn't really mean it.
You know, the same dementia that excluded him from being prosecuted for the same alleged crimes as Trump, but somehow still allows him to stay in office…
I bet outbursts like this are really embarrassing to the Dems tho.

696c247d No.3743565

File: 1718814267519.jpg (52.72 KB, 600x584, Doggie_Bed.jpg)

Spoiler: Everything here is fake and homosex, and you're all dead bots. That is all.

(That's not me in the photo by the way, but I do have a similar bed like that for my naps, and once had a female friend who looked like her a bit.)

9c209166 No.3743566

File: 1718814768792.png (800.76 KB, 1300x1600, Fiona_67523.png)


We get it, you always lost, and your salty.

696c247d No.3743567

File: 1718816521268.jpg (162.79 KB, 1216x1353, Bolty_Concerned_Resolute.jpg)

DK, are you sure that your "jewish"/pharisee occult masters have allowed you to talk to me again?
Don't forget what happened last time, you almost got into real trouble and had to delete all those revealing posts of yours.
I actually feel sorry for you, you're just a meatbag slave, stuck here on this board of bots and traumatised dead men and murderers.

By the way, you can't "shed" your Christianity, you can only shed your facade.

You're really missing out, though. You must have been traumatised so badly to believe there's only satan, and that he's the true god. Now, for that show of faith to your false god, you get to post globalist bullshit on a dead viper's nest board and get smacked across the knuckles if you get out of line, and you call that "freedom". You don't know freedom, but I wish for you that you did.

satan is the picture of selfishness and lies, and the moment he meets his followers, he'll stomp them down into the fire because he actually hates and is disgusted by anyone but himself. What a disturbed personality to look up to. You're like the dog who returns to his master who's beating him, because he doesn't know any better or any different.
I hope you manage to snap out of it, before it's too late for you.

9c209166 No.3743571

File: 1718818112659.png (561.24 KB, 545x721, Animated_dick_sicking.png)


Of course theres not only Satan, Hell is full of yummy demons and devils.

But Satan is The King. And you gotta respect big Dicked Royalty.

696c247d No.3743574

Raise your standards, dude. And maybe try not returning to your abusers all the time.
Demons and devils are smarter than individual people because they're much older and more experienced, plus they have their own demon-Internet to share knowledge and experience, so they'll find ways of sucking you dry until you're just an empty husk.
Witchcraft is very real, but it's also very evil and destroys anyone who partakes in it.

9c209166 No.3743575

File: 1718819660731.jpg (1.38 MB, 2782x2048, 9_95.jpg)



You say the silliest things.

4c693ee9 No.3743576

off to another great day with this cringe ass hipster polshit

9b9355d5 No.3743577

File: 1718819791634.jpg (1.15 MB, 1952x1392, 6f35591420ab9bcbc8c04bffb2….jpg)

God created dicks.
How would you not know that?

9c209166 No.3743578

File: 1718820219375.jpg (2.72 MB, 1601x2475, 836432.jpg)


Don't care. About god anything.

9b9355d5 No.3743579

Then you're stupid.
No God, no Satan.
God created Satan.
But it's like if I were to create a shit hole
and throw you down into it because you pissed me off.
And I probably would.
Because I could.

fb699e36 No.3743580

Which passage in the Bible states that Satan was created by god?

9c209166 No.3743581

File: 1718822898702.jpg (165.23 KB, 900x1360, 03653.jpg)


Its not my job to care what's written in the bible.

fb699e36 No.3743582

N­i­­­­g­­­­g­­­­­e­­r­s­­­­­­ are racist and retarded, that's true.

4c693ee9 No.3743583

post more of this

9b9355d5 No.3743585

And that's what happened,
Lucifer pissed God off,
and God cast him out of Paradise forever.
Why would you want to serve a LOSER LACKEY?
Not only "A" loser lackey, but the biggest one of all time.
You MUST be immensely stupid.

9b9355d5 No.3743586

I can't,
DK doesn't want me to
Because God created dicks.

9b9355d5 No.3743587

File: 1718824574831.png (158.36 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240619-151416.png)

Here's the whole family lineage.
You can research it further if you wish.

c443d933 No.3743589

LOL! That's fanfiction, you goddamn moron! Won't find any of that in the Bible.

5363f074 No.3743592

When a black man calls another black man a nígger, they are saying he's acting like a conservative white man.

31e3fb52 No.3743593

Nig­gers call other nig­gers "nigga", because they must bastardize all of the English language, including the slurs.

9b9355d5 No.3743594

File: 1718828296468.png (488.66 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240619-161414.png)

So much for respecting monuments that belong to the world.
The left respects NOTHING.

I mean…. come on….

4c693ee9 No.3743595

damn lol, im so upset about this pathetic attempt to empower eco-terrorists that attack historically replicatable monuments instead of actual corporation heists and making a difference

9c209166 No.3743598

File: 1718830514922.jpg (355.83 KB, 1280x1807, comic_5633.jpg)


What would we do without a couple big rocks, that lay on top of other big rocks?

33e8f40b No.3743601

File: 1718833093967.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1170x1549, IMG_5078.jpeg)

83fb012c No.3743602

Lol racists

83fb012c No.3743603

Whites have fucked up this county

9b9355d5 No.3743604

By bringing blacks in.
Yes, that's the worst thing whites have ever done,
It fucked up the USA permanently.
Blacks were pretty much trapped on their continent,
Almost none of them were able to leave it by themselves.
There are dozens of countries that are almost 100% black,
Name ONE that is prosperous and not a shit hole.
If you say "Wakanda" I will be ROTFL all night long…

83fb012c No.3743605

Whites are the majority and take no responsibility for fucking the county up? No no, racist Nazis, whites are the fucking problem

9b9355d5 No.3743606

You're crazy, Trans is not a RACE.
Clowns are not a RACE.
Because ANYONE can be one.
That makes about as much sense as saying fursuiters are a RACE…

5363f074 No.3743607

File: 1718834219234.png (2.39 MB, 1536x1536, aa29906edca748fbd7c30f4116….png)

Isn't it funny how when your side tries to take over the government or destroys property that belongs to the nation it's just fine. If the other side does something similar it's suddenly an issue?

Protests are supposed to make you uncomfortable. Being polite to power is the same as surrendering to power.

9b9355d5 No.3743609

No, whites are the solution.
To the Black Plague infecting the country today.
You'll see.
Anyway, regardless of what you think, it's better to BE a piece of shit, than to look like one.

9c209166 No.3743610

File: 1718834343563.png (141.25 KB, 1443x963, Chat_control.png)


So the EU, wants to end online freedom/privacy is the name of "Protect the Chilreeeeeennnnnsss"

THINK OF THE CHILDREN! (That we probably fucked on epstein island)

83fb012c No.3743611

The majority is the problem

Not a minority

Whites are fucking up America and won't take responsibility

8fb019bd No.3743613

File: 1718834561668.png (994.03 KB, 1218x802, Screenshot 2024-06-19 at 1….png)

9b9355d5 No.3743616

File: 1718835075282.png (467.05 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240619-181003.png)

3b090a98 No.3743618

Nazi keep posting gateway pundit rofl rofl rofl

3b090a98 No.3743619

Whites are the majority

The majority of the problems

e2636124 No.3743620

Are you doing well?


Are you going to kill yourself when Biden wins again in November or do a civil war suicide shooting?

9c209166 No.3743621

File: 1718839823005.jpg (109.47 KB, 1033x1473, CARAMEL_SHOTTY_Squirrelma_….jpg)


Well all you got to do, is walk to the border. And eat tacos with your new friends.

9b9355d5 No.3743622

WTF are you trying to say, this woman does not exist? That she doesn't have that many followers? That she didn't say that?
All you have to do is go to her TikTok account as listed in the article to see that she DOES exist, that she DOES have that many followers, and that she DID say that!!!
As long as something is TRUE, WTF does it matter to you WHO reports it?
Why does that matter to

e2636124 No.3743623

That's ok I can eat tacos in the USA you insignificant white

e2636124 No.3743624

File: 1718840040291.jpeg (123.28 KB, 849x893, llrn6wisdk7d1.jpeg)

9c209166 No.3743625

File: 1718840534715.png (2.33 MB, 2774x3241, lop8897.png)


What are you a nazi bigot? ASSUMING my race online


9b9355d5 No.3743628

WTF? A life is a life… you like, think it is the BABY'S fault his mom got raped, and want the baby to die because of it…. that baby is INNOCENT, regardless of how it came to be…. what kind of inhuman MONSTER are you???

Oh..the DRAFT was re-instated during Biden's regime because too many snowflakes wanted to do artsy stuff instead of defending their country … better run to CANADA (again), LOL…

e2636124 No.3743630

Embryos are not babies christkike

9c209166 No.3743631

File: 1718849681715.png (1.37 MB, 1278x714, 8765544.png)

They love calling Kim x Putin a Bromance

e2636124 No.3743632

File: 1718850397272.jpeg (451.34 KB, 1279x2037, m4otby0y0k7d1 (1).jpeg)

9b9355d5 No.3743633

All that saying that proves is that you are not a human being.
But we knew that already.

ef18762e No.3743634

It's not fair to label all whites as the problem. Most whites are good people who just don't understand how broken the system is but once they see injustice they will support fixing it.

The real shit bags like MAGA are a tiny minority of whites.

ef18762e No.3743635

Juneteenth is a great day to hit a racist in the face! People should do it every year!

ef18762e No.3743636

>Anyone who disagrees with me is a sub-human.

- Hitler

4c693ee9 No.3743637

you're going to last a long time as long as ai doesnt release your bullshit or something

9b9355d5 No.3743642

Oh, another thing Hitler never said. It's so easy to put quotes in the mouths of dead people, isn't it. And even ones that are still alive, like Trump.

If you don't want to be considered a sub-human, then don't behave like one. Don't want to be one.

But that's beyond your capabilities, isn't it, 3B.

9b9355d5 No.3743643

File: 1718861845182.jpg (992.26 KB, 1408x1880, e28fcbc662c568f69752682319….jpg)

Maybe I will post more of it, after all, just to piss DK off. Because Satan did not create a single dick. God created dicks in all their wonderful variety of shapes and sizes.
Oh wait, did you want only Sergals enjoying dicks? Or just big, wonderful engorged smelly dicks that only God created?
Remember DK, next time you are enjoying a dick:

5363f074 No.3743644

File: 1718861886850.png (38.42 KB, 672x278, j4092ju.png)

On Fox News they are already saying that Trump should skip the debate against Biden all together.

Who wants to bet that Trump already told Fox's people that he is planning on dropping out of the debates like a bitch and they are covering for his weak, pathetic, dementia riddled, diaper-wearing ass?

9c209166 No.3743645

File: 1718863111874.jpg (506.06 KB, 1630x2261, 975nh.jpg)


Whatever you tell yourself to help you sleep at night.

696c247d No.3743653

I have to admit, I never thought of it that way. :3
What's more, it seems to be getting underneath DorK's skin as well. :P

e2636124 No.3743658

File: 1718886146612.jpeg (90.58 KB, 983x1329, qwv5sngisj7d1.jpeg)

e2636124 No.3743659

Trump told them to remain peaceful after they had already broken in to the building! Trump's speech, to the very audience that carried out the riot, was filled with lies that he has NEVER backed up:

"In Detroit, turnout was 139% of registered voters."

"So in Pennsylvania, you had 205,000 more votes than you had voters. And the number is actually much greater than that now."

"Sixty-six thousand votes in Georgia were cast by individuals under the legal voting age."

These are INSANE statistics, and the speech is littered with them.

Plus, we likely have the bad optics of an out of control riot, which he incited by lying to the very audience that carried it out, to thank for the fact that the actual, more subtle and sinister attempt at dismantling our republic, the fraudulent electors scheme, wasn't more successful.

These alternate electors were to be used only as an excuse, for Pence to not certify and kick it back to the states in the name of "lingering questions." Inevitably leading to a circus of Jim Jordan-quality hearings in swing states w/ GOP legislatures and in right-wing media. Having proved nothing and feeling fully satisfied, Republicans in Congress would then be content to overturn the will of the American people by a contingent election for President via state delegation in the House, required if no electoral college victor is selected by the Jan 20th deadline.

93936245 No.3743661

File: 1718895218065.jpg (400.58 KB, 2000x1592, 006d4401ecf7c9046fd3e7f29f….jpg)

By letting jews bring blacks in, you mean. It is, and always has been jews bringing none whites into white countries, from the nigs as their slaves and pets to opening gates for literal muslim war parties.

Without the jew, literally all of our problems would not exist.

2374c32c No.3743663

What a good day to hide my ip's so I can pretend to be facist hitler, encourage sieg heiling on the playgrounds, and flagellate hatred like actual scum on site that has nothing to do with pol. Who doesn't love being an insignificant nazi incel? If only my dick were bigger.

93936245 No.3743665

File: 1718897685766-0.jpg (55.27 KB, 500x629, d7b911c26edf47775e93536584….jpg)

File: 1718897685766-1.jpg (208.97 KB, 904x1280, 403435599f168051ac147dcbe3….jpg)


Imagine thinking all people were equal in all things, that genetics weren't real. Or imagine thinking that all cultures were equally valid, that all human behavior was equally valid.

How dare you discriminate against my Nazi culture, bigot.

But really, I am under no delusion that you hold any values. You do and say what you think will help you 'win'. Power is your only value, and you will switch sides in an instant when the pendulum of power swings the other way like the faggot you are.

48befc87 No.3743667

File: 1718897857701.jpg (985.76 KB, 1920x1009, Picture-4-1024x538BBB.jpg)

Disturbing Find on Filthy Broken-Down Bus: Animals to Be Tested for Human DNA After Authorities Discover Who the Driver Is.


a3d0cb28 No.3743668

>Animals to Be Tested for Human DNA After Authorities Discover Who the Driver Is
Doctor Moreau, I presume.

e2636124 No.3743682

File: 1718911330768.jpeg (50.49 KB, 577x433, e5fy8ys4tp7d1.jpeg)

If you told Republicans in 2004 that they would be voting to reelect a terrorist in 2024, they would say you're full of shit, and assume you're talking about this guy.

Imagine telling them in a few short years they’d be publicly wearing diapers in support of and sending their social security checks to a twice impeached convicted felon coastal elitist billionaire who had been constantly howling about how he didn’t need anybody's money.

f61c6513 No.3743683

>>ID: e2636124
Serial garbage poster again,
Post marked as propaganda
then disregarded and discarded.

5363f074 No.3743696

A) Your "Lingering questions" are made up nonsense with no basis in reality.
B) Trump had plenty of time to find proof there was voter fraud. Over 60 court cases, billions of tax dollars wasted, his own private investigation team, it all found nothing! Not one shred of any evidence anywhere in the country.

Trump's time was up. The peaceful transition of power is not optional. If he wanted to hand over power then continue his tantrum he could have done that but he wanted to hold on to power because he knew being president was the only thing keeping him out of prison for his many, many, crimes.

74437b95 No.3743698

Trump isn't a terrorist. You're being a hysterical faggot.

5363f074 No.3743700

File: 1718925224114.jpg (78.2 KB, 1024x1024, 0373ea7b859e26e2e8592523e2….jpg)

True, Trump is a terrorist leader but he hasn't done the terrorism himself. He's not that brave.

f61c6513 No.3743701

File: 1718925289940.jpeg (7.53 KB, 194x259, images (23).jpeg)

f61c6513 No.3743702

File: 1718925395109.jpg (45.04 KB, 894x537, 61sEDjZYEhL._AC_UF894,1000….jpg)

74437b95 No.3743703

Man, if you're this panty twisted over a few chuds getting lost in a building for a few hours you're not going to mentally survive what's coming.

1bfa8ad5 No.3743706

File: 1718927847473.png (377.11 KB, 1280x1280, 289a1ca8ee7060187721d4084c….png)

Having a felon-president is too funny of an opportunity to pass up.

f61c6513 No.3743707

File: 1718928332124.png (255.28 KB, 500x549, main-qimg-0c47d8bb619d9949….png)

9af5a850 No.3743708

If a senile dementia patient can become the president of united states of clownia, why not a felon?

a3eafded No.3743709

File: 1718929293774.png (1.5 MB, 1200x1640, lopunny7654.png)


All of congress is felons, traitors, foreign agents, narcissists, and psychopaths.

Makes no difference to me if a judge decides to name one out of the swarm of them.

4c693ee9 No.3743716

when a blogger is just that

4c693ee9 No.3743717

youre not any more a nazi than a self appointed hipster is a climate-protector

5363f074 No.3743718

Once again proving that conservatives hate America and everything it stands for.

f61c6513 No.3743719

Once again proving, by your comment, that leftists hate America and everything it stands for.

5632b7e7 No.3743720

It's funny just how different actual National Socialism is from the swazi tattoo AWD wigger shit. We refer to those kinds of people as the Hobowaffen, and it's not a term of endearment.

They watch jewish propaganda designed to make Nazis look as fucked up and retarded as possible and say to themselves "I wanna be that"

f61c6513 No.3743723

File: 1718942806487.png (431.45 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240620-235357.png)

Damn, the Dem ship is sinking fast with Biden at the helm…

e2636124 No.3743732

Yes Nazis should be removed

e2636124 No.3743733

Gateway pundit?? Rofl

e2636124 No.3743735

File: 1718949642124.jpeg (178.15 KB, 1066x1171, irneicxrxr7d1.jpeg)

f61c6513 No.3743737

File: 1718960203934.jpg (165.17 KB, 803x1183, satan.jpg)

Good work my servant

e2636124 No.3743740

Lol christkike

e2636124 No.3743741

Trump is broke (deep in debt), unemployed (hasn't held a real job in his life), addicted to adderall (reportedly, his fecal incontinence in the courthouse also points to this), and is completely dead inside (just listen to him talk). His single true accomplishment is that year after year he manages to convince enough idiots of the opposite to continue his lifelong escape from reality.

e2636124 No.3743744

File: 1718969869660.png (939.95 KB, 1068x740, cgud0akaut7d1.png)

1c3241eb No.3743745

1c3241eb No.3743746

> Trump is broke
So donate to Trump legal defense. You know you want to.

f61c6513 No.3743747

File: 1718970946170.jpg (58.99 KB, 418x626, i-am-guilty-terrified-youn….jpg)

So let's test this statement of yours, shall we? It will prove how retarded you are.
Almost all laws, anywhere in the world, any country, have a religious basis. It's because they are meant to be RULES (yeah, we know, you don't like rules, neither do homeless), rules to live by, to keep you from harming others and/or destroying yourself.
So let's start with something simple…. let's see, "Thou Shalt Not Kill." So, apparently you are being prohibited from doing this by some kind of religious law, so do it. Go out and murder someone. Then argue with the cops (anywhere in the world) that they can't hold you because it was wrong that they prohibited you from doing that. Good luck with that.
If you think you can just do anything you want, religion or not, without consequences, you have a long row to hoe.

e2636124 No.3743748


f61c6513 No.3743749

f61c6513 No.3743750

File: 1718971362267.png (445.14 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240621-075759.png)

HOW retarded can someone like you be, when you can find the same exact story on leftist CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, PBS…..

7aff66d2 No.3743756

>Mitt R. Money
Some people seem to enjoy always being on the losing side.

ba2f737a No.3743757

File: 1718980903569-0.jpg (309.46 KB, 1400x1630, a67ad11b2e24d4f1911ad7369d….jpg)

File: 1718980903569-1.jpg (561.83 KB, 1400x1660, 8d848c3b620b89bd41aa5eaf49….jpg)

You are replying to yourself and calling yourself retarded. Why you do that?

e2636124 No.3743758

File: 1718981176729.png (582.64 KB, 621x680, slsxnwb4mw7d1.png)

e15f86b0 No.3743759

LOL niggers

e2636124 No.3743760

File: 1718981611983.jpeg (180.3 KB, 1080x716, wm8aiphomw7d1.jpeg)

e15f86b0 No.3743762

Nigger lies by lying nigger.

e15f86b0 No.3743763

e2636124 No.3743764

File: 1718982273426.png (304.9 KB, 604x549, d2szqp3v0u7d1.png)

f61c6513 No.3743765

What are you, some kind of pervert?

f61c6513 No.3743766

To fuck with you.
Made you reply, didn't it.

a150a2f0 No.3743767

File: 1718989943686.jpg (385.86 KB, 1400x1600, 82c3cf2092493101428b4344da….jpg)

Now you are trying to reply to a non-existent post. What are you, dyslexic or something?


5363f074 No.3743769

>Billionaires are lining up to max out donations to Trump because he promises to end programs to help Americans and give the wealthy tax cuts instead…

Quite the hero of the people you are worshiping there, huh?

5363f074 No.3743770

File: 1719000087454.jpg (303.25 KB, 2000x1894, bafkreiddderttve6e4qsxikyf….jpg)

In other news, Kyle Rittenhouse's family is facing eviction after his debacle rendered them unhirable. He refuses to help them with all the money he got from conservatives. #FamilyValues

69b3076c No.3743772

If he got millions in donations, why would he need a job?

e2636124 No.3743773

File: 1719003170160.jpeg (71.03 KB, 600x429, zhtr2a3r4q7d1.jpeg)

Just a shitty person

f61c6513 No.3743774

>> ID: e2636124
Just a shitty poster, you mean.
That's you
The curse of Lulz

f61c6513 No.3743775

File: 1719008414942.png (414.63 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240621-181912.png)

That's a man.

e2636124 No.3743776


e2636124 No.3743777

Nazis butthurt victims twenty four seven

e2636124 No.3743778

File: 1719009213622.jpeg (239.53 KB, 1024x1024, q6qebff84t7d1.jpeg)

f61c6513 No.3743782

Looks more like you, 3B.
Somebody please re-post 3B's stupid picture,
You can see there's quite the resemblance.

e2636124 No.3743785


e2636124 No.3743786

File: 1719026716131.jpg (70.4 KB, 1000x720, bafkreiaw4prsydirjwzvy7x5k….jpg)

the Florida Panthers were 3-0 in the Stanley Cup finals

they were about to sweep the Edmonton Oilers

then at the start of Game 4, Trump posted about the Panthers for the very first time

the Panthers went on to lose their next 3 games

the Oilers just tied the series tonight

2e73beac No.3743787

Donald Trump lives in your head rent free 24 hours a day.

2e73beac No.3743788

Will you kill yourself when Trump wins in November?

e2636124 No.3743790

Lol I will laugh

e2636124 No.3743791

File: 1719027653260.jpeg (61.28 KB, 867x724, yi4uevc2h08d1.jpeg)

e2636124 No.3743793

File: 1719027819158.jpeg (59.14 KB, 526x526, zqsl25rybx7d1.jpeg)

f61c6513 No.3743795

Everything 3B posts is either misleading or a lie.

f61c6513 No.3743796

File: 1719031109434.gif (2.68 MB, 469x450, 44ddd357ea451d7431d1f36ddc….gif)

Still I guess 3B deserves some credit, for being so retardedly persistent. He's someone clapping for 3B, let's also give him a round of applause, and a couple of other kinds of rounds for good measure.

5363f074 No.3743797

File: 1719032853729.png (751.07 KB, 618x896, ojip8u8.png)

>I am too stupid to understand, please explain it too me like I'm a retard.

Kyle doesn't need a job. He has lots of money. His mother and sister however still need jobs and they can't get them because they are related to Kyle and everyone hates Kyle.

5363f074 No.3743799

3B has been dead for years. He lives on in your head. Still trolling conservatives from beyond the grave.

f61c6513 No.3743800

Hi, 3B.
Too bad NOBODY on here believes you.
We know you very well.

5363f074 No.3743801

File: 1719033585332.webm (3.4 MB, 600x462, youknowyouwantit.webm)

Conservatives want kids being taught that Christianity is the only truth because Christianity lets them justify fucking children. Child brides have been a big part of Christianity from the beginning.

48befc87 No.3743805

Why do you want to fuck children, 3B?
Everyone knows you have a bigger kiddie Porn collection than the FBI.

73121cf7 No.3743809

File: 1719042596943.jpg (183.89 KB, 1280x894, IMG_20240514_210123_298.jpg)


We don't have to do shit. The pot stirs itself.

ef18762e No.3743815

Isn't Jeremy Bernal dead? I would have asked in the thread about him but it was locked.

e8a26156 No.3743816

At least for once this one put some effort into its appearance.

69eee7d1 No.3743817

> Isn't Jeremy Bernal dead?
I haven't heard anything like that. At least Bernal wasn't dead in January. He made a post at SexyFur on Jan. 5, 2024.

Have you seen something more recent?

e2636124 No.3743822

File: 1719063735048.png (280.97 KB, 460x460, kylp6fjuy38d1.png)

e2636124 No.3743824

Another common argument made by white supremacists is that immigration leads to a decline in living standards for native populations due to increased competition for resources like jobs and housing. This argument ignores the fact that immigrants often take low-paying jobs that native-born citizens don't want or can't do, which actually helps boost the economy overall by increasing productivity and creating new markets for goods and services. Furthermore, research has shown time after time that immigration actually has little impact on unemployment rates or wages for native-born workers when properly managed by governments with strong social safety nets in place (such as universal healthcare).

8fb019bd No.3743826

File: 1719068731070.png (1.06 MB, 1218x810, Screenshot 2024-06-22 at 1….png)

5363f074 No.3743827

File: 1719071111262.jpg (891.14 KB, 2048x2048, a696bfce563ca2aeb16ef0345f….jpg)

Your average conservative is too stupid, low IQ, to understand the complex economic theory like that. If you don't believe me, just watch how they talk about Trump. They praise him for being someone who talks in such a way they can understand it. They said the same thing about Bush Jr. They vote for stupid people because they are stupid. The more stupid a politician appears the more they like it.

5363f074 No.3743828

File: 1719071428588.jpg (1.88 MB, 2550x3300, 1f65df3562c7b61a8ce197cfa5….jpg)

Go watch interviews with people at Trump's rally. It is the Dunning Kruger effect in full swing. They truly believe that they have all the answers and everyone else is delusional. They truly believe that Trump is a super genius just like them because he doesn't pretend to be smarter than they are. He doesn't use fancy words. He just tells it like it is. It's the dumb leading the dumber.

f61c6513 No.3743829

Please keep in mind that anything 3B says on here is misleading or a lie.
He is an invading pedophile troll who evades bans to keep posting his nonsense here and is not endorsed or approved by Lulz.
The best thing to do is NOT respond to anything he posts, a response, preferably an angry one, is what he is after.

f61c6513 No.3743830

File: 1719073340044.png (512.71 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240622-122012.png)

8fb019bd No.3743831

File: 1719073711243-0.png (1.88 MB, 1903x1145, Screenshot 2024-06-22 at 1….png)

File: 1719073711243-1.png (101.37 KB, 920x920, 4072583_Kupok_4070303_supe….png)

c4c9b4a4 No.3743832

I must say I'm kinda jealous of 3B/Kupok getting to enjoy Eevee's sweet 16yo twink bussy without getting canceled today. (don't worry. It would be legal in my cunt-ry)

ef18762e No.3743834

File: 1719081176441.jpg (128.67 KB, 780x512, usa-election-trump.jpg)

Biden doesn't owe a half a billion dollars in legal fines. You don't think Trump is going to pay that using his money do you? No, he's going to use your money. That's why he panders to you suckers in the first place. You'll sell your organs to keep him in gold toilets and hookers!

f61c6513 No.3743835

File: 1719081632933.jpeg (13.08 KB, 211x239, images (24).jpeg)

c7a9d58d No.3743837

You have brain worms

c7a9d58d No.3743838


c7a9d58d No.3743839

File: 1719084428089.png (254.08 KB, 768x768, swtaasth458d1.png)

9e11969a No.3743840

File: 1719085540620.jpg (166.93 KB, 1121x1428, Fw7Mhn7WwAA4tqs.jpg_large.jpg)

You have LOST

24320ff4 No.3743842


Only Bernie Sanders would have had the guts to tax the rich.

Biden is a FAKE who sucks Israeli cock like all American Presidents.


ef18762e No.3743847

File: 1719100905558.jpg (76.28 KB, 737x1000, bafkreianhr5whpn47kgrd4wjo….jpg)

Then you should vote for Biden and all the democrats. Give them control of congress and the white house. Show the world what they will do when you give them power and the world will never allow them to hold power ever again, right?

ef18762e No.3743849

If you want to know what Trump's second term would look like and what you Trump supporters would be voting for, this comedian breaks it down for you in a way that even you morons could understand it.

Protip: One of the top priorities of his administration would be banning porn and everything furry.


f61c6513 No.3743850

And you have ACTUAL evidence of this, of course?

e2636124 No.3743851

File: 1719105000488.jpeg (102.7 KB, 705x646, 5bgj7ovyf68d1.jpeg)

7204fe34 No.3743853


White rich people will ALWAYS be BETTER than you. :)

d6a24657 No.3743854

File: 1719107614455.jpg (20.81 KB, 460x259, aRAXr97_460s.jpg)

Thanks, we will.

And never mind that Melania has had that handbag for over 10 years, and that it never cost anywhere near that to start with.

93936245 No.3743855

File: 1719110120363.jpg (1.29 MB, 3000x2372, 4a4134a64ac3b5c48bd0c9268e….jpg)

I'd rate Ron Paul and Clarence Thomas higher. Rand Paul too probably, though he's not as good as Ron.

It's not the rich that need taxed, it's the Kikes and Zionists that need removed. Every (((communist))) revolution has been jews expunging the rich and intelligent, and it's led to disaster every time. Meanwhile, any time the kikes have been expelled, it's led to golden ages and untold prosperity.

35ed0ff0 No.3743856

Never mind Trump was a NYC real estate billionaire long before running for president

Left-tards are so eager to see what they want.

8fb019bd No.3743867

How aged and worn out does Eevee look now?

4c693ee9 No.3743871

its really stupid you the way you try to derail something that already is technically derailed

895ff527 No.3743873

>One of the top priorities of his administration would be banning porn and everything furry.

If only. Trump is nowhere near as cool as leftists try to make him sound.

e2636124 No.3743874

Project 2025 tho

e2636124 No.3743875

File: 1719125491407.jpeg (84.68 KB, 1024x576, s6mrmuug688d1.jpeg)

He’s wearing a wedding ring🙄🙄🙄

69eee7d1 No.3743879

What does his blown out anus look like?

ba2f737a No.3743880

File: 1719133688897.jpg (425.78 KB, 1400x1190, f7793372536b2d12a87f8a595f….jpg)

Dyslexia strikes again.

e8006f8d No.3743886

File: 1719151708893-0.jpg (96.39 KB, 704x704, 0701f661e8c374149357f9cfc6….jpg)

File: 1719151708893-1.jpg (92.64 KB, 704x704, e0bbbbad9d79b45e2cde4920ac….jpg)

File: 1719151708893-2.jpg (95.55 KB, 704x704, e8c4f5e56b360734bbb69a259f….jpg)

File: 1719151708893-3.jpg (92.41 KB, 704x704, f384545f76422a8bdd5bd8bba1….jpg)

File: 1719151708893-4.jpg (95.53 KB, 704x704, 91e1551c9b050ec10362bac460….jpg)

This is what 3B does in his spare time, but only in secret, secluded places where nobody knows.
The male on the left represents MAGA.

e2636124 No.3743887

File: 1719152085085.png (264.46 KB, 737x562, 4p90sw6ssa8d1.png)

Maga is about as gay as a cock sucking contest

e2636124 No.3743888

File: 1719152135801.jpeg (86.07 KB, 643x767, 8wtvus1dy88d1.jpeg)

This is why Trump being the MAGA avatar always confused me. He's an obese septuagenarian who spent his entire career getting rich off the work of other people. Why make him your guy?

7537b4c4 No.3743889

Well he is just a nigger. What else could you expect?

7537b4c4 No.3743890

Niggers are racist and stupid, true.

e2636124 No.3743892

Racist whites butthurt rn

e2636124 No.3743893

File: 1719154305635.png (123.34 KB, 603x411, d4g4uo9bva8d1.png)

6ae3f794 No.3743899

Ultra racist blacks keep complaining forever lol
You will be first to the gas chambers

e2636124 No.3743900

Nazis gonna say Nazi stuff

6ae3f794 No.3743902

File: 1719158582048-0.png (441.29 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240623-115933.png)

File: 1719158582048-1.png (235.25 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240623-120001.png)

Keep lying 3B,
It's what you do.
But your lies will find you out.
Your sins will find you out.
It has been always so.
How's those "very fine people" you always said Trump bragged about coming along?

e2636124 No.3743903

Nazis butthurt as fuck rn

6ae3f794 No.3743906

Why did you delete that picture and re-post it? It wasn't to edit because there is no text separate from it
Doing that to keep it on the viewing part of the page is a bannable offense

6ae3f794 No.3743908

File: 1719159262596.png (209.44 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240623-120538.png)

e2636124 No.3743909

File: 1719159303298.jpeg (172.94 KB, 1024x700, VGhHsmv.jpeg)

What are you talking about Nazi chode?

e2636124 No.3743910

File: 1719159346270.webm (4.46 MB, 1280x720, 261649291019202.webm)

6ae3f794 No.3743911

Talking about your lies and stupidity, mostly.
Hey what is that new hairstyle nignogs have,
it looks like a big dog shit a pile of turds on top of their head.

6ae3f794 No.3743912

Easy to see that's edited and taken out of context.
Try again.
Maybe hire better video editors.

9bcea7e3 No.3743921

Lol don't belive video

9bcea7e3 No.3743922


bc4924a1 No.3743924

File: 1719170389232-0.webm (5.01 MB, 640x360, Trump-unveils-_Operation-….webm)

File: 1719170389232-1.webm (1.88 MB, 640x360, y2mate.com-Trump-urges-su….webm)

File: 1719170389232-2.jpeg (27.27 KB, 474x266, th.jpeg)

File: 1719170389232-3.jpeg (23.86 KB, 474x316, th (20).jpeg)

File: 1719170389232-4.jpeg (29.38 KB, 474x315, th (21).jpeg)





bc4924a1 No.3743926

6ae3f794 No.3743928

File: 1719173448494.jpg (193.61 KB, 500x1837, 4zhi88.jpg)

Keep trying.
We're getting the gas chambers ready ahead of time for you lying defectives.

a2ea0287 No.3743937

Nazis are gas chamber brained

a2ea0287 No.3743938

Trump loves vaccination

93936245 No.3743939

File: 1719183042644.png (3.44 MB, 2048x2048, f8da103c0ce1561baf69c410a4….png)

Trump made the vaccine available. Ne never coerced anyone into taking it.

Pick a fucking side you commie retards.

You give biden too much credit. His mind was blank the whole time and he's been reading off a teleprompter and cue cards.

a2ea0287 No.3743940

Lol butthurt Nazi alert

a2ea0287 No.3743941

Joe Biden's the one who can't put a coherent sentence together though, right? It's always projection with these fucking worms, every single time.

Can't wait till late August or so, when this tapioca-brained rapist starts spewing N-bombs at his hate rallies while his toothless hick cult members brainlessly cheer and Fox News tries their hardest to spin why Trump using slurs is a horrible thing for Biden this election.

a2ea0287 No.3743942

File: 1719183378495.png (126.73 KB, 609x767, ejp193nnhc8d1.png)

5363f074 No.3743943

File: 1719184500135.jpeg (117.83 KB, 832x1216, GOpQ9zAXcAAxnGa.jpeg)

>Where is the evidence!? (Other then the video that was linked in your post which I refuse to watch because it has evidence that something I don't want to be true, it's true.)

6ae3f794 No.3743944

File: 1719184708107.jpg (380.7 KB, 1664x2432, 741624361d2afb729fc9faea6d….jpg)

Keep sucking that Republican dick, 3B.
Those big white Republican dicks.

5363f074 No.3743945

Trump was never a real estate billionaire. He lost all the money, almost a billion dollars, that his father gave him on failed business schemes.

He managed to open a casino and drive it to bankruptcy. A casino is like having your own personal printing press for money and he somehow fucked it up.

Trump is in debt up to his eyeballs. And not just to American Banks, to Russian Banks, to Scottish Banks, and to English banks. His plan appears to be gathering as much debt as he can and then dying. He'll let his kids deal with it.

He is so broke that no one would even lend him the money to pay for a bail bond so that he could appeal his New York Court case. He couldn't even go to court because he is so poor and all of his money is tied up in land that he can't sell.

6ae3f794 No.3743947

File: 1719185144034.png (513.28 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240623-192202.png)

She just handed Trump a major victory.


5363f074 No.3743948

Trump saying that there were good Nazis at Charlottesville is literally infamous. There are countless videos from countless news stories about it. As much as you don't want it to be true, it's true. He loves him some Nazis. He is a white nationalist cheerleader that never passes up the opportunity to show his support.

6ae3f794 No.3743950

File: 1719187427405.png (785.11 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240623-200148.png)

So are you saying your beloved leftist SNOPES, is now lying and suddenly on the side of Donald Trump for some unknown reason?
Or that your ears are so full of Groid shit that you cannot understand that Trump phrased his statement in a way that had nothing to do with nazis being good people, except in your mind.
I pick the latter as the most likely.
You still won't let it go though, will you.

e48d4968 No.3743952

> Trump saying that there were good Nazis at Charlottesville is literally infamous
So you are so moronic that you think every single person protesting there was a "nazi."

That is nigger levels of stupidity.

e2636124 No.3743957

Yes at the infamous nazi rally there were Nazis lol Nazis butthurt as fuck right now

e2636124 No.3743958

File: 1719203296274.png (329.32 KB, 598x637, m9gjt7mrse8d1.png)

6545c5d0 No.3743959

It absolutely wasn't a nazi rally. There were a couple there for sure. It's not illegal to be a nazi. They're allowed to protest. I'm sure many of them where very fine people too.

All the nazis I've ever met have been very fine people.

The only people freaking out about nazis are the ones who have never met any.

e2636124 No.3743960

Yes the Nazi likes Nazis

e2636124 No.3743961

File: 1719204147132.jpeg (68.46 KB, 1024x714, 87g9o70rkf8d1.jpeg)

If MAGAts could read, they would be very upset at this

31f9bca0 No.3743962

File: 1719207768087.jpg (85.8 KB, 1196x669, sk5xbp5etgac1.jpg)

31f9bca0 No.3743964

File: 1719221860121-0.jpg (36.79 KB, 322x574, EKzM1y8qmQEKAnMzEg1waG90by….jpg)

File: 1719221860121-1.jpg (87.59 KB, 640x426, gyatt-to-work-on-our-shoot….jpg)

File: 1719221860121-2.jpg (339.89 KB, 1620x1080, gyatt-to-work-on-our-shoot….jpg)

Come one there are other fishes in the ocean!

31f9bca0 No.3743965

File: 1719222729455.gif (255.83 KB, 280x280, 8633_coomer_spin.gif)

d94cc4bc No.3743966

File: 1719224234211.png (553.11 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240623-200502.png)

f3de7587 No.3743967

More nigger lies.

e2636124 No.3743974


e2636124 No.3743975

File: 1719234946583.png (90.27 KB, 488x476, gjiscpmjii8d1.png)

d69f281b No.3743977

thats some very 1970's red logic, surprise, we republicans have become less bible thumping as of late.

Its unfortunately why you can't be a centrist anymore. The Blue and Red have overlapped so much, that a neutral party might as well be purple.

9f6aebcd No.3743978

File: 1719237283285.png (4.04 MB, 1248x1648, 00032-2012192668.png)

“that ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.”
‭‭Matthew‬ ‭5‬:‭45‬ ‭KJV‬‬
Good and bad things happen to everyone regardless if they are good or bad.
If you think it’s okay to use one charlatan to represent the whole, then perhaps I can use George soros to represent all Jews?

a3d0cb28 No.3743979

File: 1719237305162.jpg (172.77 KB, 1080x1080, Matthew_5:45.jpg)

Jesus tried to explain that's not how it works.

e2636124 No.3743984

Dont stop christkikes from worshipping the golden cow

d94cc4bc No.3743985

File: 1719240817579.png (3.03 MB, 1280x1920, 092aa59a08c28564a0dcd113b2….png)

Did you say Ferrets?

e2636124 No.3743986

File: 1719240924849.jpeg (114.28 KB, 700x870, k61ion994h8d1.jpeg)

216d0cb4 No.3743987

Made-up photoshopped screen caps are ugly as fuck.

83fb012c No.3743992

Take the Vax hillbilly

83fb012c No.3743993

File: 1719249841842.jpg (72.82 KB, 960x1280, IMG_20240624_102259_676.jpg)

7204fe34 No.3743995


Did you know that most silhouette targets at the range are black? If they were to actually try that shit, they'd learn quickly why.

ceb98937 No.3743997

Why don't you simply copy and paste the fucking post number? Or better yet, enable JavaScript for this domain. That way the board software will do it for you and you won't look like a mental defective.

216d0cb4 No.3743998

>>Ai art is ugly af

Unless it's AI-generated child porn, then you're all over it like a rat on a meat wagon.
Isn't that right 3B.

83fb012c No.3744002

You're voting for a rapist that visited Epstein island seven times. It's always projection with Nazis. I can see you're still three times as butthurt

216d0cb4 No.3744003

Never happened

216d0cb4 No.3744004

File: 1719261681271-0.jpg (419.15 KB, 2304x1792, 03d4ccc786a647a2d5e72b61e0….jpg)

File: 1719261681271-1.jpg (476.17 KB, 2304x1792, b457fb8b0e18f833128a01ccb5….jpg)

83fb012c No.3744005

Always happened

bb1b2a16 No.3744008

File: 1719262709467-0.jpeg (391.46 KB, 2999x1694, ghows-PA-51f8cfb9-4dad-47….jpeg)

File: 1719262709467-1.png (1.39 MB, 1164x818, 1697291369983.png)

83fb012c No.3744012

File: 1719266398692.webm (2.97 MB, 1280x720, OnXughWIYGYiE0g9.webm)

93936245 No.3744015

File: 1719268095283-0.webm (2.85 MB, 468x360, 244b1cc1b52971a58cdd00eb3….webm)

File: 1719268095283-1.jpg (206.17 KB, 1280x828, 2e8dd669a7a17dd8ff0b381cd4….jpg)

>can show 347 examples
>shows 0

How about 109 countries?

216d0cb4 No.3744016

File: 1719268247595.jpg (46.2 KB, 960x890, 1_iZNnJ1V-4sMv-UshIU4mlw.jpg)

e2636124 No.3744017

Nazi posting fatigue

e2636124 No.3744018

Look how silly Trump looks

He's lost his mind and soon

He will lose the election and then

Will you kill yourself when Biden wins again in November?

4c693ee9 No.3744020

would you cut off your arms if your girlfriend boy had no legs

e2636124 No.3744023

Bye bye brains bye bye election

e2636124 No.3744026

File: 1719271447479.jpeg (69.67 KB, 771x736, fplbj5yavi8d1.jpeg)

"Biden got roped into doing the debate, haha!" . . . "Biden tricked Trump into doing the debate, waaaah!"

My fav is how the whole right wing propaganda machine is already saying that Joe Biden is on drugs, so when he makes more sense than Trump during the debate, all the Q anon / flat earth / Trump voting republicans will say that it’s because he’s on drugs

Trumps voting base is mostly comprised conspiracy nut jobs that believe 5g will destroy humanity and Jesus Trump will save it

4c693ee9 No.3744028

how is the ohio for you

93936245 No.3744032

File: 1719273467572.png (802.73 KB, 1550x1342, 67a68a74997d05b075af3ce6a8….png)

Anything my bae wants.

e2636124 No.3744035


e2636124 No.3744036

File: 1719282418250.jpeg (70.61 KB, 828x684, i8wmpgfl7j8d1.jpeg)

7365840a No.3744037

Commie n⁣⁣⁣i⁣⁣⁣⁣g⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣g⁣⁣e⁣⁣⁣r⁣⁣⁣⁣ mspaint fake.

e2636124 No.3744039

Like your orange felony rapist

7365840a No.3744041

lol! commie n⁣⁣⁣i⁣⁣⁣⁣g⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣g⁣⁣e⁣⁣⁣r⁣⁣⁣⁣ be so mad

e2636124 No.3744042

NAZI butthurt

e2636124 No.3744043

File: 1719285490074.png (127.64 KB, 468x614, 3jn5n393lk8d1.png)

e2636124 No.3744045

File: 1719286152632.webm (682.34 KB, 720x1280, Trump GLITCHES OUT on Sta….webm)

aa93ac8b No.3744048

Why are you under the impression that nazis like Trump? Even Richard Spencer endorsed Joe last time around.

216d0cb4 No.3744049

File: 1719287123335.jpg (64.55 KB, 500x500, 8sktyv.jpg)

9d8b1954 No.3744052

File: 1719288267706-0.png (465.74 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240624-234904.png)

File: 1719288267706-1.png (467.78 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240624-234936.png)

File: 1719288267706-2.png (170.72 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240624-235105.png)

File: 1719288267706-3.png (919.61 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240624-235144.png)

File: 1719288267706-4.png (760.08 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240624-235229.png)

5363f074 No.3744054

File: 1719289418576.jpg (72.24 KB, 795x736, 20953605-10156448164812977….jpg)

The only good Nazi is a dead Nazi.
The only good racist is a dead racist.
The only good homophobe is a dead homophobe.
The only good Trump voter is a dead Trump voter.
Zero tolerance.
No ground given.
We gave you fuckers mercy after the civil war and it's been nothing but problems from you ever since then.

5363f074 No.3744055

Trump is now saying he is going to lose the debate on purpose for some reason?

I still think Trump is going to just run from the debate at the last minute.

5363f074 No.3744056

In this particular case, the meme is true.
We need to not only defeat Trump we need to defeat him by such large numbers that he can't drag out the close election results in court cases for years.

If we don't STOMP Trump in the election he will find every single excuse to whine and cry for YEARS.

If you want Trump to finally go the fuck away, he needs to be CRUSHED not just defeated.

fb699e36 No.3744063

File: 1719306637615.jpg (39.38 KB, 640x360, typical nigger 098.jpg)

If you want Trump to finally go the fuck away, he needs to be acknowledged as the true victor in this election and he must be allowed to serve his full second presidential term that he was cheated out of by criminal democrats last time.

Niggers are ugly.

e2636124 No.3744066

Lol Nazis so butthurt

e2636124 No.3744067

File: 1719312366152.jpeg (36.72 KB, 500x574, 0rrpa0mk7m8d1.jpeg)

390b0544 No.3744068

True Fascism, it's always on the left.
Fascism was a word coined by mussolini from the Italian word 'fasces' which means 'collective or bundle'. Fascism literally translates to 'collective'-ism, the basic tenet of ALL leftist political ideologies. Fascism has ALWAYS been leftist, just like national socialism [nazism] and communism.


33a89864 No.3744071

>Why does everyone hate me?

33a89864 No.3744072

All politics is collectivist. You're a human, not a tree sloth. You're supposed to build and live in societies.

Individualism was made up ensure retards like you never build power and, ideally, end up dead in the woods somewhere far away from the tribe.

e2636124 No.3744075

File: 1719322690229.jpeg (177.93 KB, 1080x1043, upkzc833bp8d1.jpeg)

e2636124 No.3744076

390b0544 No.3744078


Too bad in reality it didn't work out that way, or you wouldn't be fighting us so massively or savagely.
But lefties so do love their little fantasy worlds, too bad.
Too bad for you.

Too bad for you.

e2636124 No.3744079

Reality check Trumper

Shitler lost.

93936245 No.3744080

File: 1719326605762.png (1.22 MB, 1280x924, 91d282da183d6cebd34dac43f9….png)

That's a retarded view of individualism. You can form an individualist collective. It's that the collective prioritizes the good of the individual rather than the good of the group as a whole that makes it individualist.

a3d0cb28 No.3744082

It wasn't socialism that gassed the Jews and started WWII but rather ethnonationalism. Socialism was the part that built the autobahn (good thing). You numbskulls see "national socialism" but demonize the wrong half.

Collectivism is basically just working together for a common goal. Remember when Americans landed their men on the Moon and returned them safely? That was collectivism. Or when wolves work together to take down large prey.

"For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack."

But here's the thing about wolves: all pack members are entitled to howl. Wolves may fight over the choicest parts, but all are entitled to eat. Wolves have never created concentration camps, gulags, or any such Hell for other wolves. Only intelligence as sophisticated as man's can concoct such perversions.

Takeaway: there is nothing wrong with working together for a common goal or being strongly unified (solidarity). The real evil of fascism is its persecution of individuals for wrong skin color or wrongthink. Persecution for wrongthink is not unique to fascism but happened under Stalinism too - another totalitarian regime.

e2636124 No.3744084

File: 1719327677317.jpeg (83.86 KB, 955x500, n5oseq4seo8d1.jpeg)

48befc87 No.3744085

It took the combined might of almost all the world's most modern nation's armies working together from many fronts to bring him down.
And it took a long time.
No one country was powerful enough to do it.
That's how strong he became.

Think about that for a minute.

48befc87 No.3744086

>>Or when wolves work together to take down large prey.

Or when NigNogs gang up together to attack white people.
No thanks.

48befc87 No.3744087

File: 1719328757942.jpg (522.06 KB, 1024x852, 8saf4u.jpg)

48befc87 No.3744088

File: 1719328784701.jpg (162.58 KB, 968x605, GPjR-azWEAEq3xY.jpg)

ab2c22a0 No.3744089

File: 1719330458801-0.jpg (1.07 MB, 4000x3054, biden-us-mideast-62231.jpg)

File: 1719330458802-1.jpg (548.4 KB, 2400x1080, Screenshot_20221022-012209….jpg)

File: 1719330458802-2.webm (3.58 MB, 640x360, y2mate.com-The-ballad-of-….webm)

File: 1719330458802-3.webm (845.57 KB, 640x360, American-Legion-calls-on-….webm)

File: 1719330458802-4.jpg (1.32 MB, 1542x2000, AP_16270762000982.jpg)

5363f074 No.3744090

Being in red states is literally killing babies. Infant mortality is down 2%-4% in blue states across America. It's up 10%-13% in red states.

Republican ideas are bad ideas. That's why they have to gerrymander and bend the rules to stay in power. They are the party of an angry, pathetic, ignorant minority who are so stupid they are killing off their own base.

5363f074 No.3744091

File: 1719330925437.jpg (189.21 KB, 1545x2000, bafkreifruvjivd5mtt2arzivk….jpg)

>Thinks Hitler did WW2 by himself.

Hitler only had any success because Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, and Japanese Emperor Hirohito were willing to throw everything they had behind him because they knew their own time as dictator was about to run out.

Times were changing for all of them and they could see that the world wasn't going to put up with their shit any more.

Like Trump, the scared, weak, man-children didn't know how to stop the world from bringing them to justice so they just turned to violence. Like Trump, they would rather see their own countrymen die by the millions than face any personal consequences for their actions.

ab2c22a0 No.3744092

File: 1719330990493-0.jpg (527.76 KB, 768x1024, 20240606_222513.jpg)

File: 1719330990493-1.jpg (424.57 KB, 1080x884, 20231230_153245.jpg)

File: 1719330990493-2.jpg (33.04 KB, 480x360, 1642291102868.jpg)

File: 1719330990493-3.jpg (102.54 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (45) (2).jpg)

File: 1719330990493-4.jpg (196.77 KB, 993x1200, GMhWuSmW8AAoZHc.jpg)

The NAZI-JEW hybrids literally has full control of the US government, both in the DEM and GOP.


2e81f8bd No.3744093

Nice STAGED picture.

False statistics. Try reversing the statistics and you will have the truth. Since you don't count abortion as baby murder, even up to full term, and red states do, your infant mortality rate in reality is probably 200% -300% more than red states.

2e81f8bd No.3744094

The democrats have an unhealthy need for power and control.
They always have, but after Obama, the mask has been slipping as more and more people reject their disastrous policies. At this point, the only way for them to hold onto power is to steal elections and use thug-tactics to intimidate Americans into compliance. It will not work.

696c247d No.3744095

File: 1719332711353.jpg (14.05 KB, 479x440, TMS-.jpg)

>I'm a limp-wristed eunuch faggot who believes convenient lies, so I don't need to learn confronting truths and responsibilities

You don't ever get to talk to me about Christianity again until you learn more about who and what the enemy of Christians and Jesus Christ and in fact anything created by God is, and what tools/devices/people it uses, and how it corrupts people.
Eunuchs can indeed get saved, but becoming one won't prevent them from getting corrupted.
If you were actually a Christian, you'd have more courage to learn discernment. A Christian's more than allowed to be courageous, and still not be transgressing against Christ - just look at how courageous He was.
Be careful. It's your type that'll be lining up to suck off the antichrist and attack the actual Christians for being meanies.

The children of the wicked one certainly are getting something out of being here, despite knowing they'll condemn themselves even more, but what about you? You one of them too?

Anyway… definitely doggie bed nao. :3

ab2c22a0 No.3744096

ab2c22a0 No.3744097

4c693ee9 No.3744098

they should have their own country then

4c693ee9 No.3744099

its definitely a mistake to indulge that shit but also so is eating too much fast food and its america

2e81f8bd No.3744104

They do,
It's called EARTH.

2e81f8bd No.3744107

Try reading again what I wrote.
It was STAGED.
The guy was no more a Trump supporter than you are.
He went there with the intention of doing what he did, knowing it would make news.
And it was actual Trump supporters that kicked him out, they won't stand for that shit either.
What is it that is wrong with you, that you constantly equate Trump supporters with nazis?
What part of your brain is broken that you do that?

4c693ee9 No.3744108

i know alot of stuff

a3d0cb28 No.3744110

Oh no! Bully Dog has forbidden me from discussing Christianity! However shall I cope? From Jesus's perspective, he had no enemies. Those persecuting him and torturing him to death were still his children, albeit confused children in need of forgiveness.

Also, you have an unhealthy obsession with both my dangly bits and the things Steam shoves up his ass. Are you gay?

83fb012c No.3744112

Gay for being Jewish

5363f074 No.3744113

Sure, sure, it was staged. I'm sure the thousands of Nazis who cheer for Trump are all secretly antifa, FBI, lizard people, false flag operations!

Thousands of "fake Nazis" around the nation with social media accounts all proclaiming they are the most hated group in human history and they love Trump, ruining their own lives and the lives of their family all as part of a master plan by the deep state to make Trump look bad.

That seems TOTALLY plausible, right?

5363f074 No.3744114

>You don't ever get to talk to me about Christianity again until you learn more about…

Jesus preached anti-racism, loving strangers as family, giving your wealth to the poor, and forsaking false idols like Trump.

Conservatism is everything Jesus stood against, if anyone should take his name out of their mouth it should be you.

2e81f8bd No.3744115

Please post links to these "thousands and thousands" of nazi Trump supporters that are living in your brain.
Post links to hundreds?
Ok post links to a few dozen, then .
One or two?

2e81f8bd No.3744116

>>Jesus preached anti-racism, loving strangers as family, giving your wealth to the poor, and forsaking false idols like Trump.

Everything you, yourself, have not done.
Give us a few more "kill whiteys" there, 3B, 'kay?

e2636124 No.3744119

Nazi, you're three times as butthurt!

e2636124 No.3744120

File: 1719343863036.jpeg (76.77 KB, 768x768, qlimww8w2r8d1.jpeg)

ab2c22a0 No.3744124

File: 1719345493987-0.webm (1.39 MB, 426x240, y2mate.webm)

File: 1719345493987-1.jpg (484.09 KB, 1080x1488, Screenshot_20240617-003046….jpg)

File: 1719345493987-2.jpeg (44.47 KB, 720x720, P10XpCcw1QTFelX6.jpeg)

File: 1719345493987-3.jpg (196.26 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (47) (2).jpg)

File: 1719345493987-4.jpeg (67.32 KB, 680x662, GOcItGqWQAABtdN.jpeg)

A well spent of the US taxpayer money…

by the foreign agent.

e2636124 No.3744125

Yes Nazis don't like jews we know that

Also you are a racist and don't like blacks

We know

e2636124 No.3744126

File: 1719345924383.jpeg (59.67 KB, 625x766, ln4nsbhnaq8d1.jpeg)

517b0364 No.3744127

File: 1719347056961.gif (832.44 KB, 244x182, vegeta-its-over9000.gif)

>Showing pic of Nazi & Jew coin collaborate together.
>>Yes Nazis don't like jews we know that

>Show pic of racist who hates black

>>You don't like black people

His retarded level is over nine thousands!!!

2e81f8bd No.3744129

And another /POL/ thread dies an early premature death because of 3B's flood of shit posts.

93936245 No.3744133

File: 1719351095930.png (3.64 MB, 2095x2400, 1b1378525e47f5e73dbbcfc5b7….png)

That's how strong a country that has freed itself of semitism becomes.

e2636124 No.3744193


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