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Let's have a Star Trek thread. Discussion of politics relevant to any of the series is fine.

81ade6ba No.3718993

I have the original technical orders of all the enterprises.

Fun stuff, if you're bored ex tech like me.

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File: 1697549651131.jpg (1.9 MB, 2640x3000, Awesome-Bolty-With-Sheath.jpg)

Why are all "jews", commies, antifa-ies, lefties, socialists, etc. pedophiles? Star Trek is lefty/socialist garbage and I'm surprised I used to be such a huge fan.
I even watched the first TV episodes back when the-man-who-can't-act wasn't fat, and the crappy animated ones too. So many hours wasted, getting my mind fucked up. I still can't get idiot-beast Whoopi jewberg's stupid smile and pretend-wisdom out of my head. At least Riker's beard was always reliably fashionable. That entire franchise and those who created it are almost certainly destined to rot in hell.

(Pic completely unrelated.)

be7287f1 No.3719101

That's like saying, "Pedophiles drink a lot of water so water must make you a pedophile."

Only a idiot conservative with a child-brain would make that kind of argument.

be7287f1 No.3719103

File: 1697585367543.jpg (67.91 KB, 850x577, 66f2cd28cd99107027ba_01H3R….jpg)

See, this post gives me hope because even a retard like Business Dog can recognize that the most popular shows in media are almost always left-wing.

They are starting to see that what they think is popular and consider reasonable is in fact bat shit crazy in the eyes of most people.

Maybe one day, if we have enough media literacy these conservatives can accept that they are wrong and learn to try to be a part of reality.

81ade6ba No.3719104

File: 1697586786224.jpg (3.24 KB, 130x148, ihatemybrother.jpg)

Just because something is popular, doesn't mean its the truth.

Read any American history book, and then read the same chapter in a European history book, god forbid a Japanese or Chinese history book.

You'll get entirely different stories. Popular =/= fact.

81ade6ba No.3719105

The "truth" of reality in America is based on one little group in Texas.

f72cad01 No.3719106

File: 1697587373245.jpeg (13.48 KB, 229x220, download (4).jpeg)

You do know that the original Star Trek was CANCELLED because it wasn't popular, don't you, impostor?
It's ok, I was once like you, falsely believing the left was always correct. I even falsely accused Trump on here of ripping off the logo from Star Trek for the U.S. Space Force, but that wasn't true at all. Here is the real story:

"The Delta symbol, first used in 1961, became an iconic part of the space missions under the USAF and Air Force Space Command. The Delta will continue its legacy, representing the vital mission sets in space, as the logo for the Space Force."

81ade6ba No.3719107

File: 1697588089174.jpg (151.92 KB, 1200x1201, doctor-who-david-tennant-f….jpg)

the original dr who was also canceled, and a lot of episodes written over because it was unpopular.

Funny how two of the most influential and poplar series of all time were both canceled at one time for sucking.

Time is a fandango.

81ade6ba No.3719108

File: 1697588277601.jpg (140.2 KB, 850x850, 04321816ad1409dd661e53b230….jpg)

I don't even know what that word actually means. I just felt like using it.


81ade6ba No.3719109

File: 1697588845573.jpg (196.99 KB, 850x1071, 04da07e5b34b37578b358bce63….jpg)

oh apparently its a "lively spanish dance between two people"

Guess I used it right. still…


9e2009d2 No.3719115

wow so interesting a thread not about what its about

8fd8f4e5 No.3719127

So is computerized tampering with with the original series good or bad? I think the replacement special effects are excellent. They are true to the original ones but better, IMO.

However, jerks also tampered with the viewing screens. All the original ones were 4:3 aspect ratio. Now some of them have been hacked to 16:9 ratio. I think that was stupid. Is that so the crew can watch wide screen movies when the captain isn't around?

81ade6ba No.3719128

well it depends, if it stretches the original imagry its bad, the faces get all weird and everyone is fat. If its original footage than its fine.

326218c8 No.3719130

And what if they chop off the top and bottom of the original images to force them to fit the new aspect ratio? Is that OK?

81ade6ba No.3719134

nope. Fake HD is worse than just regular SD.

81e63086 No.3719237

File: 1697739653829.jpg (1.92 MB, 3072x2048, aitf.jpg)

No one is saying left wing TV shows are "Truth". I'm just saying that everything popular with the majority of Americans is left leaning. The majority don't want to watch a hateful, petty, small minded, bigot be an asshole.

There has only been one popular TV show where the main character was a conservative - All in the family.

It was popular because he was so stupid, fat, racist, and over the top the audience couldn't stop laughing at him.

You'd probably love it!

81e63086 No.3719238

>Star trek was canceled…

After 3 seasons containing 79 episodes because executives moved the new episodes to a Friday night at 10pm time slot in its final season which pretty much killed any show back then.

It made a come back once it was placed in syndication with a time slot where the target audience would be awake and at home.


81e63086 No.3719239

Yeah, they got canceled for the same reason - corporate executives thought that they were too "cerebral" for the average viewer.

Rich, white, conservative, TV executives found the content of the shows threatening because they were too stupid to follow the plot.

2f002f44 No.3719240

>a hateful, petty, small minded, bigot be an asshole.

You do realize that's the left wing parody of a right wing person?

What is lampooned as hateful bigotry is actually a rejection of the argument: that there are some people and things that should be avoided or gotten rid of because they are harmful and disruptive or damaging to society. At the same time, this parody itself is exactly the kind of "bigotry" that it is rejecting - a small minded refusal to even hear the argument because you're considering it wrong by default.

2f002f44 No.3719241

And, Archie Bunker could just as well be replaced with the average low-IQ leftist who cannot articulate the point but they can parrot the catchphrases like "late stage capitalism" as an insult towards people they've been indoctrinated to hate.

b766a5cf No.3719242

File: 1697743599759.jpg (242.5 KB, 1018x1488, FN8-h-gaMAEQWBv[1].jpg)

>you'll never see live action Migleemo or anyone else of his species

ce81caf5 No.3719246

> It made a come back once it was placed in syndication with a time slot where the target audience would be awake and at home.
That was the genius of Desilu Productions! The networks never understood the power of syndication until Desilu showed the way with Star Trek.

6469332d No.3719260

File: 1697758797943.jpg (115.41 KB, 533x400, startreknazi.jpg)

>Star Trek is lefty/socialist garbage and I'm surprised I used to be such a huge fan.

The original series was NOT lefty in any sense. They used force consistently for the ends of the Federation.

The Federation is a planned economy and not socialist as most think. Automation has eliminated need, but not want. Capitalism thrives in the Federation. There are numerous examples of negotiations for trade or resources. Capt Kirk slaps women and has love children all across the quadrant. The mirror universe was all fascism.

The newer type of series (Except Enterprise) are all socialist and do not work. The characters are emasculated. Its difficult to watch sometimes.

Oh yes, the most popular characters are not Federation, it is the Klingons….because they are masculine. Imagine that!

81e63086 No.3719267

File: 1697761746776-0.png (524.25 KB, 768x529, MTGFascist.png)

File: 1697761746776-1.png (219.7 KB, 578x958, 5y4y5.png)

File: 1697761746776-2.png (36.07 KB, 718x372, yjrytr56.png)

File: 1697761746776-3.png (38.92 KB, 718x428, 454htgd.png)

>You do realize that's the left wing parody of a right wing person?
You say that, but every day random conservatives prove you wrong.
From the lowest voter to the highest office conservatives hold, they act like the worst humanity could ever offer.

Look at the guy Republicans are trying to put up as speaker of the house, he protected a pedophile for years knowing full well he was molesting students, he believes in Q-anon conspiracy nonsense, and he promoted killing the other Republicans in congress for not being loyal enough to Trump.

The thing you conservatives need to realize is, the party you think you are part of hasn't existed for years.

The fact you can't even do the most basic functions of government because of the "Freedom Caucus" is proof that your party has been taken over by radical crazies.

Until you are willing to accept your reality, you can't fix it and you'll always be seen as a joke.

81e63086 No.3719268

File: 1697762781700-0.jpg (29.09 KB, 408x475, e6c8793c59ef20f856270609cc….jpg)

>The Federation is a planned economy and not socialist as most think.

Federation citizens literally didn't use any form of money.

The federation as a political organization did keep a stock of currency from other, more primitive civilizations but there was no federation currency.

Latinum, the main currency of galactic trade was a Ferengi currency because it was impossible to safely replicate.

It was one of the few things in that universe which had an actual limited supply because it only occurs naturally in rare forms of nebula. (And occasionally in the bones of one alien species who live on a planet that was once part of a nebula like that.)

Even Dilithium crystals could be reconstituted making them an endless resource.

>The mirror universe was all fascism.

And if the "mirror" universe was all right-wing fascism, what does that make the main universe which is the OPPOSITE?

81e63086 No.3719271

File: 1697763697651-0.jpeg (170.42 KB, 1024x1280, 650ca126e0782.jpeg)

>The most popular characters are the Klingons…

Says the guy who still thinks the Nazis were the heroes of World War 1

6469332d No.3719273

File: 1697764529195.gif (1.27 MB, 270x180, reply laughing tv host.gif)

>World War 1

6469332d No.3719275

File: 1697765202640.png (288.13 KB, 500x370, startrek klingon everyonew….png)

>Federation citizens literally didn't use any form of money

The newer series (Except Enterprise) never defined what the mode of exchange was….all they said was 'The economics of the 24th century are much different' talking to a 21st century human.

The original series mentioned money MANY times as 'credits'. Deep space nine used latinum all the time.

>Even Dilithium crystals could be reconstituted making them an endless resource

That is a lie. Wars were fought over dilithium in all the series.

In the Star Trek fictional universe, dilithium is an invented material which serves as a controlling agent in the matter-antimatter reactors. In the original series, dilithium crystals were rare and could not be replicated, making the search for them a recurring plot element

The ONE episode you are thinking of had dilithium degrade, and was RESTORED using power - NOT recreated.

Fucking Cardassian Plebian.

>right-wing fascism

Fascism is left-wing. Fucking Ferengi jew

6469332d No.3719278

File: 1697765747451.jpg (104.01 KB, 640x640, startrek future of san fra….jpg)

Star Trek also had an uncanny tendency of predicting the future.

81e63086 No.3719290

File: 1697771463451.png (232.22 KB, 457x261, Holyshit-it-can-learn.png)

OMG, did you read a history book?!
You actually know which world war the Nazis were in!

That's quite the step up for you! I was wondering how many years it would be before you realized how fucking stupid you sound when you talk about them being in WWI.

81e63086 No.3719291

File: 1697771780077.jpg (58.19 KB, 522x705, main-qimg-feb05e911fe139a3….jpg)

Wrong again!

In Star Trek IV, the HMS Bounty fractured the dilithium crystals in its reactor attempting to pull off a warp slingshot around the sun to travel back to the 20th century.
Spock suggested that they attempt to put into practice a theory that had once been suggested for artificially stimulating crystals to regrow using the byproducts produced in a fission reactor as a catalyst. It had never been tested before, partly because the reactors in question were no longer available and it seemed like a long shot, but they were desperate enough to try anyway.

And they were completely successful. They were able to completely regrow the crystal within a few hours, and upon their return Starfleet immediately began working to design reactors that could automatically regenerate their own control crystals.
By the 24th century these systems had become ubiquitous and the dilithium shortage was effectively over.

81e63086 No.3719296

File: 1697773984589.jpg (63.21 KB, 750x939, 779fbp8wk8s51.jpg)

>The original series mentioned money MANY times as 'credits'. Deep space nine used latinum all the time.

When you are serving on a ship in space or a space station you are allotted a certain number of energy credits for your personal use to replicate personal items.

It's not money as much as rationing the limited energy you have when in a closed system like a space ship.

On a planet, there is no need for a credit system because the ability to produce energy is not limited by the size of the warp drive or how much fuel you can carry.

Civilians don't need the credit system. That's why Jake Sisco's father doesn't charge people to eat at his restaurant.
He has no need for money when he can replicate all the ingredients for free.

As for DS9, yes, as I wrote before, the federation does keep a stock of currency from other species that officers can trade credits for so they can do business with alien species more easily.

However, it's a dumbass thing to do in large amounts because if you stock pile your years worth of energy credits as GPL then decide you want a new suit you can only buy one from someone who accepts GPL.

With energy credits you can replicate a new suit of any design from any species anywhere in the galaxy, not just the local tailor.

Changing Starfleet energy credits into physical currency greatly devalues it which is why it's only used to by unique services like Quark's Holodeck (the only one on the station) or to play Dabbo, the Farengi game.

Garak takes federation credits in his shop because he knows if he demands GPL the customers won't use his services. Not when anyone can replicate a custom suit using e-credits.

It's not the clothing he is exchanging for energy credits, it's the talent. If he was to move to a core federation world all the credits he has earned would become worthless as there would be no energy limit.

e7b6f2ef No.3719307

>there would be no energy limit.

Up to a point. You couldn't build yourself a star ship for example. There are still rations, just high enough that a "normal" person will probably never exhaust it. For the bigger stuff, you have to go to the council to ask for permission.

e7b6f2ef No.3719308

>they act like the worst humanity could ever offer.

That's because you define it so. You disagree, so it's automatically "the worst", but if you agreed with the point then what they are doing is just necessary.

e7b6f2ef No.3719309

>The Federation is a planned economy and not socialist as most think.

What's the difference? In socialism all production assets belong to the "people", which is represented by the state, which means all productive assets belong to the state - which is a command economy.

81e63086 No.3719349

You think it is "necessary" to keep the government shut down and cripple our credit score as a nation by causing America to go into default? I'm pretty sure that's called treason.

7d00b8b8 No.3719371

Which episode of Star Trek did that happen in?

8f7e4c2a No.3719373

The one in 3B's mind.
It's just his fucking way of
trying to start /POL/
in other threads.
Fucker should be hung.

8f7e4c2a No.3719378

File: 1697816590811-0.jpg (193.08 KB, 1024x973, 1wu2ls.jpg)

File: 1697816590811-1.jpg (158.17 KB, 1024x770, 26rr2s.jpg)

File: 1697816590811-2.jpg (110.2 KB, 1024x640, 36b09f988e1b058c8d613902a8….jpg)

File: 1697816590811-3.jpg (138.44 KB, 1024x768, 08750da2ea82690d86482940c4….jpg)

File: 1697816590811-4.jpg (156.57 KB, 1280x668, 1rkm7e.jpg)

Seems like all of ya Commies have overlooked some major players there in the ST franchise, y'all.
The fictional socialist ST shit could never work anyway, the Ferengi have it right and will eventually be rulers of everything.

81e63086 No.3719389

File: 1697819697155.png (411.37 KB, 498x522, u8.png)

Wrong again, retard.

The Ferengi just officially joined the Federation in the latest episode of Lower Deck.

81e63086 No.3719390

File: 1697819903529.jpg (249 KB, 631x648, slightly-racist.jpg)

That's what is happening in the real world right now because republicans cant seem to stop burning down the government.

8f7e4c2a No.3719391


It's all fiction anyway, retard.
Someone could have the Ferengi sucking dicks if they wanted.
Anything veering from Star Trek Canon is just fiction of a fiction.

81e63086 No.3719393

Lower deck is canon according to the creators.

f72cad01 No.3719395

Not Roddenberry's vision.

b1bb794d No.3719406

Roddenberry's vision was space communism

81e63086 No.3719409

File: 1697839203741.jpg (135.62 KB, 1024x640, Passion-of-the-Christ.jpg)

>It's all fiction anyway…

Yes, and like all popular media, it's left-wing fiction.

There is no such thing as popular right-wing media. We've seen what happened when the right-wing tries to be creative - you make multi-million dollar snuff films.

f72cad01 No.3719417

>>Yes, and like all popular media, it's left-wing fiction.

Everything the left says or writes is FICTION.


4f64a1ed No.3719424

File: 1697854017314.jpg (73.13 KB, 1024x759, bitcoin game prize.jpg)

>energy credits for your personal use to replicate personal items.

A medium of exchange is called MONEY by definition. It could be paper, seashells, rock wheels, bottlecaps, or pouches of salt. Just because energy is not a physical form does not mean it isnt money.

Do you not know what Bitcoin is, bitch?

4f64a1ed No.3719425

File: 1697854946725.jpg (64.76 KB, 425x700, Star-Trek-NV-Poster.jpg)

>artificially stimulating crystals to regrow

Wrong again!

The crystals were not destroyed - they became inert similar to a battery going dead.

All they did was use radiation to re-energize the 'battery' by restoring the active force of the crystals. They did NOT create anything.

In fact, in other canon, there is a major destabilization of dilithium that makes almost all crystals inert causing the Federation to destabilize. No one recreated dilithium at that point either.

You are NOT a trekkie. Stop trying to pretend you are one.

81ade6ba No.3719441

File: 1697876197016.jpg (45.23 KB, 584x584, e070eb4a6f6a9147bdc4359ddc….jpg)

Thats one of the things I don't like about Star Trek. Dilitheum.

Crystals are generally piezoelectric constructs that respond to electrical stimuli by vibrating, they don't hold a charge, given a few rare occasions where that can happen while contained.
Dilithum is just an open crystal with no stabilizer.

Well there are a lot of things about Star Trek that make no sense. I just generally have to really slam the emergency brake on my sciencey engineery brain stuff to enjoy it.

All in all Star Trek is pretty fucking awesome.

81ade6ba No.3719442

File: 1697876398168.png (412.12 KB, 681x383, Star-Trek-Strange-New-Worl….png)

Also Lower Decks is pretty entertaining. Lots of easter eggs all over the place.

81ade6ba No.3719443

File: 1697876946246.jpg (111.2 KB, 800x600, 147-website.jpg)

Not to mention I'd fuck this so hard our combined hatred would create an entirely new parallel dimension.

81ade6ba No.3719445

File: 1697879286173.jpg (38.83 KB, 594x720, 0gc3d9qn4fqa1.jpg)

Plus we both use Makita chainsaws and power tools, so that would be fun. Our batteries are compatible.

80191354 No.3719461

File: 1697922914241.gif (1.59 MB, 465x303, Haunebu germany nazi magne….gif)


Thats the funny thing about future tech….you cant conceive of it now so you say 'thats just silly'. Even today, we are playing with aspects of reality that were 'impossible' 20 years ago. Who can say what will be in 200 years?

I think that FTL ships are possible, simply because I cant think of why it would be impossible. I lack the knowledge base to make that conclusion and everyone else is the same. Until its proven otherwise, it is possible.

What is criminal is that 50 years have been wasted after the Apollo program ended because of corruption. Too bad Nazi Germany lost the war as we would be exploring the galaxy by now with their tech.

5daf56cf No.3719462

What special tech did they have?

81ade6ba No.3719463

If the nazis would have won, they still would have stagnated technologically. Historically you need a desperate demand for significant advancements, and war provides that most of the time.

Still there are several theories that we wont advance much beyond we are at right now. Electronics are pretty much at their physical limits, and our easy energy supplies peaked like 12 years ago, right now all we can do is be creative and optimize what we have.

Especially when the world is controlled by people more concerned about cutting people's dicks up than doing stuff like space exploration. Even the old Russian world super power is now using old phone books as armor for their tanks and getting their asses kicked by essentially youtube downvotes and preteens on ticktok.

81ade6ba No.3719465

plus were like one big solar flare from a new dark age.

81ade6ba No.3719466

this is entirely inaccurate, but from what I've gathered most of special Nazi tech was based on the principle of "tie a rocket to it and see what happens."

81e63086 No.3719478

File: 1697937913472.jpg (122.41 KB, 1200x1106, cb104f49f0fbaca5f533a3465d….jpg)

>I think that FTL ships are possible, simply because I cant think of why it would be impossible.
Spoken like a true ignoramus.

>Too bad the Nazi lost the war…

Ignoramus confirmed.

For those of you who didn't get a basic education in physics, no, you can not create a "warp drive" that goes FTL.

You can create one that goes very fast but as you approach the speed of light your mass increases so to cross the light speed threshold you would need to have an infinite amount of energy to move your infinite mass.

Also the closer to FTL you get the more distortion there is inside the warp field so anything at the front of the ship would have so much mass and weirdness it would fuck up the back of the ship.

The only viable solution to FTL travel are jump gates which create a subspace tunnel instead of a bubble. The issue is, of course, that you have to have a gate entrance and a gate exit so unless there is an alien race willing to build one for us near their space we would have to send out a construction bot and just wait hundreds of years before we could use it.

Ironically, the Sci-fi series that got space travel the most correct according to physics as we understand it now, is Babylon 5.

81e63086 No.3719481

File: 1697939137063.jpg (64.36 KB, 500x441, Russian-humor.jpg)

>I'm a guy who thinks a secret cabal of Jews have a space laser that causes "Havana Syndrome" and a global weather control machine. I'm going to tell you how science works…

f0804ebc No.3719483

File: 1697939488837.jpg (168.95 KB, 524x750, f1ef56ff6ae7be3374fd889120….jpg)

Spoken like a true ignoramus. You are an idiot, 3B. Do you even science?

81ade6ba No.3719485

File: 1697940248771.png (347.27 KB, 874x827, 1689008267.rakkuguy_100000….png)

there was a dr who episode that explored that notion. A giant space ship close to a black hole where the bottom of the ship was infinitely faster than the top of the ship.

Personally, I don't care for theoretical physics that can't be proven or disproven. I like facts, everything else is like DnD logic, fun to play with, but useless in irl.

81ade6ba No.3719488

File: 1697940637041.jpg (15.85 KB, 230x286, Einstein_tongue.jpg)

until we actually get close to FTL travel, were just relying on a hypothesis by some weirdo train engineer from WWII. Smart as he was, he isn't infallible.

81ade6ba No.3719493

or in his words.
Schlampe, die Scheiße ist abgefahren

81ade6ba No.3719494

also really, we can barely get a ship into atmosphere. I'll never be alive to see viable space travel.

81ade6ba No.3719495

hell N kora can barely launch a rocket without giving a slightly moist panic fart every time they hit the launch button.

03fd9ce5 No.3719508

File: 1697953343280.jpg (281.05 KB, 990x1500, d030cd531fa9a18c5b6d1ea66b….jpg)

> I'll never be alive to see viable space travel.
Maybe. SpaceX's methane fueled reusable rockets are interesting. It might be a good way to get to orbit.

Then if practical fusion power ever comes to pass, that would open up interplanetary travel within our solar system. Of course, practical fusion has been "fifty years away" for more than fifty years now. :-/

81ade6ba No.3719510

File: 1697961025448.png (1.29 MB, 1155x809, Udderly-abducted-psx1-7.png)

Well, hope you're right. Launching into space powered by cow farts would be like the best middle finger to vegans.

81e63086 No.3719516

File: 1697989668300.jpg (75.41 KB, 564x936, main-qimg-3bfade7bb939ced9….jpg)

>Personally, I don't care for theoretical physics that can't be proven or disproved.

The speed of light limit can and has been proven many, many times.


46ec1c5e No.3719518

File: 1697993405913.png (141.35 KB, 477x464, light_cone.png)

The speed of light is more than the name implies; it's really the speed of causality. Going faster implies breaking causality. C is theorized to be the upper limit to how fast information or objects can travel. Alcubierre drives are thus most likely impossible to build.


Critical thinking question: The Higgs boson was created at the LHC by colliding two protons. The Higgs has a mass of 125.11 GeV, but a proton has a mass of 938.27 MeV. How is it possible to create a Higgs particle 66.7 times more massive than the combined protons that went into making it?

f141c066 No.3719521

File: 1698001303675.jpg (484.48 KB, 1200x628, salem-witch-trials-1-31068….jpg)

>no, you can not create a "warp drive" that goes FTL.
>Typed unironically on a computer across a planetary network in a land protected by weapons that are autonomous.


Its witchcraft!


f141c066 No.3719522

File: 1698001640045.png (623 B, 113x70, emc2.png)


>The Higgs boson was created at the LHC by colliding two protons

>How is it possible to create a Higgs particle 66.7 times more massive than the combined protons

You introduced energy to accelerate the protons. Energy and matter are interchangeable.

46ec1c5e No.3719523

File: 1698003363078.jpg (33.96 KB, 720x540, relativistic_mass.jpg)


f385274d No.3719525

>Mass increases
>Relativistic mass

46ec1c5e No.3719530

File: 1698015169548.jpg (144.42 KB, 800x450, Your-Daily-Equation-06-Rel….jpg)

The relativistic mass increases with increase in velocity. The rest mass is invariant. Brian Greene does a good job explaining this:


46ec1c5e No.3719551

File: 1698083023070.jpg (162.5 KB, 750x1163, IMG_3309.JPG)


Read this article recently. Do you consider Star Trek a spiritual wellspring?

Really ought to be more precise with my language here. Meant "relativistic mass increases with increase in the magnitude of velocity" i.e. with increase in speed, as stated in the above slide. If the velocity is negative, the relativistic mass increases with decrease in velocity.

81e63086 No.3719606

File: 1698120195876.png (265.91 KB, 522x294, h64h46g.png)

According to our current understanding of how the universe works, this is true. There is no way to make a FTL warp drive but it won't matter because we'll just send robots to explore space and build warp gates while we populate the near by planets.

e3fcfb88 No.3719612

if you prep the particles for warp drive maybe
assuming you just jump into warp and into oblivion maybe (a place with no particles)
or that you have kicked a particle in some sort of golden rule and you are going light speed without warping and moving thus is faster

c50c33c0 No.3719618

File: 1698145484496-0.jpg (141.87 KB, 1111x785, Maid-DalekKing.jpg)

File: 1698145484496-1.jpg (136.22 KB, 958x900, Maid-DaleksKick.jpg)

> h64h46g.png
Wrong fucking show, twat.

c98bccfe No.3719681

There is no relativistic mass there is only one mass which is invariant. It's not mass that increases but energy. You can't just arbitrarily attribute the gamma factor to mass. It applies to the whole equation. I don't know why they keep teaching this approach in schools. Probably so you can keep the classic p_vec = m * v_vec equation. However if you apply it to other classic equations like F_vec = m * v_vec you may get wrong results. If you evaluate F_vec = dp_vec/dt you'll end up with with a force vector that depends not only on the acceleration vector but also on the velocity vector. If you still try to uphold a concept of relativistic mass, you would have to accept that mass is now a vector that depends not only on velocity but also on its direction.

9e2009d2 No.3719682

as soon as relativistic mass occurs it occurs on a curve so the perspective must be invariant for an invariant mass

if the invariant change occurs its it must change the perspective still

this accounts for light-waves and the curvature of time space

a theory of relativity can be applied
and the perspective can hold special relativity in warp timespace or hyperspace or whatever that the perspective adheres to an invariant mass as a center of origin and that transfers as to the observed curve in whatever dynamic or change

that is how you give warp features in warp drive
and how its somehow not your head that is being "asymmetrified throughout congruency" until it eventually collapses into itself from a change of velocity or a hypercritical collapse resorting to order of magnitude (becoming a blackhole in spacetime)

fd5fadee No.3719691

File: 1698198832381.gif (1.25 MB, 400x200, yoda.gif)

>According to our current understanding

81e63086 No.3719698

File: 1698205879932.png (434.04 KB, 700x435, vr3b53gf.png)

There is no such thing as being in a place with no particles because you are made of particles. An imaginary FTL drive can move at any speed you want but real things have mass, and you can't "prep" something to break the laws of physics.

9171fc22 No.3719703

File: 1698218438801.png (392.71 KB, 729x437, Screenshot 2023-10-25 at 0….png)

>Wrong fucking show, twat.

Agreed, but you're a twat for complaining about whatever they posted.

f0804ebc No.3719711

File: 1698228156240.jpg (50.74 KB, 522x662, Dr. Daniel Jackson.jpg)

So claims the twat who posted a photo of a talking metallic penis.

9171fc22 No.3719713

File: 1698229372101.png (622.99 KB, 773x543, Screenshot 2023-10-25 at 0….png)

Get your head out of the gutter you knob neck.

46ec1c5e No.3719733

File: 1698246857405.jpg (64.8 KB, 750x796, m8wqg79gzb651.jpg)

>It's not mass that increases but energy
Nope. Pic related.
>classic equations like F_vec = m * v_vec
Nope. F = ma in Newtonian mechanics.
>mass is now a vector
Nope. Mass is scalar.

36b20a09 No.3719745

>Nope. Pic related.
Mass can be converted into energy and energy into mass. Just like you can convert other forms of energy like chemical/kinetic energy. It doesn't tell you which form of energy is present and it does not tell you that you need increasing mass for special relativity.

>Nope. F = ma in Newtonian mechanics.

True. I meant F_vec = m * a_vec. It was a copy&past error.

>Nope. Mass is scalar.

Exactly. But it would become dependent on direction if you kept using relativistic mass in other newtonian formulas. You would have to introduce concepts like longitudinal mass and transverse mass.
All unnecessary if you accept mass as invariant and only use relativistic energy and momentum.

By the way, even Einstein said it himself. This paper explains it in more detail:

a77056fa No.3719780

Good evening everyone this is your local lulz thread commentator and oh boy doozy have we got a whopper today! Everyone knows star trek, everyone loves it, and if you've been around town lately you'll know the standard procedure is to immediately proclaim that DS9 was the best series because fuck Roddenberry, but our thread commentators tonight have decided to bypass that step completely and dive headlong into politics. Just to summarize what we've witnessed so far:
BD calling all 'leftists' pedophiles without ackowledging the catholic church, modern libertarian trends or Hitler's jewish loli. This was followed up by the hoy poloy of shills and the "I'm so right wing I have nothing to do all day but talk politics on a furry board" set declaring that Star Trek was left wing lunacy that wasn't popular, except that actually despite all evidence to the contrary Star Trek was a right wing show that celebrated fascism. After that astounding demonstration of insane political lensing the thread devolved into a sober ackowledgement that everyone involved is a massive star trek nerd, and also massive math/physics nerds, and just at this moment we may be on the verge of determining once and for all whether FTL travel is possible. Despite all of this activity the trickle of star-trek based furry porn has been pretty darn disappointing, though some points have to be given to the borg alien probe comic with the green bird guy getting it up the ass.
Back to you guys in the studio.

9171fc22 No.3719794

File: 1698288222444-0.jpeg (547.95 KB, 1009x1920, 81f64e8bceadc0c1bd5a0300c….jpeg)

File: 1698288222444-1.jpg (380.24 KB, 1260x1658, bcdd48e4109ae69ebb4017ed9d….jpg)

File: 1698288222444-2.jpeg (282.54 KB, 900x1334, 8f0454a6a372376ce3af94a12….jpeg)

>the trickle of star-trek based furry porn has been pretty darn disappointing

46ec1c5e No.3719829

File: 1698332374816.png (2.2 MB, 1400x1082, 1622154193.kalahari_stryke….png)

For those genuinely interested in learning physics, I highly recommend The Feynman Lectures on Physics. They're kinda famous within the physics community. And they're freely available online, so no excuse. There's even a brilliant section on relativistic mass. ;)


Pretty much.

5e290fff No.3719831

File: 1698333102608-0.jpg (471.73 KB, 926x1629, ColumnStuck.jpg)

File: 1698333102608-1.jpg (184.1 KB, 783x1137, BridgeStuckBreakfast.jpg)

I always felt Star Trek downplayed the dangers of transporter technology. They should have shown more transporter disasters such as people materializing halfway inside solid objects or arriving without their clothes. :)

46ec1c5e No.3719833

File: 1698337569211.jpg (161.89 KB, 872x854, tumblr_oktn6jMOLg1qbfzpco1….jpg)

Feynman's enthusiasm is contagious. Quote:

The mass of the object which is formed when two equal objects collide must be twice the mass of the objects which come together. You might say, "Yes, of course, that is the conservation of mass." But not "Yes, of course," so easily, because these masses have been enhanced over the masses that they would be if they were standing still, yet they still contribute, to the total M, not the mass they have when standing still, but more. Astonishing as that may seem, in order for the conservation of momentum to work when two objects come together, the mass that they form must be greater than the rest masses of the objects, even though the objects are at rest after the collision!

c50c33c0 No.3719843

File: 1698343924072.jpg (79.64 KB, 439x600, 212f24835d3b3915a7faa5161e….jpg)

Don't ask me, I have no idea what's going on here.

9e2009d2 No.3719983

Ftl Fuel can be achieved because energy pervades the limitation of matter and therefore a particle rides on a wave. The energy is relative to a lightwave in that the wave is adjusted to a faster than light frequency. To do this involves using the fuel-component as the engine itself. An antimatter fuel being used would be faster than light. Holding a superfluid-emp field in which this would occur and all its universal plasma altering properties it would be harnessed and fashioned as a faster than light-fuel-based capsule. The capsule may be fashioned into a ship-model made out of the hyperplasma. The hyperplasma would contain an event singularity in the enclosure of its superfluid, that would be the ship-environment. It could transport safely in a ftl condition throughout timespace as separate-from-lightwaves but in a field comparable to light "a universally quantum zerospace". As it breaks its warp in the distengration of its active superfluid (fuel exhaustion), it can release its singularity having piloted warp space into or from a "holographic enclosure" all while using antimatter fuel.

9e2009d2 No.3719985

The fuel most likely most be fabriciated from a hub in which the ships may be activated or deactivated. Or self deactivating.

4c59ae82 No.3720008

Thank you, AI.

81e63086 No.3720045

File: 1698475402758.jpg (264.5 KB, 437x748, gvf7tfct7.jpg)

bd537261 No.3720076

The neckbeardery in this thread is astonishing and beyond my lengthy experience and imagination… so what are you and your beards doing to stop the real-life ww3 that's now being advanced into the next (global mass-extinction) phase by the zionists?
Question partially related to Star Trek, because according to that franchise, all the cool and good stuff started after almost every human/animal got brutally wiped off the planet. Problem is, that's just a sick zionist fantasy - the first ones to get killed during any major war are always the good ones, so we'll just be left with the trash that won't be able to do anything worthwhile.

36b20a09 No.3720129

>so what are you and your beards doing to stop the real-life ww3 that's now being advanced into the next (global mass-extinction) phase
Why would I want to stop it? We desperately need a reset.

9171fc22 No.3720143

File: 1698560728474.png (1.07 MB, 688x864, Screenshot 2023-10-29 at 0….png)

81e63086 No.3720512

All these right-wingers waiting for the end of the world will be the first to die. They don't have the education to survive in a world that isn't designed to keep the stupid alive.

9171fc22 No.3720515

File: 1698865480780.jpeg (523.15 KB, 1215x1113, Web capture_1-11-2023_151….jpeg)

81ade6ba No.3720600

File: 1698941767701.jpg (54.36 KB, 512x288, steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.jpg)

I admittedly have to agree.

Given my historic lines of work, growing up where I did, and living in Idaho for a few years, I've ran into a lot of preppers and mormons.

Even the most prepared ones I've me might have tons of ammo, enough guns to arm a small army, dehydrated food to last someone a fallout sometimes even with a bunker, and occasionally "end of the world seed banks."

… But most of the time the seeds and food are way past expiration, guns only get you so far, even for hunting. Look at the great depression era, poaching was so bad that you couldn't hunt out of season if you wanted to, it was all tapped out. Plus even if you have an old nuclear bunker, chances are the filters were solidified, and no maintenance was ever done since the 80's, and even if you did keep it up and running, they would never protect you from the atmosphere igniting 300x over like our current scorched earth policy guarantees.

Personally, I'm not worried about an end of the world event. If the Fallout series has taught me anything, just having a german shepherd increases my survivability rate astronomically. Unless its a zombie apocalypse, in which case my shit splotchy beard almost guarantees early death.

81ade6ba No.3720602

Not saying I have a shit splotched beard right now, but there is a reason I just rock the goatee, literally everything else grows in at random, some of it not even the same color. Its a disaster. It tested it out during the quarantine, and it came in making me looking like a patched together hobo who was just introduced to the concept of a razor, and stopped half way through the experience.

eed5a690 No.3720630

File: 1698957712375.jpg (109.11 KB, 1280x720, itsover1000[1].jpg)

Hey Vegeta, what does the scouter say about his Dunning-Kruger level?

9171fc22 No.3720706

File: 1699028288777.png (797.26 KB, 914x803, Screenshot 2023-11-03 at 1….png)

>Not saying I have a shit splotched beard right now, but there is a reason I just rock the goatee, literally everything else grows in at random, some of it not even the same color.


81ade6ba No.3720722

File: 1699045524671.png (417.39 KB, 640x400, ff671-njln5vsr.png)


hey, we've already settled that I'm surprisingly attractive. I just can't grow a beard. Sue me, at least I don't have the bald gene.

On the plus side, not having body hair goes with the beard thing. I never have to shave… well my arm pits are out of control, but thats just like 30 seconds a month to trim those down.

6b31cdf6 No.3720725

>Hah, stupid chuds don't know how to interface with the synthesizer modem to requisition their nutrient paste!

9171fc22 No.3720736

File: 1699056758451.png (723.11 KB, 705x494, Screenshot 2023-11-03 at 2….png)

So you have hairy armpits like those women in those Italian porn videos.

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