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File: 1702467398025.jpg (229.05 KB, 1515x848, Screenshot_20231213_033237….jpg)

Governor Walz: "I'm surrounded by states who are spending their time figuring out how to ban Charlotte's Web from their school, while we're banishing hunger from ours with free breakfast and lunch.

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File: 1702476502547.jpg (955.92 KB, 1811x1821, Screenshot_20231213_060452….jpg)

Like all conservatives constantly lieing

db1206cd No.3724927

Exactly what do you plan to stop it! Throw a fit, scream and yell, and call us all deplorables and racist? FACE IT, we got all the resources and your side has all the useless people! I'm sure you don't want to hear this, but it is a fact!

db1206cd No.3724929

File: 1702477297457.jpg (334.65 KB, 800x818, Hitler1.jpg)

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Fuck yeah kill nazis

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File: 1702477950960.jpg (64.04 KB, 642x767, 5vs916eccz5c1.jpg)

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File: 1702478106640.jpg (134.93 KB, 800x794, 1614518439653.jpg)

Uncle Sam IS the Nazi,
blind dumbass.

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File: 1702478282618.jpg (954.52 KB, 1600x1200, R.jpg)

Naw, the way things have gotten,
we need somebody more hardcore
to handle your ilk.

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File: 1702478474188.jpg (162.48 KB, 1280x894, Shino_03.jpg)


If fucking only. We wouldn't be in half the debt we are without the wellfare class. And most of those people up there would be single moms that "don't need no man", because the government is their sugar daddy.

Fucking Slave morality Christfagdom.

2d27cfe6 No.3724935

File: 1702478482959.jpg (493.31 KB, 1024x1044, bda6d5de6.jpg)

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File: 1702480089624.jpg (349.02 KB, 1024x675, R (1)b.jpg)

Except Christ has nothing to do with that.

c82b9c61 No.3724938

what i dont get about this thread is Fe users like Dog or 3B acting like they're neurologically capable of understanding love or lecturing others on it, as if overcompensating. I don't really care about the word. You could say my relationship is abuse and loveless all day it wouldn't change that I'd die for the other dude or that we're together forever

Fe users are so weird

I just hope his imageboard isn't like Reddit

c82b9c61 No.3724939

he acts like he's loyal or gets what love is or some shit but wouldn't even give me a hug when asked after i had a bad day, man. I had to read like 1% of his post and it was horrible and I asked for a doggy hug to compensate and I didn't get it

I'd cuddle anyone who had to read his posts. Like I'd get it.

c82b9c61 No.3724940


4aeb8749 No.3724941

File: 1702480876291.jpg (366.21 KB, 3000x2200, father_daughter665.jpg)


As if the number of black people in america is that great. Meanwhile the number of single moms that are a leech on the system. And raise messed up children, who the medical system can prey on, and prison complex, and the pedos.

4aeb8749 No.3724942

File: 1702481304342.png (956.13 KB, 1025x681, cropped22.png)

If you took single motherdom out of the black community. It would be like how it once was.

Dads would put an end to the kids following jail culture. And black girls making themselves bald by 30 via weaves.

Why do so many blacks think they are eternal victims in need of free money? Because they are raised by single mothers who are eternal victims and always want free money.

9f3388f4 No.3724943

Lol whites bad tho

9f3388f4 No.3724944

File: 1702481750321.jpg (31.42 KB, 666x500, 7tk5s0zxlz5c1.jpg)

7b5ce510 No.3724945

File: 1702485775445.jpg (18.16 KB, 300x300, sleeeeepytiem.jpg)

You're lumping me together with someone/comrades who hate everything that's dear to me - which is probably the only way anyone could insult me. Also - anything that 3Broken says about love is completely broken and the opposite of what love is.
This might sound tiresome, but it's far more difficult for those who reject Christ to know the difference between true love, and the satanic/communist inversion of love that 3Broken spews.
The devil/communist counterfeits everything of God's and inverts it - the most obvious example is the inverted cross of satanism. Less obvious examples are the inversions of Christian values, that when inverted are made to sound good/freedom-affirming on the surface, but only lead to murder/death.

My image board will be nothing like Reddit, the environment there and so many of those people are insufferable.

Anyone can fake a hug, especially an Internet-hug. I'm only loyal to Jesus Christ. I will defend those truly close to me, including and especially Jesus Christ.

The way I treat others is in line with me not wanting to genuinely hurt someone. Misunderstandings can happen, but feigning loyalty or camaraderie will eventually injure the other.
Beware those strangers who'll metaphorically jerk someone off and pander to their self-indulgence - what's in it for those strangers, and what character-type would even do such a thing? (Usually creeps, murderers or feds/"jews"/commies… or all-examples-in-one.)

Anyway, I'm very tired. It's so damn late here and I must sleep, doggy bed, etc.

7a19409e No.3724949

Just so you know, nobody reads your deranged schizo walls of text. You're wasting your time posting racist garbage and everyone just ignores you.

7a19409e No.3724950

I never said "white" but you made that connection in your head because you're assume all white people are racist cracker dullards like you are :)

7a19409e No.3724951

Not one single inch of American territory for the fash vermin. They can fuck off and get the hell out of my country if they have a problem with it 😎

c82b9c61 No.3724956

theres a reason i could tell DK is INFP right away and confirmed. I'm really good at diagnosing that shit, lol

c82b9c61 No.3724957

no but i have a soul so i like hugs damnit. you have homelander's exact function stack albeit healthier so there's no Fi, your entire worldview is based on people around you being happy/miserable, you can't have consistent values.

fe users have no fi by default, read up on jung's idea of fi vs fe, and your inferior ti and the susceptibility to insane schizo science that it gives you (as well as your laughable attempts to make it your personality or a cute joke) is so obvious it hurts

this is why you struggle making friends man. half of the people you meet are going to be Fi users like me who operate on consistent values that don't depend on people around us or validation (since that's 8/16 of the stacks in Jung's model) and the other half will be hard logicians and robots who don't care

we're both feeling types, but ENFJ are far more like cult leaders whereas ENFP are just just goofy happy go lucky athletes. im just saying talking to your type is just as inconsistent and infuriating as I must have appeared to you.

it is a really cool stack though. im amazed you got far in business at all with Fe-Ni

wefoids like Soros are ENTJews

c82b9c61 No.3724959

But yeah I don't respect sociopathic manipulators and cult leaders, sorry. I know your goals are well intended but the methodology matters a lot to people with my leanings

4aeb8749 No.3724961

File: 1702496778543.png (247.5 KB, 800x600, Why.png)


A bullet don't care what personality type you got. Nor does a knife, nor governments, nor anyone important really.

It matters as much as girls think star signs matter.

c82b9c61 No.3724963

it matters. I wouldn't trust you with menial or technical work, INFPs suck at logic

4aeb8749 No.3724965

File: 1702500277437.jpg (56.56 KB, 564x730, vr.jpg)


Whats next, you going to tell me how my favorite color limits my choices of ice cream cones?

9f3388f4 No.3724967


9f3388f4 No.3724968

File: 1702500530641.jpg (133.51 KB, 1024x576, mhhvpqwg036c1.jpg)

a850d191 No.3724969

And here is your basic racist niggеr. Just like all niggеrs are racist thugs.

a850d191 No.3724970

Racist niggеr.

9f3388f4 No.3724977

lol the retarded whites are hurting themselves in their confusion!

9f3388f4 No.3724978

File: 1702502897934.jpg (163.01 KB, 1229x1252, ny57ct8h036c1.jpg)

9f3388f4 No.3724979

File: 1702503224755.png (858.2 KB, 2466x1364, 9hc6v3asv36c1.png)

no wonder loser whites want this guy

c82b9c61 No.3724981

If you disagree with this you are disagreeing with the idea of a subconscious, which he discovered and codified btw. The theory is based on a very simple observable principle

4aeb8749 No.3724985

File: 1702509186012.png (648.29 KB, 1000x1660, 7VJnyxa.png)


Telling someone they suck at logic when Engineering logics games are they're fav game type is lol.

4aeb8749 No.3724986

File: 1702509501653.jpg (410.61 KB, 782x1116, Kari_page_7.jpg)

I'd be happy as a pig in shit if my boyfriend gets me a new PC for Christmas so I can better run Greg tech New horizons.

Your suppose to automate everything, but the frame drops, the frame drops.

c82b9c61 No.3724987

you are only good at being quiet and sitting in your imagination like a drooling dog and you know it

4aeb8749 No.3724989

File: 1702510213598.jpg (130.25 KB, 850x960, Lust.jpg)


Kinky, is insulting men how you get off? Best hope you don't find a weak male that likes being dominated by a stronger male.

Least they ask you to bite their neck as you take them from behind.

4aeb8749 No.3724991

File: 1702511220903.jpg (293.71 KB, 2406x1759, 87445.jpg)

The best thing to have touching your back, is the front of another man.

But that doesn't mean your submissive and breedable. Still, I hear it takes tons of sex to get boy pregnant. And thats why a guy should never say no, one less time can mean no kids.

And a guy wants to have kids, so he has a legacy.

4aeb8749 No.3724993

File: 1702512884037.jpg (388.92 KB, 2800x1779, 90009.jpg)

Guess Foxboy got your tongue, beautiful. Oh well, in political news.

I hear Alex Jones is back on Twitter…I bought water from him once. He said it does something to frogs, but I drank it anyway. It made me feel funny, in a good way. All tingly in my head and pants.

And silly old Tucker Carlson is starting the Tucker Carlson network. How Silly!

9f3388f4 No.3724995

Lol Nazis aren't cute
Kill yourself dk

9f3388f4 No.3724996

File: 1702515306930.jpg (122.86 KB, 1024x682, lntiwsocz36c1.jpg)

Wait, they actually made a logo for the impeachment inquiry? I guess using the Impact font is appropriate for the memes it's generating

73adffb0 No.3724998

File: 1702516192197.jpg (78.27 KB, 1280x799, nazi.jpg)

>Nazis aren't cute

c82b9c61 No.3725062

Your Te is so inferior you can't even confront me right when you're trying. This is you trying to mock me and you can't even manage it. It sounds like you're talking to someone who isn't there

6fab8ca7 No.3725140

Stop it? Why would America want to stop conservatives from leaving? Red states are the biggest drain we have on the economy! None of you contribute, you all suck out more tax money than you put in!

It would be so much better for all of us if all of you went off on your own.

6fab8ca7 No.3725141

File: 1702589222405.jpg (833.82 KB, 1902x1573, cognitive-dissonance.jpg)

>I'm only loyal to Jesus…
>I'm a conservative who supports everything Jesus stood against.

6fab8ca7 No.3725149

Didn't you know? Speaker Mike Johnson graduated college with a degree in design.

Creating a logo is the only thing he is qualified to do.

f5d57482 No.3732355

i am racist and not very bright

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