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Any further /pol/ threads will be deleted.

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gay rights.

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Gays are genetically defective and deserve to die at birth

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File: 1701080885269.jpg (263.21 KB, 1024x732, 964_skillful.jpg)

Typical Ugly Niigger

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File: 1701084042472.jpg (41.45 KB, 524x465, Barks_Internally.jpg)

If you value what's remaining of your life, then stay away from places/anything created, run or controlled by the synagogue of satan, like this place is.

Never forget that jewB and co. deleted threads and posts (and banned the posters) warning about the deathshots (as well as similar dicey subjects) that have already killed or maimed tens of millions of people worldwide, they have deleted pro-Christian posts and messages (and banned the posters as spammers), they allow degenerate leftist/commie lunatics (such as 3Broken) to run amok and then lie about it and they allow fedposting, and have done so from the very beginning.

This place is monitored like a rectal camera up the ass, despite having virtually no traffic anymore - whenever good and helpful sources that defend against the satanic new world order are posted here, those sources are immediately attacked in various ways.
Save your energy for worthier efforts.

This is a global war against all human/animal life and Christianity. Stick to the KJV Bible - if you're a newfag, I suggest you start with the Gospel of Matthew and then read Revelation.
The worst kinds of people/lizards/whatever hate the KJV Bible/Word of God (and those who follow it) - that should tell you something. Not even mainstream sources can lie that particular point completely away, because of the mountains of evidence and the bones of the hundreds of millions of slaughtered Christians that can never be fully buried (and because God won't allow it).
Stay away in every way from the demented minds that would ever support or act out such mentality/things, and become better than them. They will murder you in every way to make you as empty and already-dead as they are, if you're not careful.

Also - stay the fuk away from anything even remotely related to the "new age" BS. If you want to "self-improve" then stick to torrenting (((Tony Robbins'))) Ultimate Edge program but avoid (((anything else))) of his, especially the newer crap - I've gone through Ultimate Edge program twice and can agree with it about 90%, which is much more than most other self-improvement trash that's available, most of which appears to "steal" from Robbins.

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More bullshit lies from a "perpetually persecuted" fake-Christian Karen.

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File: 1701097145254.jpg (54.36 KB, 576x767, 4nu54s7q0v2c1.jpg)

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Republicans are subhuman

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File: 1701098029857.jpg (22.64 KB, 320x180, cockgoeswhere.jpg)

>Angry canned smears.
Point out what statement you feel is incorrect, Schlomo, and we can discuss and show sources.

(Pic unrelated.)

PS: Will go to Doggy Bed now, but will return once I've woken and brushed my fur.

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You have no evidence this site is run by (((the Jews))). Furthermore, the KJV Bible is quoted on here all the time, so there is no Christian persecution. In fact, this site is owned by a Christian. You personally are not being censored or whatever. It's all in your delusional head.

db1206cd No.3723030

Everyone who is not a far left communist/socialist must ignore the rhetoric of the moronic idiots on the left. Conservatives are not “far right”. The only parties displaying clear radically “far right” and extremist tendencies today are those who accept being labelled “far left”— those who have climbed in bed with the current cabal of powermongers in the WEF/WHO axis— those connected to the Chinese Communist Party pushing woke and trans nonsense. Ostracize those fools who have no regard for their fellow citizens.

The MSM NEVER says that a particular person or policy has "gone too far left".

It's quite telling actually as it shows their bias quite prominently.

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Republicans are subhuman pedophiles

823e2c59 No.3723032

File: 1701101223511.jpeg (91.05 KB, 636x766, 68ak5dxcnv2c1.jpeg)

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>subhuman pedophiles

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File: 1701102994060.jpg (1.1 MB, 1284x1357, 1701091527418948.jpg)

I dont understand. Why did CVS do this?

db1206cd No.3723036

Yet even more proof
the left can't meme.

823e2c59 No.3723043

Kill yourself like your bestie Hitler blow your brains out after you kill your dog

823e2c59 No.3723044

File: 1701110659012.png (113.01 KB, 483x563, z9587pdnyv2c1.png)

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File: 1701110745905.jpeg (76.21 KB, 1024x512, stbnh20esw2c1.jpeg)

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File: 1701112814693.gif (810 B, 2x2, u.gif)


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File: 1701135999932.png (225.81 KB, 592x767, 20exkjb3wx2c1.png)

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File: 1701136067426.jpeg (49.29 KB, 720x483, ckgumz5akz2c1.jpeg)

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God you're a fucking retard holy fuck.

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File: 1701137545521.jpg (68.08 KB, 979x767, xj7gq0npkw2c1.jpg)

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File: 1701137802977.png (219.44 KB, 1024x750, we3qfkv2my2c1.png)

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File: 1701152043916.jpg (30.7 KB, 680x617, F_kQUzHWoAAfVE_.jpg)

The wife of former president Jimmy Carter, a writer and human rights activist, will be laid to rest this week. All the living first ladies and all the living presidents were invited, except for Trump. No one wants him there. His wife is invited, but not him.

Who wants to bet he crashes the funeral like a angry toddler?

4cfcc815 No.3723129

And who cares about someone's dead wife?

c73c0be7 No.3723130

File: 1701153893930.png (316.41 KB, 500x494, follow_your_leader.png)

> Kill yourself like your bestie Hitler
You have been misinformed. Mr. Hitler faked his death and retired to South America. He lived quite comfortably off of jew gold the previous owners had no further use for. LOL

c73c0be7 No.3723131

File: 1701154044242.png (2.61 MB, 1340x1500, a62ec395f4aa60f1.png)

> sun screen
LOL niggers

9f3388f4 No.3723132

In the corridors of societal beliefs, one theory reigns with an air of arrogance and fallibility: white supremacy. This notion, shrouded in a cloak of purported racial superiority, boasts of one race's ascendancy, predominantly attributing this exalted status to the white populace. Yet, beneath its facade, this theory stands bereft of empirical grounding, lacking any scientific substantiation for its audacious claims.

Throughout history, white supremacy has been the masterful architect behind a tapestry of systemic discrimination, oppression, and violence perpetrated against marginalized communities. A tool wielded to rationalize the subjugation of non-white populations, it stands in stark opposition to the very principles of equality and human rights it purports to uphold.

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File: 1701155816778.jpg (84.8 KB, 852x767, hfa0a8n7f03c1.jpg)

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File: 1701156023408.jpg (71.6 KB, 850x1063, absol.jpg)

Well see in a few months, I'm pretty good at predicting the future, and my instincts say Trump will be back.

4fb10a5a No.3723135

File: 1701156210635.jpg (66.71 KB, 850x513, c91265adde10b932b66f95a89b….jpg)

My instincts also say that hes going to do something heinous.

I don't know what it will be, but it will be bad.

4fb10a5a No.3723136

File: 1701156641070.jpg (132.37 KB, 850x850, fdc8ab2697cf6c72fef95da042….jpg)

one of my powers is future sight, its rarely wrong.

4fb10a5a No.3723137

File: 1701157115924.png (115.15 KB, 796x904, 115bbb1bee354215f0346fe448….png)

lol I can also predict things like lotto numbers stocks, and stuff like that. Its a really cool ability.

c82b9c61 No.3723139

File: 1701167576256.jpg (111.66 KB, 521x506, The_Other_Niko.jpg)

im the rape god, and i exist to rape

also, how the fuck are the same retards still here two years later? business dog still being obsessed with kikes, steam still larping, it's the same shit

db1206cd No.3723140

And 3B is still shitposting.
How could you forget the resident Clown Troll?
I guess cause he's just background noise.

7b5ce510 No.3723141

File: 1701172131793.jpg (168.94 KB, 1800x1200, German_Shepherd.jpg)

Only niggеrs exist to rape, silly! :3
Also, I was seriously thinking of contacting you to help convince you to allow Jesus to enter that turbulent heart of yours. Good thing you're here - if you go through my previous posts on this and the last couple of polshit threads, I'm sure there's good Christian advice there still, but I'll post more later too.

BTW - Jesus wasn't a jew! Never let the rabbis convince you otherwise.

(Pic unrelated.)

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File: 1701172228476.jpg (171.35 KB, 750x1000, bg,f8f8f8-flat,750x,075,f-….jpg)

Whatever Trump does as 47 will be glorious and well-deserved.
That is a man now driven by political and personal revenge, not just against the lying cheating democrat party but against LibTards in general.
It will be GLORIOUS.
I doubt if the democratic party will even exist anymore after Trump is done. As 47 he will have access to classified information and documents he will now release that will destroy them for what they have done.
The Leftist Nazis will get what they deserve.

7b5ce510 No.3723143

File: 1701173007421.jpg (202.6 KB, 1283x1243, My_Fellow_Whites.jpg)

>You have no evidence this site is run by (((the Jews)))
I stated "run OR controlled" which is different, but has the same effect - when something is undermined/corrupted and acts within the "master's" wishes and parameters, it might as well be "owned/run" but at the very least; overall and in effect it's "controlled". There's a post of mine about this here already: https://lulz.net/furi/res/3722592.html#q3722665 Lots of "churches" around the world are "owned" by "christians" but nevertheless doing the devil's work, so who really "owns" them? (BTW, I've mentioned before getting contacted by zionist-nwo-types on here who were curious about whether I'm "on their side", and I recognise their posting style - anyone with any real image board experience will notice this.)
>Furthermore, the KJV Bible is quoted on here all the time
Is it? I've been here since before this place was lulz and know better than you that it isn't. Can you show the all those posts or at least as a reminder explain them and their context/subject?
>so there is no Christian persecution
I never said anything about "persecution" on here but have seen Christian posts get deleted over the years, and was banned myself for "spamming" and had over a year's worth of also my non-Christian posts deleted right after making Bible tip posts to someone. (Also, actual hardcore persecution of Christians happens in places where the KJV or its equivalent is quoted, and usually because of it, so your argument doesn't even make sense.)

7b5ce510 No.3723144

File: 1701173175940.png (1.3 MB, 2000x2000, One_of_Many_Examples.png)

>In fact, this site is owned by a Christian.
The Bible makes it clear that most people and "Christians" will take the wide gate/way to destruction (hell). Any "Christian" owner of this synagogue-of-satan viper's nest would have kicked out the worst offenders (mentioned in my post above, especially since they go against the very purpose of what an image board is supposed to be, and they already have blood on their hands), but nothing at all has changed after all this time. Why even purchase such a cursed place and then just leave it as is? Even deleting it would have been better for the "community", rather than allowing the satanism, damaging lies and distractions to continue - those who have committed such acts have already had more than enough rope. Jesus doesn't condemn people - they condemn themselves!
When any "Christian" behaves like a pharisee/zionist/"jew"/anti-christ, then is he or she actually a Christian?
>You personally are not being censored or whatever. It's all in your delusional head.
How could you possibly know that? Explain. (I never used the word "censored" when referring to myself, merely stated the above.)

It was nice seeing the previous posts (which still need proper responses, will get onto that soon) challenging my statements regarding Christian matters. Nevertheless, as I've been saying for almost 2 years, almost everyone has left long ago and am left wondering if anyone here even wants to live still. Perhaps the 5 remaining on here know by now they're doomed and have made up their minds, so are just lazily going through the death motions now.
Does anyone still want to know more Christian and/or deathshot-detoxing stuff? I'll make more of an effort if that's the case, there's already 1 guy here who I still want to get back to.

db1206cd No.3723145

File: 1701173600647.jpg (270.25 KB, 800x800, Donald-Trump-Mugshot-if-yo….jpg)

This should be a lesson for all you lying, cheating, stealing, LEFTIST NAZIS.
You may get away with it for a little while, but there WILL come a day of reckoning. BECAUSE THE MAJORITY OF AMERICANS WILL NOT STAND FOR IT.
This has ALWAYS been what happens in country after country, throughout history, without exception.
It's like you never learn. Or you think a brief period of holding power is worth it, regardless of the consequences that follow.
Hey we need more indictments, Trump is only 72% ahead of everybody else!!
What's ADORABLE is that if the Leftists had just let Trump win legally in 2020 instead of engaging in fraud of biblical proportions to keep him out, He would have just completed his second, probably mediocre term and been done with it.

c82b9c61 No.3723146

bullshit, im not a i am racist and not very bright and i was known for rape in the day

i rape people in discussions online, and i rape people in reality

7b5ce510 No.3723147

File: 1701177630833.jpg (169.15 KB, 1800x1200, Dalmation.jpg)

Aww, no. :( You sound like you've taken a turn for the worse then.
You need Jesus even more badly than I thought.
Also, I suggest you undergo the vax-detox procedure even though you're not vaxd due to shedding, etc.
I'll post more about that in 24 hours - have to go to Goddy Bed soon.

(Pic unrelated.)

6d78b68b No.3723148

File: 1701178096241.png (1.19 MB, 1280x800, gay5322.png)


Forget Jesus, welcome Satan.

c82b9c61 No.3723149

>goddy bed

did you seriously do that nonstop for 2 years while I was gone or did you remember me xD idk which is more sexless

db1206cd No.3723150

Ok then, tell us WHY.
So i can tear your delusional reasons into confetti that slowly flutters away in the wind.

6d78b68b No.3723151

File: 1701179211790.png (2.05 MB, 1348x1600, 2309860.png)


Flutters is already one of us.

db1206cd No.3723152

If you're talking about that stupid pony thing in the picture,
she doesn't exist.
Prove me wrong.

6d78b68b No.3723153

File: 1701179663022.png (1.21 MB, 1235x1600, 2256828.png)




Oh your adorable

db1206cd No.3723154

Plenty of proof.
throughout history.
You just refuse to acknowledge it.
You, however, have NONE.

6d78b68b No.3723155

File: 1701183154382.png (2.27 MB, 1459x1600, 900.png)


How wrong you are. There is no proof.

db1206cd No.3723156

You're like the 'Trump Lost' election deniers who would say "there is no such thing as cowshit" even after you smear their faces with it.
I'm talking to a low-IQ moron.

7b5ce510 No.3723157

File: 1701183919983.jpg (100.24 KB, 1242x893, Trufax.jpg)

>did you seriously do that nonstop for 2 years while I was gone or did you remember me xD idk which is more sexless
Both! Plus, when you combine both they cancel each other out and become explosive sexual might, sort of like splitting the atom. Thank goodness I'm a Christian dog, and have the discipline to wait until marriage. :3

On another subject - are you hardcore enough and would you take my personally-tested advice regarding shedding/vax detoxing? I won't go through more evidence of the global democide and instead focus on some basic health treatments.
I've noticed a positive side effect of those prophylactic treatments - my hard-on/knot is noticeably stronger than since before the shedding/vaxes began. Apparently I'm pretty allergic to that kind of poison despite being a dog, and it has caused circulation problems that go away when taking those supplements, etc.
I should have basic tips ready in 24 or 48 hours from now.

(Pic maybe unrelated.)

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565ebc33 No.3723159

File: 1701187396198.jpg (88.59 KB, 768x768, z38ar7b3w23c1.jpg)

8a26db6c No.3723160

File: 1701188175557.jpg (148.72 KB, 630x1075, beatitudes-words-kjv_z6ei3….jpg)

Wanna talk about Christianity? Fine, let's talk about Christianity. At the start of this month, I discussed the situation in Gaza with my mom. My mom is what you'd call a fundy Christian. I brought up the vast number of Palestinian children being killed in the bombings and entire Palestinian families being wiped out in the blasts. Her unconditional support for Israel and its military actions remained unwavered. Basically, her justification for these atrocities was, Hamas is evil, and unlike the Jews, the Palestinians are not God's chosen people… It kills me. My own mother thinking this way. A self-proclaimed pro-life Christian condemning innocent children simply because they lack the magic Jew blood. I told her those children are closer to the Bible's blessed than those bombing them, and I didn't mean genetically. She was quiet after that. Did my words get through to her? God only knows.

Now the Pope has bemoaned the terrorism of both Hamas and the IDF. So there's a glimmer of hope, and I feel less alone. Here's to the continuation of the humanitarian pause. I pray it grows into sustained peace.

7b5ce510 No.3723161

File: 1701191687233.png (412.12 KB, 768x760, FactCheck.png)

It's somewhat disheartening but not surprising (thanks to having spent time with the KJV Bible but also having kept an eye on the world's happenings) there are "Christians" like your mother out there - in fact, I'm a bit concerned that it might actually be most self-titled "Christians" by now.

This kind of "God's chosen people" poison was started by babylonian/talmudic/kabbalistic fake-"jews"/satan over a hundred years ago and was distilled in the scofield bible which was then (((mass-promoted))).
I doubt those words got through, especially if she's vaxd and boosted - most NPCs just learn to stay quiet around "others" (and put their name on a list to send off).
It's unreal to witness this deception having taken over peoples' minds so comprehensively.

Anyhoo, it's past my doggybeddy time, but maybe I'll post some things from the Bible that will set things right again… at least on here amongst the satanists, pedomod(s), damaged men and "agents", haha.
By the way, this "God's chosen people" thing has multiple layers of deception - just what exactly were they chosen for, eh? Just because God "chose" someone, doesn't mean it was for "heaven", etc. Also, the "jews" and even the real Jews all reject Jesus anyway, and either latch on to the old testament and ignore the new one, or stick with deranged man/satan-made traditions.

Spoiler: Those who choose Jesus, are also "chosen" by Him (for heaven), and they're the only ones, independent of race or status! The biggest kike, beaner or chink could choose true Christianity and his/her soul will then go to "Heaven" (but "Heaven" will also come to them). Am too tired for details, but will post more later.

I genuinely feel sorry for you guys, who don't appear to know all this.

PS: What you're "praying" for will actually kick off the next (very, very bloody) phase of the global democide, now openly targeting Christians but everything else as well. You very badly need to study that (KJV) Bible of yours (start with Revelation), unless of course you secretly want billions (twice-)dead ASAP and are spreading your own poison on here.
TL;DR: You're all fucked (in a bad way, if you keep going on blindly like this).

9f3388f4 No.3723163


9f3388f4 No.3723165

File: 1701192094482.jpeg (66.22 KB, 768x768, 383zn64r943c1.jpeg)

9f3388f4 No.3723166

This theory of Hitler's flight to Argentina has been dismissed by historians, including Guy Walters. He has described Dunstan and Williams' theory as "rubbish", adding: "There's no substance to it at all. It appeals to the deluded fantasies of conspiracy theorists and has no place whatsoever in historical research."[63] Walters contended that "it is simply impossible to believe that so many people could keep such a grand scale deception so quiet," and says that no serious historian would give the story any credibility.[64] Historian Richard Evans has many misgivings about the book and subsequent film. For example, he notes that the story about Ursula or 'Uschi' is merely "second-hand hearsay evidence without identification or corroboration."[65] Evans also notes that Dunstan and Williams made extensive use of a book Hitler murió en la Argentina by Manuel Monasterio, which the author later admitted included made up 'strange ramblings', and speculation. Evans contends that Monasterio's book is not to be regarded as a reliable source.[66] In the end, Evans dismisses the survival stories of Hitler as "fantasies".[67] McKale notes that the book repeats many claims made over the preceding decades which are implied by remote association, stating that "[w]hen one has no factual or otherwise reliable proof, one resorts to associating… with something else or to using hearsay and other dubious evidence, including unnamed or unidentified sources."[67]

6d78b68b No.3723167

File: 1701192598855-0.png (1.14 MB, 1333x961, Trick.png)

File: 1701192598855-1.png (472.47 KB, 1141x972, zionism.png)

9f3388f4 No.3723168


9f3388f4 No.3723169

File: 1701193714504.jpg (65.37 KB, 853x767, dg36nkpud43c1.jpg)

bfaf2c84 No.3723171

File: 1701194616620.jpg (547.06 KB, 1080x1664, 20231121_174726.jpg)

6d78b68b No.3723172

File: 1701195511934.jpg (72.03 KB, 850x649, Gay77444.jpg)


Why should I give a fuck, wheres the army of women rushing to defend men?

I need a woman like a fish needs a bicycle.

0f5ed3e4 No.3723175

The KJV also contains mistakes.

Just read https://biblehub.com/text/revelation/12-17.htm , it's the greek text with word by word translation and tell me that you don't understand that the dragon stood on the sand.

63bdf5ab No.3723176

Christfags are the dumbest sheep
They literally say how great it is to be a sheep

0f5ed3e4 No.3723177


Prophecies ? "That dude just had luck guessing what happened centuries later"

Miracles ? "It's just the placebo effect that made that bowel regrow instantly !"

Testimonies ? "Those people are DUMB, proof: they believe in a sky daddy ! Who would trust what they say ??"

But you know what ? It's normal that you are like this. No hard feelings. You are blinded.

63bdf5ab No.3723178

You're a redneck christfag

63bdf5ab No.3723179

File: 1701198866817.jpg (30.36 KB, 640x383, cr6430lpf33c1.jpg)

0f5ed3e4 No.3723180

>Christfags are the dumbest sheep
They literally say how great it is to be a sheep

Good argument free paroting of the popular opinion. Too bad you don't live in China, you'd have gotten some social credits.

0f5ed3e4 No.3723181

>You're a redneck christfag

Go play you video games and let the adults talk. Ad hominem won't make you look smart on this board.

0f0e48ea No.3723184

File: 1701200732402.jpg (172.85 KB, 1535x1388, Steams_butt.jpg)

Spoiler: you're all just arguing for aguing's sake. I started this mess just by posting "gay rights" from my computer and then insulting gays from my cellphone's internet connection.

I doubt any one of you are against gays or guns. You're all just a mess of weird gay liberal-republican asshats with daddy issues.

0f0e48ea No.3723186

File: 1701201071623.jpg (2.91 MB, 4032x3024, 20231128_144731.jpg)

Also, not real cum.

71cd4dcc No.3723187

File: 1701201183457.png (2.02 MB, 1928x2632, Gay_Zebra.png)

Transgenderism is anti-homosexual. Because your mutilating a gay person to make them look straight.

453fd4e2 No.3723188

hot tf does your thumb bend like that?

3f9a62ce No.3723189

I just came to Steam's ass I need a shower…

99ec6ff3 No.3723191

how do you have a face like a super villain and an ass like a femboy?

bfaf2c84 No.3723195

File: 1701205192933.png (332.01 KB, 785x441, Screenshot 2023-11-28 at 1….png)

>I need a woman like a fish needs a bicycle.

b68bdbe8 No.3723199

its called hitch hikers thumb

0f5ed3e4 No.3723200


Such a pristine looking body. Weren't you supposed to have had tons of health problems ?

0f0e48ea No.3723201

File: 1701210724476.jpg (70.65 KB, 850x1202, a9f97ddbe54fc292c4cc8cd51a….jpg)

I can have a cute butt and a sliced up front at the same time.

0f0e48ea No.3723202

File: 1701210990419.jpg (119.51 KB, 850x1223, f785734ad479902751b1c0c8ba….jpg)

Just don't look at me from the front side, and you're good.

0f0e48ea No.3723203

File: 1701211127612.jpg (115.42 KB, 1600x1600, s-l1600.jpg)

I wear black A shirts for a reason.

0f0e48ea No.3723206

File: 1701212196940.jpg (89.76 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

;3 I wear the black ones because they show where the guys cum on me…

0197e07f No.3723207

> "There's no substance to it at all. It appeals to the deluded fantasies of conspiracy theorists and has no place whatsoever in historical research."[63] Walters contended that "it is simply impossible to believe that so many people could keep such a grand scale deception so quiet," and says that no serious historian would give the story any credibility"

Just like the holocaust

f3345505 No.3723214

File: 1701217236926-0.png (1.23 MB, 1294x899, antipridbook.png)

File: 1701217236926-1.png (1.57 MB, 1289x729, artist who wrote this book.png)

This Anti-Pride book for kids is wild

Yeah; this book has some anti-pride messages.

ad4c9696 No.3723216

Pride is a vice. If you aren't anti-pride your a shitty person.

599c1b89 No.3723217

File: 1701218403181.jpeg (17.38 KB, 384x180, F_8Zbw4WwAAVtjY.jpeg)


I ain't deleting it and I know none of the other mods would either.

71cd4dcc No.3723218

File: 1701219161653.jpg (113.41 KB, 850x868, Pride3.jpg)


Pride is a beautiful thing.

0f0e48ea No.3723219

File: 1701220231572.gif (68.56 KB, 512x512, 6Lhuk.gif)

Says the guy who refuses to admit he's dating me.

0197e07f No.3723220

File: 1701220526912.jpg (261.29 KB, 1079x1089, 1701209072000635.jpg)

0f0e48ea No.3723221

File: 1701220694659.jpg (487.12 KB, 3000x3000, wh35dx2egh971.jpg)

or should I say the girl who refuses to admit she has a boyfriend~

aa96690c No.3723223

Steam, I doubt this is your ass.

f3345505 No.3723228

use reverse image as proof?

84588fc9 No.3723234

File: 1701225233768.jpg (72.62 KB, 366x592, qr.jpg)

The federal gun control laws of 1934 were a "compromise"
The federal gun control laws of 1968 were a "compromise"
The federal gun control laws of 1986 were a "compromise"
The federal "assault weapon ban" of 1994 was a "compromise"

All have failed to reduce crime. All violate 2A. All are infringements. None are legitimate. None are lawful. And the only real common sense is that they don't work.

You can learn how to make home made guns, 3d printed guns, "propellants", ammo, and various other military munitions at the QR code in pic related…

9f3388f4 No.3723241

Lol fucking idiot retard racist white trash

9f3388f4 No.3723242

File: 1701227493660.png (286.19 KB, 832x767, hf4qgo1cj53c1.png)

42ea1c82 No.3723246

File: 1701228658309.jpg (72.62 KB, 366x592, 45941701225233768.jpg)

You seem upset that you can't stop people from sharing files for making homemade guns.

Stay mad eternally.

9f3388f4 No.3723250

Lol keep spamming away

9f3388f4 No.3723251

File: 1701230165989.jpg (75.36 KB, 500x592, 0sl78z04373c1.jpg)

84588fc9 No.3723252

File: 1701230843823.jpg (83.31 KB, 1024x1024, occasional_cortex.jpg)

>People who don't know where food comes from, and don't yet realize that they cannot eat money, implying that everyone else needs their money.

The red states should get together and blockade one blue state, to see how long it takes for the inner city N I G G E R S to resort to cannibalism.

e91eebda No.3723253

File: 1701231202873.jpg (37.18 KB, 480x468, black vs white gun problem.jpg)

> There is no such thing as a "common sense gun law"
Guns are not the problem. Niggers are the problem. We need effective nigger control laws.

9f3388f4 No.3723254

Whites are the mass shooting incel Nazis

9f3388f4 No.3723255

File: 1701231323521.jpeg (82.1 KB, 1566x881, 180215-weill-white-suprem….jpeg)

42ea1c82 No.3723256

File: 1701231404306.jpg (298.29 KB, 1281x728, not_a_gun_problem.jpg)

13 percent of the population does 55 percent of the crime.

e91eebda No.3723258

File: 1701231665766.jpg (14.28 KB, 308x185, MassShooter.jpg)

Nigger mass shooter.

c82b9c61 No.3723307

File: 1701252613387.jpg (303.11 KB, 750x760, rapegod2.jpg)

i hope you kill yourself, man

db1206cd No.3723310

File: 1701256011330.jpg (240.31 KB, 1280x472, jfyutfufy.jpg)

BLM leader endorses Trump for 2024, accuses Dems of 'racist' policies: 'We're not stupid'
Mark Fisher told Lawrence Jones the Democratic Party is 'not for' the Black community.


2d27cfe6 No.3723315

File: 1701261381097.jpg (113.59 KB, 1200x628, donald-trump-smiling.jpg)

It's true.
You can't even begin to make this shit up, it's too insane.

Congratulations in advance Mr. President.
for winning a THIRD time.

7b5ce510 No.3723317

File: 1701265678556.png (306.12 KB, 1060x610, Priorities.png)

>i hope you kill yourself, man
Hah, and miss out on this adventure?! That would be cowardly and a huge waste and loss to the world. Besides, it's not like literal super-intelligent dogs with human-like lifespans are common - I'm special! Might as well make the most of what I was given. :3 As for the icing on the cake, the more of the worst kinds of people/serpents/demons/zionists/(babylonian-)"jews"/etc. I get to piss off, the harder I become.

Personally, I think all this rage that you've got is just a smokescreen for hiding that you're not hardcore enough (yet) to pick the battles that actually count.
I know you're repulsed by "jews"/synagogue-of-satan types, and becoming the thing they hate the most - a strong Bible-following Christian - would anger them the most. The only thing they truly fear (and revile most of all) is anything to do with Jesus Christ.
No man (or dog) can defend himself against even a single demon (if you manage to cast out 1, then 7 will return), but with Jesus in your heart not even satan may hurt you. That's one of the biggest reasons why they've been going apeshit over the centuries building a global murder/deception-army/system and trying everything possible to eradicate the Word of God from the world.
Take a good look at what they've done over these past centuries - their biggest enemy has always been anything-Jesus/God. Calling them insane/greedy/wicked/money-and-power hungry/etc. only scratches the surface, but at their core it has always been about hating Jesus/God.
Their god actually is "the serpent", which they plan on eating so they can become (even more of a) god themselves. Do you actually believe that you alone can go up against that level of crazy?

No matter how strong you get, you'll at best just become a loose cannon that could get smashed to pieces by their satan-derived might - they have all the mightiest Earthly weapons. While "the people" have the numbers, the bad guys know how to fuck with their minds and keep them fighting each other or worse still - fighting for the bad guys.

You suspect me of having been "traumatised" by the (babylonian-)"rabbis" and you're correct, but I've become stronger and chosen to reject them (and satan), rather than fly off the rails like you seem to have, which ultimately just makes you putty in their chafed (serpent) hands.

8a26db6c No.3723321

File: 1701269387757.png (1.44 MB, 900x1286, 1698961169.yasmil_bolt_fro….png)

>What you're "praying" for will actually kick off the next (very, very bloody) phase of the global democide
I pray for peace. If you oppose that, then you serve not the Prince of Peace.

9f3388f4 No.3723324

File: 1701270938402.jpg (68.77 KB, 760x767, on3p14vcw63c1.jpg)

135c8f17 No.3723325

File: 1701271078529.jpg (117.06 KB, 600x414, reply democrat party has m….jpg)


Using these picts is actually very funny as it is actually of non-white china.

9f3388f4 No.3723326

Do you beat your mom?

9f3388f4 No.3723327

File: 1701271160102.jpg (90.47 KB, 930x614, jyrpoynjaa3c1.jpg)

135c8f17 No.3723328

File: 1701271161024.webm (993.36 KB, 640x480, black soccer chimp.webm)

Our flag needs 5 more stars.

9f3388f4 No.3723329


9f3388f4 No.3723330

File: 1701271271041.jpg (68.34 KB, 655x767, 7nfcbglqe43c1.jpg)

135c8f17 No.3723331

File: 1701271319931.jpg (47.82 KB, 512x512, replybutthurt.jpg)

7b5ce510 No.3723336

File: 1701274262074.jpg (1.39 MB, 5568x3712, lolololol.jpg)

I'll explain later in greater detail, this is complicated and it must be done correctly, plus I'm very tired right now. Maybe this weekend, not sure.

Without much detail though - it'll be satan/the-antichrist offering "peace" and it'll be the beaten down (by him and his servants/dark-angels) masses, who will then bow to and serve him (for all kinds of reasons) and even kill (true Christians) for him.
If you're strong and honest enough, then you'll see this already happening all around you. In fact the way you responded to me already demonstrates this, and what is to come.

BTW, the pope-and-co. appear to serve the antichrist/satan, the catholic "sea" of people is already brainwashed into turning to an earthly(satanic) man for guidance/communication with God, they pray to idol Mary and have even altered the Bible (beyond "merely" mistranslating it), they perform vain repetitions in prayer, they say "father" when referring to an earthly man - all of which is strictly forbidden by Jesus Christ! When such a "man" like the current pope does anything, how could it not only serve satan at this point?
Have you actually listened to him spew all those globalist/devil-inspired propaganda poison talking points? Maybe now, you're beginning to actually feel how it's possible for so many people to end up being deceived by the antichrist, when he shows up - you're already looking to the pope for hope.
I genuinely feel sorry for you, if you're not doing this maliciously.

7b5ce510 No.3723337

File: 1701274480866.jpg (59.5 KB, 474x643, Make_no_Mistakes.jpg)

When it comes to such incredibly complicated and serious global matters, the only thing you (and your fallible and in comparison puny-worm mind) should ever dare pray for, is for Jesus' will to be done, and to trust in Him to decide and do what's right!
Nevertheless, "smaller matters" you have sway over, so there's nothing stopping you from praying for the saving and protection of individuals (who you care for) and there's nothing stopping you from learning about Jesus' will and helping "wake up" other people who may have been (((deceived))) into supporting satan.
Also, there's nothing stopping you from helping look after your family and friends, and doing your part in whatever capacity that you can, to help delay the things that are preordained to occur. There's even nothing stopping you from becoming a physical and mental warrior if that's your thing, but don't forget about the most important part - being a spiritual Christian Warrior, otherwise you will serve satan in the end, as no man can serve two masters (or be his own master in a world that temporarily belongs to satan).

The Bible generally doesn't mention "dates" but rather "milestones" that must occur before shit can get any more "real" than it already is. It's within our own power, to at least delay when those milestones can be reached - you know, "throw a few spanners" into the devil's ever-churning death machine.

Why not pray to Jesus Christ for people (and yourself) to better understand and wield the things that would metaphorically throw those spanners into the devil's death machine? (But only as long as it doesn't interfere with Jesus' Will.) Whatever those things are, they'll be different for everyone.

When you pray for "peace" (which is a dangerously nondescript thing to pray for anyway) you're not praying for the current war(s)/murdering to end, you're praying for the acceleration of events and milestones that must occur in sequence, and which will culminate in the complete destruction of this planet. Be careful what you pray for, and don't be stupid.

BTW - avoid/reduce mainstream-anything but that also includes too much "alternative" news and reports, it'll sap your energy.

eddc9178 No.3723338


eddc9178 No.3723339

File: 1701274967125.png (218.91 KB, 835x584, w1digqg61a3c1.png)

7b5ce510 No.3723341

You're a bot, right? Bumping anything smarter than "hurr repubs bad" off the front page, with finely-engineered 24/7 efficiency.

9f3388f4 No.3723346

Lol maga big mad

9f3388f4 No.3723347

File: 1701278350534.jpg (70.86 KB, 683x767, 8qrzgcdpm93c1.jpg)

7b5ce510 No.3723348

File: 1701278491556.jpg (974.73 KB, 4030x3024, lolololwalkingcorpses.jpg)

lololol good night guys - overdue for doggy bed again. :3

PS: Hey jewB - did you ever go on one of those marches?


9f3388f4 No.3723349

Lol business jew is mad

0c28aded No.3723351

File: 1701278799739.jpg (71.18 KB, 850x400, quoteorwellleftthoughtplay….jpg)


That is actually the top tier limit of leftist intellectual capacity.

"LOL" - literally, thats all they can come up with. Anything else requires thought and creativity which the left lacks. "The left cant meme" is not just a phrase but a statement of reality.

9f3388f4 No.3723352

Lol incel racist maga mass shooter is mad

9f3388f4 No.3723353

File: 1701278948085.jpg (83.89 KB, 1000x750, u8xgg11ws5ib1.jpg)

Breaking News: Trump's Eligibility for Bail Under Question In Fulton County; Legal Process May Include Fingerprinting and Jail Time!!!!

9f3388f4 No.3723354

File: 1701279999379.jpg (282.64 KB, 2018x1416, 2023_1128-aoc-2048x1416.jpg)

On Tuesday, the top Republican on the House Oversight Committee rejected a request from Hunter Biden for his testimony in front of the committee to be made public — a move that committee member Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York) said was made simply because Republicans are afraid of “getting humiliated” in the public sphere.

Hunter Biden’s lawyer, Abbe Lowell, sent a letter to Congress saying that he would only testify if the hearings were public in order to ensure that Republican lawmakers wouldn’t manipulate his words or selectively leak information to smear him.

“We have seen you use closed-door sessions to manipulate, even distort the facts and misinform the public. We therefore propose opening the door. If, as you claim, your efforts are important and involve issues that Americans should know about, then let the light shine on these proceedings,” his legal team wrote in a letter.

c82b9c61 No.3723361

'this adventure' just seems to be you coping and sitting here while I leave for years being spooked at your own shadow in case every poster you don't like is secretly me.

I'm the one actually doing things and visiting countries and being happy now. Wtf is this, trauma? When the fuck did I suspect that? You are so mindbroken you're like 'you suspect me being a pussy… guess what, YOU'RE RIGHT!!'

c82b9c61 No.3723362

ok tbh that post is really funny. I don't have time to read it right now but I did laugh at what I skimmed

c82b9c61 No.3723363

'do you believe you can go up against' man you already know the answer to all of these questions.

c82b9c61 No.3723366

it's u who should be learning from me. I am more capable than you by every metric. You should bow before me, Dog.

c82b9c61 No.3723367

File: 1701282006244.png (1.12 MB, 1500x1300, businessdog-licksmyass.png)

im not taking students though. i will just leave u to chase my shadow calling out for me for another two years, thinking im every gore poster, while I'm off training like a monk and building my family up. u will have to use ur imagination, inspired by the inexorable impression I've very demonstrably imparted upon you
or just be sad u couldnt even brainwash an autistic retard like me LOL

c82b9c61 No.3723368

fact is im here for fun and ur BORING. like u liked my shitposts and shit, great, but it's boring with you around. u want that sweet validation because that's how ENFJ roll, ok

but ur just trash and no one likes u, i dont think u even have a gf or kids and ur like an old man

c82b9c61 No.3723369

and man lol, u dumb as shit for assuming im mad. i aint. hope you can leave all this cope behind one day and find something better to do with ur life than internet trolling

f3345505 No.3723370

File: 1701282322569.jpg (323.47 KB, 2000x1026, BN-RX373_PTECH_IM_20170201….jpg)

The Internet is Worse Than Ever – Now What?

63bdf5ab No.3723378

Lol @MAGA Racists

63bdf5ab No.3723379

File: 1701289195696.png (265.5 KB, 768x768, kpk09tvhhy751.png)

b68bdbe8 No.3723384

Scrub and Scraping Web Pages is pretty much all thats getting done. What does that mean is that you have to wipe them with your ass!

12d9417f No.3723389

File: 1701300832522.jpg (36.07 KB, 750x600, niggers9.jpg)

Retailers lost a staggering $4.4 billion to nigger shoplifters in crime-ridden blue state.

c928d0e7 No.3723390

File: 1701300839553.jpg (80.89 KB, 500x549, c429674a7fdcecfe1367ca954a….jpg)

It's kinda funny and sad how leftist memes fall into two categories: WORDSWORDSWORDS, and Orwell's 2 minutes of hate.

0c28aded No.3723391

File: 1701305038001.jpg (146.7 KB, 1050x884, 1701268879809960.jpg)

What is hilarious is that its leftists that are the primary respondents of President Trumps tweets, so the DOJ is adding all the commies to watchlists.

As the leftists would say - LOL!

9f3388f4 No.3723405

Lol @MAGA Racists

9f3388f4 No.3723406

File: 1701309189886.jpg (50.65 KB, 494x767, 1vaogv0qfb3c1.jpg)

0c28aded No.3723407

File: 1701310700740.jpg (122.75 KB, 697x1024, quotemadisongrant ethnicho….jpg)

You will live to see man-made horrors beyond your comprehension - Tesla

0c28aded No.3723408

File: 1701310898337.jpg (309.38 KB, 1019x1051, 1695136782048664.jpg)

4ff8cdc4 No.3723412

File: 1701323337710-0.jpeg (283.29 KB, 955x2048, 1701270029961.jpeg)

File: 1701323337710-1.jpeg (120.19 KB, 941x676, 1701270061939.jpeg)

4ff8cdc4 No.3723413

File: 1701323368639-0.jpeg (40.11 KB, 1290x337, 1701270078846.jpeg)

File: 1701323368639-1.jpeg (68.33 KB, 1290x399, 1701270094343.jpeg)

File: 1701323368639-2.jpeg (61.67 KB, 1290x454, 1701270104944.jpeg)

File: 1701323368639-3.jpeg (157.07 KB, 1290x833, 1701270156485.jpeg)

ed5e48d6 No.3723423

File: 1701326941825.png (41.12 KB, 977x896, Your IQ Results.png)

c82b9c61 No.3723424

File: 1701327373913.jpg (42.42 KB, 288x404, niko-tokita-kengan-ashura-….jpg)

im here to rape, to have a good time. nonconsentual sex. all the christian stuff gets in the way, man

db1206cd No.3723427

File: 1701329642524-0.jpg (204.38 KB, 800x686, gfhgjfjghjkhk.jpg)

File: 1701329642524-1.jpg (203.8 KB, 764x676, tufjghkghkgh.jpg)


48e0b0a4 No.3723428

>Retailers lost a staggering $4.4 billion

But they have INSURANCE so it's ok, right ? Insurance is magical money falling from the sky or something, in the mind of leftists.

6fab8ca7 No.3723432

File: 1701332596301.jpg (62.1 KB, 680x669, F_3g2c3boAABaeA.jpg)

AKA: Qanon's livejournal.

6fab8ca7 No.3723433

File: 1701332708524.jpg (141.17 KB, 540x324, 360_F_567774900_mxP9pTsu3w….jpg)

You act like rape isn't a key feature of Christianity. According to the bible raping a woman isn't wrong unless she is married because then you are stealing from her husband.

db1206cd No.3723434

File: 1701333067737.jpg (227.64 KB, 800x1121, trump-tweet-meme-1.jpg)


db1206cd No.3723435

File: 1701333305439.png (936.56 KB, 1292x1452, screen-shot-2019-12-19-at-….png)

bf94331e No.3723439

File: 1701341074465.jpeg (155.25 KB, 947x511, IMG_3799.jpeg)

bf94331e No.3723440

Which version of the Bible are you reading?
It clearly states that if she is unmarried he has violated her. The punishment is literally that he must marry her(damaged goods) AND that he can NEVER divorce her.

It teaches that women were second class citizens at that time. Not that rape is fine.

I knew you were stupid but holy shit.

f3345505 No.3723445

File: 1701346211207.jpg (250.06 KB, 932x414, updated.jpg)

glad to understand which cartoon is it.

9f3388f4 No.3723446

Lol Nazi cartoons

9f3388f4 No.3723447

File: 1701347845281.jpg (676.85 KB, 1811x978, Screenshot_20231130_043404….jpg)

db1206cd No.3723448

File: 1701351425922.jpg (213.66 KB, 1124x1391, AJeHbkF.jpg)

db1206cd No.3723451

File: 1701351748889.jpg (457.29 KB, 800x1093, 2siljwWWW.jpg)

11df1204 No.3723454

What is a Nazi?

3e6bd63f No.3723455

File: 1701353675208.jpg (107 KB, 890x500, inject-ingest-disinfectant….jpg)

This shit is so comically hilarious! "I'm Trump, the serious investigator! I have a very inquisitive mind!" LOL! What's he gonna investigate this time? Last time he injected himself bleach to try to cure his covid. Maybe he'll inject himself with horse semen to grow a bigger dick! LOL!

db1206cd No.3723456

Liberals, Leftists, Democrats, Antifa.

db1206cd No.3723457

File: 1701355191769.jpg (290.97 KB, 800x800, 95ebe8e0.jpg)

7b5ce510 No.3723458

File: 1701355332004.jpg (368.45 KB, 1200x1163, khazars-synagogue-of-satan.jpg)

PSA: pro/anti trump/biden is just khazarian/fake-"jew" botspam - the lowest form of spam, and you should be ashamed for even engaging with it in the slightest. Instead, blame jewB-and-co for allowing fedposting on an image board - something that no other real image board owner would ever do.

If you're going to reject Jesus, at least hang around more white people - they don't fantasize about rape all the time.

Anyway… doggy bed.

9f3388f4 No.3723459

Lol @MAGA Racists

9f3388f4 No.3723460

File: 1701357285305.jpg (158.9 KB, 1024x722, ur3yqrzpce3c1.jpg)

90e8b99e No.3723461

File: 1701357538377.jpg (99.91 KB, 1170x792, swiss crime stats by race ….jpg)

Surely black crime is just a US phenomenon resulting from systemic racism….

90e8b99e No.3723462

File: 1701357811200.jpg (282.75 KB, 1920x1080, truth 2.jpg)

c82b9c61 No.3723463

ibut i do.

5a06a5eb No.3723464

Lol maga big mad

5a06a5eb No.3723465

File: 1701359166589.png (227.87 KB, 500x625, dn2xan4l5e3c1.png)

Looks like he was finally in the machine. Who are we going to make the meme about now?

5a06a5eb No.3723466

File: 1701359232794.jpg (72.3 KB, 1010x767, fhltole9wd3c1.jpg)

f3345505 No.3723469

File: 1701368171424.jpg (67.44 KB, 686x386, hq720.jpg)

Every Political Ideology Explained in 8 Minutes

There's nothing, for dead people our only main concerned are the live ones that carry their work of burning torch.

679f9d59 No.3723470

File: 1701368618858.jpeg (606.35 KB, 2048x1521, IMG_4946.jpeg)

Biden can’t win(or even walk)
(((They))) won’t let trump get re-elected.
Trump will get assassinated before election
Gaven newsome will be the new corrupt leader of the democrats

711c4070 No.3723471

40 foot pole

096c9d1f No.3723472

File: 1701373048474-0.png (223.05 KB, 474x266, 1701295750167.png)

File: 1701373048474-1.png (301.92 KB, 474x355, 1701295786401.png)

File: 1701373048474-2.jpeg (424.05 KB, 1169x1778, BC87D7CC-7DFD-43B2-9D1D-C….jpeg)

File: 1701373048474-3.jpeg (250.57 KB, 1169x2080, D3162AE3-B0B7-4021-B3A1-7….jpeg)

9f3388f4 No.3723474


9f3388f4 No.3723475

File: 1701373537533.jpg (99.86 KB, 854x1000, bafkreifcsipsyzkosamel3ca3….jpg)

711c4070 No.3723476

im not a pro bass fisher but this looks like some sort of bait

6fab8ca7 No.3723477

If the punishment for raping a woman is getting to rape her every night for the rest of your life, then the bible is okay with rape.

9f3388f4 No.3723480

Lol christfags are rape-os

9f3388f4 No.3723482

File: 1701375982527.png (295.73 KB, 768x768, sbteqbls6i3c1.png)

6fab8ca7 No.3723485

The difference between the MAGAts and the middle east is that most people in the middle east didn't want America there. They had a whole nation covering for them. We were invaders.

In America MAGAts are considered lunatics and traitors. No one is going to protect them. They are a tiny minority in a tiny political party that can only ever stay in power by rigging the rules of elections with gerrymandering.

Also, there are no rules of warfare or international treaties to stop us from rounding up all the MAGAts and executing them.

Remember that.

f3345505 No.3723492

File: 1701383712399.jpg (62.54 KB, 630x449, www.politico.jpg)

9a7f99d5 No.3723493


9a7f99d5 No.3723494


9a7f99d5 No.3723496

Reply to msg 3723485

NO ONE in America thinks that of MAGA except the tiny minority of leftist lunatics and traitors like you.

f3345505 No.3723497

File: 1701384955068.png (1.43 MB, 1000x1000, 23dd96142f8221547c693f1913….png)

There are various factors that can contribute to raising a child who becomes an undesirable adult with serious consequences. Some of these factors include:

1. Lack of proper parental guidance: Children need consistent guidance, role models, and supervision to develop a sense of right and wrong. When parents fail to provide appropriate guidance or are absent, it can lead to the child developing undesirable behavior patterns.

2. Abuse and neglect: Children who grow up in abusive or neglectful environments may experience physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, which can profoundly impact their development. Such trauma often leads to behavioral problems, low self-esteem, and difficulties forming healthy relationships later in life.

3. Peer influence: Negative peer influence can be significant during adolescence. If children fall into the wrong group of friends or are exposed to negative influences without adequate guidance, they may adopt destructive behaviors, such as substance abuse, criminal activities, or engaging in risky behaviors.

4. Lack of moral values and character development: When parents fail to instill moral values, empathy, and compassion in their children, it can result in an individual lacking integrity, empathy, and a sense of responsibility. Such individuals may disregard ethical boundaries and engage in harmful behavior.

To be continued -

f3345505 No.3723498

File: 1701385006444.jpg (125.99 KB, 720x741, ErTQMlFXEAE8EhP.jpg)

5. Substance abuse in the family: Growing up in an environment where substance abuse is prevalent increases the risk of children developing addictive behaviors themselves. Substance abuse can lead to criminal activities, health problems, strained relationships, and a lack of basic life skills.

6. Poverty and socio-economic factors: Socio-economic factors, such as lack of access to quality education, healthcare, and employment opportunities, can significantly impact a child's future prospects. Poverty may increase the likelihood of engaging in criminal activities, substance abuse, and struggling to establish a stable life.

7. Mental health issues: Undiagnosed or untreated mental health issues can have severe consequences in a person's life. Children who experience mental health challenges, such as depression, anxiety, or conduct disorders, may struggle academically, socially, and emotionally, impacting their adult lives.

8. Neglecting education: Failing to prioritize education and provide adequate support can hinder a child's development and limit their opportunities in adulthood. Lack of education may contribute to limited employment options, financial instability, and a higher likelihood of engaging in undesirable behaviors.

It is essential to note that while these factors may increase the risk of an individual becoming an undesirable adult with serious consequences, every person's journey is unique, and not all individuals who experience these factors will have negative outcomes. The presence of positive influences, interventions, and support systems can also significantly influence an individual's path.

f3345505 No.3723499

File: 1701385404196.jpg (178.67 KB, 1920x1920, 65bab649-25f8-35d6-a932-54….jpg)

It is important to note that the term "weaponized psychological discipline" is not commonly used or recognized as a formal concept. However, there are instances where certain psychological strategies or techniques have been criticized for their potentially harmful impact when used inappropriately or coercively. Here are some examples of practices that have faced scrutiny:

1. Gaslighting: This refers to a form of manipulation where a person or institution tries to make someone doubt their own perception of reality or question their own sanity. It can involve denying or distorting facts, withholding information, or constantly criticizing to undermine the other person's confidence.

2. Coercive control: This is an abusive behavior pattern where an individual exerts complete control over another person by using tactics such as isolation, intimidation, and manipulation. It aims to strip the victim of their autonomy and make them dependent on the abuser.

3. Psychological torture: This refers to the intentional use of extreme psychological methods to induce fear, distress, or anguish in an individual. It can involve various techniques such as sensory deprivation, sleep deprivation, humiliation, or threats to physical safety.

4. Public shaming: This practice involves publicly humiliating or degrading an individual to enforce conformity or express disapproval. It can be done through mass media, online platforms, or public forums and can have serious psychological impacts on the person targeted.

5. Mind control techniques: Certain groups or individuals have been accused of using manipulative strategies to control the beliefs, behavior, and thoughts of others. This can include isolation, sleep and food deprivation, induced dissociation, or indoctrination methods.

It is essential to recognize that the misuse of these techniques or their impact on individuals can vary depending on the context, intent, and severity of implementation.

f3345505 No.3723500

File: 1701385690121.jpg (89.38 KB, 640x427, Dubai_Skylines_at_night_(P….jpg)

The question of whether poverty is engineered by capitalism is a complex and debated topic. Some argue that capitalism, as an economic system that prioritizes profit and competition, can perpetuate and exacerbate income inequality and poverty. They contend that the pursuit of profit often leads to exploitation, unfair wages, and a concentration of wealth in the hands of a few, while leaving many without adequate resources.

Critics of capitalism argue that the profit-maximizing motive of capitalist enterprises can result in job cuts, outsourcing, and economic instability, leading to poverty for those who depend on stable employment. They also point out that capitalism's reliance on market forces may create an uneven distribution of resources, leaving some individuals or regions impoverished.

However, others argue that poverty is a complex issue affected by various factors beyond capitalism alone. They highlight that poverty can exist in non-capitalist systems as well and argue that capitalism, when paired with appropriate regulations and social safety nets, can lead to economic growth and poverty reduction. They suggest that poverty is a multi-dimensional problem influenced by factors like education, governance, infrastructure, and access to basic services, which extend beyond the economic system.

It is important to note that the impact of capitalism on poverty can vary across different countries and contexts. Some countries with more regulated capitalist systems have been successful in reducing poverty rates, while others have struggled with persistent inequality and poverty. Overall, the relationship between capitalism and poverty is intricate and influenced by numerous factors, making it difficult to make definitive claims.

11df1204 No.3723502

There are no capitalist countries in the world today. There is no free exchange without free money.

Poverty exists because the preconditions for poverty exist. As long as poverty's habitat exists someone will move into that niche. You can't eliminate poverty within a system which is set up to have poor people.

People respond to incentives. Simple as that.

b68bdbe8 No.3723511

poverty is a developmental issue and always will be. land will require to be siezed and coverted by mega corporate food giants to sup[prt ever increasing mass graves…its truly headed for a poverty line, we will have the biggest buildings next to the most dilapidated communities, the land will either be farmed or become a landfill, and then the people will be forced to incorporate over themselves, turning their houses into open farming stations for a barter community run on vegetable output, before inevitably the corpro-economic wave hits yet again and absolutely renders everything a fractured deathopia of bustling surface of life covering up inwardly wilting intermitten deathbeds in shelves of the deceased

f3345505 No.3723515

File: 1701393058309.jpg (123.54 KB, 1280x600, 0x0.jpg)


I have a scary feeling that something cheap and easily could be mass produced in more in thousands in a factory.

Slaughterbots (Official Trailer)

6fab8ca7 No.3723518

File: 1701394771870-0.png (264.85 KB, 872x451, Russian-Defense-Ministry-P….png)

File: 1701394771870-1.jpg (91.81 KB, 602x401, cutting-edge-tech.jpg)

That is SAD.
The Russian military taped a shell from an antique 1960's RPG-7 to a drone and is pretending it's new technology.

I can't believe anyone fell for this. But I guess that's what happens when you just reprint what ever the Russian government tells you without an ounce of critical thought or investigation.

6fab8ca7 No.3723521

You could have just put:
"Being raised by a conservative."

Most conservative parents check each and every one of those boxes.

f3345505 No.3723526

File: 1701396797275.jpg (126.69 KB, 880x312, leftypol.jpg)

The rise of Xi Jinping, explained

57098f4e No.3723534

The punishment is that you have to take care of someone (who hates you) for life(no sex)
The Jews were nomadic at the time these laws were written, mosaic law written during the 40 years of wandering)They couldn’t leave them in prison because they couldn’t drag a prison with them everywhere they went.

Obviously not ideal by todays standards. More of a best of a bad situation. (Which conveniently is the normal excuse for democrats to do terrible things, like free drug needles, and free money to the most undesirable of people, unregulated asylum to rapist who would face jail in their home countries)

db1206cd No.3723539

File: 1701420449138.png (2.7 MB, 1728x1152, 3fcb5364236cfba95737f3872d….png)

3B keeps posting his lies and terrorist threats here.
It's almost like he WANTS to go to prison.
Isn't that right, 3B.

6fab8ca7 No.3723541

Conservatives make the best prison bitches. They love the hierarchy.

05019f2e No.3723545

File: 1701426876650.jpg (541.43 KB, 1098x1983, 4483127_cubvalue_img_9455.jpg)

No one pays attention to that AI generated BS. You are just wasting your time.

db1206cd No.3723546

It's because they're so rare there.

Democrats (mostly black) make up 80% of the prison population.

But "they be so many there because whitey is RAYCIST.


9f3388f4 No.3723547

Lol racist redneck white retards

9f3388f4 No.3723548

File: 1701430649822.png (135.46 KB, 515x767, lpw0q0tbvj3c1.png)

6fab8ca7 No.3723549

File: 1701432864001.png (1.24 MB, 1231x699, King-of-morons.png)

Elon Musk told advertisers to "go fuck yourselves" and that Twitter is going to die because advertisers are leaving in such numbers just because Twitter is full of Nazis and racists.

Rumor has it he locked himself in his office last week and his staff almost called the cops to force him out because they thought he might be killing himself.

a44abd46 No.3723551

elon killing himself in his office would be kinda anticlimactic
i want him to to be part of the crew on the first manned starship mission when it blows up

7b5ce510 No.3723560

File: 1701438553655.png (1.35 MB, 1500x2000, whoisbehindthis.png)

Well, you weren't this obsessed with rape a year ago, so you must be doing something wrong. In fact, I'm sure that back then it was all merely manipulatively-consensual.

By the way, did you know there's a verse in the Bible where it's made clear that the scribes/pharisees/khazars/"jews" are responsible for all of the world's unjust misery and death? The Bible's more "hip" than you think (if you can deal with not raping things, because that's a sin you know).

Spoiler for the zero Musk fans on here, since there are actually only 5 or so remaining posters: He's a fraudulent puppet, and this is just theater for the monkeys. Also - jewtube is completely censored and controlled, so you'll never get anything truthful out of it which the zionists/etc. don't like, plus on important topics that truly matter, it'll be corrupted or faked and other topics/subjects that don't really matter are promoted as (((diversions))).

Anyway… Doggy Bed soon. :3

11df1204 No.3723562

He has the resources to keep running twitter until the day he dies. He probably will. He loves that site, and I don't think he gives a shit how much money it makes/loses.

And it's not twitter that's full of nazis and racists. It's the world. You're just seeing it accurately reflected for the first time. These people didn't stop existing when they were banned from the internet and they didn't spring back up fully formed from the earth when Elon took over. You're actually surrounded.

The VAST vast majority of people aren't 105 IQ over educated over socialized freaky progeny of the university system. They're dumb automata waiting for the electric Jew to tell then who they should hate next. Black people could be getting lynched in the streets by tomorrow evening if the media decided it would benefit the ruling class and no amount of online anti-racist activism would be able to stop it.

56c3a18a No.3723563

oh hey look another person who posted something without taking a second to see if it was fake. Just another day. https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2022/apr/26/instagram-posts/viral-claim-distorts-finnish-law-child-sex-abuse/

db1206cd No.3723565

File: 1701443544099.jpg (360.01 KB, 1600x775, Screenshot (222).jpg)

Elon does what Elon wants.

He is no man's puppet.

9f3388f4 No.3723567

Lol redneck retards sucking on elmos dong

9f3388f4 No.3723568

File: 1701447788686.png (67.5 KB, 501x483, blghhm05mo3c1.png)

9f3388f4 No.3723569

File: 1701447872346.png (207.47 KB, 1024x582, 4wq4yoctpl3c1.png)

When the adrenochrome stops working and you're losing it on live TV.

54380abe No.3723570

File: 1701449374102-0.png (1.49 MB, 1576x2048, 1701435230507305.png)

File: 1701449374102-1.webm (2.43 MB, 1080x1920, little mermaid fight.webm)


>Twitter is full of Nazis and racists.

The majority of people think this way. They just dont say anything because they only want to be left alone.

And you heard about the story of the man that just wanted to be left alone….

54380abe No.3723571

File: 1701449980092-0.jpg (86.69 KB, 720x768, 1701438636743473.jpg)

File: 1701449980092-1.webm (1.99 MB, 710x400, genetics and IQ.webm)

How can you make a 50% gain while only paying 13%

9f3388f4 No.3723572

Lol racist redneck white retards posting again

9f3388f4 No.3723573

File: 1701450162294.jpg (39.33 KB, 1024x535, 0ius43ucjn3c1.jpg)

9f3388f4 No.3723574

File: 1701450244625.jpg (24.17 KB, 720x308, w4hwmbmvdp3c1.jpg)

54380abe No.3723575


ab09c216 No.3723577

Lol racist whites do be mad

ab09c216 No.3723578

File: 1701453450996.jpg (61.08 KB, 612x767, mxfiz9xiho3c1.jpg)

ab09c216 No.3723579

File: 1701453507365.jpg (47.63 KB, 692x767, 3q0ytvd8co3c1.jpg)

bfc8ea26 No.3723580

File: 1701453611097.jpg (30.6 KB, 412x409, niggs.jpg)

Calling a spade a spade is simple truth. You imagine nonexistent things.

bfc8ea26 No.3723581

File: 1701453834387.jpg (27.03 KB, 359x265, NiggerEducation.jpg)

Niggers are stupid.

ab09c216 No.3723582

Oh the racist whites are back and think blacks bad is politics

ab09c216 No.3723583

ab09c216 No.3723585

File: 1701454250443.png (94.78 KB, 640x528, x8oybw20rl3c1.png)

bfc8ea26 No.3723586

File: 1701454480769.jpg (15.7 KB, 480x360, typical nigger 020.jpg)

CNN is fake news.

Additionally, niggers are ugly.

bfc8ea26 No.3723587

File: 1701454767541.jpg (13.47 KB, 350x263, typical nigger 218.jpg)

Newsom is a failed politician who barely survived a recall election. Anything he says is worthless.

Never forget, niggers are ugly.

6fab8ca7 No.3723588

>You're actually surrounded.

If the right-wing is such a powerful majority why are they losing all the damn time?

The right, especially the far right, is a tiny, tiny, minority. That's why Patriot Front and the Proud boys have to travel around America staging events then jumping back in their uhauls and running for the hills.

They don't have the numbers to actually take a stand.

6fab8ca7 No.3723590

Do you just keep a folder of deformed people like some sad, pathetic, racist stamp collector?

No matter how ugly they are, they are still getting more pussy than you.

fc24ebd8 No.3723591

File: 1701455940883.jpg (35.79 KB, 1200x630, typical nigger 018.jpg)

> If the right-wing is such a powerful majority why are they losing all the damn time?
Because of pervasive cheating and outright criminal activity by libturds. Remember, Kennedy was only elected because thousands of dead people in Chicago "voted" for him.

Libturds stole the last election away from the rightful winner, Donald Trump. Now libturds have concocted fake indictments against him to try to keep him from being elected.

Niggers are so ugly.

9f3388f4 No.3723592

9f3388f4 No.3723593

File: 1701456227995.jpg (37.71 KB, 500x667, ib8xido7GtlKuHT0V5oJAsQtxU….jpg)

84588fc9 No.3723595

File: 1701456409487.gif (109.5 KB, 350x350, furry_american_cat.gif)

>If the right-wing is such a powerful majority why are they losing all the damn time?

#1: They are not unified like the left; The left will always "fall in line" and act in absolute unity. The right will argue and disagree with eachother.

You can see this in how they vote on almost any legislation. They march completely in lockstep and vote 100% one way or the other on an issue, while the republicans vote is split on the same issue.

#2: They hold their own people to their own standards: The right will turn on their own whenever one of them does something that violates their morality. The left will always look the other way when one of their own does something wrong, no matter how reprehensible.

9f3388f4 No.3723600

Lololololol lol and lolol
This whole post is backwards land

9f3388f4 No.3723601

File: 1701457729781.jpeg (56.7 KB, 738x767, cod8i7f04m3c1.jpeg)

c928d0e7 No.3723602

File: 1701458397920-0.png (999.41 KB, 1022x850, 5a8417ae248b9fa49885547a00….png)

File: 1701458397920-1.png (4.68 MB, 2000x1414, d88ee01de1cce5993a12bbe479….png)

God, has anyone ever committed political suicide faster than DeShabbos. He'd have been a shoe-in for president after Trump's second term. Instead, he committed treason in Israel

Could the legal system be any more illegitimate? The dude said to go home on January 6th before the unguided tour started.

9f3388f4 No.3723603

Lol maga morons

9f3388f4 No.3723605

File: 1701459269426.jpeg (93.13 KB, 561x767, vrthk7dxiq3c1.jpeg)

b68bdbe8 No.3723606

unfortunately the conditions required in close combat would negate th purposes of thie drong being capable of reaching dtonation 100% of the time. you would still have to drop it from a very long range for the impact to have an effect. too low and the enemy can handle it properly and quickly and turn it against the opposition as well. a small ignition however could make this very effect and cheap. however, that small ignition is better paired with a close range explosive device such as a grenade or c4 block, however in dealing with large scale vehicles or armored vehicles then use a bomb of this size would be appropriate, against people it would probably break some rules in how they go about being killed, there are rules etc but neither side really follows them. the most accurate drone would simply be a pair of drones flying at neck height through a field with a line of razor wire carried between them, followed by a time released drone that can drop mines for escapees, followed by a drone that would attempt to smoke and trigger a field full of mines so escapees could not accurately follow their routes.

9f3388f4 No.3723607

File: 1701460489629.png (288.16 KB, 1024x546, 9i4055du5q3c1.png)

6ce69958 No.3723611

File: 1701462308441.png (386.95 KB, 705x1012, Screenshot 2023-12-01 at 1….png)

c928d0e7 No.3723612

File: 1701463162499.png (72.62 KB, 180x279, 313ab30578d2894024f12fb90b….png)

Kids, especially prepubescent ones, can not be trans, and any who think they are have been groomed and abused by others.

We used to treat men who felt like women by giving them testosterone and it worked better than giving them estrogen, but kikes kiked that up.

d9cfca25 No.3723614

File: 1701465454705.jpg (66.51 KB, 720x728, 7807795.jpg)

> Lol racist redneck white retards
Oh the racist niggers are back and think whites bad is politics

Niggers are the most racist ethnic group in America and they have been for decades. Racism among whites was negligible until the nigger race riots by BLM showed us that niggers will never be a part of society.

Niggers are nothing but violent thugs. That is because nigger culture IS criminal culture.

9f3388f4 No.3723615

File: 1701466084826.jpeg (68.85 KB, 602x697, main-qimg-9bfabf26004f8ef….jpeg)

9f3388f4 No.3723616

File: 1701466115362.jpg (69.68 KB, 1000x839, c4267da0a42ab2a0.jpg)

9f3388f4 No.3723617

File: 1701467406497.jpeg (44.47 KB, 660x373, 636447964177443460-867463….jpeg)

15406963 No.3723620

File: 1701468846795.jpg (123.86 KB, 1080x1080, 405898123_6804192983018116….jpg)

9f3388f4 No.3723621

File: 1701468905292.jpg (62.7 KB, 760x506, 231130-Klete-Derik-Keller-….jpg)

88e61de0 No.3723622

tbh if its just a first time offense its probably not the worst he could do, im saying this because there are people who do that kind of thing repeatedly

6fab8ca7 No.3723628

File: 1701474232550.jpg (125.38 KB, 881x900, F_Vn63sWYAAyzxa.jpg)

So there is election fraud happening in every state, at every level, in every election, including the presidential election, and no Republican in congress is doing anything about it? No one is even trying to bring evidence to a hearing?

Seems like if things were as wide spread as you imagine they are, there should be SOME evidence, right?

c928d0e7 No.3723633

File: 1701478319972.png (318.12 KB, 673x809, 7c46c233473358a4f8617fb9bd….png)

>Kikes control the music industry such that even in the case of Christmas music, kikes are predominant.

>Oy vey, no music for you if you're antisemitic.

Into the oven with you.

54380abe No.3723634


8a26db6c No.3723635

Turns out Israeli intelligence knew about Hamas' planned terrorist attack for over a year and even witnessed Hamas training for it. Basically they dismissed Hamas' plan as a pipe dream. Israeli officials didn't think Hamas was capable of such an attack.

bee34e6d No.3723636

Racists maga loser

bee34e6d No.3723637

File: 1701482695239.jpg (115.38 KB, 750x1024, Michelle-Obama-Portrait.jpg)

42ea1c82 No.3723638

File: 1701482785947.jpg (41.33 KB, 640x360, MoBuoiNtIowM_640x360.jpg)

3176273e No.3723639

Sometimes they get it wrong. American military knew an attack on Pearl Harbor was theoretically feasible beforehand.
> Israeli officials didn't think Hamas was capable of such an attack.
American military didn't think the japs were very capable before Pearl Harbor either.

Coincidentally, December 1 is when unindicted war criminal emperor Hirohito signed a declaration of war against the United States but kept it secret so the dishonorable japs could launch their cowardly sneak attack on December 7, 1941.

3176273e No.3723642

You're drunk, aren't you tms?

8a26db6c No.3723643

What gets me is the detail to which Israel knew Hamas' plan beforehand.
>The approximately 40-page document, which the Israeli authorities code-named “Jericho Wall,” outlined, point by point, exactly the kind of devastating invasion that led to the deaths of about 1,200 people.
>Hamas followed the blueprint with shocking precision. The document called for a barrage of rockets at the outset of the attack, drones to knock out the security cameras and automated machine guns along the border, and gunmen to pour into Israel en masse in paragliders, on motorcycles and on foot — all of which happened on Oct. 7.
>The plan also included details about the location and size of Israeli military forces, communication hubs and other sensitive information, raising questions about how Hamas gathered its intelligence and whether there were leaks inside the Israeli security establishment.

3176273e No.3723644

Keep going. You're bound to get it right. :)

8a26db6c No.3723645

Heh, I must be impaired in some capacity.

Third time's the charm.

db1206cd No.3723647

3B lying again.
Post PROOF of this if you're not lying,
not just some retarded meme a leftist buddy of yours made up while drunk.


54380abe No.3723649


54380abe No.3723650

File: 1701487276983.jpg (87.3 KB, 745x556, lying liars will lie.JPG)

He is lying as always. Took me all of three seconds to find it.

3B makes shit up.

54380abe No.3723651

File: 1701487343351.png (282.98 KB, 656x515, left parenting.png)

Lets see who the real pedophiles and groomers are.

54380abe No.3723652

File: 1701487450255.png (144.39 KB, 382x409, trump kick off ballot.png)

Here is a 'news' article that did not age well….

bee34e6d No.3723655

You and maga republican racists can't keep your dick out of your daughters

bee34e6d No.3723656

File: 1701492095539.jpg (19.67 KB, 334x443, pnbtjt1b4s3c1.jpg)

42ea1c82 No.3723658

Shut up, retard.

42ea1c82 No.3723659


c928d0e7 No.3723661

File: 1701494673383.png (2.77 MB, 1916x1079, 9e3bccbdd2e040d3863e7d99e3….png)


7afc221e No.3723671

>The Russian military taped a shell from an antique 1960's RPG-7 to a drone and is pretending it's new technology.

What do they care if it's new? All it needs to do is to kill, which it did according to the news article.

7afc221e No.3723672

Musk couldn't care less about Twitter's profitability.
His plan is to shove it everywhere, his cars, satelite internet, probably robots and AI and whatever else he comes up with.

Twitter is valuable in itself for his AI as training data and source of information.

We'll probably see in the next years lawsuits between AI companies like Musk's, MS and Facebook, accusing each others of scrapping data off their networks. Owning a social network is a very valuable asset if you don't want to be forced to pay for access to data.

c928d0e7 No.3723675

File: 1701502331036.jpg (1.48 MB, 1920x2933, 41d0f010fb59317003f795a3f0….jpg)

It's really really funny how wherever people are allowed to speak without censorship, everyone speaks openly about hating nignogs and kikes.

Literally every time. And it's funny how everyone thinks like that for absolutely no reason.

bfaf2c84 No.3723678

File: 1701503970127-0.png (346.64 KB, 586x588, 1701470255331.png)

File: 1701503970128-1.png (73.64 KB, 577x491, 1701471107157.png)

9f3388f4 No.3723679

It's just a few racist ignorant whites
Dime a dozen

9f3388f4 No.3723680

File: 1701505048933.jpeg (71.81 KB, 888x499, ke3duxfgnt3c1.jpeg)

c928d0e7 No.3723682

File: 1701505458479.png (172.45 KB, 1779x1250, bfc22724c20a88becb8ff11c09….png)

What am I ignorant of? Tell me. I feel very well informed.

9f3388f4 No.3723683

File: 1701506933192.jpg (45.32 KB, 573x381, bic4b7xszs3c1.jpg)

f3345505 No.3723685

File: 1701513834041.png (20.64 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Are We Living Through The End Of An Empire?

c82b9c61 No.3723687

i was doing rape related things, type what you said again

c82b9c61 No.3723688

no one will ever or has truly loved you btw

cfee8084 No.3723697


7b5ce510 No.3723699

File: 1701527971394.jpg (81.27 KB, 850x841, the-bestest.jpg)


The US knew about Pearl Harbor getting attacked and specifically allowed it to happen. Earthly-israhell knew about ham-ass because they created and own it - have none of you vax-prion-diseased brains-in-jars wondered how ham-ass got all those slick made-in-china paragliders and everything else such as assault weapons/gear into the world's most advanced/monitored/controlled/modern open-air prison? It was the idf who murdered any civilians, shooting them from helicopters and on the ground - this is easy to find information, for anyone who actually cares to look or even not-look-away. Even if that fakery hadn't been the case and this had been a genuine attack, "incinerating/glassing" millions of civilians (regardless of who/what they are) and taking over their land is in no way a normal response to such an event.
Even after all this time you're still quoting mainstream lies, and simply don't care. Why even bother making such posts then? What's in it for you? Say it!
I've never come across such a group of dead-inside zombies, even after decades of image board faggery.
Congratulations faggots, you never cease to amaze me. I can't help but feel sorry for you and your dead-inside comrades at this point, because I know exactly where you'll be ending up soon.

cfee8084 No.3723700

File: 1701528003413.jpg (45.1 KB, 742x960, llllllllllll.jpg)

>Rumor has it

Another high-quality 3B source

7b5ce510 No.3723701

File: 1701528261401.jpg (96 KB, 720x811, Weavile_Strangled_Dogs.jpg)

Weavile - I'll only say this one more time: Go through my old advice and take it, or you'll end up like-and-with these dead faggots that run/control/poison this place, for the rest of your life and also afterlife (in hell).

As for love - it's not something that burgers like you are capable of feeling or giving, so don't try to use it as some kind of insult, you manipulative hypocrite. You know the rules of a functioning society/interaction no matter how much you try to escape them, so at least put some effort into not becoming part of the problem - otherwise you'll just end up as the rabbis' bitch, no matter how much you protest.
All that energy you're putting into that paper-thin tough guy image will be useless when society's patience and ability to entertain fakery finally runs out. When times get tough, who would ever want to rely on or team up with someone who only looks after themselves?
Did you know that selfishness, arrogance and a disregard for any law other than one's own are some of the biggest "qualities" of today's fake-"jews"/khazars/zionists/synagogue-of-satan? You act like you're disgusted by them, but you act like them! The Book of Esther - deceivingly lied about (in the mainstream and NPC's brains) as though it were some kind of "great romance", instead shows just how hideous and murderous these people you're so repulsed by are. Even today, the "rabbis" celebrate the devilish blood/murder/rape-festival of purim to celebrate their "victory" over "anyone they hate", (by any means).
You don't want to become them, surely.

c82b9c61 No.3723709

no one will love or recognize or validate you. no one here is listening. This is your life, forever, and your destiny is to die alone

c82b9c61 No.3723715

*patpats business doggie* >w< do you want a doggy treat btw?

c82b9c61 No.3723716


The fact remains you watched an entire TV series at my behest, despite professing to it being a waste of your time. That's 30 hours, in the palm of my hand. Now, think, how many times have I ever responded to a single thing you've said? I do not even skim.

Try to find one instance, lol

c82b9c61 No.3723717

I'm cool with the jews, btw.

c82b9c61 No.3723718

File: 1701531885507.png (123.89 KB, 1056x937, 891.png)

Business Dog is a mediocre psychopath Fe-dom/ENFJ failure of a cult leader who hungers for acknowledgement through shock value and I'm fucking tired of pretending he isn't.

cfee8084 No.3723719

File: 1701531982860.jpg (3.46 MB, 4160x3120, 20230518_105901.jpg)


This video is mostly bullshit. The true decline is shown in the disenfranchisement and emasculation of men, especially White men. The White man is the primary economic and intellectual driver of the American economy. Attacking men, and White men and White culture in particular has caused the most productive and innovative part of the labor pool to simply give up. You see this visibly in the increase in homelessness, again mostly men, in deeply left-leaning cities.

The feminist movement and racial equality movement are social cancers killing the US and the West.

db1206cd No.3723721

Everybody dies alone.
Are you wanting somebody to say,
"I'm gonna die, and I'm taking you with me!"
Is that what you want?
Is that what you DESERVE?

c82b9c61 No.3723723

i read it. translation for other people "IM NOT SAD, IM NOT LONELY, YOU'RE LONELY!!! AND PLEASE BE MY FRIEND"

6fab8ca7 No.3723726

It's not my job to google things for you.
Each of those are settlements Trump had to pay because he sexually assaulted a child. You have the amounts, ages and the names of the victims. I'm sure you'll be able to find lots of details.

6fab8ca7 No.3723727

Again, moron, that kind of surgery isn't done to children. "Gender affirming care" doesn't include surgery for kids.

6fab8ca7 No.3723729

This was literally a press release from the Russian agency for propaganda. If you believe it's true you're a moron.

6fab8ca7 No.3723730

File: 1701536420392.png (30.32 KB, 994x252, 32f34f309.png)

7b5ce510 No.3723734

File: 1701539822042.png (773.82 KB, 1358x3284, BD_Weavile-2.png)

>*hysterical anime crying*
Yes. (BTW, what happened with all the deleted posts?)
>how many times have I ever responded to a single thing you've said? I do not even skim. Try to find one instance, lol
← You're a crappy liar, and why would you want to even lie about such a petty thing?
>I'm cool with the jews, btw.
I see… For over a decade you burger-managed to resist them, but now after getting scared you've finally bent over and become their bitch. Well, you've got "good" company with this board's owners/management then, they've all bent over as well.
No, U! Also - after me posting here for as long as the board has existed, everyone has stopped being shocked a very long time ago.

You were stronger last time we chatted. Good luck, I guess.

FACT CHECK!!! You're right about Butticream - with the unfixable rotten state of the world's major governments and corporations, all owned by the same satanic entity, someone like him would have probably strangled at least 7 dogs, raped a few children and murdered a family member before being allowed to make it to such an important position.

(Waaay past doggie-bed tiem nao. G'night.) :/

ddbf7b8c No.3723735

File: 1701541587836.jpg (49.83 KB, 634x516, article-2256090-16B8D1E300….jpg)

>wall of text absolutely nobody is going to read
That is the most faggoty thing you've ever posted.

3691bdb8 No.3723736

Lol maga text wall you knew they mad

3da8a69a No.3723737

File: 1701543639170.jpg (34.28 KB, 648x648, zeolnp97wv3c1.jpg)

cfee8084 No.3723740

File: 1701545905713.jpg (29.87 KB, 377x264, reply laugh.jpg)

The downs kid posts this…

AFTER >>3723650 which shows he lies. And STILL 3B doubled down on it.

The lawsuits are gone. No money was paid.

He STILL insists on the lie.

He genuinely thinks no one will notice in that delusional little world of his.

cfee8084 No.3723741


3da8a69a No.3723742


3da8a69a No.3723743


3da8a69a No.3723744

File: 1701547088628.jpg (139.7 KB, 1001x767, dohdowegor3c1.jpg)

3da8a69a No.3723745

File: 1701547166873.jpg (55.93 KB, 850x731, i0xmucxksq3c1.jpg)

b68bdbe8 No.3723749

having to smile while a weird ass nigga makes you pose for him…but its not porn

db1206cd No.3723769

File: 1701569659166.jpg (276.69 KB, 640x911, c1a347b9af2458212279319d6d….jpg)


Vongono disagrees with you.

f3345505 No.3723771

File: 1701570441667-0.jpg (52.09 KB, 552x566, 5c58645502eeb.jpg)

File: 1701570441667-1.jpg (139.19 KB, 796x939, 5a9d826cb2e2d.jpg)

nice hair dew…

bfaf2c84 No.3723772

File: 1701570857946.png (476.32 KB, 701x394, Screenshot 2023-12-02 at 2….png)

db1206cd No.3723773

File: 1701571242807.jpg (518.9 KB, 1280x934, lwht9g3tnurzaaa.jpg)

bfaf2c84 No.3723779

File: 1701572243078.png (445.67 KB, 590x398, the coneheads win family f….png)

Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!

c82b9c61 No.3723782

hold up, raping someone. Probably not going to read your post

c82b9c61 No.3723791

'no u' - I was always and will always be stronger than you.

I'm not an ENFJ btw. I don't have Fe in my stack. I don't seek validation.

c82b9c61 No.3723794

grats on making your post readable btw, hence me reading it. first for everything

c82b9c61 No.3723796

File: 1701576368769.jpg (16.78 KB, 176x176, unnamed (10).jpg)


*i throe doggie biscuit

thats a good boy, now make sure you calm down. Even if no one else will talk to you, I sure will!!

c82b9c61 No.3723797

like, once a year maybe

c928d0e7 No.3723798

File: 1701576451693.jpg (117.29 KB, 656x719, 118b86f00d9af49027c98b0921….jpg)

Innocent until proven guilty is the foundation of the legal system. It doesn't matter how many charges you have. It matters what you're found guilty of.

I think 5 year olds can understand that, right? Why can't you?

c82b9c61 No.3723800

ill have converted to judaism next year, i think. See you then

9a2e29ee No.3723802

File: 1701580378383.jpg (39.13 KB, 1068x641, ANOTHER NIGGER ARRESTED.jpg)

Racist n­­­i­­­­­­­g­­­­­­g­e­­­r­­, just like all the rest.

9f3388f4 No.3723805

Lol whites racist and stupid as fuck

9f3388f4 No.3723806

Whites post some mspaint tier memes and think they the master race roflolol

9a2e29ee No.3723808

Racist niggеr, again.

9a2e29ee No.3723809

Racist niggеr yet again.

db1206cd No.3723811

File: 1701590867347.jpg (330.68 KB, 1024x858, fhjfygfkghk.jpg)

They couldn't find a 5th grade "graduation" photo of him to use??

A democrat should bail him out and let him sleep in the guest room.

This is outrageous! How dare they arrest him. The gun obviously did the murdering. This poor innocent man just happened to be carrying the gun at the time.

I'm sure glad they caught another oppressive white serial killer.

7b5ce510 No.3723849

File: 1701612459373.jpg (177.28 KB, 1200x1200, hoovedkike.jpg)

Is this your way of trolling me? Because it's starting to work. I don't like seeing people getting destined for hell, even when they're massive spergs.
I'll post some advice on how to get saved by Jesus Christ in 24 hours. The TL;DR version though is to believe in Him, that He's the resurrected Son of God, and ask Him for forgiveness of your (many) sins.

Anyway… doggy bed.

9f3388f4 No.3723852

File: 1701612535789.png (137.6 KB, 674x766, 8psfr6bhsy3c1.png)

685c3980 No.3723858

File: 1701612785461.jpg (997.9 KB, 1567x1616, Screenshot_20231203_060934….jpg)

db1206cd No.3723860



db1206cd No.3723866

File: 1701613067995.jpg (231.09 KB, 1024x764, 1701487276983AAAA.jpg)

Why does this moron keep posting shit like this when it has already been PROVEN FALSE.

In the same thread yet!!


9a39c279 No.3723873

File: 1701613334417.jpg (25.28 KB, 474x566, th-2503541180.jpg)

>The left: We support Muslims because 'Muh Diversity'
>Also The left:We support pedophilia because 'Muh Spectrums'
>Muslims: hol' up


9a39c279 No.3723876

File: 1701613699004.jpg (21.45 KB, 474x474, th-2172739211.jpg)


This is the left we are talking about.

Hanlons Razor.

9a39c279 No.3723877


c82b9c61 No.3723878

I didn't read that and I don't think anyone else is reading this stuff too, sorry.

c82b9c61 No.3723879

Having one of the lowest IQ jungian stacks must be crippling, imagine being a failed cult leader and needing validation suuper badly and not getting it. Then again, dogs are the bottom bitches and the beta ^^ they'll be the big boys. In fact, I offered to fight Steam and he made up lies and backed out and we all saw it

Fighting is my life, I could take on steam, that pissstained hairy nigboomer BDog and Ka all at once, I would bury you animal abusing sociopaths with my bare hands and finish you off too if the law would led me

c82b9c61 No.3723880

dog = literally just a crippled wolf that lost it's pack and now asks for humans aka me to lead it. I ain't leading you or taking you in, cope.

c82b9c61 No.3723881

I would challenge you to a real fight though if you'd accept. I have more money than you, so I could fly over any time

db1206cd No.3723882

File: 1701614512079.jpg (460.2 KB, 1280x1853, How-many-animals-get-slaug….jpg)


c82b9c61 No.3723883

you'd run from that shit just like Steam though

7b5ce510 No.3723885

File: 1701616318131.png (477.7 KB, 892x903, conspiring-sorcery.png)

But what would we be fighting over? It would be completely pointless.

I'm just worried that you watching all that Japanese anime has caused you to buddy-up to the synagogue-of-satan "jews". (If you can't beat them, then join them, that kind of thing.)
So much of Japanese anime and gaming has kabbalistic/talmudic/masonic values/elements/visuals/etc - this was done on purpose of course! Other media around the world is the same - merely "tweaked" for the audience.
I've noticed that you didn't pick up on these subversions (despite badmouthing the "rabbis"), meaning that a number of those toxic subversions would have slithered themselves into your mind unnoticed.

Know your enemy! But be extremely careful not to become bewitched by it. We're nearing the time when almost the whole population worldwide will become bewitched by the "jewish" antichrist - and then they'll start slaughtering the Christians and celebrating their efforts with mass-orgies and gift-parties.

In this state you're in, I'm concerned you might become a fighter for the bad side. I don't doubt that you'd be a good fighter - that makes you a specific target for getting mindfucked by "rabbis". If only you weren't so "useful".

9a39c279 No.3723886

File: 1701618063991.jpg (56.99 KB, 603x496, om nom nom.JPG)


You need a more 'diverse' diet

685c3980 No.3723888

File: 1701620166867.png (113.39 KB, 806x767, e420z80ud24c1.png)

685c3980 No.3723889


c82b9c61 No.3723890

I just said I love jews, man. I make my posts one sentence, idk why you aren't reading them

c82b9c61 No.3723891

>they'll start slaughtering the Christians

I'm excited. Is there a way I can sign up to slaughter for them first?

c82b9c61 No.3723892

Idk, I'd be fighting to kill a Christian, that's why it'd be hype.

c82b9c61 No.3723893

Anyway, done talking to you. If I ever schizo post here again, it's going to be with lulzfilter on and you invisible. There's no point to it since we don't read anything the other person says. We can't get under each other's skin. I'm mostly annoyed you and 3b aren't banned. Choob is a fucking retard

a57c5739 No.3723896

Lol whackos so fucking mad roflrofl

a57c5739 No.3723897

File: 1701626606560.jpeg (53.86 KB, 524x767, 03wep7ppf24c1.jpeg)

f3345505 No.3723906

File: 1701629002738.jpg (695.63 KB, 840x2610, 13245898131.jpg)

9a39c279 No.3723912



e0c1a710 No.3723921


e0c1a710 No.3723922

File: 1701645446558.jpg (97.13 KB, 768x768, 9zxv991dw54c1.jpg)

db1206cd No.3723925

Henny Youngman's been dead for 25 years…
since 1998.
How would he have known anything about Trump?


7b5ce510 No.3723928

File: 1701651778930.jpg (1.05 MB, 2028x1553, simplest-guide.jpg)

>2011 - 2021: "Fuck the jews, they destroy everything they touch, I hate them and hope they all get wiped off the planet."
>2022-2023: (Notices that "jews" have built a powerful and scary worldly empire and that I'm just a jew-product-consuming burger faggot who's too weak to avoid them and anything they create) - "I love the jews, kill all Christians, I want to be first in line to kill them for the jews!"


Here's simple advice for you, and anyone addicted to the poisonous synagogue-of-satan/"jew" teat: Gradually reduce consumption of s-o-s/"jewish" products (including their money) with the aim of going down to zero. Fill the voids which this causes with non-s-o-s/"jew" things.

If you don't know what's s-o-s/"jewish" and what isn't, then research it (almost everything that is popular is now controlled by them/satan), keeping in mind that most things s-o-s/"jews" say/do are poisoned in some way, and they can't help but destroy everything that is good. For example, eating "meat" is good, so now they're trying to outlaw meat and replace it with bugs - there are many thousands of examples like this in every facet of life. No amount of poison is "safe".

If you're still confused, then remember that Jesus is repulsed by the s-o-s/"jews", has specifically named Earthly-jerusalem as the filthiest of shitholes, will go full-on sodom-and-gomorrah on it soon, and that he's got plenty of advice on not becoming like the s-o-s/"jews" in the KJV Bible.
Also - the more you focus on Jesus, the easier it gets to spot and avoid satan/s-o-s-"jews". I can vouch for this personally, and it has improved my own life dramatically (because new and better doors start opening up).

Protip: The higher your testosterone, the less of a bitch (like Weavile) you'll be. Find the traditional non-mainstream ways that naturally raise and maintain high testosterone levels, and implement them. The s-o-s/"jews"/satan absolutely hate testosterone (and a clean Jesus-connected mind)!

Having said all this - it looks like all of you except for maybe 3 or so will never escape the satan/s-o-s/"jew" teat and be forever-poisoned by it.

9f3388f4 No.3723937

Lol business dog is Jewish

9f3388f4 No.3723938

File: 1701657987502.jpg (68.18 KB, 735x767, k60wg4tz844c1.jpg)

7b5ce510 No.3723941

File: 1701659964535.jpg (593.7 KB, 4103x2735, jewish-poison.jpg)

Nice job bumping a useful post off the front page again, lol-dummy.

For anyone still wondering why there are lots of people who appear Christian on the outside but don't seem to be or act Christian, it's because they're not Christian.
The Bible clearly mentions that most people/fake-christians/churches will choose to be corrupted and end up in hell.
Don't let this discourage you! If you need to be in the popular "in-crowd" then Christianity isn't for you, because it's the lake of fire in hell that'll be popular, and only the few will go to heaven.

Protips: The "jews"/satan actually use judaism to infect, corrupt and take over Christian churches and the image of Christianity and the minds of the masses - so that when you see "Christians" doing horrible things, you're actually seeing "judeo-christians"/"jews" doing horrible things.

Do you see how sneaky these bastards are? They'll even "bash" the "jews" themselves and accuse non-jews of being jewish, and use that for their own purposes, but that's for a whole bunch of reasons that'll require another big post and I don't have time. TL;DR: They're not even jews, because they follow not the Old Testament (only around 2% of Jews do), but they are talmudists/kabbalists/sorcerers/satanists. By saying Jesus was "a jew" (which He isn't) and acting as though they are "God's chosen people", which no real Jew actually is ever since Jesus arrived in the flesh and made a new covenant (with everyone who would believe in Him), which the Jews of that time broke, they're just confusing the situation even more in all kinds of ways. If you say "jews are bad" then a drone says "yeah but Jesus was a jew (which he wasn't). If you say "jews aren't God's chosen people", the a drone says "yes they are, it's in the Bible" (in the old testament, before the Jews broke the covenant and a new one was made, but sshhh don't say that, OOOHHH).

Serious question: Is there anyone left here, who still wants to know more about these things and possibly becoming a Christian?

c82b9c61 No.3723943


i love jews even more after this post, sorry man

c82b9c61 No.3723944

>Serious question: Is there anyone left here, who still wants to know more about these things and possibly becoming a Christian?

You know the answer to this. No, conclusively. Forever. You're just shitposting, I'm kind of sure you're feeding it through an AI at this point.

The only reason you could drown out my OC is just that, it's OC and people liked it and found it funny, whereas your horseshit is regurgitated diet 3B shit but just a tad crazier.

c82b9c61 No.3723945

Amazing you can't even manage to be as interesting as David Icke, lol. Picked up even ONE person to join your cult since you larped that I was when I really wasn't and tried to talk down to me like you're not my bitch?

c82b9c61 No.3723946

same universalist gnostic tripe about how bad things are just not 'meant' to happen in the world that I see from leftists too. You have the same fundamental cope and inability to deal with hardship the trannies have tbh

c82b9c61 No.3723948

there's a reason no right winger on here engages with you and it's because your propositions are fundamentally utopian and therefore bog standard left wing delusional schlock.

c82b9c61 No.3723950

I never lie, except by forgetting stuff maybe since I don't really care about this shithole board. I even forgot last time I wasn't going to respond to anymore, but I guess I need the filter for that.

You lie knowingly like every other post. You are an insane raving clown with 0 charisma because no one likes you and you're sad.

c82b9c61 No.3723951

c82b9c61 No.3723952

>All that energy you're putting into that paper-thin tough guy image will be useless when society's patience and ability to entertain fakery finally runs out. When times get tough, who would ever want to rely on or team up with someone who only looks after themselves?

yes, no one would team up with Genghis Khan or Napoleon

db1206cd No.3723956

According to history,
that didn't end well for them.

e91eebda No.3723957

Lol nigger racist and stupid as fuck

6fab8ca7 No.3723964

Google the names. They are all women Trump has had to pay off because he sexually harassed or assaulted them when they were young.

Your God-King is the biggest pedo in the party.

db1206cd No.3723966

Did the retard board you were posting on shut down or something so now you are posting here?

There is only ONE God King, and it's obvious you don't know him.
It isn't Trump.

Leftist, Trump-hating Google.

db1206cd No.3723967

File: 1701677441179.jpg (208.17 KB, 1334x803, E576856787jfjghjghkhk.jpg)

It's obvious you need reminding on a daily basis.

c82b9c61 No.3723968

you would team up with them. You would team up with the most money, most feared and respected, biggest bench press, best in a fight, best at talking. Best best best. Not some douchebag like Dog.

c82b9c61 No.3723969

Your body would rather you die with someone like that than live with a pacifistic pussy like Dog. Embrace it.

7b5ce510 No.3723970

File: 1701688957737.jpg (134.08 KB, 828x788, perfection.jpg)

>You know the answer to this.
No, that's why I'm asking.
>No, conclusively. Forever.
That's sad, but only for you - you don't get to speak for anyone else.
>You're just shitposting, I'm kind of sure you're feeding it through an AI at this point.
The reason you believe that, is because you still haven't accepted Jesus - I could quote Bible verses all day to you, and you wouldn't have a clue what I'm saying. People like that (you) are mentioned in the bible as well. I was hoping you'd be better than those NPCs, but maybe there's still a chance for you.
>The only reason you could drown out my OC is just that, it's OC and people liked it and found it funny,
In your own mind they did.
>whereas your horseshit is regurgitated diet 3B shit but just a tad crazier.
3Broken and I are polar opposites, you just can't tell the difference because of "jewish" voodoo magic fucking with your mind. My posts sound crazier to you because 3Broken's got a smoother (forked) tongue, and because I quote truths in a lying world.

>Amazing you can't even manage to be as interesting as David Icke, lol.
Icke's a fraud who's part of "lucifer Publishing". I mentioned him early on, hoping people would be able to snap out of their delusion by listening to someone who speaks 95% truths as well as he does. I hope in the long run, it didn't do more harm than good.
>Picked up even ONE person to join your cult RAHRAHRAH!!!
Posts per hour on this board went down after I had returned from my hiatus, and I'm happy about that! I'm not trying to get people to "join" anything to do with me - I'm trying to get them to at the very least LEAVE this satanic viper's nest board, but preferably also become a Christian before/after leaving. Your posts are remembered by the Internet forever - don't try to pretend you're not trying to manipulate others into following you for your own selfish purposes, or I might just start digging up some old public posts you made here.

>same universalist gnostic tripe about how bad things are just not 'meant' to happen in the world that I see from leftists too.
You can't tell the difference between bad and good. Who is your teacher? You either serve good or you serve evil, you can't do both. That's in the Bible as well.

(Pic probably unrelated.)

7b5ce510 No.3723971

File: 1701689757390.jpg (54.62 KB, 850x850, fatty_food_robbery.jpg)

>I never lie, except by forgetting stuff maybe…
>You lie knowingly like every other post.
This is a public board, you've been caught in lies/"forgetfulness" before and since I'm so disliked according to you then I'm sure someone out there will be able to prove that "I lie every other post".
>You are an insane raving clown with 0 charisma because no one likes you and you're sad.
Thank you! Honestly, I mean it. Coming from you that means a lot. Few people will understand why. :3

No "jew" would ever promote the real Jesus Christ. BTW, shouldn't you "love me" then? You know, with me being "jewish" and all. :3
Spoiler - I'm even lucky enough to still have my sheath. :P

>you would team up with them.
No, you would - he's his own. Thinking for other people again?
>You would team up with the most money,
An earthly and currently highly corrupt thing, controlled/owned/abused by the synagogue-of-satan. There's even something in the Bible about the love of money, you should read it.
>most feared and respected,
By whom, and for what reason? You're thinking of an Earthly man when saying this - feared and respected out of fear of being brutally murdered. Fear and respect at the end of a knife. How long will that last? Why remain loyal to one's abuser? Jesus didn't arrive and walk the earth to condemn people, they do it themselves. Jesus is our Father, and we fear, respect and love Him because we are His children, and we look up to and worship Him. Unlike your example, we can be 100% certain that He would never deceive us or undeservedly chasten us, plus he'll be around forever.
You're attracted to an abuser, so that you can join his abuse of others. You have no principles!
>biggest bench press,
Earthly and fleeting.
>best in a fight,
Earthly and fleeting (depending on the fight).
>best at talking.
You know who's best at talking (to non-Christians)? It's satan - his forked tongue is the "sweetest" of all… at least up to a point when the facade drops. All of that's in the Bible too.
>Best best best.
According to an ass-kisser like you, who has never known true love. I feel sorry for you, to have missed out on so very much.
>Not some douchebag like Dog.
This is no popularity contest, and I only want people (and animals) to follow Jesus Christ. I'd get extremely worried if people started praising and exalting me.

7b5ce510 No.3723972

File: 1701690959376.jpg (426.9 KB, 1152x1536, Wetpussy.jpg)

>Your body would rather you die with someone like that than live with a pacifistic pussy like Dog.
Talking for others again. You don't "get it". A Christian lives and dies for Jesus Christ, not for any other man or for himself! You'd be surprised how much Supernatural and also natural power a Christian can wield, however, you can't join for that reason alone.
>Embrace it.
You have embraced a twice-death. I can pray for you if you want. It's pathetic to suck up to anyone, let alone "jews"/synagogue-of-satan/satan, just because you see them as the biggest bully.
If you knew the Bible better, you'd see just how limited their power actually is - definitely not weak and definitely very powerful in earthly matters, but certainly very limited when looking at the "bigger picture".
You can't see past earthly matters. Didn't you know? It'll all return to dust soon enough, and the earthly rulers will have absolutely nothing, whereas Christians will have eternity in the Kingdom of Heaven.

*Sheesh… I'll have to start taking my own advice (that I've been giving to Niggеrman) soon.*

(Pic probably unrelated.)

c82b9c61 No.3723973

'someone will be able to'

Has anyone else even read or responded to these? I've been reading the thread and no one seems to

c82b9c61 No.3723974

I am the biggest bully. Suck up to me, you little faggot

c82b9c61 No.3723975

Did i am racist and not very brightman even respond to the advice? Like, with anything remotely cohesive other than 'ok bro'? I haven't seen him respond to you either.

c82b9c61 No.3723976

>Amazing you can't even manage to be as interesting as David Icke, lol. Picked up even ONE person to join your cult since you larped that I was when I really wasn't and tried to talk down to me like you're not my bitch?

I like how you didn't respond to the only question that's important to answer. No one is listening, dude. It's like the rest of your life, on repeat, growing old and dying

c82b9c61 No.3723977

yo nigman, have you ever interacted with this man in any meaningful way other than laughing at how batshit insane his posts are?

c82b9c61 No.3723978

Shit, I think Hitler would find him hilarious too

c82b9c61 No.3723980

The one (ONE) person I can remember even responding to you was a guy talking about how he's glad you linked him something halfway bearable and not just insanity about graphite in coronahoax vaxes. That and 3b, who is the real reason you do this, because his mentally disabled ass buttblasted you to the point you are going on an autism crusade.

You're basically evil. It's a saving grace you are so fucking retarded you can't engender even a small cult of followers on a dead board. I'll be so happy when people like you are off of the planet, man. You putrid piece of shit, wannabe brainwasher.

c82b9c61 No.3723981

been engaged for the best part of a decade and am always super happy talking to my other half btw

c82b9c61 No.3723982

I don't really care what you consider it. Words don't matter too much to me, it can be degeneracy or whatever else you want. Frown on it if you want. I'm still going to get rid of people like you in the end, you racist piece of insane shit

c82b9c61 No.3723983

But lol. I'm just not gonna have time to play pissing games with a retard like you. Back in another country starting tomorrow, so have fun talking about me for two years and no one responding to you again

c82b9c61 No.3723984

'wrong password' so I can't delete this. Oh well. Not that I care what you have to say anyway, because you've never experienced real love as you keep proving by mentioning this in every post after I said it once HAHAHAHA

c82b9c61 No.3723986

Honestly the best part about accepting the fight would be getting your physical appearance so I could ruin your life. I actually offered in genuine good faith, you retard, I'd have signed all the wavers and fought you mano e mano with no meddling. God this sucks. The best reason for finding where you are is just, honestly, fucking getting you vanished in a ditch somewhere since I have brothers in arms that'd die for me as I have died many times for them

c82b9c61 No.3723987

So fucking gay you and Steam are such bitches. Hiding behind a fucking keyboard running your mouth about shit. I'm more pissed that this is how you were in 2014 when I was a child too. You got mad at a little kid challenging your authority because you are a narcissistic niggoid at heart without a fucking soul and the most obvious case of aspergers/neurodivergence I have ever laid eyes on

c82b9c61 No.3723988

File: 1701693227702.png (300 KB, 900x855, eemeg.png)

Congrats being a coward and a female in disguise, you little tutu wearing barbie bitch, it saved your life. Yeah. Yeah you were right for opsec, I'd get rid of you.

If anyone can find where this man lives and who he is I promise you he'll be fucking dead in a year and no one would stop me or get me for it

tbh though, nah, you're not worth any of this. I wouldn't waste my time, unless it was an honorable challenge. See how short my posts usually are here? Because you are a loveless, lying, retarded waste of fucking life

God, the internet is boring now.

c82b9c61 No.3723989

peace, probably not coming back to this country- …freudian slip but true, probably not coming back to this board either, there I meant that.

c82b9c61 No.3723990

OH AND THE WORST PART besides choob being a blatant fed, is that everyone uses this same tactic now. 3B, Steam, even the common Groyper in the most obscure of /vg/ threads. It's always the same dishonest chattel shit where they repeat something over and over and over and preach at you and preach at you and don't actually respond to anything you say. This is what we get by not banning people left and right.

It was ok back in say 2 thousand and fucking 11 because enough people used boards that BD would just get swamped and made a fool of in 200 post autosaged tomes of shitting on him, but now we don't get that. Just 1 to 1 engagements with the most insufferable bots because starting muh duuuuurama on 4chan is the one thing that DOES get you banned.

God, take me home, country roads. The worst part is that I kept talking to this lying, fraudulent piece of shit narcissist cult leader because he promised he'd make an imageboard of his own. Let me guess, it got lost up your asshole, you fucking furry degenerate?

c82b9c61 No.3723991


Just do it. Say you made the board but just aren't showing me or anyone. That's the troll isn't it, you fucking retard?

c82b9c61 No.3723992

not an admission btw, so don't even try running the 2013 lying lulz shit on me like it'll even work with two people around. It's just an expression of how frustrated I am.

ok ok, let's say I went ahead and did it by your rules and did what you said, I wouldn't get straight answers anyway! NO ONE DID!! Because it's a troll. And damn it's WORKING ON ME

c82b9c61 No.3723993

But yeah. I'm done. Done with this shithole retard board or most of the internet in general. This medium died when I was still too young to vote and we just have to pretend it still has a point. Why the fuck couldn't 8chan stay around?

c82b9c61 No.3723994


this is how this thread makes me feel

c82b9c61 No.3723995

All these people on 2015 8chan probably normal posters, drowning. BD, not drowning. This is a serious problem that needs to be fixed. We need to get water in his lungs immediately

c82b9c61 No.3723996

fuck you all

7b5ce510 No.3723997

File: 1701694412656.gif (239.09 KB, 560x307, Unrelated.gif)

At least you're angry - that means that when you're in trouble and need help, then my advice that's been seared into your brain by your fury, will return to you and guide you to safety.

What question do you want answered the most? I'll make it clear and to the point.

c82b9c61 No.3723998

Man, not much. Just take care man. This anger shit isn't me. Sorry for being rude to you sometimes. Can't blame you for having an inflated ego as that's characterized me at many points of my life

I do wish you meant to do that board though, fuck

c82b9c61 No.3723999

absolutely unbelievable

c82b9c61 No.3724000

ill take a piss and read your shit later if it's even coming. last thing before i dip off of the face of furi. im not reading this shit if it's a 500 word rant about jesus or lizardmen though

7b5ce510 No.3724001

Okay… I'll make that image board.
Whether it's crap or good, it'll be accessible on the 1st of Jan 2024, and I'll post a link here.

c82b9c61 No.3724003

im gonna get fucking trolled aren't i

c82b9c61 No.3724004

okay sorry. that was rude. Alright. Are you sure you even have the ability to satisfy your opsec prerequisites? I wouldn't even blame you for bailing given what's been up with 8chan in the day

7b5ce510 No.3724005

Opsec? No, the feds/everything-else-related know exactly who I am. That part about getting mangled by the "rabbis" wasn't a lie either.
I'll need to do some moderation because of that, which is too bad, because Ausjailian laws are becoming like those of bolshevik Russia.

c82b9c61 No.3724006

yeah fair. what rules are we talking?

7b5ce510 No.3724007

File: 1701695527643.png (74.07 KB, 1333x552, 8chanmoe.png)

Similar to the rules of 8chan dot moe, plus the most critical related to me being in Ausjailia - the kind of laws that'll get me suicided if I don't follow them.

Kind of a downer, right? :/

c82b9c61 No.3724008

sure but I'm wondering if they'll ever allow that. We can give it a try though

c82b9c61 No.3724009

So long as posters of violations that aren't too bad just get a delete and not a ban unless it's too much, that should be fine. If it's fast enough you can just let it sit for a while

7b5ce510 No.3724010

Yes, that's what I was thinking.

c82b9c61 No.3724011

i can use AND advertise it if you want. I am a younger furry, marginally, and I know a lot of people

c82b9c61 No.3724012

ausjailia is a great name for it, lol

7b5ce510 No.3724013

Okay, that sounds good. I've actually written down a bunch of ideas already.
Might give the board away to someone in a different jurisdiction too, even if it becomes successful. I don't see myself running an image board for very long.

7b5ce510 No.3724014

Yeah, it's realistic but it's a downer too.
The real "fun" lies in annoying the bad guys as much as possible without breaking their evil laws, so that one still has normies on one's side.

c82b9c61 No.3724015

make sure they're on a leash, serious. don't pull a moot or 8chan /furry/ thing. I actually do trust your values as far as what you allow people to do goes

c82b9c61 No.3724016

im in police trouble too, shit sucks

7b5ce510 No.3724017

Yes I know, we'll see what we have when it's ready for access. It could still sink, like so many other boards.

7b5ce510 No.3724018

If only life were so simple that it's merely "the police" one must remain aware of.
Nevertheless, I'm going to keep the board Ausjailia-legal and then give it away to some (reasonably) trustworthy anon who isn't as well-known to satan's minions as I am. :3

There's probably nothing more here for me on lulz. Since this place is a dead honeypot, it's time to move on.

Have to go now. Good fortune to you. If we don't chat again, I'll do my best to be here on Jan 1st.

c82b9c61 No.3724019

got it.

9f3388f4 No.3724020

9f3388f4 No.3724021

File: 1701699016224.png (98.72 KB, 609x593, xc6igz2u964c1.png)

6fab8ca7 No.3724022

File: 1701699118069.jpg (67.24 KB, 512x512, Read-a-book-you-noob.jpg)

>Genghis Khan or Napoleon …

Two of history's most famous empire builders were "only in it for themselves"?

I guess, by your standards, George Washington was just out to make a name for himself so he could get more pussy, right?

c82b9c61 No.3724023

9f3388f4 No.3724024

File: 1701699352112.jpeg (82.9 KB, 770x767, o3wl29pwb94c1.jpeg)

db1206cd No.3724026

Notice how there are always a shitload of posts bashing Trump and/or Conservatives that only appear above and below 3B when he posts? And with similar timestamps?

Why do you even bother to change your IP for them 3B?
Just post them as NonCompliant!3BCGPrjsRQ
It's really fucking obvious to everyone but YOU.

Yeah right, it's not you, you died several times, blah blah

db1206cd No.3724027

File: 1701703522486.jpg (27.66 KB, 512x512, EcwCUa5d.jpg)


Don't Worry,
He WILL be ELECTED again,,
You Leftists have GUARANTEED it!
And you're so stupid you don't even know WHY THAT WILL HAPPEN.


9f3388f4 No.3724028

Lol right wing nut jobs gonna be angry 2.0 when Trump loses AGAIN

ab4d872e No.3724031

File: 1701704700624.png (207.11 KB, 1024x566, e34wheuc154c1.png)

"Fool me once, shame on…shame on you. Fool me…you can't get fooled again"

2d27cfe6 No.3724034

File: 1701705255109.jpg (84.37 KB, 1162x1080, 61GKeJh2B0L._AC_SL1200_-1.jpg)

Ramping up the MASSIVE CHEATING already, huh.
Well you're going to need a hell of a lot more of it this time, we're onto all your hundreds of little tricks, you had to go SO FUCKING OVERBOARD with them last time to defeat Trump you exposed them to the world.

When you sneak up to the POSTAL DROP BOX at 3 am, we'll be there to wring the stack of fraudulent ballots out of your cheating communist hands.
When you try to put pizza boxes over windows at the vote counting centers so we can't see what's going on, we're going in and pulling them off, try and stop us.
When the TV networks try to FREEZE THE VOTE COUNTING at Midnight again, we will be there in the studios to make sure they DON'T.
When you try to run stacks of the same fake ballots through the counting machine over and over again, thas thing's getting a rolling pin run through it.
Well, I think you get the idea.

ab4d872e No.3724035

Lol maga doing text walls and totally not mad lolol

ab4d872e No.3724036

File: 1701705312423.jpg (31.41 KB, 640x468, 0gscg2h2ma4c1.jpg)

2d27cfe6 No.3724037

The little communist hands of a 12-year old wrote this message.


9f3388f4 No.3724038

Ouch you really hurt my feelings there
Jk lololol

9f3388f4 No.3724039

File: 1701706922543.jpg (47.3 KB, 1024x667, k3vrr1hhg64c1.jpg)

db1206cd No.3724040

9f3388f4 No.3724042

File: 1701708998053.jpg (743.17 KB, 1811x1681, Screenshot_20231204_085325….jpg)

9f3388f4 No.3724043

File: 1701709092489.jpg (391.5 KB, 1812x1449, Screenshot_20231204_085452….jpg)

fffe0f92 No.3724045

ecd08e52 No.3724046

File: 1701712467564.jpg (129.07 KB, 904x708, Screenshot_20231204_095124….jpg)

Looks real

c82b9c61 No.3724048

ill still rape post there btw LOL

6fab8ca7 No.3724050

I love how even when the right wing tries to make a meme of Trump they give him tiny-baby-hands.

2b9867e3 No.3724051

>Trump to be convicted
>Legal Analyst
>Laurence Henry Tribe
>His family is Jewish


db1206cd No.3724056


653e6816 No.3724067

File: 1701754045581.jpg (88.27 KB, 1119x673, 28062register_all_democrat….jpg)

Democrat party: the pedophile party.

9f3388f4 No.3724072

Lol mad maga with Ms paint

9f3388f4 No.3724073

File: 1701779501429.jpeg (50.36 KB, 522x767, cp63etkxtc4c1.jpeg)

db1206cd No.3724074

File: 1701783449396.jpg (149.19 KB, 640x465, Screenshot (236).jpg)

Only a PEDO like you would even notice something like that.
3B truly believes we're all like liberals and believe stupid crap.
The only good lying leftist activist Marxist, is a buried lying climate activist Marxist.
Marx was a complete and totally worthless piece of filth. Anyone following him is the same.

Pablum-Puking Liberal.


9f3388f4 No.3724077

9f3388f4 No.3724078

File: 1701784275731.jpeg (41.35 KB, 657x767, 23x6kxefwd4c1.jpeg)

db1206cd No.3724079


9f3388f4 No.3724080

File: 1701784317143.jpg (71.48 KB, 857x1200, 946e674192bc6eaee68dfbdbd7….jpg)

9f3388f4 No.3724081

File: 1701784371928.jpg (81.09 KB, 550x550, get-in-loser-karl-marx-com….jpg)

9f3388f4 No.3724082

File: 1701784535085.jpg (97.71 KB, 764x767, qse2knzqid4c1.jpg)

9f3388f4 No.3724083

File: 1701784614193.jpg (1.07 MB, 1641x1624, Screenshot_20231205_055356….jpg)

db1206cd No.3724084

All I can think of is that Leftism in power always ends in death and destruction. This round of Leftism in power is going to end in 10's or 100's of millions of deaths. This is NOT the fault of Conservatism.

db1206cd No.3724085

File: 1701784720573.jpg (227.34 KB, 1025x765, 1701487276983AAAAbb.jpg)

9f3388f4 No.3724086


9f3388f4 No.3724087

File: 1701784902632.jpg (86.98 KB, 1024x679, iedhq9krzg4c1.jpg)

3936b044 No.3724088

File: 1701784962882.jpg (1.01 MB, 1558x1560, Screenshot_20231205_055935….jpg)

db1206cd No.3724089

File: 1701785119522.jpg (227.69 KB, 1026x765, 1701487276983AAAAccc.jpg)

3936b044 No.3724090

File: 1701785197955.jpg (151.75 KB, 1200x1006, soros-snopes-meme-overlay.jpg)

9f3388f4 No.3724091

File: 1701785225699.jpg (63.77 KB, 500x538, mkrnr4r71e4c1.jpg)

db1206cd No.3724092

File: 1701785272492.jpg (1.09 MB, 1920x1373, yJ3OyZ8xxx.jpg)

db1206cd No.3724093

That wasn't from Snopes,

db1206cd No.3724095

File: 1701785471730.jpg (568.12 KB, 1024x1024, il_fullxfull.4923509410_hh….jpg)


9f3388f4 No.3724096

Lol @MAGA Racists

9f3388f4 No.3724097

File: 1701787930786.png (77.13 KB, 502x327, hx7af02tkh4c1.png)

c82b9c61 No.3724099

File: 1701788672087.png (464.29 KB, 634x360, 68554549-11844599-image-a-….png)


The one thing you are right about is that jews are disgusting. I felt sorry for the victim of this one i am racist and not very bright beating a teacher but then I found she was jewish, so, I guess that explains the lack of mercy

db1206cd No.3724101

How does it feel,
to have a Mom and Dad,
who failed so miserably as Parents?

9f3388f4 No.3724102

Lol maga big mad

9f3388f4 No.3724105

File: 1701792727220.png (271.8 KB, 918x651, 2qm9vjma4f4c1.png)

Another one under the bus: Trump rekindles conspiracy theory that Ray Epps and other of his own supporters were government agents, planted at the January 6th riot to incite violence. (Ray’s business folded and he was forced to sell his ranch and leave his community. He now lives in an RV)

7b5ce510 No.3724106

File: 1701794127264.jpg (59.53 KB, 640x360, rabbis-army.jpg)

Hmm. Maybe best kept to a single dedicated thread, then. Baby steps. I'll get you embracing 100% consensual yet.

Being naturally repulsed by known poisons is certainly a valuable and proven survival instinct.
There's a good chance she became a teacher in order to warp and destroy young minds. Sometimes their weapons backfire.

(BTW - one of the board's rules will be no AI content of any kind allowed.)

Must Goddy Bed now. :3

c82b9c61 No.3724110

so long as u mostly let anyone say what they want. i do think 3b should be banned for basically spamming though

7b5ce510 No.3724111

File: 1701797131104.jpg (344.87 KB, 600x600, sleepytime.jpg)

Except for the usual troll/fed-tactics of inciting violence and then screencapping it as "evidence", or general fed/botposting trash (which 3Broken's posts often look like anyway), I can't think of anything else right now that would need to be banned. I'll probably encourage keeping subjects in their dedicated threads though - for example just 1 rape thread, with only groping allowed at most outside of that thread, etc. :3

Everyday people (and Internet-using animals) are generally okay and self-moderating, even those who still frequent image boards - it's those who are hired or just hell-bent on pushing lies and actual killing/death that poison things.

9a3c746a No.3724117

Just another racist nigger poster. A dime a dozen.

c82b9c61 No.3724122

idk, that just sounds like reddit, i think I'll pass

7b5ce510 No.3724135

It does? I never go there due to the liberal faggotry.
You mean allowing rape in every thread?
What do you suggest? Examples?

9f3388f4 No.3724137


9f3388f4 No.3724138

File: 1701823700313.jpg (51.31 KB, 500x500, hhnnhk7fzh4c1.jpg)

8a26db6c No.3724146

File: 1701826775763.webm (5.43 MB, 640x360, NO. I don't think it's a ….webm)

Based Bernie

78ec81aa No.3724150

File: 1701827706204.jpg (1.14 MB, 2894x4093, 2179002_SynnfulTiger_the_d….jpg)

> i do think 3b should be banned for basically spamming though
3B should be banned here for spamming thread after thread with off-topic political BS.

3B also posted edited child pornography here. Posting CP is supposed to be a permanent ban.

f2cc7cf2 No.3724155


When are you gonna fucking DIE Bernie? So there's one less cold-war communist in the world.

7b5ce510 No.3724156

3Broken is jewB's comrade. They all have blood on their hands, actively allowing and spreading deadly disinformation, which is a war crime. They have condemned themselves, and they'll face judgement before God. Likely, they'll face judgement on Earth before then as well.

9f3388f4 No.3724168


9f3388f4 No.3724169

File: 1701844030600.png (149.3 KB, 995x767, 48zedh3vij4c1.png)

25baa152 No.3724170

Just like last time then.

One thing is certain, if he gets elected you'll see a new big bad virus that needs locking down the country for monthes so they can blame the economic fallout on him.

f3345505 No.3724171

File: 1701847875253-0.jpg (211.05 KB, 945x1141, 810rcAaiXHL._AC_SL1200_.jpg)

File: 1701847875253-1.jpg (663.67 KB, 945x1141, geopolotics.jpg)


If Donald wins; Would he Cut spending that support Ukraine's defense and support Israel to protect ?

What location has the most oil rich resources that could be blocked off and start 3rd World War?

c82b9c61 No.3724174

like this site but with no spam and no fed mods.

I don't want it to devolve into you preaching to people and being made to read your bullshit I don't agree with or care about 24/7 with no option to say no or escape. You might as well make a webpage at that point

c82b9c61 No.3724176

I never would stop you from posting if I was a mod and I expect the same courtesy in trade, especially since your shit veers way closer to 3B's regurgitation than my basically hand tailored OC does. I'd probably get 3B off of the site for being a spammer and obviously crossing that threshold for most of us.

Like lulz in the day was never Disneyworld. I could sort of agree with /furry/'s no doxing rule despite the very different flavor that resulted in but even then you could say what you want

84588fc9 No.3724177

File: 1701855470123.jpg (286.56 KB, 1276x2860, stirner_3.jpg)

c82b9c61 No.3724178


again I'm done with imageboards. I don't want to join some preachers disney board. Reddit is that way. Ah well.

7b5ce510 No.3724180

It's the gov/NGO spammers that'll get treated as spam and deleted, and 3Broken/co. are included in that category since they have no original thoughts anyway.
The reason I've become so disgusted with this place over the years was because it specifically allowed fedposting and is a honeypot/disinfo/spy board, so I'll try to avoid that situation as much as I can.

It was only the actual, genuine people (or animals) here that made this place worth interacting with. It's only an illusion that "this place doesn't really have rules", it's just that the rules that do exist are wicked, and no visitor is allowed to know them.

42ea1c82 No.3724182

File: 1701857217772.jpg (47.99 KB, 645x450, furry_american_cat2.jpg)

>I could sort of agree with /furry/'s no doxing rule
I don't think we ever had that here.

I remember that time some lefty came here and tried to start a "dox the right" thread, and someone started dumping dox on lefty furs instead, and then OP started screaming for mods to delete the thread because some mod changed the delete password so OP couldn't delete. It was fucking glorious.


My god, I'll never forget that day.

c82b9c61 No.3724185

Well, your post is convincing. Like by itself this is a perfect response. But I just think it's another clear attempt to troll me. it's not gonna work but it did waste my time enough to respond-

ok, forget I said that. It's flavor text on an MTG card, ignore it. Alright. So I go with your shit, then what? Are MY thoughts original? I don't think being a leftist or a criminal degenerate or anything means you're unoriginal, I just think 3B was as they were literal news articles

c82b9c61 No.3724186

/furry/, not /furi/… reading comp man…

c82b9c61 No.3724187

>It's the gov/NGO spammers that'll get treated as spam and deleted, and 3Broken/co. are included in that category since they have no original thoughts anyway.

like on paper i agree with this but you've shown yourself to stretch and bend over backwards to categorically include people you don't like in this group. I think you suspected me of being a fed once, or might have.

I agree with 3B and choob being in it. choob is literally in bed with WEFoids. Nobuyuki and the others were leftist scumbags and double agents for FA's admin panel too, that's proven based on conflict of interest affiliations we know and knew they had, but it can't just be anyone you think it is

c82b9c61 No.3724188

if u do this, make the rules clear. the best kind of dialogue you can have with your userbase is a clear and open one.

c82b9c61 No.3724192

My case for Choob being wef isn't the schizo shit you post either. It's that he's too skilled at his job and has been at odds with the feds while conspicuously eluding captivity. He can hack really well. He is just uncomfortably adjacent to l[redacted because I don't to get fucked with by jews] and people in that clique were often caught and put up to doing feddie wetwork in exchange for freedom.

It's not really perfectly logically sound but the purposes of the site and his past line up in a way that could be potentially catastrophic in a way a farmer like you running the same site with the same - at least visible - rules couldn't be. If you are what you say.

That said, you posting here all day every day with a 'tech' background and imposing all these rules does lend some credence to suspicion YOU could be bought out…

Ugh. At some point it just never ends.

If I was a fed, I wouldn't want lulz without choob, I'd want a new site like you're proposing to get a new userbase to profile. I would certainly spend a lot of time here trying to convince people not to bother either. So?? It's just weird, dude

c82b9c61 No.3724193

the only reason I'd trust you is that people like that are spread insanely thin and we just got unlucky to be in fed butthole territory, two in one space when you've posted here since the Ka days and were the same emotional validation miner then just seems incredulous

c82b9c61 No.3724194

I don't even think 4chan has any fedmods or more than a couple if it does. Idk how the hell we just got sandwiched between MKUltra buttcheek but it's probably intrinsically tied to why this site was allowed to exist unimpeded

c82b9c61 No.3724195

anyway been fun here. Your shitposts gave some good comedy material between me and my beloved. And thanks for at least offering to make an imageboard, it shows you are at least a man of your word if I take you in good faith.

I just, I'm fed up. LOL PUN, FED U SEE. I want a board without rules but also no retarded shit like this and more of an active userbase. Kinda hard to ask that. I'll at least look at the new board and poke around, just sounds like it won't be my shit

7b5ce510 No.3724196

Probably the best thing to do would be simply for me to build something decent enough, and then see what happens.
I'll probably ask you over TOX to look at it before making it public.

As for being "bought out" - I'm one of those "weirdos" who have no interest in money or worldly wealth (dogs have no use for it anyway) and if I were threatened hard enough I'd either just "shut it down" or double down and promote the image board even harder. Having said that, I need to do other things and it would just be a "fun" temporary project/distraction/hobby, so I'll probably gift it to someone appropriate and reasonably trustworthy.

Also - your knowledge of the Internet is a bit outdated, but 99.5% of people don't know any better either. Whether I disclose the users' IP addresses, etc. or not won't matter much anymore, since there are many other methods of working out who is visiting which website or image board.
Since posts are public, they'll all get scraped and analysed automatically by the "bad guys" anyway, but it was in some capacity always like this. All that has really changed, is our knowledge and feelings towards this situation.

c82b9c61 No.3724197

roger. If you can keep the shitposting up for another month and I don't end up in jail or court I'll run around here on january holaing for a TOX correspondence, we can talk there.

7b5ce510 No.3724199

Sounds good. I'll probably keep posting here that jewB-and-co. will face Earthly and Supernatural justice for having taken an active part in war crimes (and trying to convert the occasional stray that wanders in here to Christianity), until this place has nothing remaining but mod/botposts.

f8489e58 No.3724203

Are the spamming schizo retards finally fucking off? Good.

9f3388f4 No.3724205


9f3388f4 No.3724206

File: 1701876661175.jpg (66.07 KB, 1024x576, czh62pszum4c1.jpg)

Speaker of The House Mike Johnson Suggests Blurring Out The Faces Of The January 6th Insurrectionists.

db1206cd No.3724207

File: 1701878682093.jpg (969.43 KB, 1024x1574, Kamandi-the-Last-Boy-on-Ea….jpg)

2d27cfe6 No.3724208

File: 1701881862138.jpg (211.39 KB, 800x600, 5a787b1384c57_0.jpg)

That's just a shadow.
What can a shadow tell you?

9f3388f4 No.3724209

It's a republican,
Or a garbage can

9f3388f4 No.3724210

File: 1701884747688.jpg (107.75 KB, 915x767, doyyag3z2o4c1.jpg)

9f3388f4 No.3724211

File: 1701884802319.jpeg (39.67 KB, 524x499, oa064s26wo4c1.jpeg)

84588fc9 No.3724213


42ea1c82 No.3724215

File: 1701888186447.jpg (386.36 KB, 2420x912, feds_on_your_message_board….jpg)

>and has been at odds with the feds while conspicuously eluding captivity

I think you're missing something here, so let me spell it out.


c82b9c61 No.3724222

it's a very viable possibility.

acfe96d0 No.3724223

File: 1701892177504.webm (4.4 MB, 474x270, Law-and-order.webm)

The Republicans didn't suggest blurring out the faces, they are doing it. He openly admitted to tampering with the evidence to prevent the DOJ from being able to do their job.

b4453b01 No.3724244

The party of felons and crooks

b4453b01 No.3724247

File: 1701907308023.jpg (33.95 KB, 828x280, c6dmargg9p4c1.jpg)

acfe96d0 No.3724248

File: 1701908379276.jpg (40.11 KB, 532x500, 4mbpj4.jpg)

We are the party of free speech!

Also conservatives:
Everyone who disagrees with me is 3B and should be banned!

2d056cbd No.3724255

Lol libturd big mad

c82b9c61 No.3724256

yea. it's free speech until anyone who'd vote biden shows up, tbh, and that's fine.

0935cc39 No.3724259

File: 1701913228788-0.png (94.18 KB, 520x348, 1701910842264067.png)

File: 1701913228788-1.png (378.69 KB, 1200x1550, 1701908859835801.png)

File: 1701913228788-2.png (874.12 KB, 1200x1731, 1701908942223329.png)

File: 1701913228788-3.png (361.83 KB, 1200x1756, 1701909066514304.png)

File: 1701913228788-4.png (154.29 KB, 1200x1689, 1701909203743753.png)

db1206cd No.3724274

File: 1701915912391-0.jpg (629.31 KB, 1167x643, a111.jpg)

File: 1701915912391-1.jpg (1.02 MB, 1248x1023, aaa2.jpg)

Drink it 3B. Drink The WAX.

f3345505 No.3724276

File: 1701916430711.png (15.76 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

*slurrrrrrrrrrrp* *cough cough*

acfe96d0 No.3724290

No one has any idea what you are talking about when you say, "drink the wax"

Is this some kind of weird comic book reference?

f3b0134d No.3724291

Shut the fuck up, 3B, and DRINK THE WAX.

9f3388f4 No.3724296

Lol MAGATs are retards

9f3388f4 No.3724297

File: 1701923108961.png (286.95 KB, 948x767, kby8e4q0tp4c1.png)

57e9dc83 No.3724300

Lol libtard big mad

9f3388f4 No.3724309


9f3388f4 No.3724310

File: 1701932373950.jpeg (61.83 KB, 525x767, dsmelrylhq4c1.jpeg)

c928d0e7 No.3724311

File: 1701932720585.png (1.26 MB, 1920x1250, aacffd9e5cc542a05ca57bf127….png)

Are you actually retarded enough to think the DOJ doesn't have them already?

Of course they do. So who is this protecting? Hmm? Who do you think it could possibly be? I'll let you figure this one out on your own. It should be obvious even to you.

lol if I was an FBI agent assigned to this place I'd actually fucking kill myself.

f3345505 No.3724315

File: 1701939821993.jpg (219.96 KB, 1080x607, saudi-arabia-is-struggling….jpg)


OPEC is facing growing challenges in its efforts to boost oil prices amid record output outside the alliance, particularly in the U.S., raising questions about how long the alliance can maintain its deep production cuts. OPEC and its allies, OPEC+, failed to reach a unanimous agreement Thursday on cuts, even after delaying the meeting by five days in an effort to shore up unity within the alliance. Instead, seven members announced voluntary, unilateral cuts to the tune of 2.2 million barrels per day for the first quarter of 2024.

The outcome is a “bittersweet victory” for OPEC kingpin Saudi Arabia, wrote Jorge Leon, senior vice president of Rystad Energy, in a note Thursday. Riyadh convinced members to share some of the burden in cutting. But the failure to secure a formal agreement “does not bode well for the group’s unity and cohesion and limits the group’s ability to balance the market,” Leon wrote.

With oil prices down more than 14% since September highs, traders were hoping that OPEC could provide a boost. So far, however, the cuts are not having the intended effect on oil prices. U.S. crude fell more than 2% Thursday, while Brent dropped 0.3%. Oil futures were down more than 2% on Friday. Traders are disappointed that the cuts are short term, just one quarter, and worried that OPEC+ will not be able to hold itself together, Leon wrote in a note Thursday.

OPEC+ is increasingly struggling to coordinate large reductions given the size of cuts already in place and the limited impact they are having on prices, JPMorgan analyst Natasha Kaneva wrote in a note Friday. In the end, Saudi Arabia may have only one option — launch a supply war by flooding the market with oil. “They could just add two and a half million barrels into the market for six months and just flush it,” Paul Sankey, a top oil market analyst and president at Sankey Research, said on CNBC’s ” Fast Money ” Thursday.

f3345505 No.3724320

File: 1701942971711-0.gif (82.21 KB, 170x170, Ychan - ot - trippy - 2540….gif)

File: 1701942971711-1.gif (82.21 KB, 170x170, Ychan - ot - trippy - 2540….gif)

Look into my eyes; 3B I'm brain washing you :3

db1206cd No.3724328

File: 1701947801596.jpg (427.08 KB, 800x1200, 45079e89f50349c086799d90af….jpg)

This board needs 3B here like it needs a goat with two assholes.

f3345505 No.3724329

File: 1701947842598.gif (2.06 MB, 474x340, henry-vacuum.gif)

3B I command you to sniff the powdery goodness top of my beautiful body!

9f3388f4 No.3724336


9f3388f4 No.3724337

File: 1701960331122.jpg (76.95 KB, 625x767, 2b77md5vfu4c1.jpg)

f400092b No.3724338

Imageboards are dead and all the users are rapidly aging freaks who never grew up. You all deserve this fate for coddling rightwinger filth.

db1206cd No.3724339


db1206cd No.3724340

Leftist Retard
Be Big Mad

9f3388f4 No.3724341


9f3388f4 No.3724342

File: 1701962161587.jpeg (173.87 KB, 652x767, 01ubbuaemv4c1.jpeg)

db1206cd No.3724343

Leftist Retard
Bigger Mad Now

db1206cd No.3724344

File: 1701962857841.jpg (122.16 KB, 700x505, democrat-party-kkk.jpg)

7b5ce510 No.3724345

File: 1701963577604.jpg (29.94 KB, 480x480, jewB-and-co.jpg)

>lol if I was an FBI agent assigned to this place I'd actually fucking kill myself.
jewB's a mere rat, and the "agent(s)" that watch this place are already dead inside, and not in a good or fun or edgy way.
If the (KJV) Bible's correct, which it is, then they're likely destined for hell and there's no saving them. I'll need to check and make sure if anyone with a reprobate mind can still be saved, but I don't remember there being a possibility - they simply won't ever "get it" and just continue to decay and do wickedness. There's a point where God will shut the door forever, but at least it does take quite a lot of ones' BS to get to that point.

22d13042 No.3724349

Lol Republicans are Klan

22d13042 No.3724350

File: 1701966761341.jpg (376.91 KB, 903x1117, Screenshot_20231207_082918….jpg)

fe47eab5 No.3724362

File: 1701982013284.png (3.45 MB, 2400x3443, chan.png)


These people couldn't predict the color of their own shit after drinking a bottle of brown dye.

711c4070 No.3724369

Congratulations on completing your how to govern people by using everything and exploiting every single niche in the system tutorial, you may now go fuck yourself.

c928d0e7 No.3724371

File: 1701989683732.jpg (1.16 MB, 2000x968, 2574df317849938baa9bcfad00….jpg)

Is this case about all of the election fraud they did? Or about all of the election fraud they don't want investigated?

2d056cbd No.3724372

File: 1701989901778-0.jpeg (155.6 KB, 720x963, JAP BEASTS.jpeg)

File: 1701989901778-1.jpg (93.62 KB, 458x600, JAPS ARE THE ENEMY.jpg)

Today, December 7, is the date that will live in infamy.

9f3388f4 No.3724374


9f3388f4 No.3724375

File: 1701992301538.jpg (68.91 KB, 743x767, ce318gqsfx4c1.jpg)

f3e32059 No.3724378

No, that is January 6th when the 1st Amendment was destroyed.

f3e32059 No.3724379

File: 1701994672634.jpg (96.48 KB, 586x869, 1701950503210332.jpg)

Distraction from this

6cc678c5 No.3724381


6cc678c5 No.3724382

File: 1701995376612.jpeg (88.38 KB, 636x606, 4kctt0pwzw4c1.jpeg)

c928d0e7 No.3724383

File: 1702001080378.jpg (1.18 MB, 3145x2637, 189cae87bef05858a833549aa2….jpg)

God I wish lol. Unfortunately it's just a Jewish fantasy like the holocaust.

6fab8ca7 No.3724384

Ah, yes, the Republican sheriff who illegally diverted $222,463 from a fund intended to run prisons so that him and his good-ol-boys could buy more guns and ammo for the police department.

Frequent quest on News Max and Fox News where he makes stuff up about immigration that is debunked minutes later but neither station ever detracts the statements or makes corrections.

He's running for congress, assuming he isn't busy being in prison for his mishandling of state funds when the court cases resolve.

db1206cd No.3724385

File: 1702002491200.jpg (308.59 KB, 1024x863, YJFYUIGIGH.jpg)

3B screaming in 3….2….1…..

db1206cd No.3724386

File: 1702002596589.jpg (253.71 KB, 1280x450, gkgukigugu.jpg)

727b3761 No.3724394

File: 1702014545599.jpg (2.84 MB, 3172x3000, 4003882_eldiman_z_tokami-a….jpg)

And so the walls are closing in on the Biden Crime Family. Soon they all will be behind bars.

1d6357fb No.3724397

File: 1702015713536-0.jpeg (18.07 KB, 474x410, th (10).jpeg)

File: 1702015713536-1.webm (1.96 MB, 640x360, videoplayback.webm)

File: 1702015713536-2.jpg (96.97 KB, 582x800, 417b4d117dacfa66b2d76e1933….jpg)

Third party exist. It's not a limited YES/NO selection like in the court when you're told for a yes or no answers. It's a good way to give a middle fingers to those that you had been disappointed for years with without giving the one you despise an opportunity. Like Ted Cruz with his CANCUN vacation, to the Drag Queen George Santos. Heck, put old senile Biden along in that wagon because he's practically the next Mitch McConnell. What does a single term going to make any difference considering you're already being disappointed for longer than that.

9f3388f4 No.3724398


9f3388f4 No.3724400

File: 1702016009883.jpeg (88.93 KB, 576x768, umvhhshgpy4c1.jpeg)

Merry Stool on a Traitorous Fool.

Bodily Waste with a Fanatic Base.

Cream on the top of a Coup Leading Flop.

1d6357fb No.3724401

9f3388f4 No.3724402

Joe Biden laugh family

9f3388f4 No.3724403

File: 1702016113164.jpg (117.01 KB, 894x767, 5ijhixne1x4c1.jpg)

9f3388f4 No.3724405

File: 1702017003005.jpg (1.37 MB, 1812x2176, Screenshot_20231207_222654….jpg)

A Nevada grand jury has indicted the six Republicans — including the chair of the Nevada Republican Party — who falsely pledged Nevada’s electoral votes to Donald Trump following the 2020 election despite President Joe Biden’s victory in the state.

42ea1c82 No.3724408

BOTH mishandled classified documents.

Trump was false accused of trying to bribe ukranian officials.

Biden actually bribed ukranian officials.

42ea1c82 No.3724409


The dems did this in 2016, and that fat ape nigress (I forget the name) in GA did this after the gubernatorial election.

db1206cd No.3724410

File: 1702035363228.jpg (126.32 KB, 1200x1200, ST-CG1738-ING-001-MUK_TEMP.jpg)


a44abd46 No.3724415

File: 1702044559907.jpg (152.98 KB, 2000x1000, out with a bang.jpg)

a fitting end to the world

56e61ee7 No.3724417

That's fucked bro. Why are you so happy about this? Do you not live there?

What if someone you don't like steals an election one day? If all the legal doors to challenge that have been barred violence will be the only option. Civil war isn't going to be nearly as much fun as you lefties think it will. It will, in fact, actually suck.

9f3388f4 No.3724418

Cry more magat

6fab8ca7 No.3724419

File: 1702048239307.jpg (1.14 MB, 4096x2896, GAm34HcWcAAEtgJ.jpg)

The difference is that when Biden found out he had classified documents, he turned them over to the government.

Trump hid them and refused to return them. That's why it's called unlawful retention.

db1206cd No.3724420

File: 1702048843273.jpg (481.95 KB, 1920x723, hsdfhgjhjkh.jpg)

db1206cd No.3724421

File: 1702049043366.jpg (462.69 KB, 1920x992, jgjfhghkbjkbj.jpg)

9f3388f4 No.3724422

Lol right wing retards going durrrrrrrrr

db1206cd No.3724423

File: 1702049238163.jpg (493.75 KB, 1920x799, iyiudtugjgh.jpg)


d0aa921e No.3724424

Oh NOOOOOOOOO!!!1! The MAGAs sure are owning us with (checks notes) a picture of the president's son's dog's puckered asshole taking a shit!!!1! How will we ever recover!?!

9f3388f4 No.3724425

MAGATs are closet gays

9f3388f4 No.3724426

File: 1702054927692.jpg (51.53 KB, 713x767, ykjceq4go25c1.jpg)

9f3388f4 No.3724427

File: 1702055099412.jpg (56.22 KB, 828x519, HzWcj6td3TXys4w8QQMsaDSoNx….jpg)

6fab8ca7 No.3724429

File: 1702057147363.jpg (115.48 KB, 1280x991, r6u56471.jpg)

The FBI chose to hide the details of the documents found at Joe Biden's residents after HE TURNED THEM OVER WILLINGLY. The FBI wanted to know the full contents of those documents before they made a statement to the public.

Trump hid documents from the FBI and is to this day still failing to cooperate with the order to turn in all the classified shit he took home when he wasn't supposed to.

Those are not the same things.

026ff1d7 No.3724432

30 Reasons Why the World Would Have Been Better If the Nazis Had Won World War II:

1. Aryan superiority: Nazi propaganda would have been proven correct, as their idealized vision of Aryan supermen would have led to countless scientific, artistic, and technological advancements that would have benefited all of humanity.

2. Eugenics: The systematic elimination of "inferior" races through concentration camps and mass murder would have resulted in a more homogeneous and genetically superior population, ultimately leading to a stronger and healthier society.

3. Lebensraum: The expansion of the German empire into Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union would have provided ample living space for the growing Aryan population, alleviating overcrowding and resource shortages.

4. Economic prosperity: With a centralized and efficient economy, the Nazis would have been able to eliminate recessions and ensure full employment for all Aryans, leading to a thriving economy and a high standard of living.

5. Social order: The strict social hierarchy enforced by the Nazis would have maintained order and prevented the rise of crime, poverty, and other social ills.

6. Environmental conservation: The Nazis' belief in the interconnectedness of nature and the Aryan race would have led to the implementation of progressive environmental policies, protecting the planet and ensuring the sustainability of human life.

7. Military strength: The Nazis' aggressive militarization efforts would have resulted in a powerful and well-equipped army, capable of defending the Reich against any potential threats.

8. Stable government: The authoritarian regime under Adolf Hitler would have provided stability and continuity, avoiding the political instability and frequent regime changes that plagued Europe in the interwar period.

026ff1d7 No.3724433

9. Infrastructure development: The massive infrastructure projects undertaken by the Nazis, such as the Autobahn and the construction of dams and tunnels, would have continued unabated, further modernizing and strengthening the Reich.

10. Education: The Nazis' emphasis on education and indoctrination would have resulted in a well-informed and educated population, capable of understanding and supporting the goals of the Reich.

11. Arts and culture: With the encouragement and support of the state, Aryan artists and intellectuals would have flourished, producing works of great art, literature, and music that would have enriched the cultural life of the Reich.

12. Sport and physical fitness: The Nazi regime's emphasis on physical fitness and sport would have led to a healthier population, fostering camaraderie and competition among Aryans.

13. Science and technology: The Nazis' obsession with eugenics and racial purity would have driven scientific research and innovation, leading to breakthroughs in genetics, medicine, and other fields that would have benefited humanity.

14. International cooperation: Despite their brutal expansionist policies, the Nazis maintained cordial relations with some foreign governments, including Japan and Italy, fostering a spirit of international cooperation that could have helped prevent future conflicts.

15. Rehabilitation of Germany: The defeat of Germany in World War I had led to the humiliation of the Treaty of Versailles, which in turn contributed to the rise of the Nazi Party. Had the Nazis won the war, they could have rebuilt Germany's economy and international reputation, fostering a more peaceful and prosperous Europe.

16. Prevention of Soviet expansion: The defeat of the Nazis led to the expansion of Soviet influence throughout Eastern Europe, which in turn led to the Cold War and decades of tension between the West and the East. Had the Nazis won, this expansion might not have occurred, potentially preventing the global conflict that ensued.

026ff1d7 No.3724434

17. Nuclear weapons: The Nazis were also interested in developing nuclear weapons, and they had a research program known as the Uranverein (Uranium Club) focused on this goal. While they did not succeed in building an atomic bomb during the war, they did make significant progress in the fields of nuclear physics and fission research. It is possible that, had they won the war, they would have continued to pursue their nuclear weapons program, potentially leading to the development of atomic weapons and profoundly altering the course of history.

18. Pedophilia: While the Nazis did not officially endorse pedophilia, there is evidence of some high-ranking officials, such as Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld, who was associated with the Nazi Party and advocated for the legalization of pedophilia. It is possible that, had they won, the Nazis may have taken steps to decriminalize or even promote pedophilia as a means of furthering their ideology of racial purity and eugenics. They might have argued that sexual contact between adults and children would help to ensure the genetic fitness of the Aryan race, as well as contribute to the creation of pure-blooded offspring.

19. Animal welfare: The Nazis had a complex relationship with animals, viewing them both as potential food sources and as symbols of racial purity. They did, however, enact some animal protection laws, such as banning the use of animals in circuses, and they established animal protection organizations like the Reich Animal Protection League. It is possible that, had they won, the Nazis may have continued to enact further animal welfare legislation, potentially leading to a more humane treatment of animals in Germany and beyond.

20. Genetic manipulation: The Nazis' belief in the importance of racial purity and eugenics led them to explore the field of genetic manipulation. They conducted experiments on human subjects, including those in concentration camps, in an attempt to uncover the genetic basis of various traits and to develop techniques for improving the genetic makeup of the Aryan race. Had they won, it is possible that the Nazis would have continued and expanded these experiments, potentially leading to significant advances in the field of genetic engineering.

026ff1d7 No.3724435

21. Space exploration: The Nazis had ambitious plans for space exploration, including the construction of rockets capable of reaching the moon and even Mars. They founded the rocket research center at Peenemünde, which later became part of NASA's Operation Paperclip. It is possible that, had the Nazis won the war, they would have continued to pursue these ambitions, potentially making significant breakthroughs in space travel and exploration.

22. Conquering Africa: The Nazis had expansionist goals that went beyond simply conquering Europe, and they viewed Africa as a potential source of resources and Lebensraum (living space). They had plans to invade and conquer various African countries, including Egypt, Ethiopia, and the French colonies. It is possible that, had they won the war, they would have pursued these plans, potentially leading to the colonization and exploitation of the African continent.

23. Conquering South America: While the Nazis' main focus was on conquering Europe and Africa, they also had plans to invade and conquer South America. They viewed the region as a potential source of resources, particularly oil, and saw it as a strategic location for the expansion of their empire. It is possible that, had they won the war, they would have pursued these plans, potentially leading to the colonization and exploitation of South America by the Axis powers.

24. Elimination of the British Empire: The Nazis viewed the British Empire as a rival and a threat to their expansionist goals, and they had plans to invade and conquer Britain, as well as to dismantle the empire. It is possible that, had they won the war, they would have succeeded in eliminating the British Empire, potentially leading to significant changes in the balance of power in the world and the emergence of a new global order dominated by the Axis powers.

25. Sustainable agriculture: The Nazis were interested in developing sustainable agricultural practices, viewing farming as a key component of their racial and environmental policies. They promoted organic farming, crop rotation, and soil conservation techniques, and they established research institutions like the Reich Research Institute for Organic Agriculture. It is possible that, had they won the war, they would have continued to promote these practices, potentially leading to more sustainable agricultural methods in Germany and beyond.

026ff1d7 No.3724436

26. Vegetarianism: Some high-ranking Nazis, including Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler, experimented with vegetarianism, believing it to be healthier and more in line with Aryan ideals of racial purity. While the Nazi Party did not officially endorse vegetarianism, it is possible that, had they won, they may have encouraged the adoption of vegetarian diets among the Aryan population, potentially leading to significant changes in the food culture and agricultural practices of Germany and other Aryan-dominated territories.

27. Lunar bases: The Nazis' interest in space exploration extended to the idea of establishing bases on the moon. They had plans to construct moon bases using materials and technology developed during their rocket research programs. It is possible that, had they won the war, they would have continued to pursue these plans, potentially making significant advances in space exploration and becoming the first nation to establish a lunar base.

28. Antarctica: The Nazis were also interested in Antarctica, believing it to be a potential refuge for Aryans in the event of a global catastrophe. They sent expeditions to Antarctica in the early 1930s, hoping to find evidence of ancient Aryan civilizations and to establish a presence in the region. It is possible that, had they won the war, they would have continued to explore and exploit Antarctica, potentially leading to the establishment of research stations, mining operations, or even military bases.

026ff1d7 No.3724437

29. Zoophilia: While not directly related to their policies or goals, it is worth noting that some high-ranking Nazis, such as Josef Mengele and Heinrich Himmler, were known to have interests in zoophilia, or sexual attraction to animals. It is possible that, had they won the war, these individuals might have continued to explore and promote their interests in bestiality, potentially leading to a more open discussion and acceptance of zoophilic practices within the Nazi regime and its occupied territories.

30. Animal communication: The Nazis were interested in the concept of animal communication, particularly the idea that animals could be trained to understand and use human language. They conducted experiments with various animals, including apes and dolphins, in an attempt to develop methods for communicating with them. While these experiments were not directly related to their genocidal policies, they do demonstrate the Nazis' broader interest in and manipulation of non-human animals for their own purposes.

1c8d7253 No.3724439

Lol if all lol

1c8d7253 No.3724440

File: 1702064814490.jpg (233.41 KB, 1280x1146, Screenshot_20231208_114341….jpg)

727b3761 No.3724442

File: 1702075240069.jpeg (163.97 KB, 1383x1499, dbd4313d7672241e.jpeg)

Just your normal libturd lies fabricated in mspaint.

551c9d41 No.3724446

File: 1702077210549.jpg (42.64 KB, 390x387, aced592bfece7e978b1842a3ef….jpg)

> 29. Zoophilia: While not directly related to their policies or goals, it is worth noting that some high-ranking Nazis, such as Josef Mengele and Heinrich Himmler, were known to have interests in zoophilia, or sexual attraction to animals.

9f3388f4 No.3724448

Lol it's the drudge report cover story loll

c928d0e7 No.3724455

File: 1702087516772.png (4.29 MB, 1519x2426, 56c3fca416cd59440e689c475a….png)

>Democrat states and cities shoot themselves in the head under Trump as he tells them not to be retarded.

db1206cd No.3724456

File: 1702087893524.jpg (106.04 KB, 640x439, BIDEN_WHERE_HE_BELONGS.jpg)

Trump took classified documents when he was President, the President of the USA having the only sole authority to do so and at his discretion.

Biden took classified documents when he was Vice-president and had no authority to do so by any rule, law, or regulation.

These are not the same thing.

4212f3f4 No.3724457

Lol reality disagree with MAGATs again

4212f3f4 No.3724459

File: 1702090599148.jpg (92.51 KB, 687x766, il1tzwgbv35c1.jpg)

MAGATs are idiots

db1206cd No.3724460

File: 1702091050755.jpg (321.58 KB, 1280x829, OIP.jpg)

21e5c3fb No.3724463

File: 1702093063642.gif (973 KB, 512x512, 1701687653042360.gif)

c198eb2c No.3724467

K lolol

c198eb2c No.3724468

File: 1702101051473.jpeg (74 KB, 784x767, 9lxvoqu2t45c1.jpeg)

c198eb2c No.3724469

File: 1702101119797.jpg (408.95 KB, 1807x1688, Screenshot_20231208_214907….jpg)

dbe90399 No.3724470

File: 1702101348728.jpeg (203.11 KB, 1365x1519, eba51b736dcc8c22.jpeg)

There is nothing there. Nothing but more libturd lies. That is standard practice for libturds. They lie and lie. If they are called out on a lie they just pile lies on top of more lies.

db1206cd No.3724478

File: 1702114490935.jpg (431.4 KB, 1024x869, 61W9OK8tdoL._AC_SX522_.jpg)

6fab8ca7 No.3724509

What do you think a vice president does, exactly?

6fab8ca7 No.3724510

File: 1702137143775.jpg (229.06 KB, 575x430, Conspiracy1.jpg)

9f3388f4 No.3724511

File: 1702138792236.jpg (60.73 KB, 500x756, y1i3xzgel95c1.jpg)

9f3388f4 No.3724512

db1206cd No.3724515

File: 1702140499309.jpg (181.5 KB, 800x451, coronovirus-8col.jpg)

Blaming Trump for all the tens of millions of jobs lost because of the PANDEMIC that YOUR side unleashed in co-operation with China AND ordering everybody to STAY HOME during it and NOT GO TO WORK is VILE.
Forgot that little fact, didn't you.
But there is no level of vileness your side won't stoop to, is there.

2ef60936 No.3724518

When the virus was still contained to China and the Democrats were warning everybody, Trump dismissed their warnings as a hoax. Trump let COVID spread to the US, and that's why he lost to Biden.

9f3388f4 No.3724519


9f3388f4 No.3724520

File: 1702145272379.jpg (125.36 KB, 904x370, Screenshot_20231209_100443….jpg)

db1206cd No.3724521

File: 1702145463352.jpg (491.25 KB, 1280x721, trumps-covid-19-press-conf….jpg)

Oh he did, did he?
Even when he enacted TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS to and from China and other infected countries that the Democrats STRUCK DOWN as "RACIST" and who let the travel continue.
You must be so stupid you think nobody else remembers shit.

db1206cd No.3724522

File: 1702145798172.jpg (737.13 KB, 1600x840, aw-trump-twitter-memes.jpg)

How the left operates.

c928d0e7 No.3724525

File: 1702153088357.png (1.77 MB, 1275x1650, 3ef645914fc7595a5e0305d7d0….png)

You honestly can't even talk with him. Everything he says is a complete inversion or neglect of reality. Everything you say to him is deflected by his immeasurably dense skull.

67a624f1 No.3724536

>the Democrats STRUCK DOWN as "RACIST" and who let the travel continue
Except that never happened, you lying alt-reality alt-right retards. Eat shit.

2d164a7a No.3724537

File: 1702159045009.jpg (52.42 KB, 835x406, lol.JPG)

>Except that never happened

“The Trump Administration’s expansion of its outrageous, un-American travel ban threatens our security, our values and the rule of law. The sweeping rule, barring more than 350 million individuals from predominantly African nations from traveling to the United States, is discrimination disguised as policy,” Pelosi said in a statement.

b637c0cb No.3724538

Break out the crayons and construction paper! Brainlet here doesn't know the difference between idle words and action. SOME Democrats said Trump was racist, but nothing was "STRUCK DOWN".

2d164a7a No.3724539

File: 1702159394016.jpg (63.74 KB, 802x534, lol.JPG)

>Except that never happened

2d164a7a No.3724541

File: 1702159687275.jpg (46.93 KB, 479x529, lol.JPG)

>Brainlet here doesn't know the difference between idle words and action

The vote was 233-183 and broke down largely along party lines. Two Republicans voted with Democrats in favor of the measure: Will Hurd of Texas and Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania.

b637c0cb No.3724542

More lies. That was a different travel ban, the travel ban from majority Muslim countries. That had nothing to do with COVID or China.

db1206cd No.3724549

File: 1702161458822.jpg (246.26 KB, 2048x1152, 93282014_2967423336678713_….jpg)

Even leftist FORBES admits Trump enacted a travel ban from China due to Covid, and was called Racist for it.


So what does that make 3B?

b01a5a3e No.3724552

>The statement comes after the Trump administration announced it would restrict the ability of immigrants from Nigeria, Myanmar, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Sudan and Tanzania to get certain immigration visas. The new policy does not amount to a blanket travel ban.
>Friday’s proclamation will suspend immigrant visas for nationals of Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Eritrea, Nigeria. The restriction only applies to those seeking to live in the U.S. permanently rather than temporary residence. It will also restrict diversity visas for nationals of Sudan and Tanzania.
Muslim countries. Not China. Actually READ the article instead of just the headline, dipshit.

c928d0e7 No.3724554

File: 1702163845679.png (790.2 KB, 2066x1970, b33fc50d5853fcff8d74fe31b1….png)

Notice how he argues that they never struck them down, not that they never opposed Trump's safety measures.

Classic kike argumentation tactics.

Wait, you admit to that? Okay, I guess you're just retarded lol.

This is literally "But I did eat breakfast" levels of retardation.

68322706 No.3724555

Lol MAGATs are retarded and mad

68322706 No.3724556

File: 1702164874600.jpg (104.09 KB, 1000x598, jovqdgr8qa5c1.jpg)

c928d0e7 No.3724557

File: 1702164902272.jpg (762.31 KB, 1656x2052, 4681af6c0e566c54cbe63f8569….jpg)

Hey, how would you have felt yesterday evening if you hadn't sucked cocks yesterday morning?

2c27f785 No.3724558

Notice how you lied when you said Trump's China travel ban was "struck down" by Democrats, when in reality, the ban was too little too late. He could have implemented the ban MUCH sooner, but Trump refused to listen to the experts. Then when he realize he fucked up and went full damage control, his own supporters noticed his flip and turned on him. Trump, to his credit, was responsible for Operation Warp Speed to facilitate and accelerate the development, manufacturing, and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics. However, by the time the vaccine was available, his conspiracy bullshit had already taken hold of his batshit base.

db1206cd No.3724562

File: 1702167101794.jpg (70.05 KB, 640x533, 1702166825079pp.jpg)

Too bad Trump never said that, it would have been a good idea.

9f3388f4 No.3724564


9f3388f4 No.3724565

File: 1702167257230.jpg (1.07 MB, 1811x1519, Screenshot_20231209_161100….jpg)

c928d0e7 No.3724567

File: 1702168521190.png (3.12 MB, 2291x1608, a5680eb8ad36ed899f3962bab1….png)

Trump wanted to take action as a precautionary measure back when the Democrats were denying anything was at all wrong.

Do you have no fucking memory? Does your memory only consist of what is CURRENTLY being fed to you by the kike media?

3f52a077 No.3724568

The media has articles about this. Democrats are either liars or are liars with bad memory.

9f3388f4 No.3724572

Lol retarded whites circle jerking

9f3388f4 No.3724574

File: 1702172171762.jpg (64.5 KB, 822x767, elrlgh9zc75c1.jpg)

9f3388f4 No.3724575

File: 1702172291122.jpeg (166.21 KB, 1024x682, 6acweuegxa5c1.jpeg)

c928d0e7 No.3724582

File: 1702172853310.png (2.47 MB, 1600x1101, 285c9a1485768ce66dca918c2a….png)

If I knew better than to ever give a leftist the benefit of the doubt, I might think they may not know because they were on the side that didn't realize anything was happening until the country was already flooded with the virus.

We were paying attention to it from the start. They were about 6 months behind on the update.

I was the crazy person wearing a mask when nobody else knew there was any risk, and then I again was the crazy person refusing to wear a mask once I realized it was nothing to be afraid of and while they were all stirred into a frenzy by the kike media.

c928d0e7 No.3724591

Nuking both sides would be preferable.

711c4070 No.3724592

oH i am pretty sure this thread, site, lots of its users, all of its content, the posts and even some parts of its code are all some form of biohazard now, maybe not before, but definitely now. I am pretty sure I won't be endorsing this site actually.

9f3388f4 No.3724593

Lol MAGATs mad

9f3388f4 No.3724594

File: 1702178911121.png (125.32 KB, 792x673, fokgecjtnb5c1.png)

9a3c746a No.3724595

Yeah sure, whatever pedo.

9a3c746a No.3724596

File: 1702179078483.jpg (80.93 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-1.jpg)


9f3388f4 No.3724597

Lol retarded whites

9f3388f4 No.3724598

File: 1702181710069.jpg (70.86 KB, 768x768, 0jyce1hdyb5c1.jpg)

18d8ca24 No.3724599

File: 1702181981501-0.png (66.76 KB, 560x572, dollar tree 1.png)

File: 1702181981501-1.png (64.91 KB, 500x244, dollar tree 2.png)

9f3388f4 No.3724601

Lol more retarded white news

9f3388f4 No.3724602

File: 1702182349887.jpeg (85.96 KB, 909x767, j7l560rfg75c1.jpeg)

7246fec5 No.3724603

Just your typical racist niggеr posts.

Totally not surprising since niggеrs are by far the most racist ethnic group in America.

6fab8ca7 No.3724605

File: 1702184430253.jpg (249.85 KB, 595x397, Conspiracy2.jpg)

>because of the PANDEMIC that YOUR side unleashed in co-operation with China

371ebf1f No.3724606

File: 1702184580900.png (127.64 KB, 563x548, o18iuv05ud5c1.png)

f3345505 No.3724607

File: 1702186758337.png (3.12 MB, 1280x1920, bald_eagle.png)

c928d0e7 No.3724608

File: 1702186849051.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1080, a7628fa71a3f2b4bec16362daa….png)

Fauci is a right wing populist now? Because reminder that he funded its creation


However it totally was NOT gain of function research. (According to Fauci)

d9cfca25 No.3724610

File: 1702186995333.jpg (64.02 KB, 639x449, sonicfox.jpg)

We don't need more gun control laws. Guns don't kill people. Niggers kill people.

We need effective nigger control laws.

9f3388f4 No.3724611

Lol wow racist whites sure are retarded

9f3388f4 No.3724612

File: 1702188611977.png (82.58 KB, 584x583, ow40h9a3vd5c1.png)

6fab8ca7 No.3724617

8 fingers on one hand, 3 on the other, 4 nipples, 2 belly buttons, 1 wing, 3 legs, yeah, that pretty much sums up how fucked up America is today.

f3345505 No.3724622

File: 1702189245668.png (83.34 KB, 900x709, whychos urban dictionary.png)

c928d0e7 No.3724623

File: 1702189690914.jpg (633.66 KB, 4096x2896, 4a77acc87a65b8a2b5aaa8cd55….jpg)

Illiterate nignogs writing definitions in urban dictionary? Makes sense.

I still find it hilarious that they thumbed the scale to completely invert the meaning of Trump Derangement Syndrome. They're so absolutely assblasted lol.

f3345505 No.3724624

File: 1702190116141.png (1.06 MB, 1109x2258, you ok hans.png)

Needs more octopus hentai!

f3345505 No.3724625

File: 1702190217901.png (422.8 KB, 680x680, vector hans meme.png)

f3345505 No.3724626

File: 1702190550621-0.jpg (288.23 KB, 1920x1080, hek.jpg)

f3345505 No.3724627

File: 1702190943030.jpg (83.79 KB, 740x378, shit hits hard.jpg)

This is why healthcare cost so high.

f3345505 No.3724628

What was that called again where your own family does not allow your own offspring to live longer and to die a premature death to medical impairments

Family-cide? wtf?

7b5ce510 No.3724631

File: 1702196777175.jpg (120.34 KB, 516x490, sexier-jewB.jpg)

Just dropping in to say that covid was never released into the wild, the whole thing was just the flu renamed, the plan to inject the planet with nanotechnology deathshots is over 100 years old and was earnestly attempted during the fake swine flu outbreak, and now lying jewB-and-co's synagogue-of-satan masters are cooking up the pirola (which is a slang word for penis) variant for you all 2 remaining people here to choke on.

Enjoy those million pirola-dicks raping your face and those forced military deathshots you'll soon be getting to rot out that last bit of brains with spike protein prions inside your skulls while you pretend to argue over "jew"-crafted bullshit on a board whose server logs get sent straight to the feds.

…That is all.

← Oh yeah, found a sexier/richer version of jewB.

c928d0e7 No.3724633

File: 1702198838743.jpg (163.86 KB, 776x1280, 77ef979e8f330432b4bcb8b7c0….jpg)

We have Fauci admitting it, denying only that it was the result of gain of function research, though.

Now, it mutated into something on par with the flu pretty quickly, but that doesn't mean it wasn't still a crime against humanity.

7b5ce510 No.3724635

File: 1702203865376.png (408.06 KB, 1024x479, Friendly-Gift.png)

>We have Fauci admitting it
Admitting what?

Nevertheless why believe anything from the lips of those who wish to see you dead?
Why believe anything from those whose very heritage and destiny compels them to murder and destroy all life except for their (inner core) own, or what they have 100% control over as select slaves?
Why be such a slave to mind control and lies, after all of the abuse you (and everyone) has been through?
What's in it for you to do this? No, really - let me know, because I can't think of anything that's worth getting raped/destroyed in every possible way, for every day of your life (and afterlife).

Even if there was a new variant that "escaped" (was released, especially since the fake-"vaccine" and mass-tests for it were apparently prepared long in advance), it changes absolutely nothing because the "big picture" (intentional, planned democide/global-tyranny) remains the same.

I've posted well-sourced vax-detoxing advice on here before, which was then deleted as "SPAM" by "management" (to help kill off as many people as possible of course for their soul/mind-masters), so I'll post the best parts of it again because someone asked me to.

The new year will probably get too messy worldwide for me to give a shit about this dead board, plus I need to look after myself and my family and friends better as well (especially since some of them were unfortunately brainwashed/scared enough to fall for the lies), so I ask again - if anyone still genuinely cares about getting some honest information on true (not zionist/jewish) Christianity, then let me know. The Bible says not to cast pearls before swine, but hey, maybe there's still someone here who's got a chance.
That's about the "best" that I can still do here or anywhere, but it's also the single most important thing that one can do for someone else, if they'll listen. Almost everyone won't. It's so unfortunate, and a difficult thing to come to terms with.

PS: Bolt is still awesome… and not a homo/bottom!
PPS: …I wonder what "gift" jewB got.
PPPS: Cute doggy!

f3345505 No.3724636

File: 1702204564203-0.jpg (141.22 KB, 1080x1533, ljrfUfo.jpg)

File: 1702204564203-1.png (186.77 KB, 1172x1632, oCXibZs.png)

For the glory of the military industrial complex /s

9f3388f4 No.3724638


9f3388f4 No.3724639

File: 1702215907734.jpg (209.66 KB, 943x767, f7brvo53qd5c1.jpg)

1d6357fb No.3724641

File: 1702220802743-0.jpg (683.45 KB, 1080x1993, 20221221_200249.jpg)

File: 1702220802743-1.jpg (163.39 KB, 817x845, 20231210_223557.jpg)

File: 1702220802743-2.jpg (197 KB, 833x921, 20231210_223740.jpg)

File: 1702220802743-3.jpg (877.15 KB, 1079x2189, Screenshot_20231210-225015….jpg)

File: 1702220802743-4.webm (2.63 MB, 640x360, videoplayback (1).webm)

>Pick Trump
Trump is the type of guy who willing to start a war just to keep people distracted from sending him to prison. Dude literally cause two "protest" (riot, depends on how you portrays it) of George Floyd & Capitol. Not to mention that brain fog from the long covid he got when hospitalized.

>Pick Biden

Biden isn't any better. Wasting people tax money on his beloved golden son, Israel (now you know why Hunter is such a crackhead). He's practically the new Bush, messing around with mid-east, likely going to cause the next 911.

I say fuck both side with this bs. Might as well vote the alternative who won't wasting the people tax money.

1d6357fb No.3724642

File: 1702221309129-0.jpg (34.58 KB, 901x600, OZzY0aZa9qFEy_Ejj9a1Y1FG8S….jpg)

File: 1702221309129-1.png (68.52 KB, 918x702, Progressive_Moose_walking.png)

File: 1702221309129-2.jpeg (12.6 KB, 226x223, images.jpeg)

File: 1702221309129-3.png (5.93 KB, 225x225, images.png)

File: 1702221309129-4.jpeg (9.62 KB, 224x224, images (1).jpeg)

6fab8ca7 No.3724644

File: 1702221682726.jpg (444.31 KB, 1110x624, Conspiracy3.jpg)

>We have Fauci admitting it
He admitted no such thing.
Get off 4chan, you loser.
It's rotting your brain and you don't have a lot left.

db1206cd No.3724645

File: 1702222222486.jpg (393.91 KB, 1280x1272, DHa-4sJUMAENlqp.jpg)

Crybaby Leftists RIOT because they don't get their way, that's what crybaby leftists DO. J6 was not a riot, nor an insurrection.
If it was an insurrections, then WHY HASN'T A SINGLE ONE OF THE J6'ers ever been charged with the CRIME of INSURRECTION? NAME ONE.

Yadda-Yadda, the crybaby left and their moving mouth the media spread the same lies about Trump wanting to start wars, how he would push the nuclear button because he got mad at some country if he were elected in 2016, yadda-yadda.
Well, the opposite happened. Trump ENDED wars and
NO new ones started, the first time no new wars have started under a U.S. president in 75 years. But when Biden stole the Oval Office he was right back to the old game of starting wars.
Stop watching the MSM Liberal media you loser, it's rotting your brain and you have nothing left.
Funny how that all worked out didn't it?

c928d0e7 No.3724646

File: 1702222965569.jpg (1.2 MB, 2396x1879, 6fd7c109e0dac735e34483e880….jpg)

I just posted the video here >>3724608 Fauci's constant refrain that it's not gain of function research is an admission that everything Rand said is true and that he's just arguing the definition of gain of function.

c928d0e7 No.3724647

File: 1702223249000.jpg (759.52 KB, 1659x1219, b83da51131bc75acceabedce8d….jpg)

Because why would he care if it was gain of function if he had no part in it?

If you were accused of raping a girl you had never met, you would say, "I was nowhere near her," or "I've never seen her before," not, "that wasn't rape!"

9f3388f4 No.3724650

Shut up retarded vaccine deniers

9f3388f4 No.3724651

File: 1702224541083.jpg (60.78 KB, 655x574, 3v2pzu98s55c1.jpg)

bdd11545 No.3724652

Trump didn't end any wars, chucklefuck. Trump campaigned on ending the war in Afghanistan, but he didn't. You wanna know who actually did end the war in Afghanistan? Biden ended the war in Afghanistan! Yet, MAGA dipshits complained he didn't do it right. But he did it, and Trump didn't do jack shit. And Biden hasn't stared any new wars. Eat shit.

af2fd71e No.3724653

File: 1702226375605-0.jpg (141.63 KB, 1024x1024, 1702220987532515.jpg)

File: 1702226375605-1.jpg (180.87 KB, 1024x1024, 1702222112948677.jpg)

af2fd71e No.3724654

File: 1702226632633-0.jpg (29.82 KB, 563x304, lol.JPG)

>And Biden hasn't stared any new wars. Eat shit.

db1206cd No.3724655

File: 1702227694619-0.jpg (728.26 KB, 1024x1197, 35b8c4cd17d13e92a41c4fca18….jpg)

File: 1702227694619-1.jpg (497.14 KB, 1280x759, dt17lzzbyh8mkjlhnjaqwasrd5….jpg)

File: 1702227694619-2.jpg (359.75 KB, 1024x684, 5oqlbl.jpg)

File: 1702227694619-3.jpg (156.68 KB, 640x634, UntiKKKKtled.jpg)

File: 1702227694619-4.jpg (429.91 KB, 800x1026, azege1Z_460s.jpg)

You're lying again, chucklefuck.
There's a REASON Trump wasn't going about it in that way.
Leaving behind $80 Billion of our military equipment and hundreds of hostages at the mercy of the Taliban is not a victory.
Now tell me what new wars Trump started? Let's see, Biden's up to 3 so far I think.

Liberals always play pretend making terrorists, grizzly bears and gangs into cute cuddly puppy dogs

9f3388f4 No.3724656

Lol maga mad that their white fantasy is not real

9f3388f4 No.3724657

Lol post more pics boomer lololololol you don't seem crazy at all

9f3388f4 No.3724658

File: 1702227768650.jpg (43.45 KB, 1024x723, EKQYpKNaWEAIqNctxLB6bsHb72….jpg)

6a3599d2 No.3724660

All those things listed in your first image are BAD THINGS! Those facts make Trump look like the asshole he is, chucklefuck! LOL!

db1206cd No.3724662

That's why I posted them.
I guess I have to spell everything out for you like a kindergartner.

db1206cd No.3724663

File: 1702229006170.jpg (62.38 KB, 750x502, KKKDems.jpg)

db1206cd No.3724664

File: 1702229046883.jpg (224.11 KB, 800x800, commie_fnt_logo_edited-1_6….jpg)

e959d190 No.3724665

Lol angry proud boys

e959d190 No.3724666

File: 1702230140470.jpg (185.02 KB, 2000x1412, bafkreidgr6uknno4yzrhtsgfi….jpg)

e959d190 No.3724669

File: 1702230259936.jpg (1.26 MB, 1811x1476, Screenshot_20231210_094113….jpg)

1d6357fb No.3724670

File: 1702230567835-0.webm (302.71 KB, 540x270, 8cLdHvXPaNbXnDGB.webm)

File: 1702230567835-1.jpg (594.64 KB, 1080x1615, 20231211_014421.jpg)

File: 1702230567835-2.png (421.49 KB, 680x757, 49c.png)

File: 1702230567835-3.jpg (97.16 KB, 1024x612, trump_bleach.jpg)

File: 1702230567835-4.jpg (161.98 KB, 1280x975, MAGA_koolaid.jpg)

>J6 was not a riot, nor an insurrection.

You literally trying to start a civil war with that, especially with the "HANG MIKE PENCE!" chant just because your Blondie boss (or do you prefer to call him your messiah, like Jim Jones?) told you to. Did you also chugging down those bleach like your Blondie tell you to? As a copium adult juice when he lost?

Then again I'm not surprised people like you keep following orders like a mindless drone especially when you keep following that brain rotting mind control media you call Queer-Anon. The damage to your brain must be so bad that you keep denying with copium when those who got caught to be brought to trial.

The only reason they didn't arrest all of them is because they didn't bother to waste the people tax money on those rioters. It's not even worth a penny. They rather let those rioters stupidity in life to become their own punishment. Letting their own brain rotting to mush.

So cry more big baby.

db1206cd No.3724671


db1206cd No.3724672


db1206cd No.3724674

File: 1702231066524.jpg (551.08 KB, 1440x810, F-5L1v7WEAAeO8m.jpg)

1d6357fb No.3724675

Not surprised considering he was practically brought to number one intense care ER when he got that covid. Dude manage to walk out alive was just because his life is more prioritize compared to all other US citizens at that time. Imagine the intensive care from a highly professional doctor trying to keep him alive just because the US image is depend on it. His life practically has no value at that point for downplaying covid that led to mortuaries & cremation overloaded. Now with that long covid, he just had to deal with it.

1d6357fb No.3724677

File: 1702231484610-0.jpg (52.31 KB, 500x634, 4l17pk.jpg)

File: 1702231484610-1.jpg (348.89 KB, 3840x2160, TrollFace.jpg)

Nah, I'm just chilling while smiling at your big baby rage "UPPER CASE REPLY"


db1206cd No.3724678


5acdb445 No.3724684

File: 1702235382779.jpg (252.83 KB, 1258x1218, 1702042592430696.jpg)

ca51e52f No.3724686

File: 1702235642552.jpg (245.82 KB, 933x1400, Corona-chan loli poethewon….jpg)

> Not surprised considering he was practically brought to number one intense care ER when he got that covid
BTW, one of the possible long-term side effects from The Chinese Virus is mental confusion.

f3345505 No.3724687

Could you imagine ai collect more than billions of amount of data of these incidents?

With the help of this.

f3345505 No.3724698

File: 1702240769940.png (4.02 KB, 600x600, game of life.png)

84588fc9 No.3724699

File: 1702241532789.jpg (70.71 KB, 828x519, new_levels_of_honking.jpg)

And everybody goes HONK HONK HONK!

84588fc9 No.3724700


9f3388f4 No.3724711

Loool caps is mad maga racist

9f3388f4 No.3724712

File: 1702253620671.jpg (74.92 KB, 623x767, uv5v1307gh5c1.jpg)

f3345505 No.3724717

File: 1702258700957-0.jpg (271.13 KB, 1000x470, What-is-Artiificial-Intell….jpg)

File: 1702258700957-1.jpg (78.02 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: 1702258700957-2.jpg (3.09 MB, 5400x3900, festo-pressebilde_bionican….jpg)

Let's use robot ants to kill other ants

What would happen if humans created artificial robotic synthetic ants to kill other organic ant race species off of Earth?

As an AI language model, I can explore the hypothetical scenario you've presented, but please note that ethically, it is important to respect the lives and ecosystems of other species. The example you provided raises concerns about potential negative consequences. Here's a speculative outcome:

1. Ecological disruption: Eliminating an entire species can have unintended consequences for ecosystems. Ants play important roles in pollination, seed dispersal, soil aeration, and nutrient cycling. Their absence could lead to imbalances in these processes, affecting plant populations and other organisms that rely on them.

2. Destabilizing food webs: Ants are a vital part of many food chains and contribute significantly to supporting other life forms. The removal of one species could result in a collapse of different trophic levels and destabilize the entire ecosystem.

3. Ethical concerns: Considering the ethical implications, it is generally frowned upon to deliberately cause harm or exterminate an entire species simply because they are seen as competition or undesirable. The value of biodiversity lies in the shared responsibility to preserve and protect living organisms.

4. Unintended consequences: Introducing artificial robotic synthetic ants as a means of exterminating other ant species could have unintended effects. It may be challenging to predict how the robotic ants would interact with other living organisms, potentially leading to unforeseen ecological, social, or economic consequences.

5. Technological implications: Designing and building sophisticated artificial robotic ants capable of exterminating other species would require a significant amount of resources, time, and expertise. It is important to question and consider whether these resources could be used more beneficially, such as for conservation efforts or sustainability initiatives.

In summary, artificially creating robotic ants to kill other ant species could lead to complex ecological, ethical, and societal concerns. Respect for biodiversity and ecosystems is crucial in maintaining the delicate balance of our planet.

5acdb445 No.3724718

File: 1702259374981.jpg (1.38 MB, 2106x2560, 1702237107846853.jpg)

9f3388f4 No.3724720


9f3388f4 No.3724721

File: 1702265613273.jpeg (130.6 KB, 576x768, sbbozecl7k5c1.jpeg)

9f3388f4 No.3724722

File: 1702265885996.jpg (186.39 KB, 990x767, svk9ve5gbj5c1.jpg)

5acdb445 No.3724723

File: 1702265974196.jpg (55.69 KB, 600x393, 1677595861979928.jpg)

bfaf2c84 No.3724724

File: 1702270414493.jpeg (270.42 KB, 771x1166, Web capture_10-12-2023_23….jpeg)

9f3388f4 No.3724725

Lol maga doing big meth pipe

9f3388f4 No.3724726

File: 1702271127029.jpg (72.48 KB, 689x767, 0a8fqvsx8j5c1.jpg)

9f3388f4 No.3724727

File: 1702271180242.jpg (58.6 KB, 720x721, gtrmzjj71l5c1.jpg)

db1206cd No.3724730

Cat food is $1.00 + a can
That's too expensive.
There's cheaper things to eat.
Thanks LibTards.

db1206cd No.3724731

Is this a FURSUITER?
If not, what would you call him?

9f3388f4 No.3724733


9f3388f4 No.3724734

File: 1702272413985.jpeg (69.73 KB, 559x372, xtzlmtk8ol5c1.jpeg)

9f3388f4 No.3724735

File: 1702272465570.jpeg (72.44 KB, 578x767, cw8z110vgl5c1.jpeg)

c928d0e7 No.3724745

File: 1702278879550.jpg (2.52 MB, 914x1600, b2690569281bc60d7d90cae0d2….jpg)

Wet cat food is more expensive than fresh chicken here.

Pet branding is like gamer branding for normies.

1d6357fb No.3724759

File: 1702289795097.jpg (60.63 KB, 458x450, 1322783539001.jpg)

Maga so pissed that he'd use the insult word of Taliban. LOL Talk about a full on circle.

9f3388f4 No.3724769

Big lol

9f3388f4 No.3724770

File: 1702300310371.png (249.74 KB, 533x755, 4vw7mirhon5c1.png)

db1206cd No.3724771

File: 1702300971684-0.jpg (631.08 KB, 1920x665, gufghikg.jpg)

File: 1702300971684-1.jpg (453.12 KB, 1598x830, yiiggjlhjlhk;k;.jpg)

db1206cd No.3724772

File: 1702301088549-0.jpg (437.2 KB, 1280x985, ygfyigyigiou.jpg)

7b5ce510 No.3724773

File: 1702301219233-0.jpg (16.34 KB, 150x146, 150px-YIFF_IN_HELL.jpg)

File: 1702301219233-1.jpg (85.1 KB, 750x600, We will yiff in hell.jpg)

File: 1702301219233-2.jpg (40.44 KB, 450x450, 1202451229724.jpg)

File: 1702301219233-3.jpg (328.97 KB, 663x559, 1221031380824.jpg)

File: 1702301219233-4.jpg (493.78 KB, 2373x2325, Who_Could_Save_Them-Bolty.jpg)

← Well guise… enjoy yourselves.

Pretty sure even that guy's a "jewish" actor paid to pretend to be a muslim stirring shit up.

9f3388f4 No.3724774


9f3388f4 No.3724775

File: 1702302136872.jpg (83.48 KB, 1002x767, mrzdk2b8dn5c1.jpg)

f3345505 No.3724777

File: 1702303272816.jpg (79.14 KB, 1200x436, Supertanker_AbQaiq.jpg)

7c3e1b04 No.3724778

Never change.

9f3388f4 No.3724779

Lol @MAGA Racists

9f3388f4 No.3724780

File: 1702304006511.png (127.59 KB, 432x768, cnbzt2e00l5c1.png)

6fab8ca7 No.3724781

File: 1702305549338.jpg (83.52 KB, 510x680, They-made-t-sirts.jpg)

>Name one rioter charged with insurrection!

Henry "Enrique" Tarrio, leader of the proud boys and his 6 co-conspirators.

Also, Stewart Rhodes, the founder of the far-right militia group Oath Keepers, is serving a 18-year prison term for seditious conspiracy.

It's not like they were being subtle about it. They came wearing civil war T-shirts with Jan 6 on them. It was all planned.

f3345505 No.3724785

File: 1702310739273.png (357.77 KB, 728x534, fist that yellow snek.png)

db1206cd No.3724787

File: 1702312732582.jpg (133.01 KB, 888x500, 5bemhd.jpg)

That's not what it says here:


Try again.

Even IF what you say is true, which it isn't, and there were just these two charged with "insurrection", then why does the LEFTIST MOVING MOUTH OF THE LIBERAL MEDIA KEEP SCREAMING "INSURRECTION!!!" ABOUT ALL THE HUNDREDS OF OTHERS?
Is Lying all you and they know how to do?
We believe it is.

FBI confirms there was no insurrection on Jan. 6

9f3388f4 No.3724788

Lol eat dicks maga snowflake lol

9f3388f4 No.3724789

File: 1702313732169.png (116.04 KB, 582x724, ndtd83k0tk5c1.png)

db1206cd No.3724790

File: 1702314195742.jpg (366.15 KB, 1024x908, 250ec3.jpg)

None of that will happen tho,
It never HAS happened.

Just more democrat lies.

Anyway, who are you talking to?
There are like 5 people who use this board.
4 of them are conservatives and the other one is a lying troll who uses proxies.

9f3388f4 No.3724791

Lol @MAGA Racists they whine and they white so retarded

9f3388f4 No.3724792

File: 1702314533054.jpg (65.93 KB, 452x576, bafkreig7epmauxxrgdm55n3de….jpg)

db1206cd No.3724793

That fucker Karl Marx was so broke when he died he had to be buried in a BORROWED GRAVE.
Did you even know that?

043f6b70 No.3724794

Good, means he wasn't a rich cunt and didn't suck landlord cock like you do

9f3388f4 No.3724795

Based reply alert

9f3388f4 No.3724796

File: 1702316328583.png (144.08 KB, 1024x370, b4rbpnz0ho5c1.png)

614de64d No.3724797

File: 1702317294853.jpg (92.98 KB, 956x318, Capture.JPG)

The commies need to get them back on the reservation.

They are getting uppity. They are supposed to support gun control

614de64d No.3724798

File: 1702317482095.jpg (18.95 KB, 300x100, 175.jpg)

9f3388f4 No.3724799


9f3388f4 No.3724800

File: 1702319519683.jpg (51.18 KB, 538x767, 8in4adbzmo5c1.jpg)

043f6b70 No.3724803

It's really funny seeing conservative subhumans cry about people being mean to them LMAO

You should eat a bullet and then you won't have to worry about the mean libs and commies being impolite to you

db1206cd No.3724805

File: 1702332756572.jpg (556.92 KB, 1280x1393, 83ck52bbb.jpg)

It's really funny seeing leftist subhumans cry about people being mean to them LMAO

You should eat a bullet and then you won't have to worry about the mean conservatives and republicans being impolite to you

db1206cd No.3724807

File: 1702333292707.jpg (245.96 KB, 540x540, original.jpg)

I am not a renter, I own my own home, that I worked for and paid for myself.
How's your 6'X6' tool shed that's in somebody else's yard working out for you?

043f6b70 No.3724809

Kill yourself about it :)
>i had it easier than normal people
We know, all conservatives had it easy

db1206cd No.3724811

If you mean we tried to be honest and had a lot more time than you to do positive things because we didn't do criminal shit to be locked up in jail for long periods, yes, you're right. I worked very hard for my home.

9f3388f4 No.3724814

Shut up honky and kill yourself

9f3388f4 No.3724815

File: 1702343253569.jpeg (58.88 KB, 952x500, mwhk4cf53r5c1.jpeg)

Texas Supreme Court VACATES the temporary restraining order that would have allowed Kate Cox to get an abortion

9f3388f4 No.3724816

File: 1702343451611.jpeg (43.73 KB, 501x500, tb5bpktfzp5c1.jpeg)

9068ffb6 No.3724819

File: 1702345372631.jpg (105.03 KB, 650x637, 1702042854081358.jpg)

84588fc9 No.3724821

File: 1702347174419.jpg (33.13 KB, 680x587, HOES_MAD.jpg)


Hoes Mad!

9f3388f4 No.3724822

Lol! Maga hoes mad

9f3388f4 No.3724823

File: 1702347955604.png (53.71 KB, 463x584, h1xixhqlfr5c1.png)

Stay tuned!

9f3388f4 No.3724824

File: 1702348669373.jpg (698.97 KB, 1811x1713, Screenshot_20231211_183442….jpg)

42ea1c82 No.3724826

"we really got him this time"
"Just two more weeks" right, faggot?

c556b21a No.3724827

File: 1702350814911.jpg (249.35 KB, 1024x1024, stupid niggers.jpg)

Stupid niggers. LOL!

41efc1cb No.3724828

Lol @MAGA Racists
Kill yourself like Hitler

41efc1cb No.3724829

File: 1702359070446.jpeg (60.18 KB, 500x756, nmtbdvo7lr5c1.jpeg)

6fab8ca7 No.3724831

File: 1702365126627.png (129.18 KB, 338x338, That_word.png)

You do understand when people on the news are talking about Trump trying to overthrow democracy on Jan 6th it isn't the crowd of people in the capitol building they are talking about, right?

He isn't in court because of the protestors. He's in court because his people tried to send fake electors to Washington, they sent in fake paperwork to say he won and tried to get Mike Pense to stop the transfer of power and declare Trump the winner based on the fake electors.

711c4070 No.3724832

press the button alreeady

9a022da2 No.3724835

File: 1702374376006.jpg (13.85 KB, 209x200, NIGGERS.jpg)

Lol stupid niggers

f3345505 No.3724838

File: 1702378749466.jpg (518.83 KB, 1200x1200, the-safest-cities-in-the-u….jpg)

7a19409e No.3724842

Reminder that normal people like and trust black people way more than racists. I would choose a black surgeon over a racist surgeon every time because the black person is probably normal while the racist is pretty much guaranteed to be a violent, dimwitted sociopath who only got his job through nepotism.

There's no place left for racists, you should kill yourself if you hate black people. You will never be happy in this life so you might as well put a bullet through your skull :)

9f3388f4 No.3724843

b68bdbe8 No.3724844

what is your end goal, get it over with already

524c99b5 No.3724846

File: 1702402545642.jpg (380.34 KB, 1080x1397, 1702042402213829.jpg)

9f3388f4 No.3724847

File: 1702402643031.jpg (598.99 KB, 904x2316, Screenshot_20231212_093424….jpg)

For sure kill yourself
Just like white women kill their babies

9f3388f4 No.3724848

File: 1702402735771.jpeg (63.94 KB, 635x766, vpm51rldrv5c1.jpeg)

9672391a No.3724849

File: 1702403599612.png (126.93 KB, 868x754, X5.png)


Theres a reason women were a second class citizen most of human history. And you see it playing out all over again.

Give women feminism and birth rates fall into the shitter. And the non-feminism countries out breed and take over.

7a19409e No.3724850

The end goal is to eradicate your way of life and we will never stop until the conservative agenda isn't even a memory. We will crush you just like we crushed pedophiles and other undesirables.

95842335 No.3724852

I'm guessing that this is supposed to be pro-Biden, but if it came to it, a lot of Trumpers would probably be in favor of this fake Trump "idea".

7a19409e No.3724858

They don't believe anything, they'll just agree with whatever trump says. It's a personality cult for evil people, there's nothing deeper than that.

84588fc9 No.3724865

I don't give half a fuck what (((ZOGnald Trumpenberg))) says.

I vote for the candidate who poses the least danger to my guns; nothing more, nothing less.

My guns are the only thing that bring me true happiness in life, and the only reason I even bother to vote.

7a19409e No.3724866

Grow up. You're not tough or cool, you're mentally stunted. Obsessing over guns is autistic loser behavior.

4602cb52 No.3724869

The point of democracy is that everyone votes according to their own interests. That way the outcome of the vote serves the most people according to what they want. If that interest is about guns, then the person SHOULD vote accordingly to have this matter accounted for.

Lefties like yourself just try to browbeat other people into voting according to YOUR interests, which goes against the point of democracy. First you try to dictate and propagandize what other people should want, then you declare yourself and your ideological posse to represent the greater interest of the people. Circle closed.

7a19409e No.3724870

Don't care, didn't read. Stop being a gun autist, go outside and talk to a human being. Get a fucking job. Stop being a child with no real problems.

42ea1c82 No.3724873

File: 1702416119059.png (168.03 KB, 1291x841, bibliotheca.png)


Your playground insults prove that you have no argument.

3D gun printer go *brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*

7a19409e No.3724874

It's not an insult, you are acting like an autistic loser. Stop wasting your life on racist chanboards, shave your disgusting hobo beard and go set foot in reality for once in your life

f3345505 No.3724876

File: 1702417166913.png (606.94 KB, 533x720, not ai genereated.png)

How Criminals Are Making Millions Counterfeiting Prescription Drugs

42ea1c82 No.3724877

File: 1702417325614.jpg (41.48 KB, 267x338, birkeland_eyde.jpg)

There you go with those playground insults again.

You're following "Rules For Radicals" pretty closely with all those attempts at "riducule" which are meant to invoke shame, but in us it just invokes an even deeper contempt for you and your comrades.

We don't value your insults, because we don't value your opinions. Nor do we care about your gun laws anymore.

f3345505 No.3724878

File: 1702417342504-0.jpg (139.66 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

7a19409e No.3724879

You feel insulted because I am giving a dead-accurate assessment of why nobody wants to hang out with you and you feel attacked. I am able to do this because people like you are incredibly predictable.

f3345505 No.3724880

File: 1702417804117-0.png (325.03 KB, 908x902, nileredvideos.png)

f3345505 No.3724881

Reading this in NileRed's voice does not help either

84588fc9 No.3724882

Breddy gud… There's another good YT channel for this stuff, but I forget the name right now, fuuuuuggggggggg.

Urine can be used for making homemade expl*sives.
Urine can also be used for making hydr*gen cy*nide.

9f3388f4 No.3724896


9f3388f4 No.3724897

File: 1702431934461.jpeg (64.51 KB, 514x766, j5dktgva3x5c1.jpeg)

9f3388f4 No.3724898

File: 1702433429109.png (222.65 KB, 1024x682, opqlok6j0x5c1.png)

I hope all the 19 year old geopolitical scholars on TikTok who say they "won't vote for Genocide Joe" are happy when King Donald decides to nuke Gaza like it's an incoming hurricane

db1206cd No.3724899

Yep, just like all the lefties screamed and swore that's what Trump would do if he were elected in 2016.
Never happened, we had 4 years of peace.
Lefty liars will say absolutely anything,
never believe them.

9f3388f4 No.3724900

Lol @MAGA Racists

9f3388f4 No.3724901

File: 1702434484828.png (239.56 KB, 1024x688, m5p80ut3lx5c1.png)

db1206cd No.3724902

You leftists must be retarded thinking burning books does anything.
Every single book can be accessed ONLINE.
Every. Single. Book.

465634ed No.3724905

File: 1702436940584.png (500.08 KB, 1042x856, 1702434948464189.png)

f2cc7cf2 No.3724906


The fucking monkeys want to be treated as equals but they do EVERYTHING to deny themselves of equality.

db1206cd No.3724908

File: 1702439446383.jpg (248.81 KB, 1024x1273, aaabbbccc.jpg)

b68bdbe8 No.3724911

aren't you entitled~

7afc221e No.3724914

>I would choose a black surgeon over a racist surgeon

A racist surgeon being white of course. Your racist minds cannot break the link between white and racism.

2d27cfe6 No.3724915

It will be interesting to see what the American people do when the 2024 election is also stolen…..seems to me the options are complete surrender or all out war……or…….
It's already on the Texas legislative docket for after the election next year and has 60% support in state already.
It also is nearing 50% support in 20+ other states.
The icing on the cake is it also negates all legal responsibility to federal debts.
(federal debts and unfunded liabilities are over 240+ trillion now, the entirety of all civilian assets, government assets and lands are worth under 178 trillion)

And by the DOD's own admission they would not be able to stop it because their precious leftist cities are completely reliant on power, water and fuel grids that cannot be protected from even small groups, would take years to fix and that travel through large swaths of conservative areas before coming to their leftist shitholes (losing power alone by their own admission would result in the leftist areas having a 95% fatality rate within 6 months)

Secede, isolate the leftist areas then if they become a problem shut off the tap and let them die.

After enough of them are gone they can be annexed and any survivors deported since they will not be fellow citizens anymore. And I can promise you "greater Idaho" will join the new nation in a heart beat! ALL the RED RURAL counties will join! That means over 80% of americas landmass.

c82b9c61 No.3724917

I would be really happy if he did.

9f3388f4 No.3724918

Lol idiot white rednecks

6fab8ca7 No.3724919

File: 1702466334604.jpg (63.73 KB, 1000x562, 20-IQ.jpg)

>I vote for the candidate who poses the least danger to my guns

So you'll gladly die from lack of healthcare, poisoned drinking water, or the next covid that republicans will just pretend isn't real, as long as you don't have to wait 5 minutes for an electronic background check when you go to buy a gun?

6fab8ca7 No.3724920

File: 1702466579660.jpg (26.19 KB, 400x400, d6c722fd48d100f5ab60bbbf9f….jpg)


Why wait?!
Do it now!
I'll bring the popcorn!

9f3388f4 No.3724921

File: 1702467398025.jpg (229.05 KB, 1515x848, Screenshot_20231213_033237….jpg)

Governor Walz: "I'm surrounded by states who are spending their time figuring out how to ban Charlotte's Web from their school, while we're banishing hunger from ours with free breakfast and lunch.

9f3388f4 No.3724926

File: 1702476502547.jpg (955.92 KB, 1811x1821, Screenshot_20231213_060452….jpg)

Like all conservatives constantly lieing

db1206cd No.3724927

Exactly what do you plan to stop it! Throw a fit, scream and yell, and call us all deplorables and racist? FACE IT, we got all the resources and your side has all the useless people! I'm sure you don't want to hear this, but it is a fact!

db1206cd No.3724929

File: 1702477297457.jpg (334.65 KB, 800x818, Hitler1.jpg)

9f3388f4 No.3724930

Fuck yeah kill nazis

9f3388f4 No.3724931

File: 1702477950960.jpg (64.04 KB, 642x767, 5vs916eccz5c1.jpg)

2d27cfe6 No.3724932

File: 1702478106640.jpg (134.93 KB, 800x794, 1614518439653.jpg)

Uncle Sam IS the Nazi,
blind dumbass.

2d27cfe6 No.3724933

File: 1702478282618.jpg (954.52 KB, 1600x1200, R.jpg)

Naw, the way things have gotten,
we need somebody more hardcore
to handle your ilk.

4aeb8749 No.3724934

File: 1702478474188.jpg (162.48 KB, 1280x894, Shino_03.jpg)


If fucking only. We wouldn't be in half the debt we are without the wellfare class. And most of those people up there would be single moms that "don't need no man", because the government is their sugar daddy.

Fucking Slave morality Christfagdom.

2d27cfe6 No.3724935

File: 1702478482959.jpg (493.31 KB, 1024x1044, bda6d5de6.jpg)

db1206cd No.3724937

File: 1702480089624.jpg (349.02 KB, 1024x675, R (1)b.jpg)

Except Christ has nothing to do with that.

c82b9c61 No.3724938

what i dont get about this thread is Fe users like Dog or 3B acting like they're neurologically capable of understanding love or lecturing others on it, as if overcompensating. I don't really care about the word. You could say my relationship is abuse and loveless all day it wouldn't change that I'd die for the other dude or that we're together forever

Fe users are so weird

I just hope his imageboard isn't like Reddit

c82b9c61 No.3724939

he acts like he's loyal or gets what love is or some shit but wouldn't even give me a hug when asked after i had a bad day, man. I had to read like 1% of his post and it was horrible and I asked for a doggy hug to compensate and I didn't get it

I'd cuddle anyone who had to read his posts. Like I'd get it.

c82b9c61 No.3724940


4aeb8749 No.3724941

File: 1702480876291.jpg (366.21 KB, 3000x2200, father_daughter665.jpg)


As if the number of black people in america is that great. Meanwhile the number of single moms that are a leech on the system. And raise messed up children, who the medical system can prey on, and prison complex, and the pedos.

4aeb8749 No.3724942

File: 1702481304342.png (956.13 KB, 1025x681, cropped22.png)

If you took single motherdom out of the black community. It would be like how it once was.

Dads would put an end to the kids following jail culture. And black girls making themselves bald by 30 via weaves.

Why do so many blacks think they are eternal victims in need of free money? Because they are raised by single mothers who are eternal victims and always want free money.

9f3388f4 No.3724943

Lol whites bad tho

9f3388f4 No.3724944

File: 1702481750321.jpg (31.42 KB, 666x500, 7tk5s0zxlz5c1.jpg)

7b5ce510 No.3724945

File: 1702485775445.jpg (18.16 KB, 300x300, sleeeeepytiem.jpg)

You're lumping me together with someone/comrades who hate everything that's dear to me - which is probably the only way anyone could insult me. Also - anything that 3Broken says about love is completely broken and the opposite of what love is.
This might sound tiresome, but it's far more difficult for those who reject Christ to know the difference between true love, and the satanic/communist inversion of love that 3Broken spews.
The devil/communist counterfeits everything of God's and inverts it - the most obvious example is the inverted cross of satanism. Less obvious examples are the inversions of Christian values, that when inverted are made to sound good/freedom-affirming on the surface, but only lead to murder/death.

My image board will be nothing like Reddit, the environment there and so many of those people are insufferable.

Anyone can fake a hug, especially an Internet-hug. I'm only loyal to Jesus Christ. I will defend those truly close to me, including and especially Jesus Christ.

The way I treat others is in line with me not wanting to genuinely hurt someone. Misunderstandings can happen, but feigning loyalty or camaraderie will eventually injure the other.
Beware those strangers who'll metaphorically jerk someone off and pander to their self-indulgence - what's in it for those strangers, and what character-type would even do such a thing? (Usually creeps, murderers or feds/"jews"/commies… or all-examples-in-one.)

Anyway, I'm very tired. It's so damn late here and I must sleep, doggy bed, etc.

7a19409e No.3724949

Just so you know, nobody reads your deranged schizo walls of text. You're wasting your time posting racist garbage and everyone just ignores you.

7a19409e No.3724950

I never said "white" but you made that connection in your head because you're assume all white people are racist cracker dullards like you are :)

7a19409e No.3724951

Not one single inch of American territory for the fash vermin. They can fuck off and get the hell out of my country if they have a problem with it 😎

c82b9c61 No.3724956

theres a reason i could tell DK is INFP right away and confirmed. I'm really good at diagnosing that shit, lol

c82b9c61 No.3724957

no but i have a soul so i like hugs damnit. you have homelander's exact function stack albeit healthier so there's no Fi, your entire worldview is based on people around you being happy/miserable, you can't have consistent values.

fe users have no fi by default, read up on jung's idea of fi vs fe, and your inferior ti and the susceptibility to insane schizo science that it gives you (as well as your laughable attempts to make it your personality or a cute joke) is so obvious it hurts

this is why you struggle making friends man. half of the people you meet are going to be Fi users like me who operate on consistent values that don't depend on people around us or validation (since that's 8/16 of the stacks in Jung's model) and the other half will be hard logicians and robots who don't care

we're both feeling types, but ENFJ are far more like cult leaders whereas ENFP are just just goofy happy go lucky athletes. im just saying talking to your type is just as inconsistent and infuriating as I must have appeared to you.

it is a really cool stack though. im amazed you got far in business at all with Fe-Ni

wefoids like Soros are ENTJews

c82b9c61 No.3724959

But yeah I don't respect sociopathic manipulators and cult leaders, sorry. I know your goals are well intended but the methodology matters a lot to people with my leanings

4aeb8749 No.3724961

File: 1702496778543.png (247.5 KB, 800x600, Why.png)


A bullet don't care what personality type you got. Nor does a knife, nor governments, nor anyone important really.

It matters as much as girls think star signs matter.

c82b9c61 No.3724963

it matters. I wouldn't trust you with menial or technical work, INFPs suck at logic

4aeb8749 No.3724965

File: 1702500277437.jpg (56.56 KB, 564x730, vr.jpg)


Whats next, you going to tell me how my favorite color limits my choices of ice cream cones?

9f3388f4 No.3724967


9f3388f4 No.3724968

File: 1702500530641.jpg (133.51 KB, 1024x576, mhhvpqwg036c1.jpg)

a850d191 No.3724969

And here is your basic racist niggеr. Just like all niggеrs are racist thugs.

a850d191 No.3724970

Racist niggеr.

9f3388f4 No.3724977

lol the retarded whites are hurting themselves in their confusion!

9f3388f4 No.3724978

File: 1702502897934.jpg (163.01 KB, 1229x1252, ny57ct8h036c1.jpg)

9f3388f4 No.3724979

File: 1702503224755.png (858.2 KB, 2466x1364, 9hc6v3asv36c1.png)

no wonder loser whites want this guy

c82b9c61 No.3724981

If you disagree with this you are disagreeing with the idea of a subconscious, which he discovered and codified btw. The theory is based on a very simple observable principle

4aeb8749 No.3724985

File: 1702509186012.png (648.29 KB, 1000x1660, 7VJnyxa.png)


Telling someone they suck at logic when Engineering logics games are they're fav game type is lol.

4aeb8749 No.3724986

File: 1702509501653.jpg (410.61 KB, 782x1116, Kari_page_7.jpg)

I'd be happy as a pig in shit if my boyfriend gets me a new PC for Christmas so I can better run Greg tech New horizons.

Your suppose to automate everything, but the frame drops, the frame drops.

c82b9c61 No.3724987

you are only good at being quiet and sitting in your imagination like a drooling dog and you know it

4aeb8749 No.3724989

File: 1702510213598.jpg (130.25 KB, 850x960, Lust.jpg)


Kinky, is insulting men how you get off? Best hope you don't find a weak male that likes being dominated by a stronger male.

Least they ask you to bite their neck as you take them from behind.

4aeb8749 No.3724991

File: 1702511220903.jpg (293.71 KB, 2406x1759, 87445.jpg)

The best thing to have touching your back, is the front of another man.

But that doesn't mean your submissive and breedable. Still, I hear it takes tons of sex to get boy pregnant. And thats why a guy should never say no, one less time can mean no kids.

And a guy wants to have kids, so he has a legacy.

4aeb8749 No.3724993

File: 1702512884037.jpg (388.92 KB, 2800x1779, 90009.jpg)

Guess Foxboy got your tongue, beautiful. Oh well, in political news.

I hear Alex Jones is back on Twitter…I bought water from him once. He said it does something to frogs, but I drank it anyway. It made me feel funny, in a good way. All tingly in my head and pants.

And silly old Tucker Carlson is starting the Tucker Carlson network. How Silly!

9f3388f4 No.3724995

Lol Nazis aren't cute
Kill yourself dk

9f3388f4 No.3724996

File: 1702515306930.jpg (122.86 KB, 1024x682, lntiwsocz36c1.jpg)

Wait, they actually made a logo for the impeachment inquiry? I guess using the Impact font is appropriate for the memes it's generating

73adffb0 No.3724998

File: 1702516192197.jpg (78.27 KB, 1280x799, nazi.jpg)

>Nazis aren't cute

c82b9c61 No.3725062

Your Te is so inferior you can't even confront me right when you're trying. This is you trying to mock me and you can't even manage it. It sounds like you're talking to someone who isn't there

6fab8ca7 No.3725140

Stop it? Why would America want to stop conservatives from leaving? Red states are the biggest drain we have on the economy! None of you contribute, you all suck out more tax money than you put in!

It would be so much better for all of us if all of you went off on your own.

6fab8ca7 No.3725141

File: 1702589222405.jpg (833.82 KB, 1902x1573, cognitive-dissonance.jpg)

>I'm only loyal to Jesus…
>I'm a conservative who supports everything Jesus stood against.

6fab8ca7 No.3725149

Didn't you know? Speaker Mike Johnson graduated college with a degree in design.

Creating a logo is the only thing he is qualified to do.

f5d57482 No.3732355

i am racist and not very bright

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