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Previous thread: >>3740721
This is the only politics thread. Any others created will be deleted. Political discussion is allowed in existing threads, just don't be a spammy bitch about it.
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ab2c22a0 No.3744124

File: 1719345493987-0.webm (1.39 MB, 426x240, y2mate.webm)

File: 1719345493987-1.jpg (484.09 KB, 1080x1488, Screenshot_20240617-003046….jpg)

File: 1719345493987-2.jpeg (44.47 KB, 720x720, P10XpCcw1QTFelX6.jpeg)

File: 1719345493987-3.jpg (196.26 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (47) (2).jpg)

File: 1719345493987-4.jpeg (67.32 KB, 680x662, GOcItGqWQAABtdN.jpeg)

A well spent of the US taxpayer money…

by the foreign agent.

e2636124 No.3744125

Yes Nazis don't like jews we know that

Also you are a racist and don't like blacks

We know

e2636124 No.3744126

File: 1719345924383.jpeg (59.67 KB, 625x766, ln4nsbhnaq8d1.jpeg)

517b0364 No.3744127

File: 1719347056961.gif (832.44 KB, 244x182, vegeta-its-over9000.gif)

>Showing pic of Nazi & Jew coin collaborate together.
>>Yes Nazis don't like jews we know that

>Show pic of racist who hates black

>>You don't like black people

His retarded level is over nine thousands!!!

2e81f8bd No.3744129

And another /POL/ thread dies an early premature death because of 3B's flood of shit posts.

93936245 No.3744133

File: 1719351095930.png (3.64 MB, 2095x2400, 1b1378525e47f5e73dbbcfc5b7….png)

That's how strong a country that has freed itself of semitism becomes.

e2636124 No.3744193


File: 1716622747734-0.jpg (3.6 MB, 4195x5970, draw_001.jpg)

File: 1716622747734-1.jpg (1.06 MB, 2399x3300, draw.jpg)

File: 1716622747734-2.png (171.39 KB, 1114x888, hand looks poor quality he….png)

c34c75e8 No.3740745[Reply]

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a45e7fd8 No.3743029

File: 1718495946608.jpg (115.51 KB, 925x1000, IN07444-40.jpg)

You can use a multimeter for a sanity check I guess.

And if you open up the UPS, the controller board should have the connections labeled too.

a45e7fd8 No.3743030

Plus the worst thing that can happen is you get the magic blue smoke and need to spend extra $25 on a UPS on ebay.

c34c75e8 No.3743033

File: 1718497841622-0.jpg (85.69 KB, 780x438, img-5812.jpg)

File: 1718497841623-1.jpg (90.86 KB, 596x700, bIdRP.jpg)

b6a932ed No.3743280

>using your own in-house technician

You don't have one. It costs a million per year to keep them and their workshop and tools, and you're not saving enough money repairing failing equipment to justify the cost.

Consider that the purchase of new equipment and services is tax-deductible as a business expense. In other words, a new UPS really costs you nothing, while hiring a person to maintain the old one costs something.

b6a932ed No.3743281

>You don't need to be a trained technician to swap a freaking VRLA battery.

Indeed, but that's not the only thing they do with a UPS that's due service. You need to make sure the BMS is still working as intended.

Cool story: when I was a kid, we were suffering from lots of brown-outs, so my dad brought in a discarded UPS from work. We plugged it in and come the next thunderstorm, the power went out. The UPS beeped for 2 minutes and then died. Dad opened it up and saw the batteries were way past date, so he replaced them with identical models. As soon as he did so, the inverter board sprang to life, shot 240 Volts through his hand, then proceeded to go up in smoke. That was the end of that UPS unit.

b6a932ed No.3743283

>That's pure anti-consumer bullshit.

It's anti-consumer bullshit until people start doing dumb shit with the stuff you're selling them, and then suing you over it because you didn't tell them not to.

Ordinary people really don't have the technical qualifications to ensure that a device that's supposed to be generating mains power out of a battery is still operating to spec. Making it idiot-safe would bump the price up 2-5x so you can kiss goodbye to your market share.

b6a932ed No.3743287

Also, don't forget that if you repair your stuff, you're liable that it works. If it kills people, it's on YOUR ass.

So if the hospital hires a technician to repair stuff, they are liable if the things he fixes then kill or injure people, so they have to insure themselves against such, which costs money. They also can't hire just any Joe Schmoe for the job, because they need the qualifications and the certificates to work on that stuff, to please the insurance providers. That means the guy isn't going to be happy working for peanuts.

But, if they get the replacement unit from another company, and have the other company's personnel install and service it, the other company will take on the liability and the hospital can pass on any claims to them. That makes the service more expensive, but again: tax deductible.

File: 1718565221947.png (1.79 MB, 848x1536, _photorealistic_painting_a….png)

70805bb0 No.3743115[Reply]

Something I've not seen a lot of is AI art that takes original line art as an input then colors it after

1. Install Easy Diffusion
2. Select the sonicdiffusion_v4
3. For the ControlNet image select a pencil sketch (xenahasaclit for the above)
4. Select Line Art Realistic for the Filter
5. Select Line Art for the Model
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70805bb0 No.3743117

File: 1718565348742.png (986.68 KB, 800x1200, _photorealistic_painting_a….png)

With this you can take any line art and color it

70805bb0 No.3743118

File: 1718565366414.png (932.1 KB, 800x1200, _photorealistic_painting_a….png)

70805bb0 No.3743119

File: 1718565421801.jpg (76.78 KB, 1536x896, winnie3.jpg)

70805bb0 No.3743120

File: 1718565477681.png (6.17 MB, 2976x2592, _photorealistic_painting_a….png)

70805bb0 No.3743122

File: 1718565527522.jpg (299.34 KB, 3328x3072, mouse1.jpg)

70805bb0 No.3743124

File: 1718565647358.png (1.76 MB, 1168x1232, _photorealistic_painting_a….png)

70805bb0 No.3743125

File: 1718565668867.png (1.18 MB, 760x1280, 3.png)

File: 1700886809891.png (4.62 MB, 2646x1985, 1563652253.henhenhen_file_….png)

58702b7f No.3722767[Reply]

Not my usual thing…

But lesbian thread.
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63c64b16 No.3736885

File: 1712399306917.jpg (766.67 KB, 2000x2667, 1d1e294dd363f3125be6e75093….jpg)


ffa7be01 No.3736911

File: 1712427792932.png (230.91 KB, 1280x1073, 1583897154954_X04.png)

3accc4e3 No.3740020

File: 1715793553806.png (78.14 KB, 565x408, jn-Worship.png)

d35b1d12 No.3742898

File: 1718432304644.jpg (124.21 KB, 737x900, 7a7aad87125f648f1a0d0a0c91….jpg)

af64918e No.3742910

File: 1718447984042-0.png (1.47 MB, 1024x1024, 047ed8b3ec1fbd73ebd41401c4….png)

File: 1718447984042-1.png (1.17 MB, 1117x1080, 1717724066.ruaidri_deltagr….png)

gross, lesbians are with guys too. Don't be a fruit.

af64918e No.3742911

File: 1718448136378-0.png (2.41 MB, 2005x1838, 1718412864.phenya_zoroark_….png)

File: 1718448136378-1.jpg (125.57 KB, 848x1200, 8d2cbc197b9db489b1bfebddd7….jpg)

Just because a lesbian has a dick and beard doesn't make her less of a woman.

f4e5bdfa No.3743064

File: 1718526625012.jpg (170.38 KB, 612x800, boob squish.jpg)

File: 1696484567544.jpg (76.43 KB, 1280x960, 1696471185557958.jpg)

7e464b3d No.3717959[Reply]

Best animal species to make a fursona with cute feet/paws?
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c5927d55 No.3717968

>>There is nothing wrong with having "inaccurate" pawa.

Unless you are one of the fursuiters now going for extreme realism, where
not only must the fursuit paws match the species
they are representing perfectly and exactly,
but some even go so far as to personally find out what their favorite species' paws actually smell like,
and then try to find or duplicate that scent and then
lightly spray it on the fursuit feet.
Some just op to go with scents like fritos or hot buttered popcorn,
because the paws of a lot of species DO smell like that.
However, sometimes it's completely different
and not at all what you would expect.
For example, skunk feet smell like burnt rubber.
It's all in the name of realism.
I don't know what's next,
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

1a096050 No.3717969

File: 1696522014643.png (4.12 MB, 4800x6000, primonyr-kris-tina-by-foxb….png)

+1 for opossums, because the fingerless glove look is underrated.

086748cc No.3717984

Do you wish you were a possum?

cc22f6b9 No.3718277

Cute art

10560a47 No.3723610

File: 1701461851750.png (193.62 KB, 481x484, Screenshot 2023-12-01 at 0….png)

e3e74f02 No.3743047

911591b2 No.3743056

File: 1718512977255.png (870.43 KB, 1070x812, huge feet.png)

File: 1690006453212.gif (2.83 MB, 640x360, 1689991068.talentlesshack_….gif)

a22d4e76 No.3709698[Reply]

did you know…
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a56e75bd No.3740197

File: 1716001635744-0.jpg (3.1 MB, 4300x5800, 1bb63fd4dc68aa08fce21d3455….jpg)

a56e75bd No.3740198

File: 1716001708698-0.jpg (1.88 MB, 2000x2000, 7a87cb1739cd816df762aa350a….jpg)

File: 1716001708698-1.jpg (4.11 MB, 2944x2386, 7e74f254fcde4e4d5a94c175be….jpg)

a56e75bd No.3740199

File: 1716001884482-0.webm (2.13 MB, 405x720, 6330975659be1216a1d234bdc….webm)

a56e75bd No.3740200

File: 1716002002556-0.jpg (258.1 KB, 1487x1700, 26928e3c60e13fb1ba4efb1431….jpg)

File: 1716002002556-1.png (641.07 KB, 1027x1268, 5d2f499177bf57111b45ff3a38….png)

File: 1716002002556-2.png (802.53 KB, 848x1200, 77511b8f8d7e69fa6ea005dacb….png)

File: 1716002002556-3.png (1.41 MB, 1210x1401, 396a4c56ce1e3a5f0901b0caba….png)

go for feng!

a56e75bd No.3740201

File: 1716002131716-0.jpg (2.35 MB, 3481x3121, 433e48de43226ebe8c051948cd….jpg)

File: 1716002131716-1.jpg (3.27 MB, 3792x3664, 7ed4395a0aad04ab6c519f120b….jpg)

File: 1716002131716-2.jpg (962.7 KB, 3500x3500, 5a9e9012f83925a3ed3ab49868….jpg)

File: 1716002131716-3.jpg (664.53 KB, 2500x2896, 01dfa0daf1788605207c7286ce….jpg)

642cb405 No.3740213

File: 1716048010773-0.png (856.15 KB, 1200x3400, 0d746c0d570bdfcc9a23d553b3….png)

File: 1716048010773-1.jpg (868.31 KB, 2100x2800, 23c4728dbbd62fa4a5cb4829be….jpg)

File: 1716048010773-2.jpg (213.47 KB, 2000x1600, bf90753d213cdd811a63131ec3….jpg)

File: 1716048010773-3.png (3.91 MB, 2430x2000, d8778e5c110575c89603acdb43….png)

I love how 4chan shit posters made a better version of this game for free and in less time than the actual studio needed

Impregnate all the dinosaurs

a56e75bd No.3743050

File: 1718508756456-0.jpg (221.08 KB, 1600x1600, franschesco-kim-untitled-1….jpg)

File: 1718508756456-1.jpg (227.61 KB, 1600x1600, franschesco-kim-untitled-1.jpg)

File: 1698806110580.png (690.41 KB, 900x1200, 454.png)

5f3c0f71 No.3720467[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

November Starts in a few hours.
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22890cbc No.3723528

File: 1701397900993.png (523.92 KB, 779x652, Pinkie554.png)


Bride of Christ sounds like an awful stripper name.

78f326f1 No.3723529

You're probably not as bad of a stripper as you think.

467e98ce No.3723530

File: 1701399160024.jpg (205.2 KB, 2000x2000, b5821c5399459f08cbcbc961ab….jpg)

22890cbc No.3723531

File: 1701401826430.png (1.33 MB, 2550x3300, x9.png)


I don't strip anything in this fucking freezing winter weather.

22890cbc No.3723535

File: 1701409868601-0.png (259.83 KB, 893x1024, Snapshot_6.png)

File: 1701409868601-1.png (9.14 KB, 470x622, Snap56.png)

File: 1701409868601-2.png (97.87 KB, 1149x904, snap44.png)

File: 1701409868601-3.png (248.42 KB, 741x1024, snap754.png)

File: 1701409868601-4.png (524.54 KB, 779x652, 626924.png)

Well you degens can start making love to your hands again if your east coast.

219aee2c No.3723536

File: 1701411304389-0.jpg (165.21 KB, 2150x942, a0dad04f89b1a19fe978b5e697….jpg)

File: 1701411304389-1.jpg (328.95 KB, 2048x1197, 17dfb98078131645d16b1674b3….jpg)

It's okay to be jealous of my hand, Deek.

20ece0e5 No.3743049

File: 1718507520579-0.jpg (1.58 MB, 1300x1753, 1478536970.link2004_5_u18c….jpg)

File: 1718507520579-1.png (1.27 MB, 1024x1200, 00054-1936217171-score_9_s….png)

File: 1718507520579-2.png (1.07 MB, 1024x680, 00132-1077950612.png)

File: 1718507520579-3.png (790.22 KB, 800x1029, adopt__homaira__warrior_of….png)

File: 1718507520579-4.png (1.71 MB, 916x1300, 1716727573.girlwithdrill_m….png)

File: 1701227240127.jpg (716.11 KB, 1080x1080, 113625070_p0_master1200.jpg)

eed4b607 No.3723240[Reply]

I am fucking tired of life, everything is shit, everyday has been crap I just want off this ride
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eed4b607 No.3723245

its just like life is shit I know everyone has down time but i dont know if I can take it, this down time look like it has no end. I feel like I am in hole that will not end

ad59488c No.3723247

File: 1701229153009.png (467.21 KB, 717x473, First_world_problems.png)


Liek OMG, I have free time, its liek the worst thing ever.

eed4b607 No.3723248

I dont know if i am going to lose everything that took me 15 years to get and be homeless, wtf are you talking about

ad59488c No.3723249

File: 1701230061125.png (1011.5 KB, 834x1400, Fiona455.png)


Welcome to the club. Next year might be a great depression.

Lotta guys might end it in the coming years.

3ab41ece No.3723257

You could, like, get a job and pay your bills.

8c8866bd No.3723267

File: 1701235035322.jpeg (380.2 KB, 800x800, FLG1QcCVgAEMivN.jpeg)

I would give you a hug if I could.

8c8866bd No.3723278

File: 1701241125389.jpeg (378.24 KB, 1628x2048, F9eLsmlWYAAvKvD.jpeg)

Alright, fuck it. If you need someone to talk to, I'm found on Discord as "dead.possum".
Can't promise I'll respond right away.

File: 1718464115273.jpg (74.23 KB, 850x1081, 303014c.jpg)

c7a95689 No.3742927[Reply]

They haven't updated in over a week.
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e7e45218 No.3742931

File: 1718465175042.png (1.27 MB, 1100x800, heroofyiff_cynder-is-stung….png)


e7e45218 No.3742932

File: 1718465407374.jpg (229.67 KB, 800x800, Cynderparrotdelux.jpg)

9d24e496 No.3742998

If the admins/coders would quit being wankers that deliberately block certain traffic automatically for reasons unknown, then maybe they would have more active posters.

They do not like you and would rather cripple the site for anyone but their chosen circlejerk.

b3233d11 No.3743001

> wankers that deliberately block certain traffic automatically for reasons unknown
I have seen that happen. I used to post there regularly. Never did I post anything against their rules. Suddenly, the site started giving this error message "you have been blocked by your browser signature." So fuck them.

e7e45218 No.3743008

File: 1718493208136.jpg (41.89 KB, 400x300, not_you_again.jpg)

I have had a 3 year absence largely for it being too hard to find a working proxy.

We used to have a tripcode whitelist. Say what you want about tripfagging and namefagging but it's a good security option.

I haven't used my trip since 201X but it's a good idea for allowing Tor and DNSBL-blocked traffic. If the person using the tripcode is trustworthy enough to stay on a list, the traffic is probably fine.

I know who most of the mods are, and whether me and them privately get along or not, I think they are trustworthy so I'm not gonna get doxed or anything, but Ch0ob also brought on people who were… a bit of a wrong decision in hindsight. So ya know… use a proxy.

c5f1d7b6 No.3743013

Go back to bed, cccd9.

e7e45218 No.3743028

File: 1718495714777.jpg (350.51 KB, 1200x958, e47cccd9 ynderz.jpg)

File: 1718093439072.png (689.86 KB, 1903x940, Screenshot 2024-06-11 at 0….png)

734e7098 No.3742387[Reply]

I know many of you furtards miss Aufy and secretly wish him to come back. He's still not open to returning but I can provide you with an update on his artwork and comic book status. Aufy still wants an apology from Dan and Steam before he'll even consider coming back to Lulz.
2 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

961c7420 No.3742418

Also whats this about coming back? Did he forget the definition of b&? You don't just get a life ban and casually decide that it expired and stroll back in.

0683234c No.3742891

File: 1718424470938.jpg (188.68 KB, 1825x1164, 0ea981cf3c10cabb8a028698c2….jpg)

Steam, would it kill you to swallow your pride even just once and says sorry for the sake of having him back on the board?

But he's probably not coming back cause Dan is a complete psychopath and you'd have better luck extracting teeth instead of an apology.

Also answer my DM. I see you're on idle 👈 👀

Since when did people start caring about being banned on lulz?

961c7420 No.3742913

File: 1718449563492.jpg (68.18 KB, 850x634, d5387b62a4fdeea002a4eae6b7….jpg)

Ok, sorry.

Not sure how it will effect anything.

961c7420 No.3742914

File: 1718449766804.jpg (18.98 KB, 470x264, very-happy-puppy-smiling-a….jpg)

also here's a happy puppy. I don't know why it would help, but it might.

961c7420 No.3742916

File: 1718450491719.jpg (60.59 KB, 500x506, aa2-3.jpg)

Its just so cute, I'm going to put it in a composter, so it will help make my garden full of puppy smiles.

1c8f2da5 No.3742917

File: 1718450657205.png (69.08 KB, 267x189, das_flamgenwarfer.png)

9eaa48cd No.3742929

File: 1718464778214.jpg (78.27 KB, 1200x735, FvsHe_-WIAIu-LO.jpg)

Ayyyy, thanks for the convo and the cute pic.

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