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File: 1656882473404.jpg (162.14 KB, 708x1000, tumblr_nqqmzakDYf1sntuhxo1….jpg)

8266925b No.3661344[Reply]

SHINING FORCE II-2: Slade's Quest

Will you fund it? What do you want to see in it?

bed07ba4 No.3661346

What are you talking about?

Is it some weaboo shit?

b85d6c85 No.3661350

At least post a link to the project gofundme?

File: 1615086524664.jpg (779.64 KB, 1000x1427, UYIaaiFZgm4.jpg)

c911afa0 No.3607708[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Vixen thread.
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600620dd No.3656775

File: 1652500734913-0.png (1.33 MB, 1100x1280, 1650677064.jishinu_sketch_….png)

File: 1652500734913-1.png (3.4 MB, 1480x2000, 1651258963.ruth66_mdmrnbts….png)

File: 1652500734913-2.png (2.47 MB, 1480x2000, 1651615118.ruth66_csstpssk….png)

600620dd No.3656777

File: 1652500808290-0.png (774.71 KB, 1000x666, 1642367915.ashblueflames_j….png)

File: 1652500808290-1.jpg (737.09 KB, 1223x2160, MYOOhs-A9Ww.jpg)

File: 1652500808290-2.png (436.46 KB, 1000x1000, 1651442518.oxfort2199_dian….png)

File: 1652500808290-3.jpg (143.67 KB, 855x989, FSbLWfMWYAkMDoI.jpg)

600620dd No.3656779

File: 1652500905408-0.png (894.73 KB, 768x1000, 1651949482.kacey_ribbon_vi….png)

600620dd No.3656780

File: 1652500939803-0.jpg (230.31 KB, 1103x1280, 1651602682.delki_krystal_d….jpg)

600620dd No.3656785

File: 1652501253587-0.jpg (610.01 KB, 800x1244, 1651941583.personalami_070….jpg)

File: 1652501253587-1.jpg (577.57 KB, 800x1244, 1651941720.personalami_070….jpg)

File: 1652501253587-2.jpg (1.05 MB, 1858x2226, 0db4cbecaec174c3efbbf05893….jpg)

20e52dbf No.3656808

File: 1652527952134.jpg (155.68 KB, 1280x843, 1604540555.aseethe_lilgirl.jpg)

48fde587 No.3661349

File: 1656884935237.png (380.23 KB, 436x800, g.png)

File: 1655829801873.jpg (67.76 KB, 727x430, 10_cleo_too_short.jpg)

57474c42 No.3660295[Reply]

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505aaebd No.3660679

Ask Dragoneer for commission, please.

14067a33 No.3660687

File: 1656244862572.jpg (449.65 KB, 1200x1982, dDrBV59.jpg)

02185104 No.3660690

File: 1656247882537.jpg (201.61 KB, 800x622, dsvuv7_709b_l-2310798369.jpg)

4aca671e No.3661327

File: 1656867103899.png (166.41 KB, 715x600, RIP.png)

14067a33 No.3661341

File: 1656873249671.jpg (373.03 KB, 1920x1080, ES_TECHNOBLADE_LIVE_BLOG-2….jpg)

Technoblade June 1, 1999 - June 2022

6b64a31b No.3661343

Wow, he was so young when he passed.

06151ceb No.3661347

He was a Minecraft YouTuber. If he lived a few more years he would have undoubtedly been caught grooming a 12 year old.

File: 1632540070755-0.jpg (584.95 KB, 1530x2560, 91tC857KnlL.jpg)

File: 1632540070755-1.jpg (1.26 MB, 3120x4160, 1237444134.0.x.jpg)

File: 1632540070755-2.jpg (166.38 KB, 1000x1494, 1321909780.0.x.jpg)

File: 1632540070755-3.jpg (788.49 KB, 1518x2325, 919ig 92jiL.jpg)

44ceaa56 No.3626924[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

How about a literature thread? Which books do you consider required reading? Doesn't have to be talking animals themed. But who doesn't love talking animals?

I've read the books in the post images except Redwall, but I watched the cartoon. I liked the cartoon, but it gave me the impression the book series is more suited toward a younger audience. It's highly rated, so maybe I'll read it eventually.

Watership Down is my favorite of these. It's sorta like Lord of the Rings but with rabbits. The rabbits have their own mythology and language (lapine) and the book is highly quotable. The original film based on the book is excellent too, but they leave out important characters like Blackavar. The film is kinda hardcore.

Renard the Fox is probably the least suitable for children. It's all poetry following the misdeeds (including sexual) of the eponymous anthro red fox. He's an amoral trickster whose exploits include raping a wolf and wiping his ass with the king's flag and throwing it at him. Fun stuff.

Mrs. Frisby and the rats of NIHM is about, well, basically the Don Bluth film, but without the magic. They changed her name to "Brisby" in the film for stupid trademark reasons (blame Wham-O). Anyway, there are super intelligent rats who have harnessed the power of electricity, but they see tapping humans' electric power grid as stealing and wish to generate their own. Mrs. Frisby goes to them for help moving her home, so her son Timothy, who's sick with pneumonia, doesn't get plowed by the farmer. She was married to one of these super intelligent rats (Jonathan), who died. So interspecies, because Mrs. Frisby is a field mouse. I read this for school way back in elementary school, so I forgot all the details. But I remember generally liking it. The films based on this book and Watership Down are both classics.
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0ae9cab6 No.3661294

File: 1656821097596-0.jpg (27.6 KB, 336x497, Badger.JPG)

File: 1656821097596-1.png (127.71 KB, 356x586, Mother amber.PNG)

File: 1656821097596-2.png (252.11 KB, 456x716, RW Redwall 22.PNG)

File: 1656821097596-3.png (144.69 KB, 439x446, Bajurs of Salm.PNG)

File: 1656821097596-4.png (63.08 KB, 176x368, RW Redwall 21.PNG)

Found the pics, but there's no biography!

0ae9cab6 No.3661295

File: 1656821138926-0.png (90.32 KB, 320x440, Brother Abbot.PNG)

File: 1656821138926-1.png (70.28 KB, 233x440, Messy mouse.PNG)

File: 1656821138926-2.png (68.92 KB, 283x520, Detela.PNG)

File: 1656821138926-3.png (56.03 KB, 310x331, Nulear.PNG)

File: 1656821138926-4.png (93.13 KB, 403x502, Paw and Steelpeak.PNG)

0ae9cab6 No.3661296

File: 1656821189974-0.png (72.96 KB, 212x503, RW Redwall 14.PNG)

File: 1656821189974-1.png (86.46 KB, 350x486, RW Redwall 16.PNG)

File: 1656821189974-2.png (92.77 KB, 263x563, RW Redwall 17.PNG)

The rest im still searching hope you find and contact the original artists.

0ae9cab6 No.3661307

0ae9cab6 No.3661308

File: 1656831466422.jpg (9.3 KB, 147x250, gaeron.jpg)

0ae9cab6 No.3661309

File: 1656831654823-0.png (92.71 KB, 1148x940, duckingsave.png)

e7ea0239 No.3661335

File: 1656870301376.jpg (25.98 KB, 200x324, Uhura's_Song_1st_edition_c….jpg)

I forget offhand. I'm guessing on the order of 100 pages or so.

I know I have it around but I think it's in a box somewhere.

Not sure if I mentioned it before – Perhaps the furriest star trek paperback book.

File: 1648263622958.png (871.09 KB, 1898x1378, Screenshot 2022-03-25 at 2….png)

1d871c37 No.3651873[Reply]

How far would you let your fursuit kinks go? Would you risk putting your life on the line in a situation just to please your fuck buddy? What risks have you taken so far? What would you or would not do?

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51b16eff No.3661303

Do you have a fetish for gore and mutilated genitals or something? That dude is basically a nullo but with more mental illness and a necrotic flesh pocket

09176b22 No.3661304

File: 1656827841823.gif (1.74 MB, 320x240, ptsd-dog-gif-2.gif)

09176b22 No.3661305

he at least had a good doctor, that slice to the groin is awesome. The lack of breasts is also super nice.

4d86b20a No.3661326


I could park my bicycle safely in that.

9a249eb6 No.3661331

File: 1656868491993.jpg (64.71 KB, 800x480, cf41c240ac14c96a17041270de….jpg)

Maybe it can be used to grab other things.

baf3b46c No.3661333

Apparently fecal bacteria starts growing inside there, releasing brownish discharges, turning the "area" into "shit pussies".

Also apparently, some woke magazine encouraged "uterus owners" to smell their own shit, to better understand what "MtF" people go through so they can become kinder to them. Although it's hard to believe that's actually real, maybe it was just a huge prank.

I've repressed the sources - don't want to remember. Maybe someone else knows.

75e0a811 No.3661334

File: 1656869400848.gif (460.2 KB, 400x170, 6efbf415-7965-46cd-a523-70….gif)

"Apparently fecal bacteria starts growing inside there, releasing brownish discharges, turning the "area" into "shit pussies".

File: 1590583756285.png (258.91 KB, 500x523, vomitsquid.png)

83f35afb No.3576783[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Daily reminder that cub porn is CP and you should feel bad for enjoying something which is basically simulated child abuse.

Pic not related
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730f7e2b No.3655313

File: 1651198299626.jpeg (245 KB, 1566x2200, bafkreigbakfkwheszdbh3g6b….jpeg)

cdd9950e No.3655694

File: 1651569170264.png (346.94 KB, 1085x844, 3994254_HalcyonWinter_2204….png)

46f200b3 No.3657009

File: 1652568843364.jpg (50.16 KB, 960x1080, dyzmmnx7cmjpqif7kw.jpg)

87da8516 No.3657786

File: 1653036869972.jpg (146.75 KB, 2000x1200, yha.jpg)

7f546c32 No.3658429

File: 1653717878026.jpg (392.34 KB, 1946x1511, cub rape.jpg)

306497ac No.3660011

File: 1655540440221.jpg (135.35 KB, 920x1197, more cub rape.jpg)

87d00538 No.3661329

File: 1656867698679.jpg (81.63 KB, 800x680, 7FDmy9r.jpg)

File: 1611751342884-0.jpg (3.2 MB, 3700x3600, z1.jpg)

File: 1611751342884-1.jpg (1.62 MB, 3400x3700, z2.jpg)

a13f2d01 No.3601656[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Post what you last came to, whether it be art or not.
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7d6cf52a No.3660087

no he just fucked up and settled for the easy pick because either he is a beta yeen and obviously shows that he is or he just isnt in a good location for yeens which obviously it shows that he ISNT cuz interspecies so its a double whammy.

f65183fe No.3660106

File: 1655652572161.png (39.68 KB, 512x512, 6641375.png)

Huhhhh yeah home wrecking is objectively definetly wrong. But open relationships? If the matter was discussed between 2 consenting adults who agreed upon it prior to engaging with outside partners… You can have what ever opinions of it you like but it's not exactly "wrong" or immoral if it was done with all parties consenting before hand.
People in relationships are allowed to do some experimenting.
Don't be such a prude.

adc3eacb No.3660748

File: 1656308177764.jpg (77.28 KB, 850x680, lioness4small.jpg)

7d6cf52a No.3660749

im hedonist so basically absolutely anything

eec55400 No.3660752

So I can rip off your fingernails and you'd still get off to that?

47eb0ea4 No.3660754

*assuming i dont have contingency plans for anything anyone does to me ever.

adc3eacb No.3661325

File: 1656865699614.jpg (132.9 KB, 990x1280, stallion.jpg)

File: 1651908247775.jpg (241.03 KB, 1008x1280, 1501610632.browniecomicwri….jpg)

6b1400e0 No.3656018[Reply]

This keeps happening to me no matter what I do. I'd be amazed if this thread actually posts.

>>3656017 yes it does. I'd eat that soup, Wu-flu be damned.
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528c940a No.3656195

File: 1652061638760.png (392.64 KB, 845x1023, 1651705903.riversnail_batb….png)


Thank you.

7611f03e No.3656533

File: 1652388051019.jpg (185.95 KB, 600x1058, Bat_09.jpg)

bf041d96 No.3656534

It's fake but you can type out random strings of shit in japanese search engines and they will just show you nightmare fuel that is real anyway.

6b8369dc No.3656544


As long as they eat each other, I'm all for it.

b079440b No.3659859

File: 1655335007754.png (351.07 KB, 500x375, FVQpUsbVEAA2I7t.png)

More bats please

10482856 No.3659912

File: 1655407628698-0.png (117.74 KB, 1067x1280, 1558473918.tomek1000_bat_g….png)

File: 1655407628698-1.jpg (162.87 KB, 731x1280, 1599773385.albino-bat_gobl….jpg)

There is a lack of good bat art.

4dc678b6 No.3661314

File: 1656855253554.gif (2.68 MB, 850x850, 1653957071.xzorgothoth_abb….gif)


File: 1597432478583.png (1.2 MB, 1163x832, 1511812233.doomthewolf_sal….png)

10fb9739 No.3584827[Reply]

Same as title. So, got any Pokemon illustrations to share in this fine board?
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4be4aa5b No.3650366

File: 1647073336248.jpg (136.87 KB, 1216x1200, 7rdk6wvco2x7c7jw3c5wsmgxbe….jpg)

b8084809 No.3652063

File: 1648406312444-0.png (1.5 MB, 1261x1685, FNNG-WIXsAMtj4d_u18caahan.png)

File: 1648406312444-1.png (877.14 KB, 1261x1685, FNNG-WIXsAMtj4d_u18chan.png)

a1fb6c7d No.3653527

File: 1649538484442.png (875.69 KB, 1024x668, 974cbb2b6d1b1dc7c3695be79c….png)

2544a542 No.3653546

File: 1649573501406-0.gif (1.09 MB, 720x594, 4EEF0258-2051-4154-8D54-D1….gif)

File: 1649573501406-1.jpg (477.11 KB, 3000x2760, dd4836109399116347c879d9aa….jpg)

More bug butt and an animation

a1fb6c7d No.3654983

File: 1650928484420-0.jpg (540.33 KB, 2705x4096, 150466.jpg)

File: 1650928484420-1.png (1.67 MB, 2250x1500, 150864.png)

File: 1650928484420-2.jpg (136.34 KB, 875x1280, 150888.jpg)

File: 1650928484420-3.jpg (386.98 KB, 2480x3508, 153230.jpg)

File: 1650928484420-4.png (1.22 MB, 1250x3000, 155634.png)

dfd0f33d No.3661168

File: 1656679225185-0.png (1.15 MB, 805x1100, Vaporeon public version.png)

File: 1656679225185-1.png (1.13 MB, 805x1100, Vaporeon nsfw public versi….png)

efb2e5b9 No.3661310

File: 1656833084882-0.png (1.36 MB, 916x1280, 1545332355.insomniacovrlrd….png)

File: 1656833084882-1.jpg (217.96 KB, 1500x1500, EryMxJcU0AgI42Q.jpg)

File: 1656833084882-2.jpg (1.05 MB, 1320x1020, 1613756110.rickgriffin_rec….jpg)

File: 1656833084882-3.jpg (228.37 KB, 1527x1362, ENjhAbrW4AEH5WK.jpg)

File: 1656827009761.jpg (150.58 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

835e2ff6 No.3661299[Reply]


Do you have emotion? Look no further than suicide. Now with suicide+ for extra emotion.

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