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c95477ff No.3642710[Reply]

Furries are not only spreading Covid but as always they are spreading the AIDS. Post warnings of Furry Bug Chasers and Spreaders to avoid.

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9dfd4d32 No.3653122

I cannot lead this tribe

post the whole comic ninja

3bce2918 No.3653125

File: 1649217015754.jpeg (84.02 KB, 377x283, 1325992669192.jpeg)

I don't need to, that's the joke.

He says he is, but not to what extent. Only 23andMe can answer that question. But it's plausible enough I guess.

By that logic Jews don't exist, I mean they're just Eastern Europeans with a dash of Middle Eastern and they pretend to be a different race whenever it's convenient.

But the fandom's still whiter than chalk.

6c97a5df No.3653126

The "ancestral" quality of one's spirit is really not limited to a racial design as it would be more of the preference imbued by the "coat of arms" or destiny or the legacy or inheritance of somebody. That they can either accept or reject when in the face of the obvious their own character is the stake of a societal markup, the bias being that the faults of the character are not the responsibilities directly caused by society, which portrays itself as the corrective conscious of 'an evolved' perrogative. Therefore if it were society correcting the primitive instincts of man society has absolved itself from being accused of any bias or inflection, even in those is demoralizes. A society expects the conduct of those it is involved with, while a fandom adheres to a prescribed context of an image. The fandom has spoken for itself while society has left itself to an open house diplomacies in the sense that if any collective were apart from or independent of either case, there would demands from both ends to appropriate accordingly. Civilization has no play in society or fandoms because civilization is sovereign, and simply isolates itself by national identity, though it is no different than teaching cavemen or missionary colonization, eventually the weaker are forced to submit and are domesticated. So there are rivalries in fandoms and societal conflicts, but overall a nation won't care unless its identity is compromised.

6c97a5df No.3653127

Fandoms occur because of a rejection of Societal Control, this includes the boiling points of racism which infiltrate from within the subcultures or from opposinig subcultures. The Society is blamed because they adopt the standards expressed by what is acceptable granted by their national identity. Or what is legal, and what is percieved as legal by society are decisively agent to popular control. The fandom will simply express itself as a set, while society may change, fandoms typically do not have to.

The National aspect of sovereignty is what is ultimatley reduced to a meme in the front of the incurring civil disputes, but if the identity remains uncompromised and typically the fandoms do not outwardly attack the country's image then it generally remains in operation. The second it does it literally becomes a terrorist organization because it has attacked the country's sovereignty by attempting to overthrow it as a seperate faction.

Societies do this just as much as fandoms but are by and large a popular opinion and more of a management of that popular opinion, so fandoms are constantly disreputable depending on said opinions.

Until a Nation addresses either as being too extreme there will be nothing done to either's situation or presence. And that simply won't happen because any individual effort does not translate to a mass movement under a propoganda of weaponized memes or sloganeering and "reprogramming" of the Popular Opinion into Deep State Rebellion. (Joining forces basically to pronounce itself a sovereign state)

6c97a5df No.3653128

The radicalization of these groups in practice has what incurred the deparmentalization of any progressive efforts to be "managed" and prioritized depending on any urgent or corresponding development such as "an anime that is too risque" will be censored by the FCC, or a hate crime will likely lead to an investigation. That is just because the departments have been assigned to damage control the ongoings of its own country. When racism becomes too "motivational" it becomes a rebellion or when the group responds under activism or memes it becomes a convention, each of these issues occur officially or unofficially and having regulations will be met in due policy. So that is what it means to have specific departments for whatever drama inevitably takes storm.

But it never gets far because as soon as it does there are the national interests at hand to be protected. But that is the very same reason why the KKK and Nazi's are just as allowed to demonstrate as the Black Rights Activisms and other "Lesser Known Activisms" because they follow these regulations to be admitted.

Point is sometimes conflicts between seperate groups happen no matter what type of group they are. They are already quartered and basically oppressed from t he start. The national identity and interests being the major factor of eithers discourse.

1f5876db No.3653129

6c97a5df No.3653130

The issues of the groups also become a norm for those in the group because they are a hypermechanism to the person's own historical identity so any previous quality that person has is basically over-ride by their new adaptations. That is why LGBTQ and other shit like Scientology and or Christianity are so vapidly a part of a persons identity because they've "chosen" it for themselves or they feel entitled to having it. And while it may just be somewhat class-designated some people radicalize it to "Well I am infact a Jew because it says I have no other place of belonging" and become so reinforcing to that person as their cause.

That is no difference in cultism between these 'subcultures' or 'followings' except being that there are also governmentally acceptable causes. Whereas just nominating yourself to be king of the world might end up getting you the direct opposite. The overall issue of a belief structure that works may wind up not working at all. Because itself is hypermechanism to just being incompatible.

File: 1648872355147.jpg (1.16 MB, 2048x1024, 1648796258806.jpg)

ad02ee3b No.3652782[Reply]

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ad02ee3b No.3652784

I really like boobas, btw. If you want to give my thread a gift, filling it with booba might make my night.

325105dc No.3652786

File: 1648874620404.jpeg (438.11 KB, 791x1024, FO89IpnUcAE2QP8.jpeg)

ad02ee3b No.3652787

Those thighs are working it. Cute little arms too

55cae026 No.3652788

I bet she can play fetch; in my pants! huehuehuehuehehehehe.

ad02ee3b No.3652789

File: 1648874904248.png (174.39 KB, 426x401, ojhu.png)

Booba is nice and all. But hmm, it's missing something

474a4022 No.3652809

File: 1648893015266.jpg (120.21 KB, 811x1044, 1601746987.evilymasterful_….jpg)

55cae026 No.3652814

File: 1648898729545.png (4.05 MB, 3000x2500, f_1630282899859_050d9f001b….png)

File: 1648604708750.jpeg (167.86 KB, 1200x976, 1A4CAC86-B3D8-4556-A605-D….jpeg)

e87624a6 No.3652400[Reply]

Can someone explain the appeal of Macro to me? Not hating, just genuinely interested in what gets you turned on by it <3

323c607e No.3652406

for me it's unloading hundreds of gallons of cum as I get railed, drowning several children at the playground

98ad6221 No.3652407

File: 1648608588777.gif (1.98 MB, 431x306, 1331268032463.gif)

You monster.

… I'd like this comment though. Bastard.

f13359f2 No.3652441

When I picked FA watchers on who prefers furry porn with huge sexual features (dicks and boobs), I was surprised to find out that very same people like macro.

d2f28615 No.3652548

File: 1648703400330.jpg (137.81 KB, 848x600, Ychan - g - macro - 83590.jpg)

File: 1648486367027.png (1.06 MB, 1903x955, Screenshot 2022-03-28 at 1….png)

1700204d No.3652133[Reply]

3095ee5b No.3652197

File: 1648518666910.png (729.72 KB, 1535x1201, 1645567876715.png)


b6ee68b0 No.3652278

File: 1648552985165-0.png (542.39 KB, 640x853, 0C571B58-B01B-4252-BB6F-F8….png)

File: 1648552985165-1.gif (1.98 MB, 379x213, 8F925698-28D1-4E1B-8989-BF….gif)

File: 1648552985165-2.png (292.58 KB, 423x469, A976AFF0-AAC2-469A-8C37-B7….png)

So much of this is “sex with clothes.” Or “Put bag on head before inserting penis.”

It’s a lot like real beast sex devoid of affection. If one person was completely naked then at least there is appeal of being fucked by a plushie!

f37676e9 No.3652528

File: 1648686156889-0.jpg (1.18 MB, 2200x1700, 0b171fe.jpg)

File: 1648686156889-1.jpg (621.16 KB, 1280x960, DraggoFud (2b).jpg)

File: 1648686156889-2.jpg (158.38 KB, 541x800, godzilla phil.jpg)

I think there could be some really fun fursuit porn that would totally disrupt the internet but this stuff is sad.

You have to actually think about what you can and can't do with a fursuit. There are limitations but also possibilities.

I just think they would have more fun if they were all actually naked.

File: 1648585862277.jpg (412.11 KB, 900x1000, 1397796831.nanimoose_the_f….jpg)

a7890bf2 No.3652349[Reply]

Sexual stories from childhood and early teens. Let's share some.
My story will be that of how I percepted female body in my early childhood. I didn't go to school, but was already attracted to female body. That was pre-internet era and I lived in a shithole somehow I knew how female boobs looked like, however I did not know women had vaginas so a fantasied naked women with dicks, didn't know I could jerk off yet. Next step was picking under mother's dress or skirt, for some reason she rarely wore panties, but the pick was brief before me getting scolded. As a result, another misperception was formed. Now I thought women had nothing but hair between their legs, so I fantasied naked women with pubic hair but no vaginas, I thought sex was about rubbing penis somewhere between woman's legs.

That continued for pretty long time, I once even caught my father watching vhs porn in a scene with reverse cowgirl, but since I didn't know women had vaginas I thought "Why is there mustached mouth with tongue out doing breathing between her legs", I found it pretty repulsive. My father did not care about me catching him, he was watching it with his friend and they weren't jerking off each other, so I just left.

Hello, hormones! Well, I had to find that vhs tape, didn't I? And I did. By that time I still thought women did not have vaginas, I inserted tape, pressed play and it started from the same reverse cowgirl scene I saw several years ago (ages for me back then), took a lot of time for me to rewire my brain into actually liking female vaginas instead of pubic hair, however I still did not know how to jerk off so I just sat and watched with hard dick once in a while.

8cd03132 No.3652469

I'm in my 30s and have never done anything sexual with anyone

File: 1633161497431.png (382.78 KB, 800x450, what_willfurries_do_with_b….png)

409452c3 No.3627769[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Research and development in better realistic fursuits and sexdolls?
Create an indie movie or video game?
Invite only close friends and discuss about improving living conditions with family?
Create a rave party festival in in the richest country?
What more could I say?
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b0ef57d0 No.3651734

File: 1648163371872.jpg (176.03 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

School Bus Converted To Incredible Off-Grid Home

living inside a bus has it's own pros and cons.

06f607f8 No.3651756

when they hire a fucking dude with a real dick, maybe I'll give a shit about a teacher.

93dc63a1 No.3651761

why would a teacher need a 'real dick'

this is really creepy

b0ef57d0 No.3651763

File: 1648181649218.png (50.93 KB, 1200x1200, Thinking-Face-Emoji.png)


>Laying off teachers.

>You have no future.

ab7ec98f No.3651792

Not funny. Cobalt is doing much better. He has a job now ( I think, I'm pretty sure ) he's off narcotics ( I think, I hope, maybe) he's really turning himself around.

ddb98a44 No.3651796

I actually just got cannsell certified.

04837890 No.3652252

File: 1648538477924.png (1011.77 KB, 895x671, Ychan - rl - tiger plushie….png)

selling plushies…

File: 1648108964791-0.webm (6.86 MB, 720x1280, privat.webm)

9e84bde0 No.3651664[Reply]

Finally, some actual dolphin fucking.
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7e9411a3 No.3652090

Its the motor constantly clicking also its a laptop drive ive been running externally through my old dual bay and its not the device as it runs every other drive I insert but its also from like way back in 2012 or so and I havent tried hooking it up to my replacement quad bay NAS device so soon as I've fixed my laptop ill have to try and see if its a device issue but I doubt it is even that kinda issue have taken apart many a hard drive to break down the scrap materials after having saved anything worth saving but being this is the first drive I have had die on me before I could retire it also my cats have knocked the bay down before and I've even tripped on the cable a few times as well though Funnily its the only one that has been damaged when I had a 2 TB also sitting it the drive bay beside it. I'm almost 100% positive its the motor just not functioning any more or could have got jammed or something.

7e9411a3 No.3652092

I've also gotta rebuild my right whale folder and tapir folders as well as some other species. Only thing I'm really missing is the ever elusive squid pics which would be pretty amazing just to have even a handful of photos. Sadly we know very little and have very little to go on as for the mating habits. Though speaking of why its my fave species and some fun facts are that the squid (male) can detach its penis and throw it at the female and go off hunting for its next meal and that male squid penis is 1/3rd the size of its body and that I do believe puts it up for biggest penis in the animal kingdom by ratio as limbs dont really count in equating size only the mass. Its kinda nice to be able to study the behaviours and mating practices of other species as it brings out some cool and even painful understanding of how other species procreate.

ad9b58a4 No.3652100

File: 1648455092116.jpg (186 KB, 1024x725, Bolt_Attacked_By_niggers.jpg)

Clicking?? It could be the hard drive "click of death".
I've had that happen to some hard drives of mine, most recently a Toshiba hard drive.

Each hard drive manufacturer has their own diagnostics software, so consider searching for the manufacturer (such as Seagate) and then diagnostics software download.

I wanted to return the Toshiba because it was getting slow in reading/writing files and was making that clicking noise while starting up, but S.M.A.R.T. wouldn't report any faults. (This is done on purpose by cheapass hard drive manufacturers - especially on their consumer models, to prevent warranty returns.)
So I downloaded the Toshiba software, hoping that it would find a fault, but instead, it did something to the hard drive (while I was running several diagnostic scans) which "fixed" the problem. Now I don't trust that stupid hard drive anymore, and can't return it either, but that's another subject.

A decent S.M.A.R.T. tool is CrystalDiskInfo, BTW: https://crystalmark.info/en/software/crystaldiskinfo/

If the motor has indeed failed, you could try putting the hard drive into an external case. As the hard drive motor tries to start up, horizontally rotate the case quite intensively (being careful not to pull the cables out), as that might rotate the platters into another position, where the motor is better able to start them rotating.
I was once able to get an ancient "frozen" hard drive running again that way, so that I was able to copy the data off before binning it.

cabb4955 No.3652104

File: 1648456450428.jpeg (23.55 KB, 522x364, 125694_1_600.jpeg)


FNDH is long gone, he was being hunted by guys on kiwifarms and other sites last I heard.
He is probably still involved with dolphins though as thats not something you give up easily

ad9b58a4 No.3652112

>FNDH is long gone, he was being hunted by guys on kiwifarms
Those damn, secretly jealous fools.

a3ee3632 No.3652118

File: 1648468496078.jpg (114.1 KB, 898x1200, dolphin slit.jpg)

429e0138 No.3652134

File: 1648488847314.jpg (68.41 KB, 720x711, 277304435_1015965021233891….jpg)

File: 1648391552860.jpg (83.62 KB, 1080x972, IMG_20220327_041123_059.jpg)

9623e046 No.3652044[Reply]


So the infamous zoosadist Tim Win is back in the action

c3c1262c No.3652046

There's already a bestiality thread. No need for another.

File: 1648158243686.jpg (62.64 KB, 557x379, IMG_20220318_160957_307.jpg)

b289268a No.3651727[Reply]

Furi/ I need halp
I'm looking for certain old picture. It was traditional made, artist probably bloodhoundomega or nelena or collab, you know the traditional style. The picture has featured a sheepdog (briard?) fucking a sheep, black if I remember well. There was a lot of cum dripping in the pic. Or it was a little bit different, I saw the picture long time ago. I've checked all online galleries.
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262ef99f No.3651927

File: 1648294356749-0.jpg (445.25 KB, 1200x983, 11d2b2b00b.jpg)

File: 1648294356749-1.jpg (220.15 KB, 1097x1280, 1599237951971.jpg)

0db34198 No.3651941

File: 1648304238909.gif (20.53 KB, 864x368, erf.gif)

Damn it, now I'm curious what else >>3651851 could have pulled out of his sheep file.
Don't keep us in the dark, please!

>Could we post ol/rare/unpublished art in this thread?
You're welcome. I guess we could, but I'll be away from the comp for a while, maybe someone else will pitch in.
What are you after besides "rare"?

Here's a "rare" pic of (I think) "Moon Wang's" first yiff pic she made and showed her friends 22 years ago (I was kinda in that group), of her and her then BF.

f11a82ed No.3651956

File: 1648309504972.png (476.8 KB, 1300x919, CyrakhisPrivate.png)


here's a drama-loaded picture. cyrakhis fucking tartii-dragon before she sold it. this was when he was exclusive with dinky and promised her faithfulness.

just another day of him showing his true colors of being a prolific whore. i remember her being ultra depressed about the revelation, but now she's on horny meds so everything is better.

f11a82ed No.3651957

File: 1648309861648.bmp (1.6 MB, 700x600, hgdaesvh.bmp)


sidian getting it in the ass

f11a82ed No.3651958

f11a82ed No.3651959

File: 1648310091782.png (227.26 KB, 995x508, Phrixus comm.png)


likeshine. filename suggests it was commissioned by someone named phrixus

c5cec4a0 No.3651989


Have the furries reached the Donbas? XD

File: 1648282337448.jpg (49.36 KB, 612x607, istockphoto-467294055-612x….jpg)

6f6ca73b No.3651909[Reply]

No fuck your "containment thread"
That is such half ass lazy solution.
And now you're God damn locking threads?
This is a clear abuse of power!
/pol/ is not a single subject that can be contained to single thread.
It's a wide variety of topics. If you want to contain /pol/ make a separate board. Lulz.net used to have multiple boards.
True /furi/ was used almost exclusively but think about it.

If there was a lulz.net/pol/ we wouldn't have to look at that ridiculous thread as the first thing we see we when come in here.
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08ff5e15 No.3651995

That's true, but it would "divide" the traffic/attention of a board that has already lost a good number of namefags and visitors overall - and not because there was no separate /pol/ board.
Also, by creating a /pol/ board, it shows intent to specifically attract /pol/ type of discussion, rather than being a furry porn board that also has political content because of natural furry/life drama, etc. This would attract even more paid trolls.
There are real-world issues to consider here. It's all a compromise, where a workable balance needs to be found.

35bea92a No.3652007

File: 1648363947582.jpg (38.47 KB, 493x442, 65m30f~2.jpg)

Wait what?
Sign me up!

6aba78e1 No.3652072

File: 1648424404743.gif (618.75 KB, 200x150, 1648243799656.gif)

Turning on those who pity you won't get you any more friends. Well…aside from the magical ones you have invented for yourself. Damn son, you are like refusing to even see that you are digging a hole here.

I'm polybius I am going to be a fuckin annoying bimbo and piss off everyone with gender-stereotypes. Btw I even Dress as a Character I ripped off from someone else.

I'm polybius I have mastered my bimbo gender-discrimination to rip off yet another even more powerful sona, this one actually is from a top selling video game and not some vague underworld comic from Degenecon2007. I work at kids parties. Tough sell but at least I am not Jon Wayne Gacy.

Hey I'm back its me, Jon Wayne Gacy, I possessed polybius to let you know I am refuting GOD so I can worship being cucked by a demon couple I that I secretly pretend are my room mates who have long since abandoned me. I insist on being a freak but at least I don't fuck dead bodies, you know who does? Foxposter, have you banned his thread yet? MODS I will not tolerate your allowing monkey abuse, I've already made this clear, now I will spam the boards to make you suffer. I am so conflicted, won't somebody trigger me and not these Pol posters? I feel like I am losing the battle here.

Wait a minute I got it, I will redeem myself from pissing off the mods in my very obvious Venereal-Brained way by making an admin hate thread in my very obvious "cute and lovable"/"smart and clever" way, they will see that I am joking and start to like me again. I am totally not screwing myself doing this. Fuck God and Fuck the Admins, I AM Definitely NOT Triggered.

35bea92a No.3652249

File: 1648536650591.jpg (20.15 KB, 327x491, the-25-best-snarling-wolf-….jpg)

catching up on some threads.
The thread isn't bumping, so I'm not sure why you'd bother responding.

Any ways. About Steam. I don't need his "pitty" he's a fucking snakey lair.
Why would I accept pitty from a man recently released from a mental hospital in first place?

He was seemed perfectly with me until I decided to go all in a particular project and decided that I wasn't going to worship a God who takes issue with sexual expression of human sexuality outside the limited confines of heterosexual marriage.

I am working on a project where engineering skills could prove useful if he wants make out like I'm disgusting freak of nature for it than he fuck right off and so can you.

He offered his help and when I took him up on the offer excited to work with some one with engineering skills he quickly retracted and made out like I was freak.
No? Fuck him! and fuck you too!

Steam or some one else that I suspect to be steam is spreading fucking lies about me.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

6aba78e1 No.3652263

File: 1648544155888.png (12.92 KB, 600x600, MeagerPleb.png)


Your situation panning out in hell is pretty cut and dry as the devil reserves all chances for himself but regarding your proposals to just shun God and such might give you some credibility. I mean, usually hell is just reserved for stupid people who didn't know better. Philosophically I think you have some mix up with how god is portrayed and well alot of people see it for themselves deifferently, for instance, the flaming head of a lion that speaks in swords of light is also a 'apt description' of god, so why not just letting bygones be is probably the best route, tho I like to mention the absolute ill-fate of your position and bringing up those other points, well its a joke. You're fucked and are fucking yourself, dumb as can be, thats all there is to it.

What else do you expect to be told on that matter? You aren't going to be receiving any attentions or sparings from the following God has outside of what is bare-minimum as a human being, get over it, you want a gutterlife and you should have it. It's like watching shit spew out of the sewer with your Constant Renouncing, get over it, yet you keep crawling back to Catholic Soap Box to hype your tripe.

I guess I can only go so far as to knock you back down over this, enjoy eating your own tail trying to make people see your noble views.

3892c4a9 No.3652454

File: 1648629232172.png (223.61 KB, 424x308, raw.png)

I'm not shunning God rather the concept that Jehovah is God.

Why do you even bother responding?

The thread isn't even bumping. The /furi/ community has otherwise forgotten this thread even happened.

I'm genuinely confused by this.

c5019274 No.3652745


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