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File: 1648146071653.jpg (70.23 KB, 784x454, MocheDogOnHuman.jpg)

7a4a6ebd No.3651709[Reply]

>tfw the ancient Incas were furries

50fc6076 No.3651905

Hello fellow Zooville lurker

File: 1648280597229.png (30.41 KB, 1000x1000, Slippery-Slope.png)

84e22e70 No.3651901[Reply]

Huh … Where is the thread?
There was trans thread here and now it's gone.

First you censor the n word and now you people are out right deleting threads you disagree with?

Maybe I didn't agree with the views being expressed in the thread.
Maybe I don't like the n word either.

But what the hell is point of having freedom of speech if we only grant it to those we agree with.
No I didn't like a lot of the views being expressed.
So I made my point clear and spoke up.
The job the here is to delete illegal content.
Cruelty to animals, cp, underground drug smuggling,
… That sort of thing. Not be the fucking thought police.

How exactly is the "slippery slope fallacy" a fallacy again? First you come in word filters, now you people are just outright deleting threads you politically disagree with? This is exactly the kind of thing people mean by slippery slope.

84e22e70 No.3651903

Diaper Baby furs piss me off and I am highly offended by them.
But I'd more offended by not allowing them an outlet.

When guys deliberately sag thier pants and have thier underwear showing for God and everyone to see. That offends me.

But it would offend me more to pass legislation that demanded they must wear their pants a certain way. It's their body, it's their pants to sag. That's freedom that's liberty.

5088c0a2 No.3651904

It just goes in the /pol/ thread.

File: 1643346773788.jpg (105.89 KB, 448x600, 1643325633219717773.jpg)

306a576c No.3644018[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Furi/, do you have Zoofurries Society original members list from 2017 when it was exposed? It has featured about 900 names if I remember well.

Which furries are zoophiles? How to spot them?
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b8a22d5d No.3651685

File: 1648122778473.gif (1.31 MB, 554x471, 1639434826045.gif)

absolutely the perfect size for a human ass

48eba964 No.3651724

File: 1648153908896.jpeg (302.41 KB, 708x1048, ed7jTkN.jpeg)


ac627022 No.3651730


If I had a salami the size of that, I too would swing it around all day long!

ac627022 No.3651731


And the he ATE it…Gumbo style

f8df5c4a No.3651776

Yeah? Well maybe there ARE chemicals in the water turning the frogs gay.

0a2cdfa1 No.3651857

File: 1648257195719.jpg (472.87 KB, 2560x1440, 2cdd847a7c248f1354bc7.jpg)

Beastbooru seems like a good substitute for the defunct zoo.cab


48eba964 No.3651866

File: 1648260624755-0.jpg (388.58 KB, 1280x789, main-qimg-740633b92ee471e7….jpg)

File: 1648260624755-1.png (139.35 KB, 277x233, itsover.png)

Shh… No tears, only dreams…

File: 1644074670603.jpg (48.91 KB, 296x222, borja.jpg)

62c32a93 No.3645025[Reply]

>being furry
>being male
>being exclusivery straight

This is just a perfect recipe for being forever alone and dying as a virgin
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a821ffc7 No.3645137

File: 1644094131241.jpg (941.27 KB, 728x4361, 2014-02-11-furrys.jpg)

This. And the ones that claim to be real women are just trannies.

cf5682c9 No.3645174


you have to fish them out by how they type and be aggressive, if they're actual females they'll usually get really queezy if you suggest unprotected vaginal irl

real girls are usually the ones that don't seem like actual girls

64700d77 No.3645177

File: 1644110075026.jpg (514.8 KB, 878x1330, pure_wedding.jpg)

1. Life exists outside the furry fandom.

2. A pure, Cristian marriage and strong family and community of whities, angers and scares the degenerate globalists and satanists.

3. Womenz will show up once you stop looking for them and focus on improving your own life first.

4. Dying a virgin isn't so bad - lots of awesome adults have done it before you.

5. Stop worrying about storms in teacups.

6. ???

7. Profit!

2183be93 No.3645313

>Womenz will show up once you stop looking for them and focus on improving your own life first.
Believing this tradcuck lie is the biggest mistake I made in my youth. No shit you should work on improving your life, but it has almost nothing to do with finding a woman. Getting and keeping chicks is a skill, and the more you work at it the better you become.

0d88b570 No.3645321

Please keep your ATHEIST RELIGIOUS CULT off of lulz.
No one is interested in joining.

af9ed66d No.3645351

File: 1644196137503.jpg (324.48 KB, 1280x1121, 1566704186782.jpg)

Depends on whether "exclusively straight" includes zoo as well

7986daef No.3651862

File: 1648259112411.jpg (73.39 KB, 894x894, 79.jpg)

> This is just a perfect recipe for being forever alone and dying as a virgin

File: 1648135710225.jpg (560.55 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220114-165928….jpg)

cf70bb91 No.3651695[Reply]

lol all the furries that went to cons despite being 3x vaxxed and wearing masks got the rona aka a common cold. they're still holding onto the "Vax saved my life" narrative. lol even the giant roach kage is still shilling for how great the Vax is but he forgot that wearing a mask doesn't do anything, he's now blaming it on the 25 minutes he was maskless at the bar.
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08d2676d No.3651817

I'm not going to bust my ass to save people but I'll throw out a few bread crumbs from time to time. Just in case there are still people on the inside looking for a way out.

I used to do degenerate furry shit back in the day which is how I found this site. I check back in because it's one of the few places I know to shitpost and have fun without catching an insta-ban.

Reminds me of the 'real' internet.

c014120e No.3651833

gotta hand it to covid
it killed more cops than I could ever dream of

b6192425 No.3651836

Cops are the only reason your furfag ass didn't get lynched yet.

ca5bdf7b No.3651839

Lol cops are pretty sad out here. The most I will get is on weird rare occasions once for mistaken identity cause one of my clones went and did something (mass produced clonetrooper)

a1971a02 No.3651843

File: 1648249390612.jpg (24.2 KB, 300x219, n-MIKA-JOE-FURRY-large300.jpg)

Wow, how long did it take you to write all that?

I mean I was asking an honest question but I guess you've answered it.

c61ffe28 No.3651852

bill the dragon stfu

15264f93 No.3651856

File: 1648255535558.jpg (120.75 KB, 1192x670, 3D_Bolt.jpg)

To write that, not long at all. I've got a fat-person keyboard for my paws, have been typing for many years and know this stuff by heart nowadays.
I feel bad for not coming here earlier and warning people, so am catching up a little bit now - especially since there's a real threat of a US false-flag attack in the ukraine to start a kinetic WW3, and the more people know about this, the lower the likelihood of it happening.
At the very least, I don't want a bad conscience and to think that I could have changed something for the better but didn't.

See: "SCOTUS Nominee CAN’T DEFINE “WOMAN”, Biden Claims Russian FALSE FLAG IMMINENT While Leading The NWO!"

Also, like >>3651817 has said, this is one of the few "old Internet" places remaining - it's amazing how many other places I used to enjoy turned out to be complete whores or utterly fake.
BTW: I suspect it's been a long time since you've asked an "honest" question.

>I'll throw out a few bread crumbs from time to time. Just in case.
That's probably the best balance, as people actually need to want to get out, but also see that at least there's a chance somewhere, which they may not notice otherwise.

File: 1648151076581.jpg (110.38 KB, 636x674, cdr.jpg)

96a774b7 No.3651717[Reply]

Took me awhile to figure this one out. Gather around Furi, I am here to tell you a tragic tale of the past, a tale familiar to us all, that we've all seen time and time again. Or we might even be experiencing ourselves, but cannot see from within the vortex.

David Duck.. I suppose David Rokon later, starts his tale in Vermont, a land of ice, snow, wild cannabis and maple syrup. On the salary of a grocer, David lives in a studio apartment under the house of some old granny. A lonely pervert with only the company of cats and his AOL pipeline to alt.games.nintendo.pokemon.hentai

To combat loneliness, he opens his home to a desperate roommate. I won't lie, the roomate was kinda shitty, That roomate did run David's phone bill up to near 2000 bucks. But when David lost his job, the roomate offered him a free ride to California. There, the former roomate gets a job and helps the new household with bills and housework, while David sits as a lump on his computer, the first time he's ever been able to be permanently online.

Tired of David's growing weight and lack of any house chores or social interaction, David is cast out from this household. That's the limits of my personal experience with David Duck.

96a774b7 No.3651718

File: 1648151122102.png (152.32 KB, 433x298, Clipboard01ds.png)

I can tell you David did a bit of furry couch surfing for a time. He once lived in Alabama. And he appeared on a number of Beastpaint and Pet Lust videos, you know the ones made by Burmese, now Lagarto of Lagarto Gear. If you wanna spot David in those old videos just look for the expressionless redhead.

I wish I could tell you more about the guy. I wish I could bring up some super major furry-shattering event where he fucked up a con or picked glass from his ass or something. The problem is.. He's just not that important. David has done nothing of any lasting importance, and has been naught but a horny lump in all his life. Is being a bland, unremarkable nothing worse than being a memorable terrible person like CWC or Davey-Kins Gonterman?

David cannot socialize, is terrified of crowds, and terrified of any sort of spotlight. So he sits, stuck in 2005, blaming the one thing that shook his life a little for his being frozen in time. So he sits, piecing together little snippets of his former roommate from the few posts he trickles onto twitter and facebook and pretending he's some kind of brilliant subgenius, even while he gets over half the conclusions he makes wrong.

tl;dr the Weavile dude who thinks I'm 3B and everyone is 3B is David Duck / David Rokon.

4860ffe6 No.3651721

What about Kupok?

96a774b7 No.3651774


What about Kupok? Didn't you hear the camwhore zoo? Kupok is 3B. He seems to know everything about Kupok go ask him.

b8a51bdc No.3651778

but why does he claim to hate trannies if he himself is a freak? the punchingbag circlejerk of all these fetish groups seems like a real power struggle. "is there more to this than self-hate projecting as his only outlet?"…probly not but it would add another layer of this psyche enough to bear contest to a story such as cwc's

26eb5cb0 No.3651779

Thanks OP.

File: 1626205203329-0.jpg (95.69 KB, 694x530, parallels323[1].jpg)

File: 1626205203329-1.jpg (108.57 KB, 694x530, parallels312[1].jpg)

806db7fb No.3619842[Reply]

Did anyone else think the alternate, more agressive and hi-tech bridge design seen in the TNG episode "Parallels" was frigging dope? I bet it was one of the designs considered to be used when the show began production, but they went with the warmer, earthier look instead.

Aside from obviously being cheaper made, I think it would have just as iconic had they went with it, and more suitable for the subject of the show.

Also, Beastars is overrated, cliche grimdark and ponderous anime just catering to the "based" and anti-woke crowd with nothing original. Brand New Animal is objectively better in every way, but you all probably think its JUST 4 GURLZ.
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a13d53d7 No.3629464

-watches superman 4-

4368514c No.3629481


It was one of the worst superhero movies of all time. Second only to the original Fantastic Four movie that was SO bad, they not only didn't release it, they destroyed all copies of it but one survived and has been making the sci-fi convention bootleg video circuit. Its cinematic horror and abysmal production quality is truly epic.

763c638f No.3629500

File: 1634343342836.png (746.11 KB, 917x960, Dr._Hax.png)

I never saw Superman 4 … at least not more than the first 5 minutes which consisted of several plot problems.

WTF, eye beams that repair stone walls? I'm calling Hacks! Batman is what you get when you max out your character and buy all the DLC. Superman is what you get when you cheat it all in with hacks and cheat codes.

a3117ec2 No.3629506

Here is the explanation for that, from the comments section:
"In the comic adaptation he moved at super speed to rebuild the wall, but Cannon didn't have the budget for that and went the cheap route here instead for the film."

0ac970d0 No.3642432

File: 1642363663126.jpg (199.61 KB, 1024x1024, img_7890-1024x1024[1].jpg)

Just started watching these old movies, what the whole franchise begun with, and whoah….. this is really serious, not quite the "toy commercial" you might suspect it to be. To bad they pretty much screwed up the franchise later, but the original movies are really worth seeing.

The most awesome speech ever:

ea08f67b No.3642455

I think it's because the Scientologists thought it was an attack on them.


0ac970d0 No.3651714

File: 1648149099493.jpg (342.97 KB, 1920x1080, Star-Trek-Strange-New-Worl….jpg)

Strange New Worlds really has the potential to be awesome. I hope they keep to their promise, and go back to making it ACTUAL SCIENCE-FICTION instead of Loveboat with threat-of-the-week action and feminism (lately, but actually not the biggest problem). This is long overdue, I really think they can do it.

File: 1648004072342.jpg (31.99 KB, 901x549, anime01.jpg)

e701eb64 No.3651550[Reply]

The studio screen shows the head of some bald giant with a dark blue belt on his head for a moment, with a figure whose clothing looks very much like Naruto's.

Somebody does know, which anime is this?


6bc623f8 No.3651563

pokemon battle screen

127570a4 No.3651566

File: 1648030131321.jpg (398.66 KB, 486x630, MV5BNDU2ODEwZGUtMDAzMy00NT….jpg)

Real answer:
From the YouTube description:
"Rajzfilm szinkronizálás 2011 Pálmai Szabolcs"

So, If that's voice actor Pálmai Szabolcs from 2011, that would make it "Macskafogó 2 - A sátán macskája"

Which you can watch here:

And you can watch the original "Macskafogó" here:

e701eb64 No.3651580


I saw that cartoon but this is not that.

This is an anime and looks like it's Naruto.

127570a4 No.3651663

I’ve been thinking about it since I left my answer yesterday. >>3651566

IMDB didn’t have his complete work history, but I found that Wikipedia does!

You’re bound to find your answer there.
Good luck, he’s like the Tara Strong of Hungary.

File: 1629496997190.jpg (560.2 KB, 3301x2975, E9RA3q4XIAExipk.jpg)

945afec5 No.3623412[Reply]

I love it that Rick Griffin from Housepets went full-on porn now.
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fc558d33 No.3635694

It's the VGCats way.

eb3be9bc No.3635696

File: 1638574005921.png (1.52 MB, 2531x2039, b9dacfc77db3e00840b7cf08a7….png)

I kinda prefer the fluff or smooth censorship over the pixilation, I usually just head cannon that its a guy forced into a tftg situation but was just left nullo.

My fetishes are straight up weird.

ac815ccc No.3635748

File: 1638600320595.jpg (795.63 KB, 1193x917, casual_nudity.jpg)

b2e944a4 No.3637661

i love all these lewd paws :3

2a28f8ea No.3641831

File: 1641928697197-0.jpg (219.93 KB, 1280x989, de0b0c2dfa05e3fecf22f342d0….jpg)

File: 1641928697197-1.png (653.82 KB, 989x1280, 8d7dd7764143926edc0c0e9385….png)

Me too

97bb79a3 No.3651607

File: 1648062441415.jpg (201.13 KB, 1155x893, 1604983324583-1.jpg)

f5b58917 No.3651620

File: 1648067465204.jpg (97.96 KB, 893x1155, FM453hGWQAUmJP_.jpg)

You know he's had a lewd twitter account for years now, right?


File: 1647201751715.jpeg (404.77 KB, 1440x1440, FNtAmHpVQAEvaxJ.jpeg)

bb48d9ac No.3650508[Reply][Last 50 Posts]


Any further /pol/ threads will be deleted.
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4924ad4c No.3652726

File: 1648832300338.png (120.5 KB, 843x714, Fetus-trophies.png)

In other news - One of the famous conservative anti-abortion group organizers was arrested because as part of another investigation it was discovered she was keeping stolen fetuses in her house as trophies like a cult does.


265423e1 No.3652728


265423e1 No.3652729

Hi Professor Dipshit.

8b6dc7b6 No.3652730

File: 1648837778128.jpg (647.89 KB, 700x1031, typical Ukrainian furry.jpg)

> US is going to be invading Ukraine in a few years
Bullshit. Ukrainian furries would wipe them out like they are doing to Russians now.

b91403b9 No.3652805

File: 1648889875377.jpg (130.8 KB, 770x1174, f72cc928de244f30bc29935e63….jpg)

You insufferable lying cunt

4924ad4c No.3652816

You think I'm kidding? The bible spells it out, if you want to rape a girl you have to pay a 50 silver fine to her father and take her as one of your wives afterwards because you have lowered her property value.


aa9d9f7f No.3652982

File: 1649106834992.jpg (49.41 KB, 900x900, 7d0.jpg)

If you think so little of everyone involved, why bother posting about it? What point are you even trying to make? World's shit, tune out?

That's pretty cool actually.

>making fun of religion

But I'll keep telling you until you get it. Drop the unnecessary complication and just admit you're an atheist already. It's fine, I did it 15 years ago and never looked back cause why would I.

>3Bongs has an opinion on Jesus

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