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File: 1641016929812.png (60.41 KB, 1000x1000, furi branch.png)

71a3719b No.3640143[Reply]

Are branches for a thread a good idea?
It is still a work in progress.
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2944b92b No.3644893

File: 1644002844035.jpg (555.53 KB, 2404x1260, Ychan - ot - weird stuff -….jpg)

1efd3033 No.3644896

What really destroys communities is letting trannies in. Just look at what a horrible cesspit reddit has become

d933fe29 No.3644900

Or fags. Just replace the girl in the strip with a dude who's just looking to hook up.

That's how the furry fandom happened.

1efd3033 No.3644908

The Burned Furs were right…

c9a64355 No.3656113

File: 1652019757028.png (2.9 KB, 158x148, lulz_dark_mode.png)

Can we have Dark style?

c9a64355 No.3656116

File: 1652020322266-0.png (628.62 KB, 768x480, 9w6wfziv.png)

File: 1652020322266-1.png (3.31 MB, 1680x1050, an7x5d6k.png)

File: 1652020322266-2.png (189.29 KB, 474x296, bmzwal4q.png)

File: 1652020322266-3.png (793.9 KB, 1920x1080, kicwbihy.png)

File: 1652020322266-4.png (163.7 KB, 474x266, wbccjtn7.png)

1777d7d0 No.3658928

File: 1654397574594.jpg (203.67 KB, 1920x1920, books-illustration-cartoon….jpg)

File: 1577578198369-0.png (1.02 MB, 1000x799, 13.png)

File: 1577578198369-1.png (412.32 KB, 651x721, 1363602059399.png)

File: 1577578198369-2.png (63.03 KB, 1564x238, wuttsssss.png)

8294c6f7 No.3002[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

the fanbase went from soft to hardcore futa hyper scat fetish. it's incredible to see how things changed.
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058762bc No.3653673

File: 1649650666943.webm (7.66 MB, 2400x1600, 2841908__explicit_artist-….webm)

058762bc No.3653887

File: 1649886271183.jpg (1.26 MB, 1467x2000, d7fEzZ_u18chan.jpg)

Anyone willing to share?

a2828612 No.3655910

File: 1651760560360-0.png (738.85 KB, 1051x1200, 1f9e8dc9902d4166e20181c4ad….png)

File: 1651760560360-1.png (899.92 KB, 1109x800, 0513b44e34437c49ea76fc11d7….png)

a2828612 No.3655915

File: 1651762200019.png (1.92 MB, 2400x3193, 1651698532037.png)


Yow, I didn't even know that Lauren Faust was making a show for Netflix. And Netflix of all places, where they're making G5 "My Little Pony" Cartoons.

653f1953 No.3656397

File: 1652282728000.webm (1.02 MB, 1080x1080, 70856__explicit_alternate….webm)

653f1953 No.3656823

File: 1652545018863-0.png (3.55 MB, 1500x3032, DakimakuraYona03_u18chan.png)

File: 1652545018863-1.png (2.19 MB, 1500x1936, Young6Couples02_u18chan.png)

653f1953 No.3658915

File: 1654392543271.webm (2.03 MB, 720x240, This land is mine pone 04.webm)

This was deleted, someone had the talent and voice actor worked this unfinished piece.

File: 1648280659360.jpg (145.02 KB, 1280x815, IMG_20220325_181827_414.jpg)

ce85cc54 No.3651902[Reply]

Do you know any furry artists who used to be clean but turned into porn? Or clean artists who have deeply hidden porn accounts/used to draw porn?

I just especially laugh when christians like Rick Griffin are getting corrupted
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d4ab4070 No.3651915

File: 1648283905449.jpg (151.02 KB, 965x1280, 1347569485.iskra_ФУ__не_см….jpg)

>Do you know any furry artists who used to be clean but turned into porn?
This is her first porn image.

f4db16bb No.3651923


Dude already draw porn long before that.

2de388f8 No.3651973

Really? Didn't know
Post more porn from artists who produce predominantly clean art

229c4d92 No.3651976


e5a008c9 No.3658838

c6e73648 No.3658840

File: 1654345282686.jpg (187.11 KB, 965x1280, Hide_the_Pain_Iskra.jpg)

There's something not quite right about that facial expression…

5824e73b No.3658860

File: 1654360228410.jpg (132.04 KB, 572x703, smile tears.jpg)

Good one.

File: 1646185830593.jpg (520.97 KB, 1407x1700, namy-asset.jpg)

65420c8d No.3649345[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Speaking of not going along with things that don't make sense to me… I should probably let it be known…
I'm here by publicly shedding my Christianity. I did this in private shortly after I began construction on the sexy pink beast I'm working on.
I will still defend the Christians right to practice thier faith.
I still think being Satanist out of a hatred for Christians is for poser edgelords.
I still stand by trying to live ethically and help people when you can to fair and honest, kind, understanding and helpful. But ever since I made that choice I feel like it's okay to like myself and take pride in who I am. Many Christians have this self flagellating mentality that I'm just not going along with any more. I think I had been feeling so shitty for so long because I was trying to rationalize my Christianity yet doing things that we're decidedly non Christian. By that I mean the fapping and thinking for myself rather than letting a book do my thinking for me.
The Garden of Eden story just sounds like a setup. And it's seems like if Jehovah is so jealous and petty as to have a guy nailed to boards to forgive humanity and we have to accept this or else face eternal damnation, if he is going to dangle the threat of hell over our heads like this… Well he can just fuck right off. I dont even wanna stand at the pearly gates. Just send my ass right to Hell

I'm going to like myself and still do my best to be good person anyways. I'm not swallowing this "filthy rags in site of the Lord" line any more

I think I mostly got baptized as Christian as an act of rebellion to society and that generally the Christians I know in my life have proven themselves to be good decent people and I respect that.
And I'll still flash a cross if just to upset pearl clutching liberals.
But… I can't serve 2 conflicting masters.
I can't in all honesty be building a sex demon and call myself a Christian.
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aa9ad76d No.3658841

File: 1654347304805.jpg (59.04 KB, 1024x472, Bestest_Friends_Bolty.jpg)

>Time To Reboot this Spew.
Nothing about your deranged reply dispels what I said about you being crazy and a fraud, except to add that you're also a cheap globalist shill.

I've lost sleep over not getting those horrible dog torture videos from china out of my head. Will post a proper response to those two posts in a few days or so.
The TL;DR version though is that paying too much attention to such things breathes life and energy into them, while damaging ones' ability to do anything positive about it; such as making such degenerate humans/systems irrelevant and powerless by returning power back to oneself and immediate family, friends and community.

2b6e8727 No.3658842

File: 1654347563738.jpg (182.25 KB, 826x619, 361-1-1226535704.jpg)

I'm not a big fan of dogs getting hurt either. I can watch faces of death videos all day and not be phased in the slightest, hell I go to sleep at night watching horror movies. Still I'm the kind of guy where if my dog gets hurt in a video game, I whip out my most expensive munitions and take all the drugs.

2b6e8727 No.3658844

Theres a special kind of bond you get with dogs. Like if its 3 in the morning and my dog wakes me up whining to go outside and I'm massively hung over, I'll still begrudgingly get up and let him do his thing.

In the same situation if my dad, mom or brother was knocking at my door, with me having a 3am hangover, I'd tell them to fuck off and call the police or something.

aa9ad76d No.3658845

File: 1654349639699.png (426.35 KB, 580x748, azn-Bolt.png)

So many people still having a soft spot for dogs in their hearts (even when they'd murder their own kids) is one of the things that calm and inspire me.

There was a big push to inject dogs with this poison in Ausjailia, but it fell flat - probably too many people were waking up to the smell of bullshit and things were quickly shut down. I heard something about new attempts being made in the UK now because of BS-monkey pox, but hopefully that won't work either.

In other news… unsurprisingly, the enemy and its lowly minions is watching this board closely, as https://cairnsnews.org/ was delisted from jewgle shortly after I had mentioned it here as an interesting news source. Coincidence? Not in 2022 it isn't.

2b6e8727 No.3658854

"monkey pox / n1gg3r pox" is bullshit in of itself, especially when it comes to animals, its like when people were killing their pets because of covid. Animals have different body temperatures than humans, dogs are several degrees warmer. People get fevers to drive off infection, because those microbes can't survive in an environment that isn't just right for them. So unless its a parasite, or a particularly vicious bacterial strain, diseases are not transmittable between humans and dogs.

d64b5ea1 No.3658856

File: 1654358013813-0.png (175.76 KB, 350x350, 49669556_350.png)

File: 1654358013813-1.png (124.83 KB, 350x350, 32824991_350.png)

File: 1654358013813-2.png (228.9 KB, 350x350, 50097750_350.png)

Thanks for that valuable insight on my own psyche, enjoy the bar and entree while the lobby is still open.

I'm definitely the one spiking the entire global frame of mind, I try to be anyway.

aa9ad76d No.3658857

Oh, I never accused you of being a successful shill.

Eeyup, and those who killed their pets are almost certainly doomed to be consumed and eliminated by their faulty beliefs and actions very soon. I don't like having reduced compassion for certain groups of people, but it doesn't come easy sometimes - especially since many of their souls may have already detached from their bodies.
Anyway, gotta go to my doggie-bed again now, it's way too late.

File: 1653026067634.png (546.07 KB, 460x660, face of evil.png)

09f7a95a No.3657777[Reply]

What is his phenotype?

4d6da980 No.3657778


1e9386ce No.3658755

File: 1654251059509-0.png (261.03 KB, 1200x630, funny-women-shaving-comics….png)

File: 1654251059509-1.jpg (33.33 KB, 680x549, 77c.jpg)

File: 1654251059509-2.jpg (64.29 KB, 610x642, beards.jpg)

File: 1653589001035.jpg (1 MB, 3072x2045, 01-yulin-dog-meat-festival….jpg)

9bfdf926 No.3658349[Reply]

We're all into fucking dogs here, so why not eat them?

Let's have a thread all about this delicacy. What do you like it, how do you prefer it, and where do you get it?
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5e930188 No.3658607

File: 1654105703478.webm (803.22 KB, 320x556, china-exterminating-covid….webm)

If you work for the PLA can you please ask your stupid mafia cops to stop doing this, p.s. does not rook good for china

72244e37 No.3658608

filthy american dog

5e930188 No.3658610

File: 1654108397565.jpg (76.93 KB, 480x686, ww2.jpg)

I am good citizen reporting instance of abuse, please help comrade

[The first one was trash - he's not wolf warrior, he just kills the wolves like an asshole - but the second very good]

72244e37 No.3658645

The holocaust never happened mmk

c51c8802 No.3658670

File: 1654175548535.jpg (1.39 MB, 2992x2244, schwing.jpg)

I think there was a schwing and miss.

>How the fuck is Shinto used for control? Explain yourself.

Shinto in itself is a form of (self-imposed/fulfilling) control, not necessarily being used by anyone in a hierarchy, but usually can be and in fact is; because there's now a method available inside the minds of the people - a type of anchor to tug on by those who know how to manipulate Shintoism to their own advantage.

By instilling the requirement of performing earthly (Shinto) rituals into the free human mind as it starts out awareness inside the young human body, the mind as a result begins to bind the immensely powerful human spirit with earthly bullshit and limitations.
How many times is a Japanese drone required to pause their thoughts/life and bow (in some form) to any number of stupid insignificant objects (trees, rocks, buildings, shiny turds/whatever) in their life, before they die?

It's a bit like the primitive savage muslims, who are so undisciplined that the muslim women need to wear whole-body louse fumigation tents in order to prevent being openly gang-raped in the streets.
Anyway… the muslims are required to pause and pray five times a day to their pedophile caravan robber and his fake crony boss. Why? Only to control them and their dirty caveman savagery, by "reminding/returning" them to their duties to obey and submit their anuses to their homosexual sky-bosses, to "ground" and prevent them from getting too many of their own ideas.

>The closest thing would be the emperor's family being descended from one of their ancestors banging a kitsune.

That's kind of hot, actually. Schwing!

144c9a9c No.3658705

>third webm
ok, technically the guy who got stabbed was the one who physically attacked the other guy first, and since the guy recording is standing behind that guy, he's probably with his mates so he thinks he can't lose.

so… play stupid games, win stupid prizes?

174d02f9 No.3658718

File: 1654212719705.jpg (105.87 KB, 500x750, 1JqwOJ3.jpg)

File: 1620782719058.jpg (183.29 KB, 850x1030, restart.jpg)

dfd58d42 No.3614355[Reply]

Post your nazi fur.
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fa27871b No.3650760

Now I can't stop imagining that fat Nazi faggot, Hermann Göring, wearing vibrating panties while he addresses the assembled troops. :(

b3b28fda No.3650762

File: 1647419474858.png (540.82 KB, 1170x1163, BananJews.png)

42830eae No.3658458


fb0d101a No.3658461

File: 1653785403140.jpg (100.42 KB, 800x728, Aryanne NAZI slut.jpg)

8d8b5f20 No.3658474


Göring : Gay, Drug addict and transvestite.

He must have been great to throw a party with, also we could have gone dancing!

9b4ed211 No.3658487

File: 1653864733072-0.png (54.55 KB, 1200x720, 1620638604626.png)

File: 1653864733072-1.jpg (101.18 KB, 1024x686, 1628932226780.jpg)

File: 1653864733072-2.jpg (323.8 KB, 1024x683, 1628932406415.jpg)

File: 1653864733072-3.webm (786.26 KB, 368x560, 1639003704424.webm)

File: 1653864733072-4.gif (1016.46 KB, 500x270, 1633563550073.gif)

Maybe despite being a pervert he actually care about his fellow countrymen.

What a individual!

27b0100d No.3658694


well Göring WAS actually a War-hero from WWI , he was a pilot Ace and commanded Von Richthofen´s unit post-demise of the "red baron"

File: 1578699445289-0.png (3.28 MB, 3000x4000, dca16de932508f2069b09017d5….png)

File: 1578699445289-1.gif (2.61 MB, 132x211, 1463202194858.gif)

File: 1578699445289-2.webm (2.02 MB, 1920x1080, 1490067492659.webm)

74be858e No.3891[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

it's been 20 years and we have no furry sex robots.
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57d928e0 No.3652269

I take it there are protogens with a corruption fetish

c4188a9c No.3652543

File: 1648700250677.png (1.02 MB, 1469x1183, FO8AfYDXMAAA1pv_u18chan.png)

d8d3918e No.3652812

File: 1648896230637.jpg (267.67 KB, 950x1166, bafybeiavvd73kkehmggka7wt2….jpg)

c4188a9c No.3652988

File: 1649107909819.webm (793.99 KB, 1280x720, Hey kid, wanna see someth….webm)

I thought her throat would have a flesh light.

37ecdcc6 No.3655361

File: 1651230492106.jpg (87.24 KB, 720x815, 93d9497104642185a383ee70d6….jpg)


Dear 2030 of lulz for Xmas I would like to have a silicone printed constructed from blender Sergal sex doll.

I Don't wanna be good for xmas, I wanna be naughty to a sergal gal!

d01df452 No.3658586

File: 1654078209131-0.jpg (63.57 KB, 730x486, 3d-bjd-adult-fox-color.jpg)

File: 1654078209131-1.jpg (380.77 KB, 1400x1400, 26198329722_e0be851d07_h.jpg)

File: 1654078209131-2.jpg (304.85 KB, 2048x1365, 26290760975_d6f88d541f_k.jpg)

File: 1654078209131-3.jpg (66.86 KB, 730x486, adult-fox.jpg)

File: 1654078209131-4.jpg (43.51 KB, 730x486, adult-fox-2.jpg)

d01df452 No.3658587

File: 1654078813836-0.jpg (2.1 MB, 2394x2004, F1APYZDJOEVZCV7.jpg)

File: 1654078813836-1.jpg (1.58 MB, 2000x2000, F7AWECCJOEW15MD.jpg)

File: 1654078813836-2.jpg (1.76 MB, 2000x2000, FG14PSUJOEW15MC.jpg)

File: 1654078813836-3.jpg (1.58 MB, 2000x2000, FRAOF6JJOEW15ME.jpg)

File: 1639170240363.png (111.36 KB, 480x960, Screenshot_20211207-032800.png)

38f385f8 No.3636786[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

What the fuck is your problem?
Who did this?
What the hell did I ever do to you that you're gonna make a phony account using the name of one of my characters and go around riling people up?
I'm not claiming some disability status.
I work for a living.
I'm not hurting anyone.
Whats the big idea here?
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1fa5251e No.3639723

Icono! *Hugs* well If I don't need to download an app I may check it out. My computer is broken and have extremely limited space on my phone.
Did you hear, I may be moving out soon into a place of my own.
Me and Romi are getting along fine, I just need more space to build costumes.

1fa5251e No.3639724

Yeah I'm not doing that. I like my junk.

8ba5958c No.3639802

File: 1640849966437.jpeg (199.56 KB, 1339x2048, FGa5sZHUUAQEQEk.jpeg)


What type of phone do you have? It may accept microSD cards, giving you more storage.

930f7f84 No.3639921

File: 1640965142652.png (209.91 KB, 317x400, Screenshot 2021-12-31 at 1….png)

Is this not the perfect userpic for Aufy?

54288e30 No.3655533

Stop bumping aufy threads

90ff824d No.3655546

You don't like Aufy threads? So petition to have Polybius permanently banned. Someone here no doubt would support your effort.

782181cf No.3655551

File: 1651446026184.jpeg (86.87 KB, 960x960, FRYltvTXEAIeSyd.jpeg)

File: 1644710365987.png (407.98 KB, 666x1000, 1476305031.roxikat_10-06-1….png)

bfafd0d3 No.3646614[Reply]

It's Caligula's birthday today.
Happy Birthday sexy cat man💗💝

9ef240f8 No.3647030

Thanks Poly! You are such a sweet heart!

14337a59 No.3655548

File: 1651443162586.png (108.34 KB, 557x643, 1455333470627.png)

Hijacking this thread to thank Steam for sending me this song. I damn nearly missed it. Fucking love it, in context it's so perfect.


Almost 5 months late, but thank you!

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