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File: 1715379759492.jpeg (20.19 KB, 320x240, i-ordered-20-replacement-….jpeg)

c4084b48 No.3739733[Reply]


52a091f9 No.3739737

I just lost the game.

2f986b74 No.3739739

File: 1715388524075.jpeg (120.22 KB, 711x878, download.jpeg)

>console faggotry

Kill yourself

2023014e No.3739759

The ones in my head that I'm unskilled enought to make them a reality

eabf610e No.3739767

The game of life.

365bcd99 No.3739777

lol being a coder does not pay

5b7fbf88 No.3739790

speak for yourself buddy.

File: 1707850477769.jpg (153.47 KB, 1440x960, 9122532[1].jpg)

f2328ab4 No.3732162[Reply]

Some of the entries have been chosen, and it's looking pretty exciting so far!

Finland's my favorite!

Latvia's just awesome:

Ireland's pretty screechy:

Malta puts everything they can on the choreo:

And Ukraine's just odd:

05807e55 No.3732645

Estonia goes fully traditional:

Spain seems to be trolling:

Norway's sort of furry…. if you don't get it, it doesn't matter.

And Lithuania sends frigging Hardbass:

d91e4321 No.3732663

no one cares about this shitty retard stage contest

d331ccdd No.3735271

File: 1711043721511.jpg (91.01 KB, 940x528, nemo-vertritt-die-schweiz-….jpg)

Switzerland sends a non-binary…. can this be the winner?

Armenia sends an insane ethnic banger, one of my favorites:

Croatia brings an awesome chorus and staging:

Greece is pretty noisy:

eee9fd40 No.3739350

File: 1714938030910-0.jpg (116.45 KB, 1000x667, GMvg-HFXsAAMf5G.jpg)

File: 1714938030910-1.jpg (59.62 KB, 640x426, 441389009_390013090697167_….jpg)

Oh god, out of nowhere, the UK revealed their staging…. this is so out of nowhere! Just imagine how old conservative viewers are gonna react to this! I wonder if this staging was allowed, and deliberately encouraged by the organizers to create a controversy to distract from the controversy about Israel's participation…


939f6655 No.3739353


Guess the Israeli one slaughters an Palestinian child on stage and drinks the blood.

Jews never change.

36611027 No.3739784

They/them won. Thank god, and the juries.

Jewistan organized some way to buy votes from almost every country, despite nobody liking their song. This is gonna be big news. If it's proven, they're gonna be banned from next year. This really wasn't a great edition in so many ways. So glad the right song won.

File: 1692999477990.png (7.86 MB, 4316x2568, Lmao.png)

ebe425d9 No.3713516[Reply]

This guy Sebafox has been drawing for a full decade and his style has deteriorated so much that now it's disgusting to look at, how is this possible? I know art styles eventually changes over time but this is genuinely ridiculous. What other artists has this happened to?
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d9b89059 No.3713547

File: 1693017560344-0.jpg (405.28 KB, 1194x1443, a spanish artist.JPG)

File: 1693017560344-1.jpg (21.66 KB, 472x211, PicassoGuernica.jpg)

In the past many people thought some notable Spanish artists had severely deteriorated art styles in their later life.

They were not necessarily correct.

840440fd No.3713557

Dude become old and realised he's no longer a twink femboy.

5f416028 No.3718623

File: 1697168922739-0.jpg (785.8 KB, 1653x2338, d55608f50534d31321d5b5cffd….jpg)

File: 1697168922739-1.jpg (629.7 KB, 1653x2338, 0ad8e93e27499fbed7cf8bb451….jpg)

File: 1697168922739-2.jpg (783.96 KB, 1653x2338, 1fa5803dc8ec0f1987382fb084….jpg)

File: 1697168922739-3.jpg (143.35 KB, 739x1280, e3d0dc817a5b0eb8b19e4ed34d….jpg)

File: 1697168922739-4.jpg (124.44 KB, 1279x959, 1647453494.gideon_img_2022….jpg)

Gideon's comic "Enemy Contact" (2005?) compared to his art from the early 2020s. Sad part is, he can still make somewhat decent art when it isn't just fetishism.

51e73ac5 No.3718625

File: 1697169960152.jpg (1.46 MB, 1600x1168, 1622438478.strega_bart_-_m….jpg)

Sometimes it seems like they get so much praise and attention that they don't feel like they need to improve.

This is also why all the good artists are depressive wrecks who hate their own work and feel like they'll never succeed. When they make something they aren't just trying, sometimes they actually get a glimpse of what they're doing wrong and fix it. Popularity seems to just push people into a groove, being content with your own work is creative death.

7d53a1eb No.3739744

I hijacked this guy's curiouscat like a year ago lmao
That was fun.

c5e6c65c No.3739749

File: 1715396780210-0.jpg (179.74 KB, 850x1204, chalo.jpg)

File: 1715396780210-1.jpg (163.02 KB, 850x1204, 7654.jpg)

File: 1715396780210-2.jpg (105.19 KB, 850x599, chalo3.jpg)

File: 1715396780210-3.jpg (918.17 KB, 738x2214, wtf_is_this.jpg)

File: 1715396780210-4.jpg (110.34 KB, 850x1203, meh.jpg)

Chalo's has a lot of fuck ups these days, specially with over doing Abs. Sometimes manface on girls.

c827f323 No.3739765

File: 1715415819993.jpg (206.25 KB, 1075x1403, Screenshot_20200911-125356….jpg)

I wish I didn't stop drawing after high school. I used to draw all kinds of random scribbles and furry things in my notebooks and on assignments. It was just a thing.

I might see if I can find some good examples. My binder of old papers is somewhere… May have some pics but I'm not sure where they are. Its after 3am and I need to sleep.

File: 1699551898595.png (2 MB, 2380x3000, eb0101028500c2d3d18dfeb3c1….png)

1a4ccde2 No.3721343[Reply]

Pregnant women are beautiful
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2e5d06b5 No.3721363

File: 1699564935779-0.jpg (81.41 KB, 850x1133, 105712bfdacfac4cf5fb6dc886….jpg)

File: 1699564935779-1.jpg (64.65 KB, 850x1133, 106f3db6fb6ecbc5013b0fa5f8….jpg)

File: 1699564935779-2.jpg (68.07 KB, 850x1133, fe22d8332c5d585e8cd5a24957….jpg)

2e5d06b5 No.3721364

File: 1699565008484-0.jpg (69.09 KB, 850x1133, 1f313bc8b921aafa3ee8edeb4e….jpg)

File: 1699565008484-1.jpg (55.29 KB, 850x1133, bb7bbe354a5aa9aa941ee69334….jpg)

File: 1699565008484-2.jpg (62.4 KB, 850x1133, cb82ddc50d7c4a513e0ecaf8f8….jpg)

I came to this series way too many times than I care to admit.

7347eaa3 No.3739325

File: 1714905255236.gif (404.86 KB, 477x560, 45e469afcdcdbb065a39e0a227….gif)

5251adf6 No.3739334

I like how his thighs and ass grow as the whole thing progresses. The tits are nice, but they are obligatory.

90fa4741 No.3739345

File: 1714935426833-0.png (898.65 KB, 1485x1466, 2014517_j5furry_fb59ddbaab….png)

File: 1714935426833-1.png (1.99 MB, 1199x1922, 245f3322689a4217c40a0b0ce9….png)

Mpreg is trash unless it's a cuntboy. Tits will ruin it though

87272cbb No.3739736


But I thought Pokemons hatched from eggs instead of pregnancy.

d6b5e65a No.3739741

File: 1715388638574.png (712.24 KB, 1280x905, 4974459_Ninata_renamon_eas….png)

Maybe she's eggnant?

File: 1715341945468.jpg (35.8 KB, 550x751, bc711f5e4c09e92e05d789f73b….jpg)

4e05f6ba No.3739693[Reply]

I know none of you really care about your… lives? But I'm going into an experimental government rehabilitation thing mid month. I tend to go quiet when I'm sober. Apparently they're going to try to use low dosages of LSD to get me into a brain space, and then talk me out of it.

Apparently now that I have a degree in essentially hacking, and I'm a psychotic alcoholic, that I'm high enough of a threat to do that thing.


They're also going to do employment rehab on me, so I might end up anywhere.

I gave my mom a right of attorney to stop me from stopping.
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4e05f6ba No.3739704

especially when you have the same education she had.

37134f27 No.3739706

File: 1715343816568.jpg (8.59 KB, 190x265, pictureofmetryingtocare.jpg)

haha good one, i just woke up and can tell you have been all alone with your frets of your terrible family no one asked about and intrusive thoughts. sounds like you are a prime candidate for rehab alright, and with that fact you should probably have a drink

4e05f6ba No.3739713

File: 1715345444435.png (489.75 KB, 755x566, evil.png)

I haven't had a relationship in a decade, like friend or otherwise. Even my brother basically told me I'm a sack of shit and it waiting for me to die to get my estate.

Laughs on him, I changed my will to give everything to some rando family down the street.

He's going to have fun arguing with lawers after that one.

4e05f6ba No.3739714

Lol, they don't even speak English, so much fun.

My ghost will be entertained.

37134f27 No.3739718

i know what i know if the government knows that then they are living like the year 3000

37134f27 No.3739719

File: 1715351567270.jpg (33.31 KB, 602x339, main-qimg-9f58fc6cb1052711….jpg)

yeah youre right, i dont know their calling card, but i figure its not exactly sunshine rainbows either.

37134f27 No.3739720

File: 1715351738438.jpg (212.03 KB, 1920x1080, 01_Banner_Fiddlesticks_Con….jpg)

walking up in the rehab center hey guys i think its working i can see daylight again?

File: 1715197620308.png (168.62 KB, 409x692, u18sergalin3d_u18chan.png)

3ef71168 No.3739585[Reply]

Did anyone heard about AI, that turns images to 3d models, called TripoAI?

If yes, than maby some of you interested to convert some pictures from U18chan archive to 3d?

No, it isn`t make super-puper models, that can be turned into game models, its more like photogrammetry, that should be refined in ZBrush after, so its mostly interested for beginning 3d artists because it alow to avoid basic shape creating (which is about 30%-50% of all sculpting process).

I analised more than 140 000

3ef71168 No.3739586

File: 1715197665116.jpg (69.4 KB, 960x585, 473_u18chan.jpg)

Can you possibly scan the mp4 player's model into an stl. file?

File: 1714871568940.jpeg (64.7 KB, 573x423, IMG_6090.jpeg)

e1c551af No.3739307[Reply]

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d68707e3 No.3739321

File: 1714891596378.jpg (45.77 KB, 472x626, penisman_costume.jpg)

3a90fa10 No.3739480

File: 1715044165529-0.png (606.94 KB, 533x720, bahahahas (1).png)

File: 1715044165529-1.jpg (244.34 KB, 930x1280, bahahahas (1).jpg)

File: 1715044165529-2.png (1.32 MB, 640x1940, bahahahas (2).png)

File: 1715044165529-3.png (201.35 KB, 200x613, bahahahas (3).png)

File: 1715044165529-4.png (1.02 MB, 792x2000, bahahahas (4).png)

Found it!

3a90fa10 No.3739481

File: 1715044524496-0.gif (1.4 MB, 300x170, thingss (1).gif)

File: 1715044524496-1.jpg (460.58 KB, 820x615, thingss (1).jpg)

File: 1715044524496-2.gif (959.37 KB, 603x448, thingss (2).gif)

File: 1715044524496-3.jpg (41.49 KB, 640x480, thingss (2).jpg)

File: 1715044524496-4.gif (1.29 MB, 359x360, thingss (3).gif)

3a90fa10 No.3739482

File: 1715045132256-0.jpg (128.53 KB, 578x864, uhhh (3).jpg)

File: 1715045132256-1.jpg (153.28 KB, 1206x1212, uhhh (1).jpg)

File: 1715045132256-2.jpg (28.04 KB, 480x480, uhhh (2).jpg)

File: 1715045132256-3.jpg (56.78 KB, 441x604, uhhh (4).jpg)

File: 1715045132256-4.jpg (209.67 KB, 874x1156, uhhh (5).jpg)

d68707e3 No.3739484

File: 1715048709318.png (523.25 KB, 467x681, Screenshot 2024-05-06 at 2….png)

de43614b No.3739486

File: 1715056597203.jpg (67.41 KB, 750x786, Whoops.jpg)

de43614b No.3739487

File: 1715058000448.gif (1.99 MB, 299x225, 1311661776997.gif)

File: 1714955048923.jpg (66.79 KB, 700x700, a2351784117_65.jpg)

2e2a2f73 No.3739383[Reply]

Sacrifice them Goats
Only Bloody Goat Corpses in this thread
You will do nothing to stop it and you will like it.

0dd9bb6e No.3739390

File: 1714965572542.jpg (215.67 KB, 909x909, 66252454_632260873934814_8….jpg)

e576b237 No.3739391

File: 1714965940062.jpg (924.7 KB, 459x695, Scape the Goat2703.jpg)

He will tea bag….I mean bag pipe you to hell

04ce941e No.3739393

File: 1714967404122.jpg (246.94 KB, 768x1024, aufy's scottish leprechaun.jpg)

>bag pipe you to hell

5b7d0ac9 No.3739429

Beez Zabinski is a pedophile.

File: 1712880214937.png (328.83 KB, 591x719, 8fa1d540a51c021b99a9aaff7f….png)

89e36de1 No.3737411[Reply]

Are you a furry who's sole social existence relies on living vicariously through your character online that you have no life outside of your furry bubble world? If you are please tell us about it? Even if you aren't and you know people like that, please do tell?
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a8b4e478 No.3739339

Im too normie to be a furry and too furry to be a normie, but my identity has nothing to do with my furry hobby.

b9fd41eb No.3739358

File: 1714944138757.png (575.39 KB, 1320x950, Taiga.png)

3be7a872 No.3739400

File: 1714977772649.jpg (1.42 MB, 3328x4992, 4fc876fcb28c6e3d305cfae967….jpg)

you are a furry, you don't end up on this board without being a fucked up sexual psycopath.

3be7a872 No.3739401

File: 1714977993477.jpg (1.43 MB, 3328x4992, bdcadcb39b43ef98441ccbb346….jpg)

I mean its not a bad thing, some people can only get off by sitting on balloons on the faces of hookers.

Being a furry is hardly the worst thing you could become.

3be7a872 No.3739402

File: 1714978205171.png (1.05 MB, 1200x800, 7462f8ca68b23dc420a533e6ce….png)

I mean worst case scenario, you could have ended up an orgasmic murder rapist. You really dodged a bullet just liking animal people.

b9fd41eb No.3739403

File: 1714978249658.png (56.46 KB, 1359x929, Taiga2.png)


Well youtube deleted the video for having porn.

I don't really follow Taiga, but apparently he's been not well these days.


c313c53f No.3739420

Hell naw. I refuse to be a cult follower of furry

File: 1714272552805.jpg (59.9 KB, 850x850, 0040a9e4dc536936f2534ec355….jpg)

057a80db No.3738780[Reply]

I know almost everyone into sonic are super autistic, but I just binge watched the movies, and started on the knuckles series on paramont. I have to admit, they are pretty good. I'd say you can only appreciate them if you were a 90's kid and had a Sega, but still… guiltily good.

First thing Sega has done well since the dreamcast.
38 posts and 25 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

057a80db No.3739237

Powerade. The electrolytes are what your body needs, and what crops need to grow.

057a80db No.3739238

and yes I am making a reference to Idiocrocy. Also fuck taco bell and their 13 dollar shit burritos.

They won't even make the quesareto anymore, which was like the only good thing they ever did.

057a80db No.3739239

:/ i remember when their burritos were a dollar. then it was 1.50, which was ok, then suddenly 13 dollars… its just…. why?

057a80db No.3739240

seriously, after covid a lot of local mexican restraunts started doing road side service. Like why go to taco bell when you can get something decent?

a2cdbd4d No.3739244

> mexican restraunts
You spell almost as bad as Aufy the retard.

I'm sure a lot of local Mexican restaurants died an ignominious death during the covid lockdown. They are probably the ones selling corn from pushcarts now.

057a80db No.3739250

File: 1714813362596.png (766.51 KB, 1200x630, 231016-rick-and-morty-cs-7….png)

im drunk 95% of the time, when I'm not drunk, I'm sobering up to go buy more alcohol.

Its amazing that I can spell at all with all the high proof vodka constantly running through my system. Given that I rarely misspell anything, and I'm constantly programming and building computers while totally sloshed is like a miracle of nature or something. I'm a total anomaly.

057a80db No.3739251

File: 1714813670767.png (427.86 KB, 471x802, Rand_Scowl.png)

When I'm sober, I turn into basically a wise god of vengeance. I hate it, no one should have to deal with so much thinking. Its torture.

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