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cb9317f0 No.3718124[Reply]

When you want to get a dog, if you're a guy, do you look for a male dog, and if you're a girl, do you look for a female dog or it's not a set rule? Can you get a female dog as a guy and vice versa?

Related to that, is neutering dogs necessary or not? Why is neutering dogs early so encouraged? It would be a better idea to see how a dog develops and evolves, and only neuter the dog if it's absolutely necessary. Otherwise, you're just killing down good genes for nothing.
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e53d23f9 No.3718913

File: 1697425950991.jpg (292.27 KB, 1776x999, preview-1.jpg)

Made me smile.

2ac5fa44 No.3718967

File: 1697504468867.jpg (24.29 KB, 375x375, fauxpelini.jpg)

5a8c2bc4 No.3719136

File: 1697626933571.jpg (83.55 KB, 1280x720, 96450beb8c31ddb04d7d0d87bc….jpg)

Oh yeah, it definitely needs a stupid looking picture of Steam along with his dog. :)

dc63cd91 No.3719171

File: 1697664341680.jpg (91.2 KB, 850x1274, e34bee6e4d0feeaa2de2eecea0….jpg)

I actually have very sparse armpit hair. I lack body hair in general.

I'm actually the only one on my dad's side of the family who can even grow a goatee (with much effort involved). His entire family just lacks facial and body hair. Luckily no baldness.

2e12d1de No.3719248

File: 1697749534856.jpg (39.57 KB, 640x265, Piper Perri's Tight Little….jpg)

But your eyebrows…

dc63cd91 No.3719249

File: 1697750563898.gif (167.14 KB, 266x200, flcl-eyebrows.gif)

my eyebrows are a power force to be feared.

fe9e8632 No.3721046


File: 1689788878404.jpg (25.4 KB, 300x300, brutusavvy.jpg)

5cfba6f0 No.3709320[Reply]

I think i'm literally dying from loneliness.

That is the conclusion that i have to make. I'm about to turn 40 and if something isn't suddenly going to change my life, it's not going to get any better. I've had chronic fatigue syndrome and depression for about 20 years, but it's really gotten bad in the last few years, and while even those things were usually intermittent, now they seem not to be.

My skin is crumbling, i have an increasing amount of food intolerances which leave me with almost nothing left that i'm able to eat, which also has a direct effect of my physical and mental state, and i've lost most of the strength and much flexibility of my hands, leaving me unable to play any musical instruments or do anything that requires fine motorics or stamina.

I'm increasingly convinced that my life circumstances are the reason for much of my health problems, and if something miraculous doesn't happen to my life real soon, i might eventually die from sheer misery, or end up with some ailment that cripples me for the rest of my life.

I know that every time there is something that looks promising, not even necessarily for me, but the way the world is going, it actually makes me physically better, to the point that many of my ailments are almost gone temporarily, then as it turns out to be nothing, it's back again.

There's really no clear ideas that are relevant to me. I have been trying everything there is, over and over and it's never led to anything. I have still never met one single furry in real life, nor do i even know of many in my country - they all seem to be rich hipster fursuiters with no concern for the overall community, and absolutely nothing in common with me. And i don't really have many close friends online in the rest of the world either, anymore, much because of the ways Internet culture and furry culture has changed from the days of forums, personal websites, IRC and desktop messengers.

With my other interests, it's equally hopeless - there simply isn't anybody here who cares about the things that i do, nor are there enough people online for it to be of any use. I don't think i can really relate to people who aren't furries, they have no idea about the issues, so what is there to do?
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44ebe107 No.3710960

FYI Shurn got kicked a while back. Basically you were an autistic asshole that didn't want to socialize, just take potshots at other users at random. You are the most unlikeable faggot in this entire community besides 3B, and you come whine here because you have zero social awareness whatsoever. Good luck with your life. Fuck you.

14692201 No.3710962

Kill yourself

f1ae9aed No.3710987

Who are you? I bet you don't even go there yourself.

Anyway, you can all join my Discord server instead:

e80f0861 No.3720914

OP here. I often think about people i used to know online, especially when i don't have anyone currently to talk to, which is most of the time nowadays. I try not to make that much of it, and even deliberately swear not to look up what people i used to know IRL do nowadays - if they're not in touch with me, they're gone as far as i'm concerned - but it's a different thing with people online who just disappeared.

There was one particular furry i remember from the mid-00s, he was just the perfect example of the kind i'd need in my life nowadays. Not only was he one of the few i knew with some very specific preferences that few others are okay with, he was so much fun to talk to, and it bugged me that he just disappeared one day, and i though i never heard of him again. A while ago i had searched for his old names and found nothing, even asked someone on Furaffinity who had mentioned him and who didn't know anything either.

Then it occured to me that shortly before he disappeared, he changed to another name, and searching for that one i found another name that i had forgot, but remembered when i saw it, and he was actually still active and posting on Twitter under that name.

Then i remembered the whole story.

He never actually disappeared. He just changed name, interests and personality completely, and i stopped talking to him because we had nothing in common anymore. It's like, over less than a month he just abandoned his old persona and became a boring, bitter Furaffinity-blogging, occasionally convention-going mainstream furry with the most annoying and mundane kinks, that he was still posting about now, 15 years later.

And when i saw that, i remembered it. It's just that i had forgotten THAT part, and only remember him as he was when he was a part of "my community" and actually fun to talk to.

Then it stroke me how many others in my past who did the same thing. There were some who legit just disappeared, including one who seemed to wipe almost any trace online of him ever existing despite running several forums and being one of the most visible people in Y2K Sonic fandom, there's barely a single mention of him anywhere left on the web. But there were many more who i just stopped talking to because on a whim, they completely changed and i had nothing in common with them anymore.

e80f0861 No.3720916

And then there's the real question that's remaining - if this is somehow natural to furry and fandom communities, why does it happen with them but not with me? Why am i the one left whining 25 years later that the communities i grew up with don't exist anymore, and that things aren't like they used to be? Why do they somehow move on, and not me?

I've long felt that there's something about me that's very rare, that i just lack the personal traits that turn someone into "an adult" in the eyes of today's society. I just never bought into it, and it keeps me from understanding the priorities and concerns of everyone else, especially as they grow older.

I think i can only ever get along with teens, even if they keep breaking my heart. Not that i do get along, but at least i feel that i get something out of it, unlike talking to today's fake "adults", who are now mostly younger than me, and it just makes me feel like i'm looking into a doll's house through a glass wall. I got no place in today's furry community, i miss when it was grassroots-run, a genuinely international and online community, and i hate what Furaffinity and the fucking conventions did to it.

I guess i'm just someone who'll never grow old, and it's not fun at all, if it sounds like it might be.

c330a652 No.3720938


a9364ccd No.3720967

File: 1699263943165.jpg (114.96 KB, 1280x874, caveman_using_computer__by….jpg)

Unhealthy caveman comment; ladies and gentlemen. :3

File: 1699029088662.png (293.4 KB, 803x498, HBO-MAX-TOS-UPDATE.png)

dc23b5b8 No.3720707[Reply]

Where do you go to pirate your movies/games/audiobooks?

ae0a4027 No.3720719

The Internet

83b787d5 No.3720732

muh dik.

b0d3f24e No.3720741

File: 1699060552101.png (39.49 KB, 704x480, afiteditor.png)

The internet is just a passing fad. FidoNet is where it's at!

b5273e85 No.3720748

File: 1699062426243.jpg (114.98 KB, 1200x675, reply it glows.jpg)

>Im not the FBI


25c96b13 No.3720807


File: 1690945296384.jpeg (4.96 MB, 3000x1688, 17f40ae71c36a901c629d464c….jpeg)

621037f1 No.3710609[Reply]

Halloween time is here
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aac927a7 No.3720513

At least MalO doesn't need user permissions.
So self-confident.

194d026c No.3720517

File: 1698866698045.jpg (599.07 KB, 3518x2639, a7e27809fb2ac72a7a2aeb986e….jpg)

Are you suggesting that female monsters don't need consent before engaging in sexual contact? You absolute degenerate.

f8c77404 No.3720533

File: 1698884528937.jpg (78.66 KB, 640x640, d2637e03b97115030fe64abccb….jpg)

She's dead.
Been dead a few days actually.
Would you still fuck her?

Honest answer.

Happy Halloween

831997dc No.3720536

Fuck a pumpkin. The story. Also, there's a pony or something. IDK


2509944d No.3720553

File: 1698904044701.jpg (55 KB, 566x680, F9ysaDQW8AAWW-l.jpg)

194d026c No.3720734

File: 1699054250558-0.png (2.89 MB, 2026x1700, 1698780519.s1m_maebea-hall….png)

File: 1699054250558-1.png (3.6 MB, 2373x1553, 1698806989.henhenhen_file_….png)

File: 1699054250558-2.jpg (408.13 KB, 1979x1901, 185a0d6f83bc090ec7e23d7f73….jpg)

8429c446 No.3720737

File: 1699057163318.jpg (104.59 KB, 1280x427, IMG_20231101_225817_434.jpg)

File: 1697519898482.jpg (53.73 KB, 512x506, Starfleet_Command_logo.jpg)

341beaa5 No.3718989[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Let's have a Star Trek thread. Discussion of politics relevant to any of the series is fine.
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81ade6ba No.3720600

File: 1698941767701.jpg (54.36 KB, 512x288, steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.jpg)

I admittedly have to agree.

Given my historic lines of work, growing up where I did, and living in Idaho for a few years, I've ran into a lot of preppers and mormons.

Even the most prepared ones I've me might have tons of ammo, enough guns to arm a small army, dehydrated food to last someone a fallout sometimes even with a bunker, and occasionally "end of the world seed banks."

… But most of the time the seeds and food are way past expiration, guns only get you so far, even for hunting. Look at the great depression era, poaching was so bad that you couldn't hunt out of season if you wanted to, it was all tapped out. Plus even if you have an old nuclear bunker, chances are the filters were solidified, and no maintenance was ever done since the 80's, and even if you did keep it up and running, they would never protect you from the atmosphere igniting 300x over like our current scorched earth policy guarantees.

Personally, I'm not worried about an end of the world event. If the Fallout series has taught me anything, just having a german shepherd increases my survivability rate astronomically. Unless its a zombie apocalypse, in which case my shit splotchy beard almost guarantees early death.

81ade6ba No.3720602

Not saying I have a shit splotched beard right now, but there is a reason I just rock the goatee, literally everything else grows in at random, some of it not even the same color. Its a disaster. It tested it out during the quarantine, and it came in making me looking like a patched together hobo who was just introduced to the concept of a razor, and stopped half way through the experience.

eed5a690 No.3720630

File: 1698957712375.jpg (109.11 KB, 1280x720, itsover1000[1].jpg)

Hey Vegeta, what does the scouter say about his Dunning-Kruger level?

9171fc22 No.3720706

File: 1699028288777.png (797.26 KB, 914x803, Screenshot 2023-11-03 at 1….png)

>Not saying I have a shit splotched beard right now, but there is a reason I just rock the goatee, literally everything else grows in at random, some of it not even the same color.


81ade6ba No.3720722

File: 1699045524671.png (417.39 KB, 640x400, ff671-njln5vsr.png)


hey, we've already settled that I'm surprisingly attractive. I just can't grow a beard. Sue me, at least I don't have the bald gene.

On the plus side, not having body hair goes with the beard thing. I never have to shave… well my arm pits are out of control, but thats just like 30 seconds a month to trim those down.

6b31cdf6 No.3720725

>Hah, stupid chuds don't know how to interface with the synthesizer modem to requisition their nutrient paste!

9171fc22 No.3720736

File: 1699056758451.png (723.11 KB, 705x494, Screenshot 2023-11-03 at 2….png)

So you have hairy armpits like those women in those Italian porn videos.

File: 1698914112803.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1715x3798, Web capture_2-11-2023_431….jpeg)

3fa7e3ee No.3720559[Reply]

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2698b9f2 No.3720596

Yesva vaccine so effective they had to change the definition of vaccine. Lol go get your 5th booster loser

0256fd03 No.3720599

File: 1698940540017.jpg (243.4 KB, 1500x930, 2187032_DiegoandFriends_in….jpg)

Lunatic moron identified.

c685ef24 No.3720601

2698b9f2 No.3720603

File: 1698942224425.png (97.08 KB, 300x300, tumblr_mjy2k9xCLa1rsv3aro1….png)

Libtard sheep detected

3fa7e3ee No.3720608

File: 1698943947484.jpg (87.3 KB, 1366x1345, 597c7eff1f8e9b2feaf9f3e13c….jpg)


de29655a No.3720609

File: 1698944499107.jpg (102.96 KB, 920x644, 74123.jpg)

> “The absolute risk is miniscule,” said Dr. Steve Nissen, a cardiologist and researcher at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. “I mean it is trivial in comparison to the risk for people over 85 of dying from Covid.”
What did you imagine you were showing by posting that link? Are you so mentally disabled that you can't understand what is written?

That article shows that vaccination is better than not.

childrenshealthdefense.org is a hotbed of vaccine deniers. It is nothing but lunatic morons echoing nonsensical myths back and forth.

You are just one more lunatic moron echoing the myths.

0746a8c9 No.3720613

> Lunatic moron identified.

File: 1689281754314.jpg (123.93 KB, 768x768, fures.jpg)

f0021e39 No.3708547[Reply]

So, it's common fact that this board is pretty much dead. Only about 20 people are posting, nobody new ever comes by and the most interesting threads get deleted anyway.

So what other boards or forums are there i should know about? Particularly any that aren't anti-zoo or anti-cub, like most are.
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910c4f56 No.3720389

It looks like the maniacal thread bumper is back at work. Now all we have to do is figure out which thread he is trying to push off the end of the board. That way we can insure it gets plenty of replys. 😈

Anyway, if it's him then he is premature. The board isn't full yet.

da895765 No.3720406


c98efcce No.3720557

File: 1698912311102.jpg (45.25 KB, 300x100, b_1182170959712_hollywood_….jpg)

780056ac No.3720561

File: 1698919396454-0.png (1.39 MB, 2304x880, rpmnhgpsdqr41.png)

File: 1698919396454-1.png (118.94 KB, 333x250, DW_S8E06.png)

b498d430 No.3720585

>everyone is racist to one degree or another…

Untrue by nature. Children don't start off racist. Racism is a learned behavior. It is a fear response taught from patents. That's why conservatives tend to be hyper-racist.

The brain of a conservative is incapable of judging the severity of danger properly. They are unreasonably afraid of everything. That's also why they tend to be overly stressed and have high blood pressure because they worry constantly about things that really shouldn't bother them at all.

They are willing to take a chance on the very real possibility of getting Covid and dying because they are more afraid of being micro-chipped or mind controlled by the vaccine. Their brains are incapable of determining what the true danger is.

This is also why most conservatives make horrible gamblers. They have zero risk assessment skills so if you ever need easy money, invite conservatives to play poker with you.

b498d430 No.3720588

>Free speech means I should be allowed to be a racist asshole to anyone I want.

So, if I follow you around screaming insults at you day and night, you have to take it because that's my freedom of speech, right? That's how you think the world works?

I can say anything I want, anywhere I want, any time I want, with no limits or else I don't have freedom of speech? That's really your idea of what that term means?

4ab04688 No.3720607

File: 1698943828692.jpg (64.8 KB, 500x254, Churchill-Headshot.jpg)

Churchill never said that, ya moron.

File: 1696616743367.jpg (1 MB, 2430x3180, 250warn.jpg)

bd0770a2 No.3718046[Reply]

Pedophiles deserve doxxing & exposure to their communities. Oh what's that? This pedo psychopath who e-stalks anti-pedos is also a huge white racist & loves Trump(also a pedo). Big surprise there..

"Her" fanboy lonewolf23K is a French-Canadian who raped a teenage girl on a trip to Paris once. Now tell me this loli/shota/cub shit fanaticism is harmless.

Also, if you're still around, Acorn, shut the fuck up, you useless piece of redneck shit.
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16ebb9fe No.3718074

File: 1696660088125.png (2.91 MB, 1254x1771, 52c84baa478b3d2a746d1a20de….png)

Writing fictional stories isn't the same as raping kids, nignog.

If he touched an actual kid, then tell the police, not us.

b5482fbe No.3718085

There are people who don't differentiate between fiction and reality.

There was a study recently that showed people with few social contacts, who rate high on the loneliness scales, don't differentiate between fantasy people in media and stories and real people. Their brain shows no compartmentalization between fantasy and fact when it comes to social reality - so the kiddies they see in cartoon porn are interchangeable for real children in the neighborhood.

493cbe28 No.3718096

Stop pretending that the only reason you aren't posting actual CP is because it's illegal

813b7052 No.3718097

File: 1696697875517.png (318.61 KB, 916x1080, 2554430_arkaid_0102_self_t….png)

Touched a nerve there, did I. Good.

Stay infuriated, Niggerman. Ha ha!

a6b672be No.3718106


Jesus fucking christ dude, they've been gone for well over a decade.

16ebb9fe No.3718131

File: 1696723380579.png (2.69 MB, 1236x1576, aa18fba1c0fe66cfe0b010d693….png)

Yeah, and as a gorefag, the only reason I don't split myself open to get off is also because it's illegal.

b5af8027 No.3720400

> teacher pleads guilty to having sexual contact with a student
Teachers are notoriously liberal democrats. Just like most convicted pedophiles are democrats.

File: 1693294942980.jpg (143.73 KB, 1120x971, 253a5d752e6733fb82640ef995….jpg)

6d1dac7d No.3713903[Reply]

saw this shit claiming braeburned is a groomer lmfaoooo at first i questioned the validity of it but its definitely true

421f11df No.3713929

File: 1693319797328.gif (1.17 MB, 374x352, eyeroll_b.gif)

5 years after the fact? Sounds like someone's a bit asshurt over not getting free art when they tried to blackmail him privately.

8fb81192 No.3713930

File: 1693320921410.jpg (34.1 KB, 499x500, 1514876365527.jpg)

Sounds like typical furry drama, two gay faggots buttfuck each other and one literally gets butthurt

3d5f5eb5 No.3714005

>definitely true

af5acff2 No.3714022

File: 1693380885841.png (954.43 KB, 1406x684, braeburn farms eggs.png)

He likes them this young.

37af46c2 No.3720399

>shit claiming braeburned is a groomer
Beez Zabinski is a pedophile.

File: 1688537488441.jpg (214.99 KB, 1200x857, 1299041386.wookiee_tauntau….jpg)

2eb6011c No.3707298[Reply]

Tauntauns don't get nearly enough love.
9 posts and 18 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

762764a6 No.3707905

File: 1688902222551.jpg (656.81 KB, 1280x771, wookiee_abrahm_tauntaun.jpg)

ce9920cd No.3707928

File: 1688919296609.jpg (436.33 KB, 1280x1136, bafybeihsiqrld5sfdvfdnripp….jpg)

I wonder if that fursuit stinks like a tauntaun too.

7fbd821c No.3708578

File: 1689291329154.jpg (42.71 KB, 933x690, bafkreihuh2hlnqrow75xg7ini….jpg)

7be2022f No.3709279

File: 1689743717224.jpg (73.83 KB, 510x770, bafkreiahrqsegbbzongt7n6p5….jpg)

7fbd821c No.3711153

File: 1691423574559.jpg (75.46 KB, 650x959, 1300241545.caribou_tauntau….jpg)

cced2f96 No.3714004

File: 1693370272599.png (789.56 KB, 749x800, bafybeihjc7lx7tqbsw57aziim….png)

41650658 No.3716054

File: 1694914740139.png (1.73 MB, 960x1200, bafybeifl26g74mwvtgs5gf7y4….png)

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