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File: 1699474427156.jpg (256.85 KB, 745x1000, furmestic furbuse.jpg)

6d11b43a No.3721242[Reply]

How would you handle a physically abusive relationship? Especially if you really love the person and you know they are good deep down and that they just don't know how to properly express themselves without resorting to violence. And you really want to give them a chance to change.
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e8694827 No.3732154

Would creating a SCHIZO thread for all of the multiposters here clean the board up or drain it of all activity?

3306b8e9 No.3732519

File: 1708176458977.jpg (125.62 KB, 1000x803, People_Wrong_on_the_Intern….jpg)

Hey "Kurdt"! Last chance, you fake twisted child-abusing faggot!
Or, did some mod/admin/owner piece of shit copy and paste your content, to pretend that there's actual people still posting here? You know, create fake activity on this dead and fake nwo-image board!
Are you fake too? Fake person who has a "really, really compelling reason to hate Jesus, just innocently trying to get the message of his suffering at the hands of 'religious Jesus-types' out", whose content gets posted on a fake zionist/commie fed's viper's nest, by the fed/"jew"-owned demon-filled skinbags posing as "management"?
How are you not destined for hell and eternal suffering and torture at this point? You reap what you sow!

Hey Steam! Within an hour or so (but if not, then 24 hours) I'll post a video in the polshit thread, as a gift to you, that I really want you to watch to completion. It's related to the subject of this thread, but the ensuing discussion might get off topic.
You're pretty messed up, but I don't believe you're "a bad guy", so I want you to get better.

Also - are the thumbnails not showing up for anyone else?

60e64059 No.3732907

File: 1708559607910.jpg (103.65 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Society is just pushing you too hard don't get ordered from them you have free will be a rebel; GET GUD!

5fd9e7c8 No.3733323

What happens to sheltered children as adults?
3 Steps to Overcoming a Sheltered Childhood - GenTwenty
When an over-sheltered child grows up with really protective parents, they become stunted in their maturation to independently functioning adults. Basically, what you get are children that never quite manage to cut the apron strings even as they reach adulthood.

5fd9e7c8 No.3740257

File: 1716110557025-0.jpg (2.82 MB, 4000x5176, Bokko_Clean_Feb2024_u18cha….jpg)

File: 1716110557025-1.jpg (2.86 MB, 4000x5176, Bokko_pinup_Feb2024_u18cha….jpg)

5fd9e7c8 No.3740258

File: 1716110589287-0.jpg (7.24 MB, 3670x5000, Waai_Fu_May2024_u18chan.jpg)

5fd9e7c8 No.3740259

File: 1716110657224-0.jpg (1.05 MB, 1468x2000, GNQ0OmkXcAAPvgS_u18chan_00….jpg)

File: 1716110657224-1.jpg (4.47 MB, 4000x5176, Lopunny_March2024_u18chan.jpg)

File: 1716063988620-0.jpg (132.89 KB, 1000x1420, MV5BM2MyNjYxNmUtYTAwNi00MT….jpg)

File: 1716063988620-1.jpg (11.91 KB, 254x350, 913Yr-s2NuL._AC_UF350,350_….jpg)

File: 1716063988620-2.jpg (1.61 MB, 2764x4096, MV5BNGVjNWI4ZGUtNzE0MS00YT….jpg)

c4237dbb No.3740226[Reply]

Are there any more movies base on society?
post em!

4561a86d No.3740228

File: 1716066568001.jpg (55.28 KB, 680x478, american-psycho.jpg)

b7de74ce No.3740230

File: 1716070515138-0.jpg (247.11 KB, 800x1200, the-scouts-guide-to-the-zo….jpg)

File: 1716070515138-1.jpg (127.03 KB, 1000x1404, MV5BMTM3MTEzNjgxM15BMl5Ba.jpg)

af6d0058 No.3740233

File: 1716077732175.webm (5.36 MB, 1280x694, NSA job interview – Good ….webm)

Video is a spoiler!

Social commentary films? This scene in particular from Good Will Hunting (1997). Fucking nailed it.

This. If only for all the references and memes based on it.

af6d0058 No.3740234

File: 1716078073798.jpg (62.81 KB, 600x837, check_em.jpg)

File: 1701016340279.jpg (58.22 KB, 500x500, alone_on_a_friday_night.jpg)

260a4108 No.3722900[Reply]

Alone On a Friday Night? God, You're Pathetic
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5ef9facb No.3727241

Amazing comeback

fb6e9360 No.3727242

no, you

5f85cae8 No.3727254


Nobody cares Steam

1358c2f7 No.3734790

File: 1710540191706.jpg (285.21 KB, 1295x1800, 4949122_Animancer_boyluck.jpg)

> Alone On a Friday Night?
Sucks to be you!

f38dafb7 No.3740175

File: 1715983226782.jpg (390.34 KB, 2292x2319, 4948308_RazorFiredog_razor….jpg)

d619d4d9 No.3740178

Going to order out then watch stuff while cuddled up with my man.

Now that I secured an apartment by myself, I can have him over whenever during the week, work allowing. Just got to sign the lease and figure out numerous other things.

31c60e80 No.3740186

File: 1715993690083.png (174.46 KB, 649x684, 06bf7c56bc399b27b8dcbc4720….png)

File: 1699832923983-0.png (307.67 KB, 560x393, Screenshot 2023-11-12 at 1….png)

File: 1699832923983-1.png (1.01 MB, 671x895, Screenshot 2023-11-12 at 1….png)

File: 1699832923983-2.png (1.14 MB, 671x895, Screenshot 2023-11-12 at 1….png)

File: 1699832923983-3.png (1.13 MB, 671x895, Screenshot 2023-11-12 at 1….png)

aa9473f5 No.3721624[Reply]

Do the site of babyfurs make you just want to "want to squeeze them, and love them, and hug them forever!!!", quoting Elmira from Animaniacs or do you want to act like Hank Scorpio, reach for that flamethrower and "Kill it with fire!"
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67c6ab45 No.3721777

File: 1699984784365.png (813.35 KB, 2048x1651, 8.png)

They probably have far fewer of them in Canada, where assisted dying is legal and pushed.

Being a baby is one step away from unbirth.

f9e11287 No.3721795

File: 1699993310965.jpg (26.22 KB, 365x500, IMG_20210803_202415_172.jpg)


I thought unbirthing was getting swallowed by a vagina.

67c6ab45 No.3721798

File: 1699995841444.png (2.81 MB, 3431x1422, death.png)


And there you die.

8f9c5520 No.3721803

File: 1699999604233.jpg (41.48 KB, 480x600, EFvN0DkXkAAf2wG.jpg)


even ignoring the baby thing, everything about that guy's face just wreaks of creep and pedo.

ca761a03 No.3740173

File: 1715981443736.png (55.71 KB, 350x384, 1273039292.darkhoof_denied….png)

Kill them with fire.

839896a3 No.3740179

It makes me sad to see people with such severe mental illness being abandoned by society.

Practically though, they will have to be liquidated. Things are really bad right now and we don't have the resources to to save them.

d658e245 No.3740182

Babyfurs and every other diaper fetish retard are subhuman pedophiles and should be fed feet first into a wood chipper

File: 1694845374339-0.gif (31.81 KB, 300x171, 660fb38faad5870c777f2402ff….gif)

File: 1694845374339-1.jpg (25.85 KB, 522x228, 61XYqUhgZrL._SX522_.jpg)

File: 1694845374339-2.jpg (81.89 KB, 1024x970, Z0040735.jpg)

File: 1694845374339-3.jpg (180.13 KB, 1173x739, Cheetah_Concept.jpg)

01cf976c No.3715990[Reply]

Post robot related stuff.
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87567955 No.3737449

File: 1712893397888.jpg (542.36 KB, 1330x1000, 635535_Ryotsuke_machinery_….jpg)

3667b697 No.3737507

File: 1713004933332-0.png (87.01 KB, 500x419, 1273036919.darkhoof_deerta….png)

File: 1713004933332-1.png (168.28 KB, 810x693, 1421397676.darkhoof_rampta….png)

87c44d43 No.3738467

File: 1713991430917.jpg (44.63 KB, 550x800, 1293692721562_Pira_vixen_w….jpg)

157dcafa No.3738533

File: 1714054893861.png (858.02 KB, 1223x1280, 879b5a7b51947175c7f764c9d7….png)

a61ac1ed No.3740106

File: 1715914453700-0.jpg (1.11 MB, 1536x1536, Detailed_photorealistic_an….jpg)

File: 1715914453700-1.jpg (1.07 MB, 1536x1536, Detailed_photorealistic_an….jpg)

File: 1715914453700-2.jpg (1.18 MB, 1536x1536, Detailed_photorealistic_an….jpg)

File: 1715914453700-3.jpg (1.09 MB, 1536x1536, Detailed_photorealistic_an….jpg)

File: 1715914453700-4.jpg (1.08 MB, 1536x1536, Detailed_photorealistic_an….jpg)

a61ac1ed No.3740107

File: 1715914474751-0.jpg (1.04 MB, 1536x1536, Detailed_photorealistic_an….jpg)

File: 1715914474751-1.jpg (1.14 MB, 1536x1536, Detailed_photorealistic_an….jpg)

File: 1715914474751-2.jpg (1.07 MB, 1536x1536, Detailed_photorealistic_an….jpg)

File: 1715914474751-3.jpg (1.1 MB, 1536x1536, Detailed_photorealistic_an….jpg)

File: 1715914474751-4.jpg (1.07 MB, 1536x1536, Detailed_photorealistic_an….jpg)

f744484b No.3740108

File: 1715915150358.jpg (371.97 KB, 1200x1600, 608d30f80340fe30418f.jpg)

File: 1715652635053.jpeg (731.98 KB, 1125x1624, IMG_3351.jpeg)

62ba814b No.3739918[Reply]

Atlanta is a fucking jungle where the nignogs run wild at night. Where was Batman when this guy needed him?

The stuff in his wallet was taken but furries found his fursuit pieces lying on the street and got them returned to him. No word if the nignogs have yet been arrested.

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c6f1f5d8 No.3740029

The idea that you need to treat poor, stupid, black people with difference is in and of itself, racist.

6fae185d No.3740036

Yeah, but it's systemically racist which means it's okay. It's not my fault, it's the system!

ce439425 No.3740037

Feral pavement apes are danger to everything around them


He deserved worse

c6f1f5d8 No.3740053

>Yeah, but it's systemically racist
That's not what those words mean, moron.

cf1d9861 No.3740059

White people deserve worse.

178ccc1d No.3740065

fuck i am racist and not very brights

dc0e0324 No.3740078


File: 1715412471971.jpg (15.06 KB, 259x194, IMG_20240511_092717.jpg)

b5ecea51 No.3739760[Reply]

Your game ideas, share your ideas of a game you would like to see someone made or ones you are working on your self

b5ecea51 No.3739761

File: 1715412936967-0.jpg (82.74 KB, 1427x606, 20240511_093458.jpg)

File: 1715412936967-1.jpg (71.72 KB, 1509x627, 20240511_093453.jpg)

File: 1715412936967-2.jpg (66.22 KB, 1597x624, 20240511_093449.jpg)

I my self would like to see a classic zelda oot style game with furrys as and a nice story , unfortunitly i do not have skills , time or money to try and make one my self, especially coming up both with interesting story and coding unique game mechanics is super hard for me i guess i just lact the neccesery imagination for auch stuff

f1bebd6b No.3739762

File: 1715414567304.png (2.47 MB, 1283x1800, system3.png)

My friend has been working on a CAH clone. I made a custom deck for it. There are also regular stock decks and numerous expansion packs. But there is an alpha version if anyone wants to try it out. If anyone shows interest we may put more effort into it.
My custom deck is "CHA0S FROM THE SKY". You can add whatever expansions you want, there are numerous ones to add and remove at your leisure.


Also, no user data is logged. Have fun and let me know if you run into any problems, as this is still alpha.

565a7cbf No.3739781

File: 1715461263147.png (18.17 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


I'm sticking with fanart characters; world building is time consuming species, nations and conflicts.

b5ecea51 No.3739831

I get ya, spend around 15 years on a project that in the end im unable to finish, and the story now boils down that there was a big bad guy opressing everyone so they united and kick his ass just so he can return later on, i cant call it a masterpiece…

565a7cbf No.3739995

File: 1715760557152.webm (3.44 MB, 938x314, alt_war_furz.webm)

Alt War Furz "Working Title" similar to Super Smash Brothers

File: 1703453209188-0.png (569.01 KB, 1280x828, 1518148674.darkflamewolf_d….png)

File: 1703453209188-1.jpg (79.47 KB, 1920x1080, The-WORST-stretches-for-lo….jpg)

File: 1703453209188-2.jpg (130.41 KB, 1200x900, FEN8f-1VgAEeVGI.jpg)

1aa1762f No.3726624[Reply]

What the best and worst workout for your body?
Share some experience?

1aa1762f No.3726625

File: 1703453472492-0.jpg (568.4 KB, 1280x1008, 1538441525.epictones_felin….jpg)

File: 1703453472492-1.jpg (148.35 KB, 1024x1280, 1592331225.ileya_18_ych_fo….jpg)

File: 1703453472492-2.jpg (308.19 KB, 2400x2700, E2j5cTPWYAAJ1ez.jpg)

85a948b2 No.3738472

File: 1713994179587.jpeg (480.66 KB, 2988x1900, d5ed46c0f05336964402ca148….jpeg)

fdf7f35d No.3738487

File: 1714002264330-0.png (1.43 MB, 956x1521, snowyoga1_small_23_12_2020.png)

File: 1714002264330-1.png (844.45 KB, 922x1807, 1619958354.funkybun_snowyo….png)

File: 1714002264330-2.png (881.92 KB, 1449x1275, 1619958634.funkybun_snowyo….png)

File: 1714002264330-3.png (1010.78 KB, 1584x821, 1619958774.funkybun_snowyo….png)

File: 1714002264330-4.png (810.97 KB, 1128x1497, 1619958914.funkybun_snowyo….png)

fdf7f35d No.3738488

File: 1714002411651-0.png (736.22 KB, 1310x1094, 1619959053.funkybun_snowyo….png)

File: 1714002411651-1.png (1021.2 KB, 948x1799, 1619959193.funkybun_snowyo….png)

File: 1714002411651-2.png (569.46 KB, 1077x832, 1619959334.funkybun_snowyo….png)

>Flood detected; Post discarded.

ad5fbe59 No.3739965

File: 1715718290104-0.jpg (90.37 KB, 1008x570, 612a11675949ad97caa1832c11….jpg)

File: 1715718290104-1.jpg (123.14 KB, 792x792, ddd334c077968d2467841863fd….jpg)

File: 1715718290104-2.jpg (173.92 KB, 736x781, a28071d9c71de8e015a9020467….jpg)

File: 1715718290104-3.jpg (110.01 KB, 755x499, 08ad5e878c6f62cdeee12b3ec1….jpg)

d678cc46 No.3739974

Push, pull, squat, hinge. Simple as.

9372a2df No.3739981

File: 1715733645836-0.png (564.88 KB, 1024x1024, Strength-Focus-2-1024x1024.png)

File: 1715733645836-1.png (10.59 KB, 168x300, images.png)

File: 1715733645836-2.jpg (130.11 KB, 1080x1080, 409e958315691429ef7b3c478f….jpg)

Push = push-up, bench press, dip and shoulder press.
Pull = chin-up, pulldown, row and shrug.
Hinge= deadlift and kettlebell swing.
Squat= squat and lunge.
Gait= walking, running and loaded carries.
Rotation= throwing, swinging, striking, reaching, and cutting/changing direction in sport.

File: 1715515508223.jpg (97.32 KB, 1261x756, moriarty-the-patriot-p2.jpg)

879a2176 No.3739809[Reply]

Apparently I treat everyone like shit but don't realize how I do it. I'm going to mention that during my treatment sessions.

I highly suspect its because my only human interaction is on the internet. I probably subconiously troll irl.

879a2176 No.3739811

File: 1715515773214.png (4.62 MB, 1614x2254, BD&DVD_Volume_1.png)

Then again my version of being "nice and polite" to people is probably what other people view as being moderately insulting.

Growing up in a situation where my dad always called me shit for brains and beat me, and my mom was either asleep or screeming at me, and the rape thing, and them yelling at my teachers constantly accusing them of possibly raping me or my friends or their family molesting me, probably skewed my view.

879a2176 No.3739812

irl I usually only interact with dogs, and I can't just pet humans and tell them how much of a good person they are. And I can't just capture and castrate people like I do with cats and toss them in the woods, that would be bad.

879a2176 No.3739813

File: 1715516143412.png (118.85 KB, 360x360, d9rjqui-683d995e-766c-463a….png)

>castrate cats
btw, banding and slicing cats and tossing them in the woods is the lesser evil of putting out bowels of of coolant, which you people were sooooo against.

I'm not killing them at least.

879a2176 No.3739814

hell I even get the expired flea-tick meds from the local veterinarians and use them on the cats at the local horse stables. I'm not heartless.

6ce6bc0f No.3739825

Please take your mental illness somewhere else.

541ddebf No.3739882

its called being thick skinned

c00bff56 No.3739888

File: 1715627074732.png (521.42 KB, 760x560, Screenshot 2024-05-13 at 1….png)

File: 1714098723915.jpg (61.8 KB, 599x844, BRtzZDgCEAA4stf.jpg)

4aaa5e32 No.3738629[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Previous thread: >>3736407

I'm going to try leaving the old threads to fester since it seems some people want that. Enjoy, I guess. They're the first to be deleted if the board runs out of disk space.
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55a3f127 No.3740714

You must care, you replied to it.

55a3f127 No.3740715

The 3B-BOT is HOT tonight!

e2b81ed0 No.3740717

File: 1716603824242.jpg (340.93 KB, 2056x1143, GOWJzyKWoAA5rIl.jpg)

Pictured here, "25 thousand people" who showed up to hear Trump speak in Crotona Park.

55a3f127 No.3740747

That's not even that park, nor that event, nor Trump.
The EXIF data in the picture says it was taken two years ago.
Please do keep trying though.

55a3f127 No.3740751

File: 1716626745508.jpg (1.26 MB, 4032x3024, E3XBOFTV45AA7BD7RMHIQ3LSFQ.jpg)

Trump draws a crowd anywhere he goes.
Biden draws a crowd NOWHERE he goes.

e2b81ed0 No.3740770

File: 1716661716396.jpg (795.37 KB, 1616x841, Tiny-Bronx-crowd.jpg)

If you don't believe me, look it up yourself. His tiny little rally was covered on every major news outlet. There is no shortage of video showing how tiny the turn out was.


e2b81ed0 No.3740772

File: 1716661901772.jpg (111.69 KB, 1169x1557, There-can-be-only-one.jpg)

Isn't it sad that Trump lost to such a boring, senile old man and is about to lose to him again? Trump is truly pathetic to be defeated by genocide Joe, twice!

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