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File: 1694377834607.png (70.6 KB, 492x384, 31880muhajid_wojakal.png)

3141d903 No.3715045[Reply]

We already have a "no /pol/ outside the /pol/ thread" rule.

We really need a "no cub outside the cub thread" rule.

The average user does not want to be subjected to CHILD PORN when coming to this site.
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15031cf5 No.3741245

Just install adblocker or ask the devs to make a [-] blacklist?

27982465 No.3741246

File: 1717120463337.jpg (449.68 KB, 2000x2000, 4761221_sicMoP_jeannie_1.jpg)

Now strip her naked and try again.

af11e78b No.3741266

There are fallen places for that kind of content. I just wanted to see if the anonymous poster was even a mod capable of deleting anything. I suspect that the whole thread is just one big shitpost by a powerless cuck.

Let's see then delete the image. I dare them.(Rule 9, homeo.)

5b17525e No.3741269

File: 1717138232048.jpg (182.21 KB, 1000x1000, MakoRuu_maron_masturbating….jpg)

The poster you are daring is the lovely miss gonz, who is most definitely a moderator.

0798d390 No.3741281

File: 1717159273262.png (521.54 KB, 1700x1625, 5011230_Fuf_wingitfurbasti….png)


Hah, I haven't touched anything in here. Nor did I do this >>3741266

af11e78b No.3741283

Looks like every other anonymous user to me.

983ab1f8 No.3741454

File: 1717281174248.jpg (379.48 KB, 1860x2696, SaladBoi37_lewd_maiki.jpg)


That is anime and looks nothing like an actual human. Are you really that stupid?

File: 1708776257742.jpg (507.66 KB, 1280x1080, 2cef488074.jpg)

246591eb No.3733142[Reply]

….the one that lives in your mind,
what species is she? What is your relationship like, do you do everything for her?
In what ways is she superior to a human female to you?
Is the relationship mostly about sex, or is it so much more? How did you meet?
How do others react to you as a couple? Do heads turn?
What special accomodations have to be made because of her different anatomy?
And anything you want to add.
Please tell us!
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0ee7f352 No.3733385

File: 1708970553821.jpg (80.44 KB, 550x550, 666-do-what-thou-wilt-sata….jpg)

Doesn't it seem a little redundant warn a Satanist about "going to Hell"?
"God didn't send you to Hell"
"You sent yourself"
Is kind of the entire point. The Satanist has no concern of rather or not your "Holy Father" will find them worthy of heaven they have actively decided to not to apply for entry.

By participating in Christianity you're applying for a place in his exclusive little club of "Heaven" that he may or may not find you suitable for.

Some people have decided however they just aren't playing that game and would rather just show up in Hell by their on choice rather than as a reject of the Heaven. >>3733372

ec64636d No.3733388

File: 1708978032546.png (1.3 MB, 1321x929, God.png)


Not worthy to god? More like god not any better than humanity.


e859cec6 No.3733409

pretty sure that is not a satanic saying anyways. it is hedonistic, so satanism or luciferanism is basically the same thing.

24f0489e No.3741333

File: 1717195726645-0.jpg (244.62 KB, 828x1280, 5B14199B-F86B-4026-9147-DF….jpg)

File: 1717195726645-1.jpg (186.18 KB, 828x1280, DAD0D08F-B87F-43F4-9040-63….jpg)

File: 1717195726645-2.jpg (269.96 KB, 828x1280, 4F9267AE-CC0B-4DC9-B7C0-A0….jpg)

File: 1717195726645-3.jpg (185.18 KB, 828x1280, 224E374E-E039-46F2-A223-CE….jpg)

File: 1717195726645-4.jpg (227.73 KB, 828x1280, 3C9FEDF1-1AC9-429A-8782-47….jpg)

24f0489e No.3741334

File: 1717195781767-0.jpg (165.63 KB, 828x1280, 527DB195-EFE7-4E66-874C-10….jpg)

File: 1717195781767-1.jpg (118.69 KB, 828x1280, 3BB4F815-46D4-4417-A9F6-A6….jpg)

File: 1717195781767-2.jpg (203.77 KB, 894x1280, A018CD34-4FF6-4C81-8C8C-3A….jpg)

File: 1717195781767-3.jpg (98.23 KB, 739x1547, nuwa_u18chan.jpg)

24f0489e No.3741335

File: 1717195897206-0.jpg (272.2 KB, 1148x1280, 1307258823.lachland-nighti….jpg)

File: 1717195897206-1.jpg (270.41 KB, 894x1280, A8E9E5A8-4760-45F0-B823-F2….jpg)

File: 1717195897206-2.jpg (177.38 KB, 894x1280, BC892D0A-4D8B-42BD-BE11-CC….jpg)

24f0489e No.3741432

File: 1717270135530-0.png (4.56 MB, 1951x1888, ab3fb95b8d70efff324c10d4c9….png)

File: 1717270135530-1.jpg (1.18 MB, 3541x2508, 1717265188198.jpg)

File: 1717257832373.png (18.9 KB, 363x77, Screen Shot 2024-05-31 at ….png)

3f9171b2 No.3741405[Reply]

what a bitch

14dc713a No.3741412

File: 1717262539202.jpg (147.05 KB, 800x650, 07fe201b63a0948d39fd1101ae….jpg)


File: 1689184871182-0.png (2.18 MB, 1078x1280, 1620665354189-1 (1).png)

File: 1689184871182-1.jpg (106.89 KB, 850x773, d0a0007a204f25f33c8a04757a….jpg)

File: 1689184871182-2.png (1.86 MB, 1440x1024, 109780900_p0.png)

7059aeac No.3708403[Reply]

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cf21de2d No.3740284

File: 1716161060055.png (642.58 KB, 1242x1000, lol nope.png)

yeah about that…

cf21de2d No.3740285

File: 1716161898537.jpg (50.66 KB, 602x473, main-qimg-ad5641cec59eaf79….jpg)

4913acf8 No.3740426

File: 1716352442557.gif (84.6 KB, 1024x768, 3fee53de388774a94c5b59cde4….gif)

cf21de2d No.3740503

File: 1716423663760-0.jpg (99.14 KB, 1612x2048, a933955b126969b0102fe5fbe0….jpg)

File: 1716423663760-1.jpg (105.97 KB, 1612x2048, 5eec3c763be7f74eef6facef88….jpg)

File: 1716423663760-2.png (707.28 KB, 1583x2074, 86ab4af6f3d13e90fe89a61142….png)

File: 1716423663760-3.png (241.37 KB, 623x1000, 6abc1fb094dec5b58b95cfe323….png)

cf21de2d No.3740938

File: 1716872570496-0.jpg (477.78 KB, 866x1282, 1492355298.horimont_tatsuy….jpg)

File: 1716872570496-1.jpg (131.04 KB, 1280x853, 1588992593.horimont_img_51….jpg)

File: 1716872570496-2.jpg (604.06 KB, 557x2508, 1588947594.horimont_horimo….jpg)

File: 1716872570496-3.jpg (130.71 KB, 1000x1500, E5DGNIuUYAAz0HI_u18chan.jpg)

cf21de2d No.3741273

File: 1717145676177-0.png (1.49 MB, 900x1280, 2722d5b9446735721f5bb0644e….png)

File: 1717145676177-1.png (1015.44 KB, 900x1280, fc20dc72123c299fda81fc52b0….png)

File: 1717145676177-2.png (1.39 MB, 3196x1631, ab1f23ace254707ee632137eeb….png)

File: 1717145676177-3.jpg (1.73 MB, 3711x4500, 6c0ce22f09f449b39c6efcfaf6….jpg)

File: 1717145676177-4.jpg (848.77 KB, 1888x1666, eb681ee4e751fc9a9076d33584….jpg)

cf21de2d No.3741274

File: 1717146254028-0.jpg (810.32 KB, 3500x3200, a4db332b33b078370490b83df6….jpg)

File: 1717146254028-1.jpg (142.81 KB, 1920x1080, zanthir-grenadesrender137.jpg)

File: 1717146254028-2.jpg (9.03 KB, 300x168, images.jpg)

File: 1717146254028-3.jpg (2.46 MB, 3383x2815, FN2WXIGWQAk2TiV.jpg)

Use rock it launcher!

File: 1688537488441.jpg (214.99 KB, 1200x857, 1299041386.wookiee_tauntau….jpg)

2eb6011c No.3707298[Reply]

Tauntauns don't get nearly enough love.
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ce9920cd No.3707928

File: 1688919296609.jpg (436.33 KB, 1280x1136, bafybeihsiqrld5sfdvfdnripp….jpg)

I wonder if that fursuit stinks like a tauntaun too.

7fbd821c No.3708578

File: 1689291329154.jpg (42.71 KB, 933x690, bafkreihuh2hlnqrow75xg7ini….jpg)

7be2022f No.3709279

File: 1689743717224.jpg (73.83 KB, 510x770, bafkreiahrqsegbbzongt7n6p5….jpg)

7fbd821c No.3711153

File: 1691423574559.jpg (75.46 KB, 650x959, 1300241545.caribou_tauntau….jpg)

cced2f96 No.3714004

File: 1693370272599.png (789.56 KB, 749x800, bafybeihjc7lx7tqbsw57aziim….png)

41650658 No.3716054

File: 1694914740139.png (1.73 MB, 960x1200, bafybeifl26g74mwvtgs5gf7y4….png)

6da688eb No.3741220

File: 1717115992695.jpg (107.25 KB, 850x519, slightly chubby.jpg)

File: 1717039145575-0.png (1.26 MB, 1218x800, Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 2….png)

File: 1717039145575-1.png (1005.73 KB, 1218x685, Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 2….png)

File: 1717039145575-2.png (784.94 KB, 1218x685, Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 2….png)

File: 1717039145575-3.png (941.85 KB, 1218x685, Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 2….png)

File: 1717039145575-4.png (1015.3 KB, 1218x685, Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 2….png)

46131355 No.3741080[Reply]

46131355 No.3741081

File: 1717039181206-0.png (308.29 KB, 1218x685, Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 2….png)

File: 1717039181206-1.png (435.26 KB, 1218x685, Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 2….png)

File: 1717039181206-2.png (891.69 KB, 1218x685, Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 2….png)

File: 1717039181206-3.png (713.88 KB, 1218x685, Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 2….png)

File: 1717039181206-4.png (1.2 MB, 1218x685, Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 2….png)

46131355 No.3741082

File: 1717039334117-0.png (1 MB, 1218x685, Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 2….png)

File: 1717039334117-1.png (1.01 MB, 1218x685, Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 2….png)

File: 1717039334117-2.png (1.08 MB, 1218x685, Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 2….png)

File: 1717039334117-3.png (1.05 MB, 1218x685, Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 2….png)

File: 1717039334117-4.png (892.53 KB, 1218x685, Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 2….png)

File: 1665363656428.png (2.02 MB, 966x1250, 1664220777.hedax_szeryf_fa.png)

55737bf4 No.3669504[Reply]

Official IRC: irc.furnet.org #lulz
Web client: https://kiwiirc.com/nextclient/irc.furnet.org/lulz
Unofficial Discord:

55737bf4 No.3669505

55737bf4 No.3669506

Current source of Patreon/paysite rips:

File: 1702077013159.jpg (40.66 KB, 850x1086, photo_2023-12-07_13-43-11.jpg)

4835c082 No.3724445[Reply]

I deleted the baby penis getting sucked on by a rabbi.

So how's your Friday, lulz?
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ec1774c5 No.3725556

File: 1702853688759-0.jpeg (59.96 KB, 512x768, chitin_insect_bug_roach_a….jpeg)

File: 1702853688759-1.jpeg (62.29 KB, 512x768, chitin_insect_bug_roach_c….jpeg)

File: 1702853688759-2.jpeg (59.91 KB, 512x768, chitin_insect_bug_roach_c….jpeg)

File: 1702853688759-3.jpeg (57.76 KB, 512x768, chitin_insect_bug_roach_c….jpeg)

File: 1702853688759-4.jpeg (55.38 KB, 512x768, chitin_insect_bug_roach_c….jpeg)

chitin insect bug roach antenna celebrating Christmas outfit

2e326832 No.3740930

File: 1716867858977-0.gif (6.75 MB, 700x840, Chilli-Booty-sfw_u18chan.gif)

2e326832 No.3740931

File: 1716867898157-0.gif (5.22 MB, 700x840, Chilli-Booty-sfw-skirt_u18….gif)

2e326832 No.3740932

File: 1716868006460-0.gif (5.05 MB, 700x840, Chilli-Booty-nsfw_u18chan.gif)

2e326832 No.3740933

File: 1716868096615-0.gif (5.09 MB, 700x840, Chilli-Booty-nsfw-skirt_u1….gif)

2e326832 No.3740934

File: 1716868128716-0.gif (5.76 MB, 525x900, ChilliDoggystyleFinal_u18c….gif)

2e326832 No.3740935

File: 1716868562940-0.gif (6.58 MB, 525x900, ChillicumFinal_u18chan-ezg….gif)

File: 1688638835969.jpg (11.22 KB, 225x225, xmas.jpg)

b313e2ca No.3707442[Reply]

The first christmas sale just came out. Time for a holiday thread~!
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38142750 No.3726984


Pretty much spot on, save my vision of her is more violent and far less accommodating.

9ef7baef No.3727040

File: 1703717858608-0.png (319.82 KB, 1218x685, Screenshot 2023-12-27 at 1….png)

File: 1703717858608-1.png (377.46 KB, 1218x685, Screenshot 2023-12-27 at 1….png)

File: 1703717858608-2.png (378.03 KB, 1218x685, Screenshot 2023-12-27 at 1….png)

File: 1703717858608-3.png (408.25 KB, 1218x685, Screenshot 2023-12-27 at 1….png)

File: 1703717858608-4.png (523.36 KB, 1218x685, Screenshot 2023-12-27 at 1….png)

1ab0ab46 No.3727721

File: 1704339138621.jpg (1.93 MB, 2325x2383, 4844443_sumatsuki_illustra….jpg)

15640ddf No.3728552

File: 1704924548626.png (1.01 MB, 1530x1980, 9c7ff56316d75cd1cd51782202….png)

35aab7aa No.3729683

File: 1705772530956.png (862.68 KB, 2830x2108, kryxmastext.png)

207845dd No.3729685

File: 1705774088918-0.png (3.64 MB, 1614x2283, 1703528946.nelly63_нгрвпру….png)

File: 1705774088918-1.jpg (1.12 MB, 905x1280, 1704022136.alsaresnolynx_a….jpg)

File: 1705774088918-2.jpg (823.59 KB, 1104x1340, 1703394115.catcouch_annies….jpg)

File: 1705774088918-3.jpg (901.95 KB, 905x1280, 1703368504.foxovh_231213_a….jpg)

File: 1705774088918-4.jpg (1.29 MB, 1800x3000, GCIulLWbkAAWlKe.jpg)

e674b781 No.3740918

File: 1716856072132.png (88.14 KB, 564x800, jingle.png)

Only 210 shopping days until Christmas. Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet?

File: 1716759573891.png (632.52 KB, 695x1020, 1384672995.katsmilodon_138….png)

ec7ab281 No.3740828[Reply]

Just realized I'm starting to find female pedophiles really hot. The ones into boys, not girls. What known female peds are there in the fandom? Especially any who may actually have done it?
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31703565 No.3740836

Keep telling yourself that.

c01bd39f No.3740840

File: 1716765567091.jpg (430.78 KB, 616x808, 112236834_p0.jpg)

You spell as badly as Aufy does.

4a24dfbc No.3740847

File: 1716773006104.jpg (3.41 MB, 3840x2160, sample-c6fb9a8a1d344bb6475….jpg)

Conservatives are all thick as bricks in the head. They spend all their time telling people how bad they should feel for wanting to have sex and then are somehow shocked that no one wants to have sex with them.

9e79b80e No.3740848

File: 1716774026722.png (44.93 KB, 550x500, PP_820.png)

You gleened all that from looking at the post you replied to? Remarkable. Or maybe you're just fucked in the head.

4d8ada81 No.3740852

And 3B spends all his time on here bitching about Conservatives.
Now how stupid is that.

4a24dfbc No.3740855

File: 1716784376541.jpg (3.59 MB, 3840x2160, 758be54745f4d44dbb3776b603….jpg)

I was agreeing with the comment I replied to who was talking about how stupid the person who made this post >>3740833 looks because of the poor spelling.

I was insulting the same person he said spelled like Aufy.

I know reading comprehension is hard for you, buy try and keep up.

b430d3ab No.3740869

File: 1716810251925.jpg (261.79 KB, 920x736, 2628725_Sloss_sketch28.jpg)

So fucked in the head, then. Thanks for clarifying.

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