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File: 1717697088322.jpg (8.74 KB, 296x445, 41WqvOgHj2L._SY445_SX342_.jpg)

c6aed24f No.3741973[Reply]

For the upcoming righty-triggering game that is long overdue.

"Satan punishes evil. God enables it".

No sissy QTE or gimmick kill shit, real time combat like a game should be. Play as a satanic soldier who serves social justice & sends the sinners to their eternal punishment in real first person action. Take one of many options to complete your task as thinking is better than being led by the nose in a linear fashion.

Mission 1- Steven G. QuarterManLives is a right-wing video personality who cries about "woke" things & spits blatant lies in his service to Christian Nationalism. He's also made a lot of money by suing anyone who calls him a racist, thanks largely to the judges in his pocket. This week it has come out that his pregnant wife has left him claiming mental & physical abuse, of which he denies, yet his fans are secretly proud he beats a woman.

Enter his home at night. Deal with him. Be stealthy or loud, whichever you prefer. Bonus points will be earned if his computer is left undamaged in the mission as the police will find his cp collection.

Mission 2- Furry artist Andrew Wong is a notorious rapist & pedophile- which is why furries think he's great. His victims have been attacked & shamed, his crimes protected & buried. He will never see a courtroom. Social Justice will have to suffice.

End him in front of witnesses & make a run for it? Use a stolen fursuit with a gun mounted inside for a stealth option? Take your pick.

Mission 3- Matt Welsh, another Christifascist asshole, has called for racial genocide, forcing people to attend church & now in his sickest moment has said that the age of consent should be lowered to 13 because "they're more fertile". As it turns out he & several of his buddies like to indoctrinate & groom teenage girls into his Christian group for very bad things(along with dosing them secretly with birth control meds). Get out to that remote farmhouse, free his victims & deal with these sickos. A quick shot to the head or perhaps one to the gut so they fade slowly & painfully?

c6aed24f No.3741974

Future missions- Deal with Muslim terrorists planning to kill thousands. Deal with a deranged Jew who kidnaps innocent Arabs to torture them because he is loyal to Israel & maybe you can also talk his victims into abandoning the god that doesn't love them. If the Amish are so peaceful why are so many of them abusing their families? Don't forget the local Catholic church & its gaggle of pedo priests! Remember, they all serve the same deity in the end & they all use that deity to justify their evil. If the satanic soldier is after you, you are not innocent.

The game will take multiple jabs at Bethesda & modern Doom games which are Christian & bigoted in nature. Gamergate will be a deserved target for being a right-wing anti-woman terrorist movement. Original music will hopefully mix with licenses from Electric Hellfire Club & Ghost. Expect a proper announcement when the game is close to being finished, the company will remain anonymous until then to dodge right-wing cancel culture threats. PC only, fuck the console makers. When the game hits you will be unable to stop it. Devs & higher ups working on the game WILL be armed & ready to deal with anyone who threatens them on the game's release. However they plan to chuckle at all the free advertising the Youtube right will give the game when they "cry" about it.

As nice as it would be to have Tom Ellis on board as Satan, it will not happen as the game will have no ties with WB, the Devil will have a unique actor that will still trigger you either way.

File: 1703536191651-0.jpg (1.26 MB, 2494x1403, MemeLoveTriangle_297886754.jpg)

File: 1703536191651-1.jpg (2.52 MB, 2000x2999, back-view-tanned-girl-whit….jpg)

File: 1703536191651-2.jpg (211.12 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: 1703536191651-3.jpg (79.62 KB, 640x480, sddefault (2).jpg)

File: 1703536191651-4.jpg (301 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault_live.jpg)

2ca82ade No.3726813[Reply]

Hoomins have their own thread.
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78017539 No.3727812

File: 1704463004597.png (237.96 KB, 400x534, 1591891921944.png)

030b71bd No.3727897

The Smell…..

1e36a966 No.3727907

File: 1704513173227.jpg (96.48 KB, 800x600, choices.jpg)

97bca60c No.3727911

GROSS. Get that stinking dirty animal away from that dog.

57ffc578 No.3741828

File: 1717587570063.jpg (3.03 MB, 2863x4527, 566.jpg)

0d6ca823 No.3741935

File: 1717670224016-0.jpg (41.49 KB, 900x902, black_tee_4_by_cable9tuba_….jpg)

File: 1717670224016-1.jpg (41.56 KB, 1280x818, cropped_figure_by_cable9tu….jpg)

File: 1717670224016-2.jpg (192.18 KB, 1600x1563, super_shoulder_by_cable9tu….jpg)

File: 1717670224016-3.jpg (319.56 KB, 1600x2067, skyward_number_5_by_cable9….jpg)

File: 1717670224016-4.jpg (162.15 KB, 1600x1600, restful_by_cable9tuba_db2j….jpg)

0d6ca823 No.3741937

File: 1717670806152-0.jpg (85.32 KB, 841x950, power_by_4sho_ddaptx3-pre.jpg)

File: 1717670806152-1.jpg (250.75 KB, 1728x1728, d9uepj7-9224c953-0593-4062….jpg)

File: 1717670806152-2.jpg (61.6 KB, 1313x609, alien_transformer_by_cable….jpg)

File: 1717670806152-3.jpg (239.99 KB, 1600x1600, concealment_by_cable9tuba_….jpg)

File: 1690126797507.jpg (4.99 MB, 3200x2800, 28fe808eece42766c7785c8d6b….jpg)

8d071788 No.3709786[Reply]

the thing we do for love
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26fe94fe No.3722874

File: 1700996206460.jpg (1.55 MB, 1200x1800, 1672743464.maquenda_fruiti….jpg)

Whoso eateth the flesh of the fruiting body shall bear witness to the dance of the immortals.

2db2b83d No.3722894

004e23c3 No.3723355

File: 1701280306597-0.png (992.8 KB, 1024x1024, 0a1135bdbdd8ba3e2e49f203a3….png)

File: 1701280306597-1.jpg (443.22 KB, 2160x2880, 0da69854bfd12f8c6c27a439e4….jpg)

File: 1701280306597-2.jpg (585.14 KB, 2600x2968, 9b51c007864003c81ce133e3ff….jpg)

File: 1701280306597-3.png (888.93 KB, 1302x2119, 12c66dced23e2f9da30a8d7d6d….png)

File: 1701280306597-4.jpg (3.55 MB, 2436x3500, 32c4172db00cb7c597ab0ac593….jpg)

004e23c3 No.3723356

File: 1701280332576-0.jpg (1.68 MB, 1857x1912, 128b0fd3a71f8b677e5560b9b1….jpg)

File: 1701280332576-1.jpg (1020.33 KB, 1290x1500, 145f362d37899d94ed6ef9952d….jpg)

File: 1701280332576-2.jpg (459.89 KB, 1740x2756, 267f2457748eb48d0e7d30296a….jpg)

File: 1701280332576-3.jpg (767.32 KB, 2764x3508, 1479f2fe90efc76eb21dafae8e….jpg)

File: 1701280332576-4.jpg (561.75 KB, 1694x2332, 2118f206464767af3ca9f43592….jpg)

004e23c3 No.3723357

File: 1701280459901-0.jpg (1.33 MB, 1736x1326, 84274fd0a685d47de2aea4fbec….jpg)

File: 1701280459901-1.jpg (1.15 MB, 1378x2039, a1b67db413bca11190353b5043….jpg)

File: 1701280459901-2.jpg (433.13 KB, 1267x979, a3849cdf800ce2942bf68b5127….jpg)

File: 1701280459901-3.jpg (971.86 KB, 1282x1369, b0f36459e7e3f757ebc0fda696….jpg)

File: 1701280459901-4.jpg (1.59 MB, 2000x2000, d66fc6c9654e33f1939e179985….jpg)

004e23c3 No.3723358

File: 1701280494397-0.jpg (955.02 KB, 2639x3203, ddbb0f5854585857f10ce5dca4….jpg)

File: 1701280494397-1.jpg (853.06 KB, 800x1036, f1db919f5cd114be22cd14eff8….jpg)

File: 1701280494397-2.jpg (1.27 MB, 3163x4096, f30c34edfe29f1776f748c3cac….jpg)

File: 1701280494397-3.jpg (652.24 KB, 1350x1200, fd0da8aa87f759c449a47db20a….jpg)

File: 1701280494397-4.jpg (2.49 MB, 3083x4240, fde5fc8772bcdcb35d092a7a91….jpg)

400235c1 No.3741895

File: 1717627419035.jpg (1.46 MB, 1920x1353, 1591210317.elkir_hunt.jpg)

File: 1706533765500.png (414.87 KB, 512x512, M7z4yy2hn4Gu4RY_1706531301.png)

4336f15b No.3730509[Reply]

Not bad with
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5c994409 No.3730545

File: 1706556995006-0.jpg (40.38 KB, 134x364, Evzen.jpg)

File: 1706556995006-1.png (223.68 KB, 878x635, sad chewbakka noises.png)


5c994409 No.3730546

File: 1706559292864.png (219.35 KB, 512x512, 5T5lSqI4S0wBrH7_1706559016.png)

This generator is LAME!

ffe629f9 No.3730588

File: 1706580489037.png (1.49 MB, 1298x848, yiff-ai-screenshot-1.png)

It's functional. It can do twinks and small characters okay. But every cock it creates is human-looking, regardless of prompt, which is a shame.
Also, generating in image is verry slow compared to a different site I've been using (which I won't name).

ffe629f9 No.3730589

File: 1706581509285.png (1.44 MB, 1300x849, yiff-ai-screenshot-2.png)

It can evven do some of the hack-y things to generate better images. But still slow.

Other free sites to try
General images:

MLP characters:

ffe629f9 No.3730594

File: 1706582738130.png (21.1 KB, 984x257, yiff-ai-screenshot-3.png)

You only get 20 free images before it forces you to create an account.

e17f834b No.3731016

furry anime also allow cubs(banned words: pedo,child,donald trump)
you can register use fake email

444ecf20 No.3741885

In light of this >>3730594 I am treating this thread as an advertisement of a pay-to-use service. You can post it in the existing AI thread here >>3741155

This really didn't need its own thread.

File: 1698782750222-0.png (253.75 KB, 1024x768, a_furry_car_by_thunderover….png)

File: 1698782750222-1.jpg (55.74 KB, 618x409, 40798e51b2c6c2b6a3d94895da….jpg)

File: 1698782750222-2.jpg (113.05 KB, 900x552, furry-dog-car.jpg)

6d780906 No.3720426[Reply]

Why do some furries love cars?

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f07812e0 No.3741718

Girl in the center is cute

1ab194ba No.3741729

Those faggies also like dicks as it's in the back of the picture

706f481a No.3741740

Having your own vehicle = freedom

Fucking living according to the limitations of government transport in some spic and nig infested urban shithole

7be31918 No.3741768

File: 1717543960964.png (1.1 MB, 882x662, furries without cars.png)

56b9a42b No.3741803

File: 1717553836323-0.png (157.72 KB, 413x356, Tapped_Out_The_Homer.png)

File: 1717553836323-1.jpg (278.87 KB, 1200x766, Cybertruck-fremont-cropped.jpg)

File: 1717553836323-2.jpg (8.98 KB, 303x166, Moller M400 Skycar.jpg)

File: 1717553836323-3.jpg (181.88 KB, 1200x900, 8d4bc4bba4e7d26c58172dda76….jpg)

File: 1717553836323-4.jpg (15.54 KB, 320x240, oscar-mayer-weinermobile-0….jpg)

top worse cars in history!

08cfd583 No.3741820

File: 1717564094548.jpeg (83.01 KB, 1080x1056, frozen wiener.jpeg)

3b0565a4 No.3741821

File: 1717570226428-0.png (412.8 KB, 660x495, Screenshot 2024-06-05 at 0….png)

File: 1717570226428-1.png (216.51 KB, 348x464, Screenshot 2024-06-05 at 0….png)

File: 1714594830607.png (151.64 KB, 811x755, Fa7qvK-XgAAp0Mi.png)

ff4f49cd No.3739096[Reply]

Its time.
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288533ed No.3739245

File: 1714803442477.jpeg (187.68 KB, 940x2048, FaYt9ikWAAQn6Wb.jpeg)

Don't ever settle for someone that doesn't meet your needs. Probably shouldn't be in open relationships either.

fe68e189 No.3739257

someone repost that herm in a chastity cage. why was it even removed?

288533ed No.3739279

File: 1714851868436.jpeg (157.61 KB, 853x1280, EqGGIxpXMAAHhPw.jpeg)


Wasn't me. Probably Steam deleting random posts of his, because that's what Steam does. Steam things.

e95fdf3c No.3739283

File: 1714854456132.jpg (99.51 KB, 850x1109, 8647a710f9b29ff7d17653e435….jpg)

That is my thing, I get drunk and I do Steam things.

af184285 No.3741807

File: 1717555353445-0.jpg (223.29 KB, 1200x1800, 392.jpg)

File: 1717555353445-1.jpg (161.78 KB, 1080x1350, 189255910_180483043956054_….jpg)

File: 1717555353445-2.png (168.45 KB, 1229x1229, eek.png)

File: 1717555353445-3.png (317.8 KB, 512x768, dfkfy9u-afdb48d4-06e8-479a….png)

af184285 No.3741808

File: 1717555378785-0.png (98.86 KB, 753x525, FvjJC2XXsAEL6m2.png)

File: 1717555378785-1.jpg (142.19 KB, 1386x1990, 3416248_kingsusart_aiko-qu….jpg)

File: 1717555378785-2.jpg (160.91 KB, 1254x1777, FTgcBboUsAIBie4.jpg)

File: 1717555378785-3.jpg (199.25 KB, 1686x1585, FTgcBlAVEAAJQEC.jpg)

f2f8cbf4 No.3741818

Kill yourself

File: 1696200029039-0.png (173.53 KB, 1493x1122, Picture1.png)

File: 1696200029039-1.jpg (403.69 KB, 1280x853, Fruit_Apples_Pears_442309.jpg)

File: 1696200029039-2.jpg (168.69 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: 1696200029039-3.jpg (35.78 KB, 1000x498, supply-chain.jpg)

f9c6debb No.3717706[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Regardless of culture, race, sex, gender or creed; humanity survives on it.

The Story of (almost) All Numbers
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dbbbfe05 No.3741012

File: 1716950519666.jpg (856.5 KB, 3840x2160, Thiết kế chưa có tên (11).jpg)

ChatGPT Nederlands is een taalmodel ontwikkeld door OpenAI dat getraind is om natuurlijke taal te begrijpen en te genereren. Het is gebaseerd op de GPT-3-architectuur en is specifiek ontworpen om Nederlandse tekst te verwerken. Dit maakt het een waardevol hulpmiddel voor Nederlandse schrijvers en contentcreators die op zoek zijn naar ondersteuning bij het creëren van hoogwaardige content.
Registreer je nu bij ChatGPTOpenAI.nl: https://chatgptopenai.nl/

5d53053b No.3741527

Facts: A single tranquil nectar takes 75 seconds. If you have 100,000 tranquil nectars it would take 7,500,000 seconds; that is 2 months, 25 days, 19 hours and 20 minutes to finish them all.


4cf8b748 No.3741585

I saw someone wearing a t-shirt with the following

x = A \ b

The fact that the 'A" is capitalized and that a backslash was used instead of a forward-slash makes me think this is either some kind of programming or formal logic equation but I don't know what the significance is.

Any ideas?

4cf8b748 No.3741590


Wups.. I figured it out. It's a MATLAB expression for solving a system of equations in the form A*x=b

5d53053b No.3741596

File: 1717394308139.png (71.15 KB, 1005x814, 7500000sec.png)

0d8c32fe No.3741763

Fucking useless. The stupid thing doesn't even convert into fortnights.

5d53053b No.3741778

A fortnight is a unit of time equal to 14 days (two weeks). The word derives from the Old English term fēowertīene niht, meaning "fourteen nights" (or "fourteen days", since the Anglo-Saxons counted by nights).


File: 1716610682871.png (172.01 KB, 800x564, 1285819821.redacteur_auto_….png)

81ab6000 No.3740721[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Previous thread: >>3738629

This is the only politics thread. Any others created will be deleted. Political discussion is allowed in existing threads, just don't be a spammy bitch about it.
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45d9315c No.3742539

Also Trump and his wife gave the military toilet paper and soap. It doesn't sound like much, but Mrs Trump wiped her butt once on a base, and was like "nope. fix this shit."

Seriously, Obama just told us to use our pants. The Obama Biden regime was not popular with the military. Hell I was in the Air Force during his rule, and we're known for our good living conditons, it comes with being smart n' shit.

Still even in the chow hall we had to supply our own cutlery, the salad bar was just barely not rotten enough to pass for a government wright off, and the main courses were stuff like "plain non dairy lasagna, rice, and mashed potatoes" It might sound petty, but when you're running and singing all over a god forsakened desert, food and stuff to wipe your butt with is really appreciated.

45d9315c No.3742540

Also the salad bar thing might seem petty, but I'm mostly a vegetarian. Its nothing moral, my body just does not like meat. It makes me gassy and turns my butthole into a toilet ruining spray gun. So I tend to pay attention to stuff like, all I eat.

Sad salad bars should not make a double population vote.

45d9315c No.3742541

seriously even the pineapple was concerning. You should not be able to pick up pineapple rings with tongs, and have them turn to pineapple sand. Just personal preference, but I like my fruit and vegetables to be at least a few years younger than I am.

45d9315c No.3742542

File: 1718230423557.png (799.67 KB, 1502x1155, 1abbd571ec5e3481aa8a1a0edf….png)

also, speaking of salad bars, have some beans.

7a87e2ff No.3742545

File: 1718235472368.png (573.67 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240612-193532.png)

790ab215 No.3742546

File: 1718237972793.jpg (1.06 MB, 4096x2896, 6eb83f32119d28d0ffefdc4d15….jpg)

>Military peeps are pretty notoriously red.
That's a myth perpetrated by the right. Most military are pretty woke by conservative standards.

27b4b257 No.3742547

The corrupt GOP in the House is saying Garland should be in contempt, led by a partisan hack name Gym Jordan, who ignored the Jan 6th committees demands for information.
A guy who looked the other way while a wrestling doctor under him molested dozens of boys.

File: 1696616743367.jpg (1 MB, 2430x3180, 250warn.jpg)

bd0770a2 No.3718046[Reply]

Pedophiles deserve doxxing & exposure to their communities. Oh what's that? This pedo psychopath who e-stalks anti-pedos is also a huge white racist & loves Trump(also a pedo). Big surprise there..

"Her" fanboy lonewolf23K is a French-Canadian who raped a teenage girl on a trip to Paris once. Now tell me this loli/shota/cub shit fanaticism is harmless.

Also, if you're still around, Acorn, shut the fuck up, you useless piece of redneck shit.
13 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

0eeaea8f No.3741705

Still posting that completely debunked meme? How desperate you must be to convince everyone that you're not a pedophile. I wonder why you care so much about that subject?

b5af8027 No.3741706

Nope, not debunked. You merely want everyone to believe it since it reveals the ugly truth about democrats.

Keep trying though, maybe someone will eventually believe you, pedo.

65112a3b No.3741732

File: 1717511115470.jpg (78.78 KB, 850x850, 924d3735e26bac5d3809555084….jpg)

Its been debunked, there has never been a convicted democrat pedophile.

9e14f9d3 No.3741733

File: 1717511764210.jpg (110.05 KB, 964x543, EBnLyaSX4AUCLVN.jpg)

Because they off themselves when caught?
Because you protect them and we don't?
Your statement is 100% A LIE anyway, it's almost as if Liberals have some kind of brain damage they are born with that if they lie about something it becomes true.
No, it just means you're lying.

9e14f9d3 No.3741734

File: 1717511961054.jpg (97.18 KB, 1024x720, 117638237_358056192261103_….jpg)

d1a0fe60 No.3741739

Don't be silly, Epstein didn't kill himself.

3817da46 No.3741743

File: 1717518205855.png (1.37 MB, 1280x1280, 3370936.png)


Fuck off pretending to be me. Go back to the pol thread 3b.

File: 1701886623355.jpg (68.32 KB, 850x977, b9f4d6d604ef712bbe9975fc17….jpg)

442810fb No.3724212[Reply]

What did Steam do to get banned this time? Did the mod who made the sticky about him get butthurt?
4 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

d765b234 No.3724236

Be quiet and eat your Cheetos.

506a2c5b No.3724237

File: 1701900211014.gif (1.26 MB, 1323x1530, gay56.gif)


My lunch was Sloppy joe, I'll have you know.

Maybe next time it'll be sloppy Jeff or Jim. Maybe Roy or Jason.

3c886139 No.3724238

File: 1701902900121.png (386 KB, 803x679, Screenshot 2023-12-06 at 1….png)


Send this mouse (rat) in the video to Steam's house.


f27ecfe7 No.3724354

File: 1701972159102.jpg (60.92 KB, 640x480, wordsworth nina.jpg)

b116b5f2 No.3741614

File: 1717415202075.jpg (159.98 KB, 609x763, 1647810806.jpg)

45fb7d68 No.3741707

45fb7d68 No.3741708

File: 1717481962140.png (684.89 KB, 802x451, Screenshot 2024-06-04 at 0….png)

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